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    Ibrahim abiodun
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    abeg were is this Jerry now love wantintin

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    Episode 15
    Richard: you would take care of Precious for big bro right?
    Ella: trust me
    Me: am I a baby that can’t care for her self!
    Richard: yes o you are my baby
    Ella: Richy
    Richard: yes dear
    Ella: you can’t leave in two days
    Richard: why?
    Ella: you forget a lot,gosh,just few hours you made a promise in school about Saturday and Saturday is still 4 days away
    Richard: oh,yes that’s true
    Me: yes,yes,yessss
    Richard: you don’t want me to go again?
    Ella: no, why would you go now when you are still on honey moon
    Richard & I: hahaha
    Me: Ella you are sick * throw the pillows at her *
    On Wednesday I spoke to Jerry about him talking to Ella about his feelings for her though I didn’t tell him I spoke to Ella already nor did I tell him of Ella’s say.
    though he related his fears to me and I understood yet I made him understand that one thing must kill a man,I further encouraged him to talk to her ” she might be having same feelings for you and just hoping you come her way one day ” I had told him “but she isn’t giving me any green light” he defended.
    I wonder why guys wait for a girl to give them green light before approaching her,they fail to understand every girl has her own way,maybe I gave those green lights to Richard or not but he wasn’t dependent on green light he was after what he wanted and right now that was all I wanted of Jerry.
    He promised me to try his luck so I helped him plan it that these coming Saturday during Richard’s planned party was the best moment to talk to her and he welcomed the idea
    It was Saturday already,I had slept at Ella’s lodge the previous day being Friday.
    I noticed something about Richard,most times he would be having me romanced in his heart but saying it out to me that he wanted such was a problem to him,instead he would steal a quick kiss from me and am really planing on how to stop him of such attitude.
    He had cuddled me all through the night making me sleep so deep that I didn’t notice when he left that very morning,it was Ella’s loud music that even woke me up.
    I walked up to her in the sitting room and we greeted.
    Ella: where did Richard drive to these morning?
    Me: I don’t know o,I was deep asleep because I felt so safe in his arms not knowing he has even left me alone on bed
    Ella: hahaha,sleepy head
    Me: what are we going to do these morning?
    Ella: we cook,I want us to make vegetable soup
    Me: ok let me go brush,then I come join you in the kitchen
    Ella: that would be nice,at lest let’s eat your food,you already ate my brother’s cook first
    Me: hahaha lucky me.
    I went inside to brush and wash my face before coming out.
    we both went into the kitchen to cook. after making the soup we made semovita by the time we were done Richard was still not back.
    I went to the room to take my shower since it was already 10 am and Ella did same.
    she met me in her sitting room watching Africa magic and she joined
    Ella: won’t you eat?
    Me: no take yours,am waiting for Richard
    Ella: okay o since you are waiting for Richard then am waiting for Richard and Precious
    Me: hahaha
    Ella: yea we all eat together
    Me: okay,am sorry I forgot to ask you how you later went about your monthly flow
    Ella: its nothing,the strange woman is gone for now but just that when it comes mine is always painful
    Me: my sister God showed me much love in that area o,mine isn’t painful just that it makes me feel weak always and very uncomfortable, I would have to always eat for strength
    Ella: can’t you see the way am jealous of you,if mine wasn’t always painful I would have been one of the happiest being God created,you won’t understand the kind of headache I always feel once r
    the strange woman comes around
    Me: its not easy
    Ella: look now,the mumu man God would have destined me to marry would not know what pains am passing through just being a woman
    Me: hahaha please o don’t kill me with laughter
    Ella: am serious o
    Me: please hold on let me call Richard,he is getting me worried again
    Ella: I have been trying his numbers but they are off
    Me: oh my God please protect him for me
    Ella: hey,don’t drive fear into me
    Me: no not like that,you know Richard is reckless when it comes to driving
    Ella: don’t worry he is fine,I know he is probably out to fix surprises for the party
    Me: must he get stuffs like that bother him?
    Ella: forget Richard issue jhoor,why not tell me all about you at lest lest use these opportunity in knowing each other better
    Me: okay that’s true,am Oyege Precious…*I told her all about myself*
    Ella: wow,that’s nice,sweedy am really sorry about your father’s dismissal from work
    Me: the family has gotten over that
    Ella: why didn’t he sue the bank as a whole
    Me: same thing my mother and I suggested but he waved it off with the support of his son,but its okay now sha,at lest no complains from home at all
    Ella: don’t worry,I will talk to Richard about these
    Me: no no don’t
    Ella: sorry oh,but you don’t have a say
    Me: Ella na
    Ella: well am Ella Williams, from the family of two girls and two boys,like you already know my dad is from Ogun state while my mum is from Oyo,he is one of the soul owner of Shunt Oil,he also has shares in about six other firms and by the grace of God and the first born of the family *smiles* while my family are based in abuja dad still travels around for his businesses.
    Me: wow,that’s amazing
    Ella: God’s doing,don’t forget that.
    We talked and talked till we began getting bored with talks because I was really worried about Richard,I even slept off in one of the couch,I was later awoken by Richard’s voice
    Richard: hi ladies
    Ella: where in God’s name have you been
    Richard: so sorry,I forgot my phone in the room and have been so busy with..
    Ella: busy with what? you shouldn’t be saying sorry to me,you should be saying that to whom you left worried,you know me na,if you like use your two legs and trek from Lagos here to Abuja I won’t be worried because I know you would definitely show up home even if the journey takes you a week,so you should be worried about those who are worried about you because am not,just take a look at the time,you left early in the morning only to return by these time,2pm,we haven’t even eating waiting for you *she flamed*
    Richard: *turns to me* baby please am sorry.
    I just took off his hands from my laps and walked back into the room,I could hear Ella say “is these how you want to show her the love you promised? am beginning to regret helping you get her and if you make me do it won’t be funny” and I could hear Richard plead with her from the room
    Richard: Ella am sorry,you of all people should understand me better,you have been the only one who tends to understand me even more than my parents,why are you doing these now
    Ella: Richard you got her worried,so worried,what if..*I couldn’t hear what she said there because she lowed her voice when saying it then raised her voice again* that’s bad,if my guy in fact any guy treat me the way you just treated her today I would take it the guy has no conscience
    Richard: *in a weird voice like he wanted to cry* I only meant giving her a surprise
    Ella: then you should have told me your sister about it,I would have known how best to defend your absence by the way am a woman,I should be able to help you with ideas of what a woman’s world is all about for you to know the best surprise you can give or get her,look now she is angry with you
    Richard: am sorry
    Ella: rubbish,you should get up here and go plead with your girl and not me okay! * everywhere was quiet for a while till the room’s door cracked opened and Richard surfaced
    Richard:baby please am sorry * sitting on the bed I was already lying * believe me I didn’t mean to up set you,why would I do such,k was only looking for a better way to put smiles on your face.
    I just turned my face,facing the walls to avoid seeing his face
    Richard: you want me to cry? please forgive me
    Me: Richard please just leave me okay,I hate these character of yours
    Richard: now that I have known I will put it off
    Me: * facing him* promise?
    Richard: I promise
    Me: ok you are forgiven * sitting up * you got me worried
    Richard: thanks so much,look my phone in the drawer,I forgot it that’s why I never called
    Me: its okay
    he held me giving me those passionate am sorry look and before I could say any word our tongues cling together in a passionate kiss,I was already lost in the kiss before someone brought me back,it was Ella who had been standing in the room unnoticed that just cleared her throat to make us feel her presence,we disengaged our tongues and turned to her
    Ella: * smiles * the party!!!

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    Whaley Crown
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    Wow ride on pls

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    Olorode Peace Abisola
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    continue please

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    Nice One Continue Pls

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    next pls

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    Make una take am easy oooooooooo

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    o boy c luv

    nxt plz

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