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    in case you missed season 1 see link below


    The prognosticator is a story about one
    young confused mind boy (Pesman), at age
    of 24 he had no girlfriend, this made his
    friend (Cnn) advice him to go for women
    ritual, he firstly declined but later agreed
    with him and went for the ritual, along the
    line he met Dupe (The prognosticator
    herself) who usually prophecizes what will
    happened in the future.
    But Pesman never for once listened to her
    prophecy, which always put him into
    trouble, he later meet another beautiful
    woman who has been crushing on him for
    a long time (Madam Hadiza), Pesman’s
    affairs with Madam Hadiza can be refer to as
    mummy and sugar boy, until the end of
    season1 where Jameelah (Madam Hadiza’s
    daughter) caught Pesman and her mother
    kissing in the sitting room
    Cnn and Pesman are friends, he played vital
    roles in season1, he was also Pesman’s
    crime special adviser, the two friends were
    together until Tola (Cnn girlfriend, also
    D.P.O’s daughter) had abortion for Cnn, the
    abortion backfired which almost took Tola’s
    life, this made Cnn ran out of the town
    because he cannot stand D.P.O’s
    He left his friend (Pesman) to face the music
    alone. Though he was the one who
    Tola in getting ride of the pregnancy.
    What role is he going to play in season2???
    ***MADAM HADIZA***
    Madam hadiza Is a eminent woman, the
    wife of late Usman, a governorship
    aspirants of
    Kaduna state, who died few week to
    election in his room, after the death of her
    husband, she
    was threw out of Usman’s house by his
    family members, accusing her of killing her
    This made her to relocated to state of osun
    to start her life at fresh where she met
    Pesman, she loved him so much and asked
    him out, despite the fact that he was much
    younger than her, Pesman see it
    as great opportunity he accepted the
    Madam Hadiza also kept her promise to be
    caring and to provide for Pesman’s need,
    she was Pesman’s strong backbone until
    end of season1 where Jameelah caught her
    kissing Pesman in sitting room.
    The prognosticator herself, she relocated to
    Osun State from Lagos because she wanted
    to have experience and to know what life
    really mean, she was born and brought up
    in Lagos, she came to Osun and met
    they became friend, from friends into
    Dupe has special gift of seeing things before
    happening, but not much she see a little not
    all, she always see things in her dream.
    After she became official girlfriend of
    Pesman, she met Madam Hadiza who just
    opened a big supermarket and in need of
    sales girls, Dupe agreed to be working
    under Madam Hadiza, without knowing that
    Madam Hadiza was her boyfriend (Pesman)
    Few mouths after she started work with
    her, she lost five hundred thousand naira
    500,000naira the money her
    boss gave to her to deposit into her bank
    account, she was on her way to bank to
    save the money but unfortunate for her she
    was robed at gun point, she was
    arrested and spent some weeks behind the
    bar before she was set free, all thanks to
    Pesman who pleaded to Madam Hadiza on
    behalf of her.
    After she was released she made vow to
    returned back to Lagos, moreover her
    parents were there.
    Do you think her relationship with Pesman
    would continue if she eventually relocated
    back to Lagos??? Find out in season2
    Christabel is a Pesman’s first victim girl, she
    was the first girl Pesman dated with the
    power of her woman ritual cream, she met
    him at Emeka shop where she went to
    bought some outfit to put on for the coming
    birthday, immediately she saw Pesman her
    memory was formatted and restored with
    pesman’s image, this made her fell in love
    with him and became his girlfriend,
    Christabel played little role in season1.
    Should we expect something special from
    her in season 2? now that Dupe is about to
    relocated back to Lagos because of what
    went through in Madam Hadiza’s hand?
    Tola happened to be Cnn girlfriend and also
    D.P.O’s Daughter, she had abortion for Cnn
    in season1
    which almost cost her, her presious life,
    Thank God she
    made it back to life, her father wants her to
    confess who is responsible for the
    You Remember what Cnn did to her father
    at hospital? where he threw gun at his face
    and escaped, still she denied ever knowing
    This made her father furious at her and
    decided to sent her out of the town to
    continued her life in Abuja, without
    knowing her daughter boyfriend (Cnn) has
    also ran to Abuja, Don’t you think Cnn and
    Tola might eventually meet and continue
    their relationship in
    Season2 will speak about that
    ****** JAMEELAH ******
    Jameelah and Pesman met at Grace birthday
    party, they started as a friend until their
    friendship was upgraded into next level,
    Though not intentionally but by the power
    of the cream.
    This made her broke with her notorious
    boyfriend (Don), who promise to deal with
    pesman for snatching his bea.
    Things are going smoothly between two
    lovers (Pesman/Jameelah) until she
    (Jameelah) caught Pesman seated on her
    mummy’s lap sharing hot kiss. Imaging
    Dating both Daughter and Mother
    at the same time, will Madam Hadiza forgive
    Pesman??? Find out in season2
    ****** NURSE TITI ******
    Nurse Titi is a beautiful nurse who had
    affairs with her boss (Doctor), she met
    Pesman when he came to their clinic to
    check his friend (Abbey) who sustained
    injury at Grace birthday party, Nurse Titi
    gave him (Pesman) her phone number and
    asked him out, she break with Doctor after
    she met Pesman, thinking he’s is the right
    Man for her, but what she failed to know
    was Pesman is still in women market, Nurse
    Titi played little role in season1, only her vital
    role was where she aborted Tola’s
    pregnancy and the support she gave to
    Pesman while he was in police custody.
    We are looking forward to her action in
    ****** NIKE ******
    I called her The secret leaker in season1, Yes
    she is! Nike happened to be Tola’s only
    sister, she knew Tola and Cnn are dating.
    When Tola went missing and eventually
    found in hospital bed, Nike was the one
    who confirmed
    Cnn as Tola’s boyfriend after Cnn denied
    ever knowing her.
    Nike mind was changed Immediately she set
    eye on Pesman in hospital, she fell in love
    with him and promised herself to win his
    heart, definitely she has being caged by
    Pesman’s charm.
    Will she succeed in winning Pesman’s
    Only season2 could tell
    ****** SANDRA ******
    Sandra is Madam Hadiza maid who fell in
    love with Pesman on first sight, she has
    being speaking with Pesman on phone in
    season1, player Sandra is about to joining
    Pesman’s squared.
    Will she join the squad and what role will
    she play in season2???
    Don’t forget she was a maid to Madam
    and Jameelah, unbelievable Mother,Daughter
    and maid having affairs with the same
    person at the same time
    ****** SUSAN ******
    Susan is a late comer character in the story,
    she featured late.
    Susan and Christabel were friends back then
    in Enugu before christabel’s father came to
    Osun state for business, where he died
    some years back.
    Since then Christabel and her family stayed
    in the state of virtue, only her Mother
    relocated back to enugu, but Christabel is no
    longer staying in the same apartment with
    Susan on the other hand had once visited
    her in Osun during the time of her brother’s
    wedding in Osogbo, she used the
    opportunity to know where Christabel
    But the question now is what makes Susan
    visited Christabel this time around
    unannounced, does she came to greet or to
    stay with her??
    I think season2 will tell us about that
    ****** ABBEY, GRACE, DON/JAY ******
    You will also read about them in this season
    Ladies and Gentlemen you’re reverently
    welcome to the season 2 of this story Title:

    Update: Thrice per week Monday,Wednesday and Friday

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    Wow @pesman finally d love story of peslove is here again, dude more data on ur android fone ok nd am waiting patiently.

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    waiting oooo

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    bring it on

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    Thank God o

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    fully seated

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    just post

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