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    Ibrahim abiodunIbrahim abiodun
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    now the game is begin

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    Why do they want o question the boy. Na bad say him hel p her.
    ? Anyway i believe he wont be mal treated.

    So happy for precious. Hope they find the babies soon

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    O! finally… Thank God you are save

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    Thank God you are safe

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    Episode 15
    No part of it is allowed to be copied and pasted
    on any group, page or websites or to be
    reproduced to any electronic form etc.
    You got permitted for the Other Stories doesn’t
    guarantee an automatic permission on this New .
    This story is being backed up and legally in
    place to prosecute any form of copyright
    Be Warned!!!
    Richard drove me to the hospital in company of Sharon.
    on getting to the hospital I was quickly admitted and the doctor started running various test on me.
    Doctor Joe: you give birth about 26hours ago?
    Me: yes sir
    Doctor Joe: well no much damage has been done,its more like a miracle judging from the orals you narrated to me. most importantly your womb should be safe but its endangered,if not properly treated you may never give birth again but you didn’t occur an extra inner injury,never the less I would be giving you proper medication and you would be discharged tomorrow or next depending on the response of your body system to treatment
    Me: doctor,I may never be able to give birth again?
    Doctor Joe: not really,at lest there is a chance of 50/50 because your body system was over stressed,you are really strong or should I say lucky because most women who found themselves in your present medical condition never lives,most sustain inner injury and die as a result of excess bleeding
    Richard: doctor Joe,do everything possible to see my woman gets the best treatment and be safe
    Sharon: yes doctor,she’s been through a lot of resent and I might even be suggesting more test are done on her
    Doctor Joe: she would be fine I assure you
    Richard: thanks Joe
    Doctor Joe: one more thing,I advice you get her something nourishing to eat because there is nothing in her system at the moment
    Richard: ok doctor we will
    Doctor Joe: I need to check on other patients now so later * walks off with the two nurses following him*
    Richard: what do we get you now?
    Me: pepper soup please
    Richard: Sharon please call me one of the soldiers,not the ones on guard in fact you should go home and get it because none can be trusted now till the faces behind these are apprehended
    Sharon: that won’t be a problem so see you guys in an hours time
    Richard: okay
    Sharon: Richardpresh be strong okay,would be right back soon
    Me: thanks a lot am really grateful *she left*
    Richard: *after some minutes of silence and constant stares* you left and got married?
    Me: I don’t understand, I never left
    Richard: save me that,you were leaving before you got kidnapped, where were you leaving to?
    Me: Richard,all I was doing was for our own good
    Richard: the babies, who are their father,how come you got babies in a space of 9months and a week?
    Me: I can’t believe you are asking me these Richard,you were the only man who ever touched me,you were the one who broke me and no other man has touched me ever since, isn’t it exactly 9months? why ask me that or are you denying me?
    Richard: *calmly* no am not denying you,I asked because am curious knowing *holding my hands* tell me everything, how it happened
    Me: after I left and got kidnapped, I prison I realized I was pregnant,a new warder,warder bisi after hearing my story decided helping me but that was last I saw her,it was later rumored that she’s dead
    Richard: am sorry dear,but you haven’t told me what i want to hear most,why did you leave,start from there and tell me everything accordingly and not summary
    Me: sweedy its a long story
    Richard: start from somewhere
    I told him everything without leaving a stone unturned,after telling him he stood up in anger and started walking to the Ward’s exit
    Me: Richard,what’s wrong
    Richard: I never believe you could do these,I never believe you could take side with my father to suffer your self and my self,do you know what I had been through,searching for you everyday without loosing faith,the tears and starvation of everyday just for your sake, mourning you not knowing you were still alive, do you know what i have been through? *shouts* do you? *tears were dropping from his eyes*
    Me: stop Richard stop*seating up on the bed* why are you being so skeptical in these,why being so selfish?
    Richard: skeptical! why won’t I be skeptical on these,that you planned with my father to suffer yourself? knowing fully well you did accepted to leave just for your parents release and to hide his dirty secret,why wasn’t I involved? you think I would have let your parents died? *just then the president entered*
    Mr.President: what’s happening here,Richard why are you shouting for someone who has barely recovered?
    Richard: dad,am sorry to say these but am so ashamed of you,you shame me to the fullest
    Mr.President: what are you saying Richard?
    Richard: oh dad don’t give me that crib,don’t pretend you don’t know what am saying,what are you even calling on the CIDs to investigate when you are the premix to all these
    Mr.President: are you accusing?
    Richard: accuse? why would I accuse you when even you its the truth
    Mr.President: all I did was to save her parents live and if it were to be you you would do same
    Richard: oh spare me that dad,to save her parents lives or to save your dirty secrets for your second tenor
    Me: Richard?
    Mr.President: no let him vomit every single trash he has in mind
    Richard: you are just unrepentant, you said I would have done same if it were to be me so why didn’t you involve me? ain’t there better ways to handle issues of such? you should be ashamed father for sending a poor girl who accepted to hide your dirty secret and save her parents life to the airport without a single security, how do you even rule the people ?
    Mr.President: son,am so sorry,now I realize my mistakes
    Richard: too late dad because my triplets,your grandchildren are out there,in a place only God knows where,I swear dad,I swear to you with every single soul that died in these hospital that I will never forgive you till my babies are found,I swear
    Me: Richard?
    Richard: don’t Richard me *walks out angrily*
    Mr.President: he is right,its all my fault,what was I thinking to have not provided you with securities to the airport,now I have also endangered the lives of innocent kids *tears circulated his eyes*
    feeling even more pained I laid down back with tears welling my eyes,the did has been done all we needed was correction

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    Thank God you’re back safely… I pray your babies will be back safe and sound

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    Sure dats it…. D deed has bin done solution is d only option nw 2 correct d mistakes….

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    Welcome back home, but i ve a feeling this is not the end

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