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    PPP, ah hm

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    That one na power pass power o

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    Season 2 Episode 3
    The cell presido like she is fondly called stood up from her bed
    C.P: so you get mind beat people wey I send to handle you *the new girl kept quiet* I dey talk to you *she still said nothing* no worry your judgement day dey come
    New Girl: you are a fool,Vero no dey fear any body,who tell you say I beat them,I just touch them but you,you no go dey lucky like them because I go beat you eh and you no say u thin
    C.P: Vero abi na wetin dem call you,we shall see *she walked back to her bed and sat down
    Me: please am tried,am so weak
    C.P: you dey craze,in fact you dey mad,fan me idiot
    Vero: * to me * come here,come sit here,you are not going to fan her again,she dey craze
    C.P: if you move from here eh,I will kill you
    before she could even finish her statement I had ran to vero,I knew I would be safe with her and no one dared come to me again.
    As days go by myself,Vero and Alice had formed a separate group in the cell,I was eating good food now becaus Vero’s people bring her food every day,she had probably told her people about myself and Alice so whenever they bring food they bring it in a big cooler and also most of the time Alice people brings food too.
    The C.P and her gang never bothered us again probably because of Vero but they kept throwing side talks at us.
    Well I was eating good food but not enough food because these families only bring food once a day just few times they bring morning and night,the only prison food my stomach permitted was bread and garri so when ever they serve us bread or garri I never reject.
    The work in the prison was getting much,most times we will work on farm lands from morning till night falls,weed around the large prison and the rest.
    I realized something in the prison,whenever a man of God comes to preach the warders wouldn’t let me be part of these teachings,most times too lawyers do come to the prison to visit us but they never allowed any of them talk to me nor come close to me.
    My complexion was gradually changing,my skin also suffers from mosquitoes bite each night,I never bothered thinking of Richard nor my family because I never wanted anything that would keep me crying though their thoughts come across my mind once in a while but I never harbored them,I flush them off immediately without a second thought.
    Alice was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for killing her uncle who had practically killed her father,mother and only brother just to inherit her father’s wealth,after she had killed them he threatened sending Alice out of the house if she doesn’t sleep with him of which she refused. on a certain night her uncle tip toed into her room to rape her,on trying to free herself from his grip she pushed him hard to the wall and he hit his head on it and gave up the ghost.
    While Vero has seven years to spend in prison for almost killing a whole family for assaulting her mother while she was away at work,well she’s luck her home is not too far from the prison.
    And as for me,I would be spending my whole life here till death comes.
    Well I soon began noticing some changes in my body just a month in the prison yard,like my left breast always paining me especially when I touch it,my change of colour almost each day,today I would be very fair next tomorrow I would be a little fair then the upper day I turn black or chocolate, I was very much afraid,the only thought that came across my mind was that I must had contacted a disease,some time Vero and Alice would ask
    Vero: what is wrong with you Precious
    Me: I just don’t know,am really dying in silence
    Alice: am really scared for u,you are turning into a shadow these days
    Me: don’t be,am not scared of dying,the earlier I die self the better for me
    Alice: stop saying that,you want to die and live us here! we are one family and non of us must die
    Vero: hmmm,don’t worry Precious,we would try support you in every way we can.
    deep inside me,I was scared of dying but I really felt I heard no choice,it should be the best thing now to relief me of these pain,no one knows am here,my family don’t know even Richard wouldn’t have any idea of my being here.
    Now the thought of my ill health began bringing back the memories of my family and Richard,I wondered how Ella was,if she had forgotten about me,my mind ran to James and Jerry,I wondered if Jerry was still together with Ella,I remember all our jokes those year and smiled to myself but when I remembered my parents,my mother especially tears began dropping my eyes,I wonder how they would be coping now,my lovely kid sister Juliet and my elder brother Michael Luxguy,I hope mother was able to move on without me.
    my dad must have said “I said these from the on start,now look what the out come has become” Michael on his own part would have searched every hook and corner he knows in search of me.
    As for Richard i just don’t want to think of him but I really pray he is fine,I hope he hasn’t forgotten about me,well why are my even bothered,we never would get to meet again.
    One day we were working on the farm when I passed out and was taken to the hosiptal,when I regained consciousness, I realized that.
    a female warder was seated close to me with smiling
    Me: what are my doing here?
    Warder: calm down,you fainted earlier at the farm
    I tried moving my legs but realized the left leg was cuffed to the iron bed,I felt like a common criminal but managed asking
    Me: would I die? *I noticed tears run down my cheek*
    Warder: *she smiled* no,you would be okay,you are just pregnant.
    Me: Jesus
    her voice echoed in my ears over and over again..
    To be continued

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    Henry Sanctus
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    Good shout from Richpresh

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    Sharp Girl No Durling At All Make Every 1 Kn Hin Place

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    lol, serves dem ryt
    atleast dey see person wey get power pass dem

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    don’t worry u will surely b free

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    richpresh’s baby

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