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    Following foot by foot

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    This one another wahala for you woo, but anyway congratulation.

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    This one another wahala for you woo, but any congratulations.

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    Episode 12
    by the time I regained consciousness I woke up in another room on drip only to discover a strange old woman sitting close to my bed,I felt weak and sharp pains both in my stomach and anus
    Woman: my daughter,you are finally awake?
    i looked round the room to make sure I was still in the house I was being held hostage and sure enough I was.
    Me: where are my babies,the doctor,where is she and who are you,what are you doing here?
    Woman: calm down my daughter,your babies are all fine,I am Ega,a native woman who look after newly delivered women and am here to look after you and as for a doctor,I didn’t meet any on arrival
    Me: please my babies,I need to see my babies please
    Ega: my daughter,that won’t be a problem,your babies are in the other room,you need to eat first
    Me: *shouting* I need my babies please
    Ega: okay ma *stood up* should I bring your food along? because I know you must be very hungry
    Me: I just want to see my children ma,get them for me
    Ega: okay *leaves*
    I just want to see my babies,I want to ensure they safety and make them feel mummy’s touch,I don’t believe yet that my babies are safe.
    Within the space of 15 minutes she came back with my two baby girls,I sat up,carrying the babies one after the other and lying both close to me on my bed,I felt like pulling off the drip from my hand to enable me carry my babies well but couldn’t because it was yet to finish
    Me: what of my boy?
    Ega: let me go get him *leaves*
    Me: oh look at my darlings,you both look so cute,look at mummy,am your mummy okay! your daddy isn’t here now but never to worry,he would get to see you soon *touching their cheeks* cute Flourish and Flora.
    Ega came in carrying the boy
    Me: oh look at the prince handsome *carrying him from her* Richard’s Junior,uncle Felix look at mummy,you are so blessed *dropped him on the bed close to his sisters* these are your sisters,Flourish and Flora,your can also call Flora Nourish, don’t beat your sisters when you guys grow up okay?
    Ega: I made pepper soup for you,that’s what you need for now because it would be able to heal every of you inner injury quick,should I get you the food now?
    Me: yes ma,bring it,let me eat with my babies.
    She left the room.I noticed the drip has stopped running so I disconnected it from my arm,using the tissue close by to dry my blood
    Me: oh sweeties, mum is so weak,wish daddy was here. are you guys hungry? you s--k on mummy’s breast? *they were just smiling* don’t worry,mummy will breast feed you guys when she’s done eating.
    Ega came in with a cooler
    Ega: here is the pepper soup
    Me: thanks
    I collected it and opened it,it was smoking out showing it still very hot,I took the spoon and tasted it,wow it was cool but the pepper was something else
    Me: aaah,ma,there are plenty of pepper in these
    Ega: yes,that’s the best way to heal your delivery wounds,just eat while I boil hot water to massage you,please don’t give the babies that
    Me: okay ma
    I ate and played with them,along the line they all slept off,after eating the boiled water was ready,it was very hot,she poured some into a bucket and asked me to seat naked on the bucket that the hot flames are to heal my injuries too especially that if my anus,I begged her to lock the door while I raised my gown and sat on the bucket,it was really painful but I had no choice,I needed to heal quick and now think of how to escape with my babies.
    After 40 minutes she asked me to seat up,by then the water was becoming warm and not as hot as it was before. she took the water into the bathroom and poured it then came back with the bucket,turned the remaining hot water into it and asked me to lie back on the bed stomach up,I did,thank God the bed was wide enough for myself and babies.
    she got a clean towel and started pressing my stomach with it
    Ega: these it to return your stomach to normal so one merely looking at it can hardly tell you are a mother
    Me: *feeling the pain as she pressed* thank you ma
    Ega: it will also keep you stomach warm
    Me: okay ma.
    in the evening of that same day,Tanko and his men came to congratulate me and play with my babies for a while,when others left,Tanko stayed back,asking the native woman to excuse us which she did
    Tanko: congrats once again,you impressed me,I was expecting one but you brought fort three,that means more money
    Me: what do you mean?
    Tanko: oh don’t tell me you forgot your supposed babies had been sold
    Me: no no,you can’t do these to me,do you know the pains I felt giving birth to them? *crying*
    Tanko: dear such is life,a times some go through pains for others to enjoy
    Me: *crying* please Tanko please*my babies started crying too* if not for anything but for the pains I passed through bring them to these wicked world
    Tanko: you said it all already,its a wicked world,prepare them,tomorrow they would meet their new mother
    Me: no please no,please Tanko *he left the room*
    I cried and cried,the native woman cane in an tried consoling me but couldn’t
    Me: *crying* please ma,help me get the police as early as possible tomorrow morning
    Ega: am so sorry,I can’t,these men would kill my family if I do
    Me: meaning?
    Ega: they have my family with them,only to be released when am done with you
    Me: what?
    The next morning,after the native woman had bath my children and I taken my bath too,I breast feed them before she made hot water and asked me to seat on it like yesterday which I did because I felt much better after doing that the previous day,she also pressed my stomach and gave me pepper soup to eat.
    as at 10 am sharp Tanko came into the room with Pikin and Biology
    Tanko: they new mother is here,so its time to let go of them
    Me: no please Tanko,you can’t take my babies away*before I could say anything further each of them had picked the babies one one*
    Tanko: you take me for a joke or what?
    Me: *jumping off the bed and going down on my kneels* please,okay just let me stay with them for one more day please,I beg of you please
    Tanko: you have had enough with them *he left the room with his gangs carrying my babies and slamming the door*
    I ran after them but right at the parlour his other men stopped me and carried me back to the room,I noticed Rita at a corner of the house seated.
    Because I was crying out aloud I was tied to the chair in the room with my mouth blocked,I noticed the native woman crying too so sorrowful,the kind of sorrow I felt in my heart couldn’t be described nor defined.
    About an hour later someone tapped me,I woke up only to behold obele,I must had cried myself to sleep earlier,at the side of the room was the native woman lying probably dead,fear gripped me,he removed the block from my mouth
    Me: have you come to kill me? go on,c’mon do it,you have taken everything I had so kill me,go on and do it
    Obele: *looking left and right* ssssh,others would be back soon,am not here to kill you,am here to save you
    Me: save me? no don’t save me,kill me,you didn’t save me all these while so why now that I have lost everything?
    Obele: no time for questions and answers but am assuring you that your kids are safe and once you are taken to safety,I will come back for them
    Me: you would get my kids back?
    Obele: *loosing me* we need to get out of here now or never
    Me: that poor woman,why did you kill her?
    Obele: she isn’t dead,she is only unconscious, let’s go *drawing me up*
    Me: your phone in the other room
    Obele: forget about it,I saw it where you hid it in the toilet flush valve but it had been soaked,now ask me no more questions,say no more words,till we are sure safe.
    He took me by the hand and lead me to the sitting room,in there I saw Rita and three others laying dead
    Me: why did you kill her?
    Obele: she isn’t what you think so don’t pity her,now let’s go.
    Just then we heard the outside gate opened
    Obele: oh shit!!!!
    To be continued

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    Danger ? don kam

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    what a wicked world…

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    I hope you leave this place safely

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    ride on……

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