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    I wish ur mother quick recovery

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    samuel alexsamuel alex
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    This a hell of a story

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    it’s OK precious

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    All will be well

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    hmm am still speechless

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    Precious ure a strong lady buh you also need to care for yourself dear

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    Jejely o

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    Episode 23
    Ella on her own part had been disturbing Michael on phone calls but Michael refused taking any call from her
    Juliet: brother your phone had been ringing and its aunty Ella calling,why ain’t you taking her calls
    Michael: leave the phone where I kept it,our family no longer has any business with any member of the Williams family
    Juliet: but why brother? what about your work?
    Michael: oh that one,dropped already,I don’t need anything that comes from the Williams family any longer
    Me: Michael,I hope mom gets fine soonest
    Michael: yea she will,that reminds me,ama get a driver to return Richard’s car to him.
    I was silent for a while,I really still loves Richard so much but the pains his mother caused me is just so still fresh inside,I can’t marry the son of an unrepentant beast
    Me: its okay,it should be returned
    Juliet: what’s happening
    Me: nothing serious
    Juliet: sister,I don’t understand anyone in these house anymore,ever since you came back yesternight even dad haven’t been himself
    Michael: Juliet nothing is happening,everything is fine
    Juliet: may then I should inform mother of what I saw on the news papers these morning and how people had been sympathizing with me over what happened to you.
    myself and Michael got shocked
    Me&Michael: what did you see?.
    we asked curiously
    Juliet: nothing,but hope you explain better to mother how your born kids got missing and why you are keeping it away from her
    Me: no no Juliet *stood up and walked to her where she stood* please dear mother must not know,it would worsen her present condition
    Juliet: I want to know the how it all happened and why the first lady had been on your neck
    Me: sweedy,I promise to tell you everything but you have to also promise me you won’t tell mother about these
    Juliet: sure I won’t
    Michael: must you know everything eh?
    Juliet: ain’t I a part of these family.
    My Dad came in from no where in particular
    Dad: Tanko and his men had been caught at the outskirt of Kaduna trying to escape
    Me: what of my babies dad were they seen?
    Dad: no,not yet but I know their where about can be easily detected now that the people behind everything had been caught
    Michael: but dad how did you know all about these?
    Dad: it got on breaking news about 15 minutes ago
    Michael: we need to leave for abuja then
    Dad: no,we already gave the president and his people three days to provide our the kids so lets give them that chance
    Michael: and what if they ain’t able to provide these kids in 3 days?
    Dad: I will sue them
    Me: I want my babies dad *crying*
    Dad: you will get to see your babies again my daughter
    Juliet: but dad what if they had been killed?
    Michael: keep shut my friend
    Dad: be positive Juliet,don’t nature such evil
    Juliet: am sorry dad *my mom coughed from her room,I wipe my tears and went to check on her with Juliet following behind.
    it was really nothing serious
    I was so shocked the next day when Alice and Vero visited me in delta in company of warder Bisi
    Me: oh my God,how did you guys locate me
    Vero: we asked questions
    Alice: wow look how fresh you have become
    Me: its all the Lord’s doing,please come in,good evening warder Bisi
    Warder Bisi: evening my dear they sat down* how are you
    Me: as you can see ma am trying my best.
    Alice: no one else in here?
    Me: not really,my dad took my mom to the hospital for check up in company of my brother and kid sister,I stayed back to Cook for them
    Vero: then I guess we march with you to the kitchen to help out
    Me: *lol* am done cooking cooking
    Warder Bisi: I hope everything is alright now?
    Alice: oh yes,we saw the papers yesterday so we met up to visit you and fortunately we met warder Bisi too
    Vero: bae am really sorry,I was so angry you didn’t visit as promised not knowing you were in serious danger again
    Me: hmmm,dear it was from frying pan to fire
    Alice: these woman is indeed worst than a Jezebel, there is no limit to her wickedness then
    Vero: oh,babies that I suffered to protect and ensure their safety that one idiot sold off *crying* it won’t be well with her
    Warder Bisi: amen,it won’t and will never be
    Vero: her own grandchildren, these world is indeed a wicked place to live in,if a whole first lady of Nigeria can sell off her grandchildren just for hatred then am sorry to say that even we the citizens are nothing,we ain’t safe
    Alice: so what are you working on?
    Me: dear am just so confused,I don’t know
    Vero: sue her,we are your witness and am so certain there are Kore witnesses waiting for you to sue her
    Warder Bisi: please my daughter,help Gentle out please,he is still in the police net
    Me: ma,I will but right now my focus is on how to find my babies
    Vero: I think I have got an idea!

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