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    jesus! am so shock

    firstlady ur own grandchildren, I fear u o
    that’s total witchcraft

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    Episode 20
    Dad: yes,she is the reason for my dismissal
    Richard: how can my mother be the reason for your dismissal?
    Mr.President: my ears are filled up,please Mr Oyege,let’s hear out these woman first before coming to you,young woman please continue,*just then the first lady came out from the house with a woman following behind,I guess the woman is Clara’s mom because Clara has same face as hers*
    First Lady: I have been hearing noise from the inside,what is happening here *all eyes turned to the devil,maybe she felt either caught or confused,only God knows* what? why are you all st…*her eyes met with that of warder bisi* what,what is these criminal doing here,get out of here now *everyone just watched her with no word,only the woman with her responded*
    Woman: do you know her?
    First Lady: she is a hardened criminal,security,take these criminal out of here
    Mr.President: no one dares such,am so disappointed in you
    First Lady: *made a confused face* disappointed in me! how?
    Richard: i hate you mum
    First Lady: Richard,even you?
    Mr.President: shut up,woman,speak
    First lady: *quickly interferes* she would speak of nothing *climbing down the little stairs* now leave at once
    Clara: are you hiding anything?,well nothing to hide because she was already speaking before you interfered
    Woman: keep shut Clara
    Clara: mum
    Clara’s Mom: I said quiet *turned to her husband* can someone explain what is going on here? am so confused*
    First Lady: so am I
    Sharon: oh mum spare me these lies
    Mr.President: woman I said speak
    Warder Bisi: I please with these woman *pointing the first lady*to spare my life but she asked the man to kill me
    First Lady: what such of cooked up lies is these *looking around to see if we beloved warder Bisi*
    Clara’s Mum: what! who is killing who and for what reason?
    Mr.President: stop interrupting her and listen. please continue
    Warder Bisi: the man recognized as Tanko asked me out of the car on gun point
    Me: Tanko! I know him,he is the leader of the gang that had been responsible for the kidnap so far
    Clara’s Mom: you mean my daughter sent him after you?
    Vice President: if you don’t know what to say or contribute to these issue just keep shut and listen
    Mr.President: same tanko has been responsible for your kidnap?
    Me: and that of my family
    First Lady: honey don’t tell me you believe these things they say about me
    Mr.President: oh don’t honey me,you shame me
    Richard: oh my God,oh my God,God why these kind of mother
    Warder Bisi: when he has lead me into the bush to a secret hideout he asked that I be tied there till evening,then by night fall two men came to pick me up from the dark house I had been keep and lead me deep into the bush on torchlight and as God may have it he sent a saviour to me,the torchlight somehow flashed across one of the men leading me face and to God be the glory,it was my son,my son I hadn’t seen for years,I shouted his name “John” like I had always fondly called him,he pointed the torch properly on my face and discovered it was his mother he has been leading to kill,he was shocked and called me “mother,its you?” I replied him “yes my son,what have you become” I heard the other guy called him “Obele,your mum?”
    Obele: yes gentle,na my mama I dey go kill I no know
    Gentle: Jesus,na every body these Firstlady wan dey kill self?
    Warder Bisi: what have you gotten yourself into
    Obele: mother,these is a question for another day,you need to escape now
    Warder: no son,you have to help me or kill me
    Obele: God forbid I kill my mother
    Warder Bisi: then help me
    Obele: with what?
    Warder Bisi: the girl you took to prison
    Obele: girl,prison? who
    Gentle: you mean the one the Firstlady assigned us to kidnap and take to prison?
    Warder: yes,yes my son,she needs urgent help now
    Obele: mama,how,I don’t even know these girl,myself and gentle weren’t around when she was kidnapped
    Warder Bisi: please son,you have to help,I will tell you all you need to know about her,please save her or just kill me here now because it would be a shame I promised to help her yet I live and can’t help,better I die
    Obele: don’t talk like these,mother,these would be hard
    Gentle: very hard
    Warder Bisi: please son just try and once you succeed promise me to become a better person
    Obele: hmmm,I will
    Warder Bisi: what of your father?
    Obele: forget him mama,he threw me to the street two years ago and these was all I ended up becoming
    Warder Bisi: son *staring at the other boy in the dark which only the torch light gave light,Obele noticed and understood at once*
    Obele: he is my good friend,you can trust him
    Warder Bisi: okay,her name is Precious Oyege,she is pregnant for the president son,I checked the prison record only to find out her name wasn’t on them *she told them everything she knows about me*
    Gentle: for now ma,we can only promise to keep an eye on her till after the election then we give a full help
    Warder Bisi: she would have been dead by then
    Obele: please mama permit these,that’s the only way we can help
    Warder Bisi: make sure she is safe
    Gentle: Obele,we must look for a way to get your mother to safety before the boss send others to check what is keeping us
    Obele: yes its true,mother,you have to leave now *brought out a phone from his pocket and gave to her* that’s my phone but you can have it with the sim,pick no call from that phone except my call
    Warder Bisi: how do I know when you call?
    Obele: I will hide the number and flash you five times before calling,so I would know where to find you,then I can get you a new sim
    Warder Bisi: okay
    Gentle: mama,you must keep away from public eyes till everything is settled
    Obele: yes mama
    Warder Bisi: I know
    Obele: if you keep these way you would burst out to the road,from there I believe it would be more easy for you,make use of the torchlight of that phone,we talk more when we meet again on a more safe place
    Gentle: mama go now
    Warder Bisi: that was how my life was saved
    Myself and Ella: Jesus
    Richard: mother?
    Clara: evil woman
    Clara’s Mom: so its been you and not my daughter,any you Precious or what are you called,you have been claiming its my daughter
    Warder Bisi: you won’t blame her,I also found out the first lady was aware she never met with your daughter before so she decided to frame up your daughter believing Precious will riot in jail
    Firstlady: am yet to understand why these woman is still here,does what she is saying make any sense?
    Sharon: mum,you are still denying
    Firstlady: quiet you fool,someone stands here and lie against your mother and you believe her?
    Sharon: and who is my mother! you? God forbid,I disown you as being my mother,I will make sure you pay for your sins even if every other persons accept saving you
    Firstlady: *walked up to her and slapped her* you fool,all I did I did for the good of you and your brother
    Richard: enough mum,don’t even mention me,oh now you accept you did? where are my babies
    Firstlady: I know nothing about them,I only heard she gave birth to triplets
    Mr.President: you are such a dramatic lair,so I had been married to the devil all these years,Warder,please tell us all you no especially about these babies
    Warder Bisi: hmmm.
    To be continued

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    The first lady is the devil’s incarnate

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    nemesis has caught up with you already so, stop denying

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    chai, she is an evil woman….
    all your evil deeds are about to hunt you….

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    i think here is were Newton’s third law of motion is applicable “To every action of one body on another, there is an equal,opposite, and colinear reaction of the second body on the first.”

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    U did everythng 4 d gud of ur children, how?

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