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    you guys should just be patient
    season 2 is coming

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    wen e day comot

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    Itz Ananam’biet
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    Waiting for season 2

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    Princess Blaze
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    Please wen u gonna post d season 2… Waiting patiently

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    John Gomezz
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    Ithink d season 2 may b december or nxt year cuz it took him a lng time to cmplete dis so i’m not waitin but hoping u get inspiration

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    I suspect the first lady has a hand in the plan

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    Bring on season 2

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    THE PRESIDENT’S SON AND I *War Against Love* Season 2 Episode 1
    I wasn’t taken to prison direct that night,I was blind folded again and taken to one bungalow building roughly painted white,I saw these when the blind fold was taken of.
    I was made to seat on a stool while my mouth was blocked,my hands and legs tied to the stool,my eyes were as red as hell from the tears I cried,on the wall facing me was a wall clock and it says 12:30 pm,all over the room were scattered shot cards all over while some of the guys *about 6 of them* were seated in a circle gambling,only two had their singlets on while the rest had no shirt on,one was just on boxer while the rest had trousers on.
    About 11 guns of same height were arranged on the floor. The room was indeed having foul odour mostly due to the smokes they were puffing out of their mouth and the beers they kept themselves company with.
    I thought only hefty men steal but I was really seeing something different, about four of the guys were slim,one was even looking like an HIV/AIDS patient, I could had easily counted his ribs if I had wanted.
    They kept gambling and shouting,a times it would look as if they want to get into a fight with each other. Three guys entered the building,they were looking hefty and their faces can easily get a soldier into taking to his heels on seeing them,I one the guy that entered first,that was tanko
    Tanko: pikin wetin una dey do,shey I tell una make una no dey gamble in front of Client
    Pikin: *stop the whot* the boss,we just dey feel bored,no be me even start the play na kodo
    Tanko: oyah make una park that rubbish as I dey watch una so,Kodo?
    Kodo: yes boss
    Tanko: why you dey like rain business for me na,see as una dey here they shout when police dey town dey search for our client,if they hear una noise enter here na wetin una go talk
    Kodo: the boss,I greet your regime, but make u no vex,your boys just won dey busy
    Tanko: una don give her food?
    Pikin: TK na u the boss dey ask
    TK: boss no vex,I forget
    Tanko: if I say make thunder strike mama wey born u shey u go say I wicked,so u chop your own forget another person
    Me: I don’t want your food,just let me go
    Tanko: your fada,c’mon keep quiet,who ask you weda u wan go or stay,here resemble ajebuta children house,in fact you go H today your belle go tell you
    Me: please,let me go I beg of you
    Tanko: come una dey get ready o,by seven pm we go go drop these girl for prison as instructed so una dey watch out for funny movements
    Pikin: the boss e be like say u don forget,na me be pikin,my papa na soldier,my mama na aboro me pikin na hustler,any eke wey life tire na me e dey meet to finish him life for ram so boss no fear
    The Slim Guy: the boss make I still remind you,na me be biology, I dey find my missing rip,na im make other rips dey show,my worst enemy for these life na police and you know dem no dey escape my bullet
    Another Guy: bros forget,in fact if you wan travel make you just dey travel,you know me na,na me be error and I no need introduction maka nnwane nnwayi emede be introduction since she come life
    TK: hand dey your sister case be dat,woman wey never get man to do introduction for im head na casala that is why I be TK,the only graduate for Africa as a whole wey graduate himself for 100 level,collect certificate dey go house,u nor dey hear the name? TK Take and Kill
    Tanko: better,I dey come,make I go withdraw the hundred million so we go share
    All: yessss ooo *he takes his leave and the other two boys that came with him followed behind him*
    The other guys stopped the gambling,each started picking their guns one after the other,five guns where left on the floor after they had take
    Pikin: Biology, take Error and TK outside and stay on guide,when bomboy and Ore come they go join una,you hear wetin boss talk,gun down any funny movement,as for the bae,me and the rest go dey here dey observe am
    Biology: you no make mistake,we go guide these capala well till these illegal goods is disposed *they went outside*
    Imagine these HIV/Aids victim calling me an illegal goods, I really don’t blame him,all I need right now is leave here but I don’t know how I was going to do that.
    As at 4 pm sharp the building became very noisy,they were all rejoying,Tanko has arrived with the money,they scattered money all over the room in celebration,some were shouting “hundred million,for just a goods,e no easy.”
    I needed no smooth sayer to tell me that was they pay on me.
    As at 7 pm they bundled me up after loosing me from the stool and lead me to a open car outside.
    These hoodlums drove me to an unknown destination, they stopped, I wasn’t begging anymore because I was tired of begging,as they stopped, three men out of the five in the car with me came down and the remaining two drove me off,before five minutes we were in a prison yard,they forced me out of the car and handed me over to the police men on guide
    1st Police: so these is the girl
    Tanko: yes,carry her make she join the rest of her kind for there,we done do our own part so continue from where we stopped
    2nd Police: no eahal,make una dey go.
    Tanko: fine girl,enjoy your new home,so unfortunate sha,guy let’s go.
    a policeman lead me inside the large building handing me over to a warder,a female one at that,as she lead me to unknown destination I thought it wise to plead with her
    Me: please ma,am not a thief,I wasn’t even presented to any court of law,its a fellow woman like me that is doing these to me,please ma,help me go home
    Warder: e be like say but don loose for your head,na me u wan put for trouble,my friend keep moving
    Me: please ma,see I would make sure you are rewarded greatly
    Ward: I will slap you o,keep moving,no be who dey alive dey chop money? is it not the living that eats money?
    she got to a cell and opened it then pushed me in and locked back the gate then I heard a voice “na who be these one wey them use night dey carry come cell,your papa na security man?” and another voice “chai,na wetin make you leave the land that flows with bread and honey say na here were suffer win award so tey im self tire for the award you wan come” and another voice “quiet,no be bread and honey na milk and honey,so you no even go school?”.
    I got confused still standing by the gate,I turned to see the people talking,then I heard “come here monkey,come greet the president”
    To be continued

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