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    Season 2 Episode 14
    I was so tired but I kept running,Obele’s voice kept echoing in my head asking me to move on,never to stop till I get to mpape for help,tears wouldn’t stop running off my eyes,I felt guilty for causing Obele’s death after risking his life to save me, I shouldn’t had insisted on resting when he told me that were we were was very dangerous and too open,probably he would have still been alive,soon I was beginning to sight houses close,though every vehicle that passed me on the way never stopped but I wasn’t bothered of that,all I needed was to make sure Obele’s death wasn’t in vain so I encouraged my strength.
    I was also wondering what Obele meant by warder bisi still being alive and his mother also,I found it so difficult believing,I wondered what he wanted to say before he gave up the ghost.
    if warder Bisi wasn’t really dead then what happened, why did she stop work,why didn’t she go to the president as promised,why the rumor of her death,why didn’t she come back for me,how did she know her son was one of the people paid to hold me hostage. As I ran all these thought cross my mind,I wished some one could just show up now and explain everything to me,Obele knowing me all these while but said nothing,he waited for me to deliver,then allowed the sales of my babies before helping me
    Me: no it can’t be *I shouted into the air as I stopped running* these might be a clear setup by Obele but why would he want to set me up and also risked his life,no it can’t be,I must keep running but what if am going from frying pan to fire now,no he might be right after all.
    I heard his voice echoed again ” run,you don’t have time,run ” I stopped talking to myself and continued running believing to get an answer soon enough,finally I arrived mpape,I noticed people running from me,that was before I realized I was still holding a pistol gun. I was looking so weird and very unkept,blood stains were so visible on my cloth,one seeing me might guess I narrowly escaped death from war front,they were keeping their distance from me,I was begging for phone but nor responded instead they take to their heels,I knew I needed to act fast before Tanko and his men catch up with me,looking by my left was a shop,I walked to the shop
    Me: please can I make use of your phone
    Shop Keeper: please don’t kill me,I don’t have phone I swear
    Me: give me your phone please,am not here to rob you,I just want to make call and give you back your phone
    Shop Keeper: abeg,abeg madam,I no dey lie * I got angry and pointed the gun at him*
    Me: *shouting* what has come over all of you,give me your phone now or I shoot the hell out of you.
    the boy got really scared and brought out a Nokia torch from his pocket,shivering like a wet dog handed the phone over to me
    Me: now lie down flat,if you move I will blow off your head *I don’t know what possessed me but I acted as strange,the poor boy lied down shivering while I dialled Richard’s number and like magic he took the calls quickly without waiting for a second ring*
    Richard: who is these
    Me: hello,hello Richard,its me
    Richard: you who?
    Me: Richard its Precious,your love
    Richard: Jesus,Precious,where are you,why did you leave,how on earth did I wrong you even if I did wrong you why didn’t you consider your people
    Me: please help me,am in a certain area around mpape,some people are after my life,please you need to come down here quickly,if you waste a minute I might be dead before you get here
    Richard: hello sweedy,please calm down,a. coming over now but look around and tell me what’s around you so I can easily locate you
    Me: few steps away from where I am is market,please come fast
    Richard: okay,okay am coming immediately *hangs up*
    I could sense fear in his voice,though he tried hiding it*
    Me: you,take your phone
    Shop keeper: *getting up,kind of no longer scared* take you * i gave him his phone and started walking away but his voice stopped me* I heard you say people are after you!
    Me: *stopped* yes,I was kidnapped, I just managed escaping and they are chasing me,they killed my friend already
    Shop Keeper: *looked around*come inside my shop quickly,you can have my phone till whosoever it is you called comes around,come quickly.
    I was surprised at the way he offered to help,I quickly went into his shop collecting his phone while he sat outside watching out,about 20 minutes later the phone started ringing,it was Richard,I took in the call
    Me: where are you?
    Richard: where are you?
    Me: inside a shop
    Richard: come out,am at the market
    Me: I can’t come out,my life is endangered already
    Richard: just do as I say,so I can see you
    Me: okay then*I walked out of the shop with the shop owner staring at me* am out now,where are you?
    Richard: driving and looking around for you,oh my God I can see you now *hung up*
    I looked forward and saw a car parked,two patrol vans loaded with soldiers followed it,immediately Richard rushed down the car I ran to him,HD held me and lifted me up like I was a baby
    Richard: oh my God,where have you been,here have you been sweedy*tears welled his eyes,I was already crying*
    Me: they took our babies away Richard,they sold them
    Richard: *surprised* babies? our babies? took away? how? I don’t understand *he asked all at once with his tears hanging*
    Me: Clara sent them to kill me,baby,they took your kids away
    Richard: calm down baby,calm down okay,Richpresh is here now,Richardpresh has to calm down to talk to Richpresh so he can understand, Clara has been out of the country even before you went missing so how can she kill you,whose babies do you mean,look at blood stain all over you,how come?
    Me: *crying out even louder* believe me,its Clara,I saw her,she spoke to me the day I was kidnapped, she sent me to prison,baby,believe me,she even took our babies
    Richard: come into the car let’s leave here,I believe house would be best to talk because I don’t get a thing.
    it was so obvious Richard was taking my words to be meaningless,he might probably be thinking I was even insane.
    I turned and walked to the shop keeper and handed him his phone
    Me: thanks a lot,I will surely be back
    A Soldier: back where? he is coming along with us,Mr man lock that shoo you are going with us.
    The shop keeper hurriedly locked his shop out of fear and climbed to the back of the van with the rest armies while I got into Richard’s car,he has really changed,I wondered why,he is looking skinny unlike before with bears so unkept,he is just a shadow of what I can’t explain.
    as we drove back he didn’t ask me any question,all he said at the beginning was just “relax baby,you are safe now”
    we drove into the villa,every part of it looked so new to me,as we parked,Richard came down and opened the door for me to come down,I saw the President,the first lady and Shalom standing,on seeing me Shalom ran to welcome me,the president looked puzzled and the first lady too
    Shalom: oh my God,Precious,where have you been,why are you clothes blood stained? *the soldiers brought forth the shop keeper*
    Mr.President: *tears dropped his eyes as he approached me* Precious,what happened,where have you been?
    Me: sir,thanks,you kept to your promise after all
    Mr.President: *confused* believe me,I no not what happened,we only found your passport
    Me: *crying* I was kidnapped and sent to prison
    All: what!!
    Richard: prison? why?
    Mr.President: kidnapped by who? imprisoned under what judge’s authority and for what crime?
    Me: loving your son,kidnapped by Clara your Vice’s daughter and sent to prison under the authority of no judge but money
    First lady: these is wickedness,how could she,how dare her
    Shalom: I knew it that she has a hand in these
    Richard: father,I will kill her,I will kill Clara and the whole of her family for these,they defended her and denied her involvement in these meanwhile it had been her all the way
    Mr.President: calm down son,let’s handle these naturedly,how are we sure it was her,we need evidence to nail her down
    Me: it was her,she showed herself to me,she spoke to me face to face,she said I can never have Richard rather I would root in jail without any judge passing judgement on me,she sentenced me to life imprisonment but you kept to your words of sending back for me even without knowing it but on getting out she sent her boys after me again *slowed down my tears* sir,she sold my babies *cried out*
    All: babies?
    First Lady: look she is bleeding,I think she needs medical care first
    Mr.President: Richard,take five soldiers with you and drive her to the hospital while I send for her parents to be here first thing tomorrow morning because it already getting dark. Awudu,send for the CIDs they must start investigation immediately
    Soldier Awudu: sure sir
    Richard: dady,sending for her parents won’t be necessary, I ready did
    Mr.President: good,who is these young man?
    Another Soldier: he is the man who kept her in his shop before our arrival,we believe he might be having information
    Mr.President: question him and let him go
    Shalom: I will go to the hospital with Richard,why not call Ella?
    To be Continued..

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    Thank God for saving you

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    Rachel Ekanem
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    thank God, she is safe

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    Daud Itz-Teemah Jumy
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    Waw! Thank God u’r save now

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    thank God u are save at last. What of ur babies

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    m sure dey cant catch u

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    M sure d person behind dis gz d 1st lady

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