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    I’m jealous of you now

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    wow!!! miss presh ur own done done o

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    That is gboa….. Ladies can b very funny sha after all shakara see her mouth like LET THEM BE BROTHER AND SISTER. Ride jare Richard i dey gbadun u. Next

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    Episode 17
    He took me right to cloud 9 at the moment,though I felt so shy after we kissed but I was the happiness woman the world had ever know at the moment,it was indeed a remarkable day in my life,the happiness day I ever spent on earth.
    As the music played and we danced on stage,I felt there was non like Richard,each moment I had stole to look into his eyes brings me laughter even without a reason as we danced,I had suddenly forgotten I was under pressure few minutes ago when Richard put up that expensive prank play about the cake.
    Sincerely speaking,as we danced many thoughts ran through my mind,Ella came to join us on the dance floor and other present students followed,she seem so happy but I don’t think its half the happiness I felt.
    Jerry came to take her hands in dance but she first resisted but I trust Jerry,I was lost in my own illusion,by the time I gained consciousness I saw both dancing too.
    I sighted James still sited but with a pretty damsel,I could see both laughing,before I knew it Richard had lifted me into his arms and everyone shouted,quickly I covered my face with my hands trying to bury my head on his chest out of shyness.
    A guy taped Richard from behind,he turned,on seeing him he put me down and excused himself from me,Ella quickly came to drag me to her side where she was dancing with Jerry,it was as if she had been waiting for Richard to excuse himself from me
    Jerry: congrats on your engagement Precious * he shouted as we danced *
    Me: thank you.
    I searched for Richard trailing him from the direction he took but the crowd was much,if not that the lights were bright enough I would have seen him,I could see him talking to the guy,soon he collected something from him and asked him then he started searching his way back through the crowed.
    He took the microphone and the DJ lowered his music
    Richard: surprise! surprise!! surprise!!! * attentions turned to him * surprise for my woman,please can you all follow us outside as I lead my woman * he dropped the microphone and walked to me,holding my hands and leading me out of the big hall while the rest followed *
    We got out side,he lead us to a black new car out side
    Richard: these red spider here,sweedy, is a token of my love to you *handing me over the key*
    Some were applauding while some exclaiming,a girl even shouted from the crowd ” Richard love me too nah* in my own part I was speechless standing with the car key,Ella urged me to open the car,and I did,inside was indeed marvelling, I just didn’t shout,not because I don’t want to shout but because I was so lost of words,I could thousand hands admiring the car
    Me: oh sweetheart thanks a lot * I managed to say at last
    Richard: c’mon baby let’s go dance * he said coming to take my hands * I shut the door then we all went back to the dance floor.
    I danced till I got tired of dancing so I took to a table and Richard joined me ordering for what we ate.
    Even with the joy and gladness in my heart and I wishing the night never comes to an end I still felt I needed to sleep but I just font want to leave.
    As at 3am Ella was also very tired so she urged Richard to take us home,he said ok and was like Ella should ride with me in my new ride home while he drives alone but I just had to tell him the gospel truth that I can’t drive,he made fun of me and then ask Ella to drive my new ride with me.
    Ella asked me to seat comfortably at the back as the madam of the car but I refused and sat with her at the front.
    Well I really felt bad inward that I wasn’t the first to drive my first ever car on earth because I couldn’t drive so as Ella drove I pleaded with her to start teaching me how to drive as soon as possible and she promised me that we start in the evening of that Sunday,she drove behind Richard.
    Before we got to the lodge *Ellas* i was already asleep though it was a very short drive but I was really tired probably that made me sleep off. I only woke up when Richard was trying to back me,seeing that I was already at his back I closed my eyes and resumed the sleep from where I had stopped earlier.
    I woke up around 10am only to discover Richard wasn’t around,he left a note on the table for me saying “don’t look for me,don’t get worried about me because I have gone to church to thank God for dropping me an angel” I smiled and walked into Ella’s room,she was still sleeping so I decided to let her be but before I walk up to her door I heard her voice
    Ella: Richardpresh wadup?
    Me: *turning* good morning,naughty girl I thought you were still sleeping *sat on her bed*
    Ella: dear I really need the sleep,that guy Jerry was just drawing me around all in the name of dance
    Me: hahaha,funny you,so how did it go,did he ask you out?
    Ella: yes he did
    Me: *happy* you said yes right?
    Ella: na so you take accept Richard?
    Me: hahaha,accept jhoor. so what did you tell him
    Ella: jẹ ki mi ro ti o si fun u pada
    a reply * let me think of it and give him back a reply *
    Me: ah Ella ti o ba wa ju buburu * ah Ella you are too wicked *
    Ella: that’s not wickedness, its just for him to feel the pains of waiting so that when he finally gets me he won’t joke with my love
    Me: well that’s good but please accept o so Jerry won’t die
    Ella: abeg what of Richard?
    Me: left for church
    Ella: okay.mehn last night was wow
    Me: which wow,when your brother almost killed me with surprise
    Ella: hahaha,that cake stuff i almost had heart attack
    Me: Richard is just good at giving surprises
    Ella: enjoy him now that he is still around so you won’t miss him much when he is away
    Me: I don’t know if I can really stand his absence for long
    Ella: come stay in my lodge
    Me: you won’t understand
    Ella: understand what again
    Me: how would your father feel when he comes here and meet an inmate here
    Ella: is that the problem, well my parents had always wanted me to have someone staying with me and besides they don’t visit me in school
    Me: and if they do
    Ella: they would be so glad especially when they find out you are Richard’s girl
    Me: okay I would move in next semester
    Ella: for your information you have moved in already *her phone rings* my dad *takes in the call* hello dad,Richard? yes he is in Lagos here, news headline? yes dad am aware he proposed to a girl and the girl in question is my course mate,dad if you see her eh you would like her,okay dad,she is decent,yes,school is fine,dad next week exams start,I have enough, am not even using the car so how would it get spoilt,okay dad,tell mummy to call me *ends call smiling*
    Me: how did HD no,what did he say?
    Ella: calm down,he says congrats to you and Richard
    Me: how did he get to know?
    Ella: he said it’s all over the front page of the papers and news online
    Me: how come?
    Ella: I don’t know,or Richard?
    Richard: *rush into her room with a punch news paper* Ella,see these *threw it to her*
    I read through it with her “The President’s Son,Give The Most Romantic Proposal To One Miss Precious Oyege”
    Ella: why did you do these, what kind of surprise is these
    Richard: I dont know of these,my mum called MD in church and my dad also did almost immediately, I had to go get the papers
    Me: *my heart skipped, all that came to my mind was my dad* my dad!Jesus.
    I stood up and rushed to my own side of the room to get my phone, I was shocked to see 71 miss calls both from my dad,mum and Michael
    Me: oh my God,what do I tell my parents.

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    Don’t worry your self

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    Olorode Peace Abisola
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    all is well jare….calm down

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    Smart babe

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    What do you tell them other than it just happened yester night

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