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    All secrets will soon be unfold

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    You are safe now and everyone is working tirelessly to unmask all masked perpetrators of this cruelty to you

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    THE PRESIDENT’S SON AND I Season 2 Episode 17
    Ella’s parents visit brightened my mood,they told me how sorry they are for everything knowing fully well that all I went through was for Richard’s sake
    Ella: dad,mom
    Ella’s Mom: yes dear
    Ella: there is still a very big problem
    Ella’s Dad: problem? what might that be? *her mom nodded in approval of her husband’s question*
    Ella: after Precious was kidnapped and thrown into prison,she discovered that she was pregnant for Richard
    Ella’s Mom and Dad: what!
    Ella’s Mom: Pregnant? *Jetty only opened his mouth in surprise*
    Ella: yes mom
    Ella’s Mom: so where is the child,did she loose the pregnancy?
    Ella: no mom,she gave birth to triplets but the men who held her hostage sold the babies
    Ella’s Mom: Jesus!
    Ella’s Dad: what! that’s cruel,wickedness at its peak
    Jetty: does that still exist?
    Ella: Jetty?
    Jetty: sorry
    Ella’s Dad: and what is Richard doing toward getting his children back Precious?
    Sharon: I don’t think any of us has an idea
    Ella’s Mom: those babies should be found as soon as possible before its too late,I just pray they weren’t sold to ritual men
    Ella’s Dad: stop that,don’t say that,you should say words to encourage their mother rather than worsen her condition
    Ella’s Mom: please sweetheart something must be done urgently
    Ella’s Dad: I hope Richard is doing something toward these,hmmm,where is he now?
    Me: I don’t know,he left angry yesterday and haven’t returned ever since
    Ella’s Mom: what’s wrong with Richard? how can he behave in such manner when he should be comforting you
    Ells Dad: you shouldn’t blame the young man,you know what he went through at the disappearance of Precious,he won’t be happy loosing his babies
    Ella’s Mom: oh honey that shouldn’t be an excuse,what about Precious here, she passed through a lot already,I wonder why you men always think child birth is so easy,Precious needs him now than ever
    Ella’s Dad: dear,I promise you to use every connection I have got to get your babies back to you,dead or alive
    Me: *crying* no,I don’t want any of my babies to die,I need they alive
    Ella’s Mom: *came closer,holding my hand* don’t cry dear,something in me seriously tells me that they are fine and I trust my instinct
    Ella’s Dad: these is really serious,I will make sure every one of them involved in these is caught,Clara won’t escape my anger,I will make sure she is caught and nailed by the law,what prison were you held?
    Me: central
    Ella’s Dad: that prison should be shut down by the president and all its workers jailed
    Ella: yes dad,please talk to the president your brother about these
    Sharon: and I believe for the warders to had imprisoned her without court order,they must had been bribed and therefore the warders should know who is behind these
    Ella: that’s a brilliant idea
    Ella’s Dad: yes it is but the person behind it is already known,we should make the workers suffer
    Ella: please talk to the president about these
    Sharon: I will suggest the idea to my dad
    Ella’s Dad: dear,don’t worry yourself,I will talk to my brother about these
    Ella’s Mom: am so dumb founded,why would humans be so heartless,it wasn’t as if Richard was still into a relationship with her before he meet you,they were way apart before you got into the picture so why is she fighting you
    Ella’s Dad: let’s not prolong issues,I would make few calls once we leave here for every orphanage home within these country to be properly checked,they might be found in one of them
    Ella’s Mom: oh God,I pray they were sold to just one person for easy location and I pray these babies are not in any bad hands
    Me: thanks so much sir,am grateful
    Ella’s Dad: its part of my duty to you as a father,just make sure you cry no more.
    Me: okay sir
    Ella’s Dad: I need to see Richard,Jetty
    Jetty: yes dad
    Ella’s Dad: I want you to call Richard,in fact drive to the villa and tell Richard I what to see him before the next 40 minutes time
    Jetty: okay dad,sister Precious,I will be back
    Me: okay,*he takes his leave*
    Ella: I feel like squeezing life out of that Clara of a girl
    Sharon: I feel worst than that,she has crossed the boundary
    Ella’s Dad: hey,I don’t want you girls to do anything silly,just allow the law take its cause on her
    Ella’s Mom: honey,am not sure the law would do that because her father happens to be the vice
    Ella’s Dad: what concerns the law with the offender’s parents position! it doesn’t stop the law from taking its cause,by the way the president is involved in these
    Ella’s Mom: your brother might not want to do anything against his ruling mate,even if he does,his party might get involved
    Ella’s Dad: then I will personally take up the case,she must be made to face the consequences of her crime regardless her father’s present position
    Ella’s Mom: yes that’s what I want
    Ella’s Dad: honey,we need to take our leave now to attend t other businesses
    Ella’s Mom: okay sweetheart, Ella and Sharon,make sure you take good care of her
    Sharon: trust us
    Ella: mom you should know what am capable of
    Ella’s Mom: trust you both,Precious my daughter,we would come to see you again
    Me: okay ma,thank you sir
    Ella’s Dad: when is she going to be discharged?
    Sharon: probably today
    Ella’s Dad: so we get to see at the villa later in the day
    Ella: okay dad
    Ella’s Mom: honey can we go now
    Ella’s Dad: yes of course,see you guys
    Ella’s Mom: don’t cry again o,you both should make sure she cry no more
    Sharon and Ella: sure ma
    Ella’s Dad: make sure you don’t cry
    Me: okay sir
    They both left the hospital,I felt relieved because their words gave me encouragement,Ella’s parents are really nice people.
    Soon Michael called Ella informing her he would be bringing food soon so they shouldn’t bother coming over to get food.
    the doctor came to check on me that morning and also removed the drip from me since it was finished.
    he advice that I eat something and take my drugs so I can be discharged by evening.
    After he left I went to take my bath,I felt my breast heavy with milk.
    when I was done I came back to my ward,since Michael hasn’t come we decided to whine away time with school gist
    Me: what of Jerry Ella?
    Ella: who? that idiot?
    Me: hey,why that?
    Ella: well I don’t know anything about him,we brokeup before our final exams
    Me: why?
    Ella: can you imagine,I caught Jerry,beefing another girl in my own lodge,he had the efforntary to bring in a b---h to my lodge and have sex with her on my bed,no regard for me
    Sharon: oh my God,and you didn’t send him to jail?
    Me: where went you when he was doing all these
    Ella: my lodge mates told me of how he use to bring in girls to my apartment,I never believed it so I decided to try him and I lied to him I was travelling on urgent issue to abuja,could you imagine that barely an hour that I left,my apartment turned into a motel for jerry,I caught him red handed nude with the girl on my bed
    Me: am speechless, I don’t know what to say
    Sharon: and you let him go scot free?
    Ella: what should I have done?
    Just then Michael entered with a big cooler of food
    Michael: Clara would be arriving Nigeria these evening,the president told dad that.
    Ella: I can’t wait to slap that idiot
    My heart suddenly started beating faster
    Sharon: that’s if she truly travelled.
    All eyes raised to Sharon.

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    There are still hidden truths

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    It’s not d mata of calling her bak….cus witout a tangible evidence n as far her fada is d vice u wnt nail her down n it may backfired…..all I pray 4 is dat d babies b found

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    All will be well

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    hmmm jealous is bad thing

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    Hmmmm! My concern is that the babies be found

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