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    Ella and Richard’s likes are rare

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    Nancy AdeoyeNancy Adeoye
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    continue.. …

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    The yoruba part is horrible

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    next oh

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    I’m happy for you both.

    On a more serious note, I think Ella is also playing hard to get towards Jerry like Precious did.

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    Episode 14
    Ella: wow,am so happy for Richard,he looks fulfilled
    Me: why say that
    Ella: you finally accepted him *smiles*
    Me: you knew about all these from the on start right?
    Ella: not really
    Me: I don’t believe you, okay tell me how you got involved
    Ella: hahaha,actually my mum begged Richard to bring me some items here in lag since i we are into each other
    Me: into each other how?
    Ella: I am his favourite cousin of course *smiles*
    Me: okay,continue
    Ella: when he got the items for me I guess he met you because he came telling me he met a girl right here in my school and he has seen her once in abuja and he actually has feelings her and as God may have it I was quick to discover it was you the next day when he came to drop me off in school
    Me: hmmm,interesting
    Ella: so tell me,you really like him right?
    I couldn’t really her,I just smiled,like seriously most times smiles are better replies to certain questions
    Ella: hmmm *smiles* I sense love in that smile of yours
    Me: but am scared Ella
    Ella: *left the her seating position and sat closer to me* why scared?
    Me: am scared Richard might change some day
    Ella: dear you shouldn’t be scared,these is the Richard I know,he didn’t change to woo you so why would he change after!
    Me: people change,its constant
    Ella: think positive of everything, live live nothing negative ever exist
    Me: thanks,am really encouraged
    Ella: can I ask you for something?
    Me: why not?
    Ella: can stay here with me please,am always bored here alone and I know its same for you right in your lodge,if not for Richard’s presence I would have been sick
    Me: *I was speechless for some seconds* I don’t know what to say in these
    Ella: please na,see I ready see you as a sister,I really like you
    Me: please don’t feel offended but give me a little time to think about these
    Ella: okay but please let it be a positive one
    Me: no problem,now its my turn so can I talk to you about something ?
    Ella: anything at all
    Me: its about my friend,our course mate Jerry
    Ella: what about him?
    Me: he is silently dying?
    Ella: dying? is he sick,tell me please
    Me: *I don’t know o but with her curiosity, I could tell she cared* he is dying for you
    Ella: for me?
    Me: he loves you but he is scared of telling you
    Ella: why?,are my going to eat him? please forgive my manners but I think we should forget about that
    Me: Ella!
    Ella: no,I hate men who ain’t courageous,if he feels anything for me let him walk up to me as a man and tell me,am a woman,if am interested I would accept highest I would ask him for time and if am not I would simply tell him to look else where,is not as if am going to eat or beat him up.
    Me: I understand what you mean
    Ella: thanks,so if he is dying he dies for himself not me o joor
    Me: hahaha
    Ella: yes na,so forget him,he should come when he is tired of dying,so how are we gonna celebrate your union with Richard
    Me: hahaha,union! we ain’t married o we are just in a relationship
    Ella: so if my brother ask you to marry him you won’t?
    Me: till then!
    Ella: hahaha,just say as the spirit leads
    Me: you are right *worried* dear I wonder what’s keeping Richard it almost two hours since he left
    Ella: you have time to start thinking of Richard,you don’t know him yet,he would be there looking for big surprise for you
    Me: I don’t want surprise jhoor,I want to be seeing his
    Ella: hahaha see love,missing somebody,please Jerry should do and come jhoor so I would have somebody to miss too
    Me: hahaha,jealousy
    Ella: yes o am becoming jealous of these love,I wonder what you would do when Richard goes back to abuja
    Me: *heart skips* when is he going back?
    Ella: I don’t know o,you where the one keeping him now that he is got you who knows he might leave soon because his parents are already disturbing him to come back,his mum especially
    Me: *sad* missing him already,please do you know about his ex?
    Ella: that one? Zara abi what’s that her name,please forget her,I can’t even remember her name because the mere thought of her irritates me
    Richard: * coming in * hello ladies
    our attention turned to him,he was carrying two shopping bags
    Ella: wow,I told you
    Me: you got me scared
    Richard: *giving me one of the bags and handing the other to Ella* so sorry dear,I got confused on what best to get you girls
    Ella: *opening her own bag* mehn,you killed it,how did you know I had an eye in these shoes *getting up* wow,I love these gowns,you are such a darling
    Me: *not opening mine* thanks
    Richard: sweet,why not check yours and see if you would like them
    Me: baby,I like them already
    Ella: abeg let’s see *collects it and pour them on the chair* wow,these is pure gold chain,I know these perfume
    Me: wow,let me see that hill
    Ella: which of them?
    Me: the pink
    She picked it up and showed me,I love these one
    Richard: baby,I would be leaving back to abuja in two days times *he broke the sad news which really pierced through my heart*
    I stared at him with deep sadness,not knowing what else to actually say to him
    Richard: when are you guys to start your exams?
    Ella: next two weeks
    Me: why leave so soon na
    Richard: baby believe me I really want to stay here with you but everyone is bothered at aso
    Me: its okay,just promise me I would see you again after my exams before going back to delta to meet my family
    Richard: I promise
    Ella: I will miss you too

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    nex pls

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