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    Tnk God for safe delivery

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    Tanko has no heart at all. Will he even think of getting married and having his own baby?

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    I hope they’re not the ones that opened that gate because if they are, then you and Obere don enter hot soup

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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    wat de hell is happening der,I hope u guys make it out alive,gudluck!!!

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    Problem upon problem

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    War is about to start

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    Episode 13
    Me: what do we do?
    Obele: c’mon,follow me,there is a way out to the back yard.
    He rushed to the side of the dinning and pulled out a guy from the under,took my hands straight to the kitchen and forced the second door in the kitchen open
    Obele: c’mon let’s go,hasten up.
    I ran out while he shut the door after him
    Me: no other gate here
    Obele: yea,but there is a way out
    Me: how?
    Obele: *laid his gun against the wall* c’mon,climb over me
    Me: no way,I can’t jump these fence
    Obele: don’t let me regret helping you,its either you climb or we both get killed here or better still you watch them kill me for trying to help you.
    Me: okay fine.
    he carried me on his shoulders while I reach up the fence too with my hands,then he pushed me up till I gained balance on the fence
    Obele: jump quickly?
    Me: its high,I might break my legs or have dislocation.
    just then we heard “boss,over here,look at them. without waiting for another command from Obele I jumped over the the fence,he quickly threw his gun over and jumped the fence,he picked up his gun and ordered
    Obele: let’s go,let’s go
    Me: my legs,my legs hurt please.
    quickly he hijacked me up and started hurrying off with me limping,my hand rested on his shoulders while one of his hand rested on my own shoulder and the other ran round my waist,on that same hand he held his gun.
    on turning around we saw them running out from the gate,they shot at us twice but the bullet didn’t hit any of us. Obele threw his gun away and carried me into his arm
    Obele: we need to get to the road quick or to an open area as fast as possible before we are caught up.
    On looking back we saw them hurrying into the car,Obele had no other choice than to enter the bush knowing fully well we can’t out run them on feet
    Me: I think I can run now,drop me *he put me down*thank you
    Obele: save the thanks,we ain’t safe yet *he brought out a pistol gun from his waist*
    Me: we are,all you need do is call the police and tell them the area we are
    Obele: my phone fell off when we were shot,all I need of you now is to be courageous,I will get you out alive
    Me: why are you risking your life for me?
    Obele: we need to keep moving
    Me: no tell me
    Obele: *breath hard* you suffered enough and I believe it the right thing to do
    Me: that isn’t enough to risk ones life
    Obele: really? but everyone has a choice don’t they?
    Me: yes they do
    Obele: let keep moving,I can hear footsteps approaching nearer
    Me: I never knew abuja can be these bushy,how do we get to the road
    Obele: these,be careful not to wound your self
    we kept running the bush till we heard sounds coming from the front
    Obele: quickly, over here *he pointed with his hand*
    we hid our selves by the grown grasses till T.K and Biology came into view
    T.K: I don’t think we took the right shortcut to apprehend them if not we would have seen them
    Biology: you might be right or its either they dodged us
    T.K: if I catch that Obele eh I go just pull bullet for him head sharp sharp for these thing wey him do,after all we went through he wants to destroy everything now
    Biology: if they escape us then we are doomed,our next option should be leaving the country with the money we made already
    Obele gently pointed his pistol at them and wasted them
    Obele: you can’t escape even hell,Miss,we need to leave now,others must be running to the direction of the gun sound now.
    we quickly ran the left direction,on getting to a palm tree,I was already so tired
    Me: *breathing hard* please we need to take a rest,am so tired and my legs hurt so bad even my stomach
    Obele: please try a little more,we are close to the road already
    Me: I can’t,you know my condition
    Obele: here isn’t safe at all,we must keep moving
    Me: please
    Obele: okay just five minutes,you know here is so opened
    Me: ah thanks *seating down while he kept watch but barely two minutes after he was shot*
    Obele: aaah,stand up,stand up now let’s go
    Me: oh my God,Obele
    Obele: aah aah *holding the side of his stomach were he was shot* aaah,let’s go *as we made to run he was shot again at the back* aaaah,he fell down, just then I saw pikin hurrying toward us,I don’t know how he did it,but I was him falling by Obele’s bullets,I quickly bent over
    Me: *crying* please don’t die,am so sorry,am really sorry
    Obele: aah,aah,get me up,we must get to the road,I must get you to the road *he grunt in pains*
    I quickly raised him,he was really bleeding,within 10 minutes we were by the road,just then be fell down again
    Obele: *breathing heavily* take my gun for safety,if you take your right you will end up bursting out at mpape,from there you can easily get someone to help you with phone to call any one for help
    Me: *crying* no,I can’t leave you here, you saved me,I must help you
    Obele: I can’t continue,continuing with you will be ruling your own chances of survival,you must go now,please listen to me these time *he grunt*
    Me: *crying* am so sorry,it all my fault,I caused you these,I can’t leave you
    Obele: aaaah,ah *breathing one one* don’t regret anything,my mother would be very proud of me,at list I did something meaningful with my life. before I die *forcing smiling amidst his pains*
    Me: *confused* your mother! who is your mother?
    Obele: *forced laughter for a while* warder Bisi,the warder that promised to help you,she is still alive,she…aaah,aaah *his eyes turned white,he went cold and his mouth go wide opened*
    Me: Obele,Obele,Obele,nnnooooo,no,you can’t die now please * I heard people rushing in the bush,I guess is Tanko and his men,I took the gun in tears and run the direction Obele has given me,I don’t know how to use gun,I have never used it before but I just held it firmly as I ran.
    in my pains and sorrow I curse Tanko.

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    I pray they do not catch you.

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