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    I agree with you @itzprince, ofcos plenty hidden truth

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    There are more things to be unfold, I am waiting

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    Some bad people are still claiming innocence

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    Episode 18
    Ella: that’s true or she probably traveled after Precious escape
    Sharon: you got a point
    Me: but what if she decides not to come
    Michael: I don’t think that’s possible,the president had declared that if she refuses to come then he would make sure she is arrested there and deported back
    Sharon: I trust my dad
    Ella: what of Richard,why didn’t he come with you?
    Michael: I don’t think he slept in the villa yesternight
    Me: he didn’t?
    Michael: am not certain but I didn’t see him even when Jetty arrived asking of him he was nowhere around *silence stroke the ward for few minutes* hello?
    Sharon: or he is out all night in search of the babies?
    Me: Ella please call Richard for me*Ella tried his number*
    Ella: his lines are off
    Me: *panic* oh my God
    Ella: what?
    Me: I hope he is alright,he must had gone to Mpape
    Michael: mpape? to do what?
    Ella: he must had gone to find the babies
    Michael: I must get to that area now then,see you guys later
    Me: no don’t go please Michael
    Michael: Richard might be in danger as we speak,apart from that he needs help to get the babies
    Ella: be careful please
    Michael: I will *he left the ward*
    Sharon: when you were declared missing,you needed to see the kind of display your brother displayed, though I wasn’t around but my dad told me
    Ella: I was present there,the soldiers tried stopping him from reaching the president
    Sharon: but that’s normal,what doesn’t call for the fight he put up
    Ella: aaah Sharon,were you there,you are already judging,he fought the soldiers because one of them slapped him while he was trying to explain that his seeing the president was based on urgent issue,I even explained he came in my company yet they slapped him
    Sharon: but he shouldn’t had put up a fight even at that,what if he was shot dead and the soldiers claimed he was a thief?
    Ella: you and I know that’s impossible because I would speak up for him even in public
    Me: please stop these,he wasn’t killed and its passed,all we need do now is pray for his safety and that of Richard,I really hope they are okay
    By evening we were all *myself,my dad we came back,Ella and Sharon. though the first lady came but left shortly* in the hospital discussing when a breaking news took place and it read as thus
    Newscaster: Breaking news,News headline
    1. The president of the federal republic of Nigeria Mr. Williams order for a permanent close down of the central prison and sentenced all its workers
    2. The vice president daughter of the federal republic of Nigeria,Miss Clara Ibrahim arrested on arrival at the airport *the CIDs were blocking her in the video so I couldn’t get a clear view of her*
    Ella and Sharon: yessss
    3. the president of the federal republic Nigeria Mr Williams press forward to eradicating bribery and corruption.
    4. the said missing Miss Oyege Precious has been declared found.
    News at 4,I am Adeshola Amusa. The President of Nigeria had order for an immediate shut down of the central prison and charged that all its workers that had been working there within the maximum period of the past 10 months and the minimum of 6 months be charged to court for involvement in bribery and corruption which has been a major problem faced by then country. The president further explained that the prison warders had been collecting back hand money to imprison innocent citizens without following the due process of the law.
    The vice president daughter, Miss Clara Ibrahim had been arrested at the airport on arrival to Nigeria by the state CIDs on crime charges yet to be indicated,The vice president who had expressed shock is yet to speak on the development*showing the video of her arrest but still the state CIDs where blocking her* the state CID team whom arrested her refused speaking on the reason for her arrest.
    The president has vowed to eradicate bribery and corruption in Nigeria and to make sure any one found guilty of bribery and corruption serves a jail terms. speaking to our team the president made it clear that bribery and corruption has eaten into every individual of the nation but vow to take proper approach to the issue of bribery and corruption.
    The said missing person in person of Miss Oyege Precious had been declared found,our team was informed by a reliable source that Miss Oyege Precious,the fiancée to the president son popularly called Richardpresh had been found in an undisclosed area of mpape after she narrowly escaped and the president had promised to fish out those responsible for her kidnap and make sure they are brought to face the law
    here is the news at 4 and the headlines again
    1. The president of the federal republic of Nigeria Mr Williams orders for a permanent close down of the central prison and sentenced all its workers
    2. The vice president daughter of the federal republic of Nigeria,Miss Clara Ibrahim arrested on arrival at the airport
    3. the president of the federal republic of Nigeria press forward to eradicating bribery and corruption
    4. the said missing Miss Oyege Precious had been declared found.
    I remain Adeshola Amusa,thanks for listening.
    Ella: yes,yes,that serves her right
    Sharon: I can’t wait to go see her behind bars
    Dad: I just need my grandchildren back
    Me: please Ella,call on the doctor to discharge me,I need to go immediately to see what’s happening
    Ella: me too,you are right * left the ward*
    Me: Clara,its time for you to resume from where I stopped at the prison
    Sharon: I want to see how she is shivering now and pleading for mercy *Ella came back with the doctor*
    Me: doctor please discharge me
    Doctor: you are free to go,everything had been taken care of but all I advice is for you to take your medications serious
    Me: okay.
    We all picked up our few things and left the hospital straight to the villa,in getting down from the car the state CIDs were dragging Clara out of the house,she was on cuff,she was really spiting out fire of threats.
    Clara: these is nonsense and I ain’t taking these,am being accused wrongly and I swear ama sue these whole house *she kept vomiting her threats of fire while I stood transfixed to a spot in shock*
    the shock was so heavy on me that I lost my speech and became speechless,I didn’t even noticed when Richard and Michael arrived,Richard walked passed me to her and landed her a heavy dose of slap
    Richard: you b---h,where are my children
    Clara: Richard you dare raised your hands to hit me,you will regret these,I won’t spare you
    Richard: *hooked her*I will kill you if you don’t tell me were my children are *the soldiers rushed and held him while he struggled to free himself from them just to get at Clara,as Richard is being held the CIDs quickly lead her pass me leading her to their car,she struggled to make her points too and probably prove her innocent
    Clara: I had been in the united kingdom for the past 10 months,you stand there and accuse me of kidnapping someone I don’t even know,you slapped me Richard,you slapped me
    just then her father walked out with the president. I don’t know what moved me and I suddenly found my speech
    Me: stop!!! stop it,is not her,she is innocent.*tears dropped*
    Richard stopped struggling,the state CIDs stopped,every other person got confused
    Clara: are you precious?
    Ella: meaning?
    Me: these wasn’t the Clara I saw when I was kidnapped, she must had been impersonated by someone
    Vice President: I said it,my daughter might be wayward but she is innocent of these.
    Richard approached me weakly like in a slow motion
    Richard: you mean she isn’t the one?
    Voice: yes,she is innocent,you have been fooled all these while.
    we all turned to see who it was,it was no other person but warder Bisi in company of two armed soldiers
    Me: *shocked* warder Bisi????
    To be continued

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    precious! I hope you’re doing the right thing…

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    wait! is warder bisi arrested too?

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    ..enjoying every episode of this story …..

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