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    its the first lady’s doing. she never liked precious one bit. I have been saying it from the start

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    So who is behind it

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    Episode 19
    Warder Bisi: yes its me,surprised that am alive?
    Dad: who is she?
    Mr.President: woman who are you?
    I could sense tension in everyone,anxiety rocks the whole villa
    Me: you really ain’t dead
    Warder Bisi: *walked closer to me* yes my daughter,am fully alive
    Me: bu..bu..everyone said you were dead
    Warder Bisi: am alive because God loves you and now am here to tell you all I found out,thank God for the audience available now
    Richard: my babies? did you find my babies?
    Ella: Richard calm down
    Me: you knew she *Clara* was innocent?
    Warder Bisi: I found out she was just being implicated to cover up the face behind the evil
    Clara: what? what’s happening here,you all are getting me confused
    V.President: my daughter,implicated,by who?
    Mr.President: I just asked you a question young woman
    Warder Bisi: I am Bisi,a warder from the central prison,I was the warder who took Precious here to the hospital when she collapsed at the prison,there the doctor pronounced her pregnant
    Richard: you? you were one of those warders that prisoned an innocent girl
    Mr.President: quiet Richard.continue *Clara said nothing again,she was even shocked with the unfolding of events*
    Warder Bisi: being that I was recently transferred to the central prison I knew nothing concerning her so I decided asking when the doctor said she was a month and two weeks gone,I was so touched listening to her story,as a mother I promised helping her out through getting to the president or his son to explain to them that Precious was in prison
    V.President: why was she thrown to prison fah?
    Ella: these whole thing is beginning to make sense,so why didn’t you fulfil your promise
    Sharon: yes,because if you did my father or brother would had acted based on your information
    V.President: torhh
    Warder Bisi: I did,I came as promised
    Me: I don’t understand, you met with the president?
    Warder Bisi: no. after I brought you back to the prison yard that very day I decided to check the prison record book in other to make sure she didn’t lie to me,but was shocked to find out her name wasn’t in the record book of the prison. I was so certain then Precious here didn’t lie to me so I quickly left for the presidential villa.
    Richard: I hate all these story,where are my children,I need to know where they are now
    Mr.President: Richard calm down
    Richard: oooh,father,don’t tell me to calm down
    Michael: what’s your problem, won’t you allow the woman talk so we can know the next step to take before its too late
    Richard: you are very stupid for uttering such word,my children are out there and you ask of my problem?
    Michael: you are so foolish,am not certain your senses are in right order
    Richard: *walked close to Michael* you call me a mad man?
    Michael: you just said it all
    Richard made to hit Michael but the soldiers were quick enough to intervene
    Dad: Michael? don’t let me ask you to leave here at once
    Sharon: am so disappointed in you both,we are here tackling important issue while you both are so relaxed fighting
    Me: I can’t believed these,Richard? you changed so much,just in a space of 10 months,am disappointed in you,am so disappointed in you,please let them fight,let them fight like market women *crying*
    Michael: *placing his hand on my shoulder* am sorry
    Me: *shouts* leave me alone
    Mr.President: its okay,woman,please continue.
    silence stroke for a while before she continued
    Warder Bisi: on getting here I was prevented from entrying and sent back by the soldiers but I insisted on seeing the President that it was a matter of life and death and it concerns the president life a lot and that happened to be the only reason I was permitted entrance but instead I met the Firstlady on her way out and she informed me that I couldn’t see the president at the moment,that he was on an emergency meeting. I was too carried away and failed to see the evil in her eyes
    Sharon: how dare you call my mother evil
    Warder Bisi: that’s what she is
    Richard: enough of that,you can’t walk in here just to insult my mother
    Clara: *lol and forced clapps through the cuff* Richard,you are still these foolish,you have barely heard the woman’s point and you are shouting,oh,why are my having these feeling that something is fishy here,would I be wrong if I suggest of your mother’s involvement?
    Sharon: you must be out of your senses,now listen and listen good,am not Richard that you speak to anyhow and go Scott free,I will beat the hell out of you
    Clara: *gave a wicked laughter and walked closer to Sharon* I smoke,do you? am bad,are you? *smiles* if I were you,ama start praying because I will sue these family for assault,impersonation…
    V.President: shut up,you brought these upon yourself,if you had been responsible fah, who would had accused you. hey you get that cuff off my daughter’s wrists immediately *the state CID personal looked at the President who in turn gave him the go ahead*
    Mr.President: unlock the cuff,please woman,continue what you were saying *all these while,my dad seem to be mopping,Michael never bothered to interfere again knowing fully well that I was mad at him*
    Warder Bisi: I told the first lady about Precious condition then and she acted like she felt for her,she asked me to get into the car so we could both drive to the police divisional head quarter to mobilize officers to company me in freeing Precious,I was so happy and without thinking twice or having any evil in mind against her I entered the car with her,she prevented her escorts from following us and even drove herself,I never knew she was taking me to offer me to killers
    All: what!!!
    Sharon: my mom won’t do such
    Me: warder bisi?
    Mr.President: are you sure of what you are saying?
    Warder Bisi: I have proves,she drove me and made few calls as she drove. she stopped at a side of the road and a man entered,she then told the man to make sure I get killed,I was shocked and panicked begging to know my offense,she said I had interfere in issues not concerning me and as such I must die,I mustn’t live to tell of it
    All: Jesus!!!!!!!
    The president was appalled so also the rest of us
    Warddr Bisi: I pleaded and pleaded with her but she gave her final ordee for nothing but my death
    Dad: I knew it,I suspected these evil woman,so after dismissing me from work she planned on destroying my family
    Me & Michael: what? she dismissed you?

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    Can’t wait for the next episode

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    Hidden secrets have to be unravelled

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    Just wow

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