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    I am here.. Bring it on

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    watin u for do john wick or James bond u say u d beg

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    Ibrahim abiodun
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    seated already

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    Episode 2
    I was griped by fear as the girl shouted again “monkey,i say make you come see the president,come greet am” i walked closer in a stumbling manner,i had watched so many movies about prison life and the mere memory of those movies makes me shiver
    C.P: *Cell President* fine girl,you don’t greet people right?
    Me: good evening
    C.P: what brought you here
    Me: I don’t know ma
    All: *lol*
    C.P: e be like say crazy dey worry you,na me dey ask you question you dey tell me you nor no,so because say I speak English give you you think say I gentle,if you make me stand up from these bed eh na your body go tell you *shouts* I say na wetin bring you here*
    Me: nor..nor..nothing ma,I swear *crying* I don’t know why am here,please believe me
    C.P: you get mind still dey lie,Roger
    Roger: yes mama
    C.P: I want make these girl push motor these night,if she nor fit push am to leave the spot wey e dey that one go mean say she go sleep there
    Roger: mama,trust me,hey you,oyah you see these motor for these wall,e don tey wey e park here,oyah begin push am
    Me: ah,please,its not possible that car moves,its a drawing
    Roger: your father there,you never go chaina before? my friend be creative
    Me: please,I can’t push these thing,I don’t even have strength,I haven’t eaten since yesterday
    Another Inmate: hunger go kill you here be that
    Me: President,please,am humble,I promise to remain that humble to you
    C.P: aunty push that motor abi you want make them beat you first before you begin push am?
    Me: no,no,I will push
    Roger: put your hand for the back of the motor make you begin push.
    I placed both hands at the back of the car drawn on the wall of the cell and started pushing
    C.P: Roger,make sure she push that car well
    Roger: yes mama,oyah my friend push that thing well.
    I felt like crying out my pains but my eyes had been dried of tears,I was weak but I continued forcing myself to push to avoid beating,soon the president was fast asleep on her bed,the bed was just a small foam having no layer,someone was fanning her as she slept.
    Soon others were sleeping too,I simply rested my forehead on the wall and slept off.
    Early the next morning a warder brought my own wears for me,asking me to change into the prison wear of blue which I did to avoid further problems for myself then we were taken out to work on a senior officer’s farm.
    I wasn’t used to farm work so I found it difficult weeding the farm land.
    around 12:pm I noticed out prisoners gather together and they began singing
    “since morning,I never smoke,God go punish e warder,okolo onyeochi pant” they continued singing while I battled for strength with myself to complete my work,soon a warder brought food and summoned us all,I was really grateful food finally arrived but when I saw the food,I lost appetite for food for the whole day,it was a meal of beans,the beans seeds in the cooler can easily be counted because it was half done and has lot of water in it.
    the red oil used in preparing the meal were all up smiling at everyone of us,I watched as those already given food of about three spoons dishing rushed the food,some were even licking the plates,I felt so irritated.
    when I was finally given mine,I collected it and sat at a corner with the food in front of me while I mopped at it,wondering how the worms in my stomach would react if I take in the food.
    a girl came closer to me and sat close to me
    Girl: hi,am Alice,you?
    Me: Precious
    Alice: you haven’t finished your work yet unlike every other person here
    Me: I will finish it
    Alice: hmmm,eat up then and finish up
    Me: I can’t eat these
    Alice: why?
    Me: these is more like poison
    Alice: * carried the food * really? to you sha,so I can eat it abi?
    Me: yes
    Alice: thanks
    I watched her consumer the food,after eating she said thanks then stood up,took her cutlass and started working my remaining portion,I no time she was done,she came back to her earlier seating position at my side
    Alice: one good turn deserves another
    Me: but I did nothing for you
    Alice: well forget that,what brought you here?
    Me: love
    Alice: meaning?
    Me: its a long story,would tell you later
    Alice: if you say so,so friends?
    Me: why not
    Warders: * voiced out * take position everyone, we are going back to the prison.
    we all were lead to the prison and back to our cell,I realized Alice was in same cell with me.
    i was weak,the worms in my stomach was grumbling still I was asked to fan the cell president, I stood on stumbling feet as I forced my hands up and down.
    As at 5pm we had a new inmate,immediately she was pushed in the president and co tried intimidating her not knowing the girl is a stubborn type. they ordered and ordered her but she didn’t even act like she was the one they are talking to.
    she moved over to the side Alice is seated and sat,the president was so angry and ordered Roger and co to beat her up but the new girl gave the president a welcome surprise by beating hell out of Roger and co that went to fight her.
    The president got shocked
    New Girl: * to those lying on the floor in pains as a result of her beating* I no dey find trouble but if you find my trouble I go kill you be that.
    she went back to her seating position and sat down while the president was still in shock.

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    power pass power

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    This is one of the reason I hate prison.. An inmate feeling bossy over fellow inmates because he or she entered before others, imagine the nonsense

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    power jam power be that ooooo

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    this is nonsense to the highest order.

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