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    Mohamed kpulun
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    Suspecting d First Lady

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    You know the situation when you sense trouble
    That is exactly the situation YOU ARE right now

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    Episode 26
    My stay in Abuja became so uncomfortable because the threat on my life and everyone dear to me became constant.
    I told Richard of my intentions to go back to Delta since I had spent a reason time in abuja and being that school would soon resume,Richard asked me to spend one more week in Abuja but I insisted so he stopped objecting,I decided to inform Ella’s family about my plans to go back and they welcomed it,so i made up my mind to leave abuja in two days time.
    Ella’s mom advised me to inform my parents about the happenings which i promised her to tell them but really I had no intentions of letting them know about it.
    When i got ready to leave the second day I was really surprised with the gifts Ella’s parents showered me with.
    Ella’s Mum: my daughter I wish you wouldn’t leave us
    Me: ah mama i wish same but you know the condition of things
    Ella’s Mum: yes my daughter,just be careful now,you really have to put your head down now and be careful with people you associate with now,please my daughter avoid night movements now
    Me: thank you ma,am really grateful
    Ella’s Mum: those wrappers are for you mother,tell her I would be meeting with them soon once i take my leaves at work
    Me: okay ma
    Ella’s Dad: my dear you have heard what my wife said to you,she has said it all but I would like you to know that as long as Richard still loves and want you in his life and you do feel same,i,myself and me would solidly stand behind you
    Me: thank you sir
    Ella’s Mum: which one is i,myself and me?
    Ella’s Dad: its means me and my family
    Ella: mom like seriously Jetty and dad have same funny character
    All: hahaha
    Ella’s Dad: my daughter,let’s not keep you waiting, just like my wife here had said,we would visit your family once the time presents its self but i promise you that before these week runs out I would pay my brother a visit in the villa,Richard is old enough to take decisions for himself
    Me: sir,am very grateful,I must confess your family is a very accommodating one,thanks a lot sir
    Jetty: Ella call Richard let’s know where he is,its almost 7.
    just then Richard entered the sitting room
    Richard: greetings here
    Ella: Richard we have been waiting
    Richard: who are the we,are you precious or you travelling with her!
    Ella’s Dad: Richard make sure you come back here once you drop Precious at the park,thanks are getting out of hand and the earlier we start tackling it the better for us all
    Richard: okay sir
    I got to Delta and shared every gifts given to me in abuja by Ella’s parents including the once Richard give me when he dropped me off at the park. My parents called Ella’s parents to thank them,men must be men,can you imagine what my father said over the phone ” you people shouldn’t have bother of the gifts ” *lol*. the still spoke with the president who was surprised hearing I was in delta already without informing him,he asked me to call him later with my line so he would have my line should he by any means have any reason to call me.
    Everything went back to normal in Delta,I never told my parents about the threat of a thing from Clara Richard’s ex,i found it not necessary after all I don’t even know her one on one,I don’t know if she’s black or fair,tall or short or even fat or slim so I really take it to be empty threats though at times when I remember those threats my heart skips.
    I wouldn’t want to waste much of your time telling you these life experience of mine bit by bit although every part of it would surely interest you but let’s save time.
    school resumed its first semester just a month to Christmas,but before that our results were out and i did pretty well and had no carryover on any of my course,my G.P was so impressive,my mom wanted me to stay till next year before returning to school but my father insisted on my going back
    Dad: you should know you have come a long way to start dragging yourself back,you are now in 400 level,play less and read more,prepare yourself,you would return to school next week Monday.
    Well I started preparing my things,my father is right after all,you know these lectures,they can be very mean,seeing that students ain’t much in school they might just start giving test anyhow.
    I put a call across to Ella and informed her that I would be returning to school on Monday because my father insisted,she also told me she would be returning on Monday too,that her dad had insisted too.
    All these while my communication with Richard had become very tight even much more than before,we talk over the phone nearly every hour,even text messaging had become so common among us both.
    I travelled down to school to resume classes,before I even got Lagos Ella was already in school,sorry to say but its just the simple truth that I never thought of Jerry and James all these while,I only remembered them on getting into school again.
    Ella told me she came on flight and from the way we welcomed each other one could easily tell we missed each other a lot.
    Ella and Jerry got back together again after he apologised and we all celebrated our Christmas in school,Richard was present too. funny enough we had three test on the 24th of December.
    University of Lagos became Richard’s second home.
    February 26th,after Richard returned back to aso rock on the 25th same month because he came on the 12th regarding to th14 February day which is valentine.
    it was indeed a great day,it was just myself,Richpresh, Ella,Jerry and James celebrating,we turned the city multiple colours that valentine night. in fact that night I almost forgot I came to Lagos for the sake of school.
    On the 15th Richard told me he had related Michael’s job issue to Ella’s dad and as God may have it during the evening of that same day Michael called informing me he has been offered a job in one of the oil company in PH,I was so happy for him.
    As i was saying, on the 26th after Richard left on the 25th I received a message from an unknown number,it reads ” you must be very stubborn, I asked you to keep away from Richard but you refused,don’t blame me on the misfortune you have laid down for yourself”
    immediately after reading I began sweating unnecessarily, I called Ella to come read the text,she did and got angry with the text,she tried calling the number but it was invalid number,she forwarded the text to her dad and Richard then she took her phone dialing her father’s number,as she was on phone with her dad relating things to him my phone began ringing,it was my dad calling,I took in the call but instead of hearing my dad’s voice it was Juliet’s voice,she was seriously crying over the phone
    Juliet: sister Precious,sister Precious
    Me: I can hear you Juliet,stop crying please and answer me,talk to me
    Juliet: please come home,some unknown gun men just adopted mom and dad
    Me: eh? what did you say,adopted who,talk to me,mom and dad kidnapped? how,where,when?
    Juliet: just now,please come home
    Me: *the sweats increased* just stop crying,I am coming down to delta as soon as possible now..

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    Now yr wahala starts but if the President really likes you, getting yr Parents freed wldn’t be a big deal

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    there are really many challenges before greatness. am still suspecting the First Lady

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    I saw dis coming, I knew der will definitely be an opposition somewhere,Precious, u ve got to be extra careful!!!

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    the first lady or Richard ex hands must be there

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    Nancy Adeoye
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    this is really getting hot

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