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    ride on oh

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    Let the party begin

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    Olasomi Akanke Adesope
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    nyc 1 but 2 short

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    Waiting for the party

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    Next ooo

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    Sorry about that, let the party begins.

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    Episode 16
    Richard: Ella why now
    Ella: quiet,so these was why you rushed home,answer me jhoor,how far with the party?
    Richard: everything is place
    Ella: ok,am so so hungry,please get up the both of you let’s go eat
    Richard: what’s on ground?
    Me: vegetable soup and semovita
    Richard: ah,please let’s go and eat I think am hungry too
    Ella: you think she cooked it alone ?
    Richard: no,I know you both did and that soup is really gonna be the best I have ever tasted
    Me: you talk too much,let’s go
    Richard: *smiles* after you girls
    When we got to the party venue around 8pm I was surprised with the decoration of the Garden,it looks so funny but amazing,it was decorated both chairs and tables with the combination of pink and red and funny enough Richard had insisted at home that I wear the pink gown and hills he got me on tuesday matched with a red bag,I just couldn’t refuse him after all pink was my best and I knee red was his best but it really now I understood better,he was dressed in simple rich polo *the polo is red crossed with pink colour* and red trousers matched with his black all stars while Ella was dressed just like I was dressed with same bag,the only difference was that her own pink gown has a long white strip at the front.
    we matched in and sat down in the hall,much students were already there including James and Jerry,i was amazed,they had same polo as Richard’s,Jerry was on blue trousers while James on black,the polo was really amazing,it matched their dressing so perfectly,I noticed their names at the black of the polo’s top while at the down was the inscription “Precious Day,Love Got Born Again” that was when I turned Richard to look at his back,I didn’t notice it back home,his had his name on it but it wasn’t just Richard it was written “RichardPresh” I just busted out with laughter to the surprise of everyone around
    James: why the laughter?
    Ella: Precious?
    Me: *trying to control my laughter* sorry,forgive my manners,just that the inscription on the polo is funny,love gets born again,hahaha.
    I was laughing so hard that the rest around joined in the laughter including Richard,you know that kind of laughter na.
    it was really going to be a fun filled night with what am seeing,everyone on different colours of trousers but same polo with their names at the back
    Ella: Richard,some of the dressings here are funny o
    Richard: yea that’s what I want,I want back to school after dropping you both at home to give them the dress code
    Ella: dress code? is there any dress code here other than these colour riot some people here are putting on
    Richard: the dress code is be on trousers,the colour of the trousers everyone here is putting on is his/her best colour
    Ella: hmm,I see
    Jerry: hi Ella!
    Ella: hey Jerry,xup James
    James: you look amazing tonite Ella
    Ella: oh thanks
    Jerry: you are looking fabulous
    Ella: am flattered! *smiles*
    Me: am jealous,what about me?
    Richard: don’t let that get you jealous,you should know its only the ugly people call fine
    Ella: ah Richard so am ugly?
    Richard: I didn’t say you are or did you hear your name?
    Ella: ugly boy,God knows I can’t date a guy as ugly as you Richard
    Me: leave my Richard o,I like him like that!
    Richard: you see! my queen just answered you
    Ella: okay,you are teaming up with him now abi,later cry to me that you are missing Richard I would just do some factory reset on that your face
    James & Jerry: hahaha
    James: which of the reset? Nokia abi techno?
    Richard: James you are sick
    Me: so you support her James?
    James: support her? are my mad? are my crazy? I just ask the kind of factory reset so I can do the backup
    Ella: hahaha
    Me: baby do you hear him?,I will start crying o
    Richard: baby don’t cry jawe,they are just jealous
    Me: I won’t cry because my baby support me
    Richard: guys please excuse me for a while,baby see you in few minutes please
    Me: ok love *he left us*
    Jerry: eh,Ella please can I see you,I really wish speaking to you about something
    Ella: okay * stood up and left with Jerry to a corner leaving myself and James *
    James: so hafa now?
    Me: don’t talk to me o shey you support Ella
    James: ah bae it is play we are na
    My self and James just sat on the table hosting and laughing,most of our course mates would just come around to say hi,soon Jerry and Ella came back to join us,I used eyes in communicating with jerry to know the out come,at lest he gave me a positive answer,I smiled.
    As about 9pm the M.C spoke up
    M.C: hello ladies and men to gen, I would like you all to stood on our feet,if you still like stand on your own feet,yes like I was saying today is a special day but its sweetness won’t be complete if we don’t commit it into God’s able hands…eh close your eyes as we pray if you don’t close your eyes as we pray may the rice and stew they would share here pass you by
    All: Amen
    M.C: thank you,may the pure water pass you by too and tooth pick be your portion *silence* una no go say Amen?
    All: *fun* Amennnn
    M.C: so let someone pray for us *James said the prayers and the party was declared open*
    M.C: yes now I would like to inform you that we don’t have special time here of sharing of food and drink here,you are free to request for anything any time,there is suya,there is rice,there is beans,there is EBA,fufu even amala,any kind of soup you can think of,there is pepper soup,shawama,piazza,any kind of drink you dream of in these part of the world,those who like ice cream its also here and those who like Milo drinks even indomie but if you know you don’t eat all these things I just mentioned,even chicken,that means its human meat you eat,please go back home
    All: hahaha
    M.C: yes o go home,we don’t have such here and if you decide not to go home holy ghossssst
    All: firrrree
    M.C: thank you all,as you are eating right now or standing or doing whatever you are doing,because some boys bad,they fit dey one corner dey toast babe but regardless what you are doing I want you to put you hands together for Mr.Richard Williams,e no easy to host large quantity of people like these,people wey I dey see here reach five thousand *Richard step out on stage as the people clapped*
    Richard: thank you,please there is a cake being shared,its just for the ladies alone,in one of these cakes there is something so special to me that am seeking,once you see it identify and you would be my woman *on hearing that my heart skipped*
    Ella: what is Richard up to
    Me: what’s the meaning of these
    See girls rushing the event planners sharing the cakes,it just a cup cake,as a table contains four I was seated with Jerry,James and Ella.
    Richard walks up to us as they where still sharing the cakes
    Ella: Richard what is the meaning of these?
    Richard: hey calm down *he just inserted a little rose flower on my hair and left*
    Ella: am scared now
    Me: am just not scared and dying
    Jerry: ladies calm down,am certain he knows what he is doing
    A girl walked to our table and gave me my own cake,she gave Ella too,after the sharing Richard take up to the stage again
    Richard: I believe all the ladies have their cakes now,now carefully get it into your mouth and chew with caution *at these stages ladies were throwing the cakes into their mouth,my heartbeat increased,I just held my own cake,afraid of chewing it,afraid of being disappointed*
    Ella ate hers,James and Jerry seem enjoying the fun,in short the men were enjoying the fun,like about five minutes and no one identified finding whatsoever it was that was in the cake I felt I should chew mine,but as I was about getting it into my mouth a girl screamed “aaaah,I found it” my heart seen to fail me immediately but soon it was announced to be a false alert,oh God you just can’t tell the distance my heart had travelled to and had to travel back
    Ella: Precious eat yours na.
    I throw the whole cake into my mouth and chewed,as I was chewing I felt something, I paused and stared at Ella
    Ella: what? did you see it? say something.
    I carefully spat everything back to my palm and right there is a diamond ring half covered by cakes,Ella shouted
    Ella: yyyyyyeeeeeeeess,over here,she found it,its a ring,Precious found it.
    all attention diverted to our table,before I could say the word “jack” Richard was at our table,he took my hand smiling as everyone clapped and took me up to the stage,I couldn’t express how I felt at the moment,he went down on his kneels with everyone’s attention fixed on us,I felt so shy,he took the ring from me while he knelt still on the ground
    Richard: its funny how life goes,years ago I was unconscious about life but as I grow I realized something was lost in me,finding you was like having life afresh and I don’t want to let go of these pretty angel I behold in person of you,dear I have spent sleepless nights in your love,I know how it feels,the headache that comes along with missing you so dear,I wouldn’t want my son to feel same for your daughter,get the headaches I have got so I ask you sweetheart,please can we make them brother and sister?
    At these point my hands were trying to cover my wide opened mouth,I managed to answer
    Me: yes,yes baby,let’s make them brother and sister.
    at could hear Ella screaming “wwwwoooo,yes,yea baby” and everyone applauding as he got the ring into my finger and it entered with easy,he stood up and kissed me so deep.

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    nice one

    this is what they call love

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