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    Let see how it goes

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    You say what?

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    pretty maid episode 2

    What I saw stunned me. Adesuwa and her friend were in there all right. Adesuwa was leaning back on the mattress against her arms with her legs open, her short skirt bunched around her waist. Her panties were lying beside her on the floor and her friend had her face buried in-between her legs. She threw her head back and moaned as Ireti continued to eat her out.

    “What’s wrong with you?” Ireti laughed as she got up and proceeded to take off her own panties.

    Watching this spectacle, I felt my díck grow. I dipped my hand into my boxers and pulled it out, rubbing and stroking it until it was rock hard. Ireti’s arse reminded me of some of the black girls in the X-rated movies I watched in school. My díck throbbed in mutual agreement.

    “Iret, your tongue is something else…” Adesuwa’s voice brought me back to the present. She was now lying flat on her back and her friend had crawled over her in the 69-position. They had by now discarded all of their clothing. The sight of their nαked young bodies only made me much harder and I felt tingles in my spine as precüm oozed out. By now Ireti had positioned her cünt over Adesuwa’s mouth, and moaning loudly she also buried her face between her thighs.

    I heard a moan-like gurgle from Adesuwa before her mouth also got busy. I couldn’t imagine the pleasure they were getting from eating each other out but I knew it must be heaven. Ireti’s head was going in circles between Adesuwa’s thighs and I could hear the slurping sounds coming from both of them as they ate each other out.

    I watched them and rubbed my very hard díck until when I mistakenly hit the door. Startled, Ireti looked up and saw me watching them. She quickly sprang up as Adesuwa looked back and saw me too. Both of them were now trying to cover themselves up with fear in their eyes. I quickly tucked my hard díck back into my boxers (luckily I was behind the door, so they didn’t see me do so) and wrapped the towel tight around my waist and glared at them.

    “Haa, Broda Ayo…w-w–When did you get here?!!” Adesuwa managed to stammer out after covering herself up with a pillow. Ireti on the other hand just jumped to the other side of the mattress and tried to hide in the corner.

    “So this is what both of you do when no one’s around abi?” I barked
    “N…No sir…this is the first time…we…” they both stammered. I turned to Adesuwa.

    “I told you to get me some food, you left it to burn, and came here to have a sex orgy with your friend abi?”

    “Please, Broda AY, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” she said.

    “Sorry for what? This is what you do right? How do I know whether you don’t bring guys inside when no one is in?”

    “No, Broda Ayo, we don’t. Please…tell mummy…” she said, a worried look on her pretty young face.

    This couldn’t be happening, I smiled to myself. I could finally fulfil my wish with her. And to now imagine I have two of them for the taking. It was going to be worth it.

    “When Mum gets back, I am surely going to report this to her,” I said. I turned round to head out of her room.

    “No o! Noooooo, please!!! Broda Ayooo!!!” both girls shouted together as they rushed towards me, forgetting they were both nαked. Adesuwa held onto my arm, pleading seriously. I stood there as they knelt before me. This couldn’t really be happening I thought.

    “Please…I promise we will not do it again…” Adesuwa pleaded.

    I looked at Ireti. She looked really sweet too. Darn, clean her up a bit and she would look like any other girl I saw in school every day. Her boóbs were average in comparison to Adesuwa’s, but her wide hips were well complimented by her round arse. This was too good to be true.

    “Please, Broda Ayo,” Ireti said.

    I sighed. “So you agree that you’ve both been naughty girls right?”

    “Yes…” they both chorused.

    “And you don’t want me to report you to mummy?”

    “Yes…I mean no…please…don’t tell mummy.” Adesuwa blurted.

    “Ok I won’t, but on one condition.”

    “What condition sir?”

    I paused. “I must join you in what you two were doing.”

    Both girls exchanged stunned glances.

    “B-but..b-broda Ayo, y-you want to fück us?” Ireti inquired, an unsure look on her face.

    “Do you have a problem with that?” I glared back at her.

    “N-no but…you’re like our egbon.”

    “Egbon indeed. I see you don’t want to cooperate. I guess mum will hear about this after all.” I made to turn and leave again.

    “No, please!!!” Adesuwa responded, moving forward on her knees and grabbing my leg. Her breαsts pressed against my thigh as she gripped me tight. “We will do whatever you say!!”

    Ireti still tried to prove stubborn. “What makes you think you can fück two of us together?” she inquired.

    “For your information I’ve fücked three girls in one day before, so what makes you think I can’t handle the two of you at the same time now?” I hissed at her in response.

    The two naïve girls exchanged glances once again and were unsure of how to reply. My díck was now a hard tent in the towel around my waist. They were both at first hesitant but soon resigned themselves to their fate. Ireti reached out and touched my towel, her eyes staring at the outline of my s---t and her fingers loosened and pulled the towel off me. She pushed her hand into my boxers and brought out my hardness.

    “Hmmmm Egbon, eyin naa ni kini yi die oh (you sef carry this thing small),” she commented as she held onto it. She and Adesuwa stared at it and smiled. I grinned at the knowledge that the girls appreciated the size of my manhood. Ireti leaned forward and kissed the head, sending a shockwave right up my spine.

    Adesuwa preoccupied herself with pulling my boxers down to my ankles as Ireti started s-----g me. She kissed and slobbered around my head while Adesuwa played with my aching balls. I hadn’t cüm for almost three weeks and the pressure was building up. I had to move back and lean against the wall as Adesuwa started to s--k me as well, spitting and slobbering all over as they both took turns to s--k the blessing out of me.

    Ireti’s fingers were caressing somewhere between my a-----e and balls, her index finger probing the sensitive nerve endings of my anus. This was more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. I was lost deep in the cloud, my mind and body so far gone. I felt her finger force itself right up my anus and press against my prostate. At the same time, Adesuwa deep throated me, sliding my díck down her throat. I couldn’t hold on anymore and with a sudden burst of energy, I groaned and creamed her mouth.

    My body shook and spasmed, and I could vaguely hear Adesuwa and her friend laughing through the ringing in my ears. Panting, I opened my eyes. They were kissing each other, interchanging my fluid between their mouths. I could see a little dripping down the side of Adesuwa’s chin and Ireti immediately lapped it up. My legs finally gave way and I slid to the floor watching the live action before my eyes.

    Ireti put a hand on Adesuwa’s breαst and started squeezing it. They didn’t break their kiss as she went further, pulling on one of her hard nípples and twisting and turning it like the knob on a radio. They broke off the kiss and Adesuwa went for Ireti’s earlobe. She licked right up behind her ear as Ireti squeezed her breαst in retaliation. Adesuwa turned it up a notch, kissing and nibbling on her neck and letting a hand go down finding her friend’s wet cünt. Her voice went full throttle when Adesuwa stuck two fingers deep into her. She let herself go and threw her head back with her hands on the floor for support. With her breαsts free of any bondage now, Adesuwa assumed full control of her friend’s body, fingeríng her hard which covering one of her nípples with her mouth. I think they did all this for my benefit because as she fingered her friend, Adesuwa looked at me with a raw look of fire in her eyes.

    By now I was beginning to recover from my earlier explosive c----x. I slowly stroked my meat till it was full mast. I turned back to the girls.

    “Let me take a quick shower while you girls warm yourselves up for me,” I implored.

    They both nodded and I quickly dashed to the bathroom.

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    Following like kilode

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    Am about to explode here

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    Hmmmmmmmm! And that’s how you started s------g Adesuwa and Ireti and they eventually lost the respect they had for you.

    On the other hand, both girls are pro lesbians oooooo

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    I can imagine

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    Hmmm following jejely………………….

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