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    Episode 21
    Mr.President: speak up
    Warder Bisi: my son and his friend Gentle later visited me after five days of my rumored death,they told me they were keeping an eye on her. there was a certain time a pastor offered helping you again right? *she turned asking me*
    Me: *though still in shock* yes but he was killed
    Warder Bisi: so I was told
    All: what!
    Richard: my mum even killed an innocent pastor?
    Michael: hmmm,please ma continue,I don’t want to let out what’s in my mind now
    Clara: you couldn’t spare even a man of God
    Firstlady: I did these for your good Richard
    Richard: what good is in killing *so angry and spoke harshly*
    Warder Bisi: the deed is done,just listen,I don’t know where your babies were taken to but I certainly believe your mother here,the Firstlady knows
    Michael: Firstlady? you still call these witch of a woman first lady?
    Firstlady: who is these son of a no body talking to
    Michael: bia first lady abi first witch let me tell you,as I am right now I don’t mind killing you and spending the rest of my life in jail,yes am a son of nobody not the son of a wicked first grade witch
    Firstlady: you speak to your first lady in that manner*red eyes*
    Richard: oh spare me that,you brought these upon yourself
    Warder Bisi: tell us were you kept those innocent children,didn’t you do enough by sending her to prison? as if that wasn’t enough you still had her kidnapped when she left prison,I know you know the where about of those babies,my son told me you asked for the babies to be killed but Tanko decided selling them?
    All: Jesus!!!!
    Clara’s Mum: you asked for your grandchildren to be killed?
    Richard: you asked for my babies to be killed? *crying*
    Sharon: you are worst than the word wicked,you are cruelly wicked
    Ella: *walked weakly to the wall and sat there* I can’t believe these
    Firstlady: eh,eh,my son can not marry an Igbo girl
    Warder Bisi: so you decided killing her and her babies were the best?
    Firstlady: you dare not question me
    Mr.President: *slapped her* you idiot,instead of being remorseful you are talking trash
    Firstlady: you slapped me?
    Mr.President: and I will slap you again if you don’t keep shut,don’t forget Mr.Oyege here is yet to speak the evil you did against him,warder,speak on
    Warder Bisi: the only reason my son could escape with her while she was pregnant was because he doesn’t want to endanger her more *walked close to the Firstlady* now you killed him,you killed my son*crying* you won’t go Scott free,I will use even my last earning to fight you
    Firstlady: *gave a wicked laughter* what evidence do you have
    Warder Bisi: enough evidence,your excellence sir,please permit gentle to come here
    Mr.President: where is he?
    Warder Bisi: your securities held him at the gate
    Mr.President: *to a soldier* herly you,go bring the young man in
    Clara: you ain’t just wicked,you are such a fool,after all the already presented evidences against you,you still ask for more
    Mr.President: look the way children are insulting you because you have drawn your self to the mud,Mr Oyege,you said she is responsible for your dismissal at work
    Dad: yes his excellence
    Mr.President: can you tell us how,what transpired between you both
    Dad: I was a bank manager at Union back of Nigeria, had been the manager there for over five years. when you distributed the workers salary last year for the month of July through my branch,the Firstlady paid me a surprise visit at the office
    Dad: welcome ma,its an honour to have you here
    Firstlady: thank you,Mr Oyege right?
    Dad: yes ma
    Firstlady: now that am in your office,I wouldn’t want to waste much time beating around the bush so I would just go straight to the reason that brought me her
    Dad: that’s okay ma
    Firstlady: I brought a fair proposal to you,these proposal would surely enrich you for live if you would cooperate with me
    Dad: ma,am yet to understand!
    Firstlady: my husband just paid about five hundred billion to be dispatch to every state to pay workers
    Dad: yes,yes ma
    Firstlady: am aware you are yet to do that
    Dad: that would be done by tomorrow ma
    Firstlady: hmmm,nice,but what if I ask you not to dispatch these money to any state?
    Dad: *smiles* that’s not possible ma because the President’s order was enough
    Firstlady: I don’t want you to dispatch these money
    Dad: *shocked*why?
    Firstlady: don’t question me,have you forgotten am the first Lady and as such you don’t have rights to question me
    Dad: sorry ma,just that the president gave orders
    Firstlady: quiet,is the president not my husband? now listen,these deal would earn you five billion why I take the rest so reason like a man!
    Dad: and the government workers?
    Firstlady: oh spare me that,who cares,if they don’t have a month salary of theirs would they die,how much are they going to earn from these money? let us who can make better use of these money have it
    Dad: I can’t eat people’s sweat all in the name of greed
    Firstlady: are you saying am greedy just because I want to favour you? these is an opportunity any reasonable man would embrace
    Dad: if you don’t mind leave my office now
    Firstlady: am if I don’t?
    Dad: I right be forced to call in the securities on you and you know how embarrassing it would be
    Firstlady: *stood angrily* obviously you are tired of working,I promise you I would be back*started walking to the office exit but stopped right at the door* let me warn you,that money mustn’t be dispatched
    Dad: get out of my office
    Dad: she left threatening me and when she learnt I had dispatched the money accordingly she worked my dismissal.
    All: what!
    Michael: and you lied to us dad? *Richard sat on the floor while Sharon broke out with tears*
    Vice President: unbelievable
    Clara: arrest these thief
    State CID: she can’t be jailed as long as her husband is in seat
    Gentle entered lead by soldiers,I had seen him twice with Tanko
    Me: *in tears* Richard,I give you 72hours to convince your evil of a mother to provide my babies else heaven would get loosed on us
    Michael: I bet you heard my sister well and need no further explanation, just 72hours or,well I shouldn’t be giving you a clue. dad, Precious let’s get out of here,because it sinks already with so much blood of the innocent,who knows how much more lives she is wasted

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    What a #wow

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    Ohh yeah dats politics 4 u…..but I pray dat d babies b found…

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    Aro Smart-don
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    What a wicked first lady

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    What a wicked soul she doesn’t even feel remorseful

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    It getting interesting please continue fast fast fast

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    I cant wait…i just pray the babies are in safe hands

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