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    Hahaha red Panther indeed

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    Hmmm nice update here

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    U Should be white panther tchalle z black nd u ar frm america then u should be white o

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    Wow it’s Interesting

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    It keeps getting better

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    Episode 5

    ✍️Written by Jchrist (African Good Boy)

    JOSEPH   P. O. V
    Me and Seth sat down separately in some room they called  The King’s Chamber. 

    “Sir, what’s the matter?” Seth asked sarcastically 
    “are you just coming?” I asked sarcastically back. 
    “Don’t you know the whole goddamn shit happening?” I asked him back harshly. 
    “Oh” he mumbled. 
    “but you will fit in as King sir I assure” he said later while giggling. 
    “You marvel me a lot with your gibberish” I exasperated. 
    “On the rail, you had better stop assuring cause the whole goddamn shit isn’t clear to me yet” I said to him, standing up. 
    “what part of it sir?” Seth asked curiously and I sat down opposite him. 
    “Imagine, the fact that the kingdom throne is left vacant that’s which is sure but to tell me King Tchalla died some mysterious night is total rubbish” I said. 
    “Well it might not” Seth exaggerated 
    “Black Panther murdered and the Avengers ain’t even aware of it, what about that?” I asked again. 
    “You might be right sir” Seth agreed 
    “Oh I see…. you are just coming” I smirked 
    “If the Avengers were aware of it, they would have been war years ago” Seth said conversationally. 

    Then we heard a knock on the door and one funny human being entered making us scared, he had long lips and ear. 

    “Please you are needed” he, said in a Uganda tongue tone and left. I looked at Seth who was sweating heavily with fear. 
    “Sir, it seems I farted” Seth said breathing
    “not you, it’s Me” I muttered still shocked
    “he looked like a mutant or alien, it’s my first time seeing one” Seth said as laughs suddenly 
    “Don’t shrink it,  you will meet plenty of em here. Be prepared” I giggled, walking to the door and Seth followed from behind. 

    We get to a room where some Wakanda Elders sat down in Uganda attire. They sat round one sit ( I guessed it’s the kings throne).  
    I sat opposite the throne and Seth stood beside me like some bodyguard 

    “Are you going to stand that way or sit down?” One of them said and I looked at Seth who was also looking at me confusedly
    “Me? ” Seth asked pointing to himself and they gave him one of the greatest devilish look (That one that could make a child mistake his or her father as the Cook). 
    “I guess it’s me then” Seth  said looking at them with fear as he sits politely. 
    “I’m here! What’s up?” I asked to break the silence 
    “We have arranged for Creation of the suit you are going to be wearing from Everett .K. Ross” the oldest of em said  and I smirked amusedly
    “well that’s so thoughtful but why am I going to need a suit instead of a robe?” I asked 
    “that’s the traditional here” he said again
    “and we heard from our spy in Amolities… ” another was saying and cut short
    “What is Amolities? ” Seth asked interrupting 
    “our enemies kingdom” he answered 
    “Oh I see” Seth muttered and I gave him an evil glance to signify (one more word from you again and I will boil you alive). 
    To my surprise (I won’t say greatest surprise) he understood and kept mute as he used his hand to zip his mouth. 

    “Please go on” I requested as the old man cleared his throat first. 
    “You are going on a rescue mission” he enunciates 
    “What?” I exclaimed 
    “You are going to rescue princess shuri, Queen Nakia and the guards in Amolities” he said again and my expression changed
    “How.. the hell… Fück… Hell no I’m not” I said standing up and made to leave
    “You have to” I heard from behind and I turned back really angry as I squeeze my mouth. 
    “Why is that?” I asked disrespectful 
    “The princess will be a great help use in technical issues and she knows a lot” he emphasized further as I grunts deeply (hooking me down with that right) 
    “Fine! I think I will need that” I said after a short thinking 
    “when will  my suit be ready?” I asked not minding them at all 
    “you will see it in your room” the old man replied 
    “wait! One but important question, how am I going to find your folks” I asked thinking of the task ahead
    “We heard from our spy, that they will be transferred to Nairobi a neighboring kingdom” he answered
    “sir what are your plans?” Seth asked breaking away from his bondage ( he has been quiet since the whole conversation) 
    “How much time are we cooking here?” I asked and they all stared at me weirdly 
    “I mean, when is the transfer taking place?” I emphasized 
    “ Tomorrow noon” they answered 
    “What? Noon?” I promulgated 
    “Sir, you are gotta need a plan planner really quick” Seth exacerbated 
    “god d--n it! This is a suicide mission” I muttered, as I left them. 

    We get to our room to meet a great suave suit. Skin tight red version of Black Panther type, highly exaggerated with technology. (It’s the same programming as Black panther suit but mine is red).
    .“Well sir, I guess you will be shift into panther mode before tomorrow sunset” Seth teased and I took the suit and tried it on. The suit is even programmed and designed with Vibranium and claws. 
    “I guess I am now” I muttered out… 

    «« THE NEXT DAY (at noon) »»
    Me and Seth stood behind a mountain laying an ambush against our upcoming prey. I was wearing the Super suit(Now am in Red Panther mode). 

    “What are your plans sir?” Seth asked wistfully and I activated the suit voice sound to panthers tone. 
    “Maximum effort and you will see” I said in a panther sound, it was really fierce and scary but wonderful. Seth almost ran away as he was scared but later controlled himself but doubting, I giggled to his stupid act.. 
    We waited for hours before seeing them coming from a far, so we hide ourselves. 
    They came close minutes later, and we saw them really clear this time. 

    “Sir,  they seem demonic than humanic”Seth said meekly 
    “I was gonna ask you that” I said lowly. But they were without a prisoner
    “I don’t think the hostages are getting transferred” Seth said as he spy on them again.
    Then others came forcing some prisoners to move faster. 
    “I wouldn’t recommend that” I said 
    “Maximum Effort” I muttered as I jumped out to ambush them. 
    They were surprised 
    “Who are you?” One of them asked leaderly 
    “Intro first right…. I’m Red Panther” I enunciates bravely. 
    “how is that possible?” One of the prisoners asked tiredly 
    “Well darling, everything is now possible ” I smirked as the demons rushed to me and punched me greatly and I staggered aback. Seth rushed to me
    “Are you okay sir?” He asked as I was clutching in his hands. 
    “I’m good” I managed
    “I wasn’t ready” I muttered touching my chin. I moved forward again 
    “You should always let your opponent be ready before attacking for fair play fight” I fumed. 

    They ran to me and I positioned myself and smiled devilish as he moved closer, I jab punched one and gave one a cross punch. 

    “Well I’m in panther mode now baby” I arched a brow. 

    They rushed to Me together at once as I uppercuts one and axed kicked two of the demons to give me space to face others, as I rushed them with my claws and started tearing them and hook punch them as some died and some fall and stand up again. I continued fighting and beating them actionly, Seth was looking at me with great surprise and shock, wondering where I learned karate from. 
    The other demon who was standing with the hostages was angry as I killed his fellow demonic friends. He rushed me with  a jab punch 👊 to which I dodged it, I jump spin hook kick him backward, he fell down painfully. I gave him a good butterfly kick again and I took two step back to finish him off. 
    Then all of a sudden, he is burned up with 🔥fire from nowhere, I looked up and saw two people with wings like errands ghost. 
    One of them was wearing a skin tight white superhero suit with a burning sword in his hand. (He look more like superman but the wings differentiates). 
    He came down and 🚶walked towards me, with rage of anger I 👊punched him on the face hardly though his suit was like metal but still with the panther 💪strength in me, it affected him and he crashed down badly. 

    “Who the fück are you?” I asked 
    “I am Light Angel” he replied groaning in great pains.  

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    Episode 6

    ✍️Written by Jchrist (GB Entertainment)

    SETH’S P. O. V
    Hours Later
    We all were sitted in the Kings Chamber. Joseph was busy discussing with one of the people we rescued which I guess will be the late Kings guard,
    Minutes later, Joseph returned and walk up to the new hostages he caught

    “So Light Angel, or you gat any better name?” Joseph asked wistfully
    “Like I own you one” the guy replied harshly
    “Look bro, you are in my town now, you better start answering any goddamn question I asked you” Joseph said calmly
    “Fine, I’m Peter LeBron, Warrior and Commander of Heavens Clone” Peter said shrugging
    “and you?” Joseph said looking at the other guy dressed in Normal business suit next to Peter
    “I don’t think you would want to know him” Peter cuts in defensively
    “Why is that?” Joseph asked leery
    “I don’t know why, Okay, just stop with your dotty kingship behavior or orders, cause you ain’t even crowned yet, but remember I’m not scared of ya” Peter defense, standing up with a very serious challenging face.

    I stood up immediately as Joseph was taking a fast step towards him, cause I thought he was going to start a civil war with him, so I walked towards them to stop the upcoming war.

    “I’m Joseph Campbell, Red Panther” Joseph introduced nicely, stretching his hand for handshake.
    (There is one I dislike about Joseph; His Annoying Suspense).
    “Nice to meet you, Joseph” Peter said taking the handshake.
    “So about that demon… got any belongings with em?” Joseph asked after the handshake
    “Yeah I do” Peter replied
    “Oh I see, like how many?” Joseph asked with a weird face
    “Look here, Red kitten, where I come from, demons enthroned it once and later taken back by me, so since then I have been hunting em down anytime I see them around” Peter said looking serious.
    “Oh great, i will forget the red kitten part” Joseph said and Peter nods
    “So have you figured out why there are here on earth and their boss” Joseph asked smartly.
    “How am I supposed to know, do I work for them?” Peter asked caressing his hair
    “I thought your informant would have figured it out and told you” Joseph said revolting
    “And how the hell did you know that he is my informant?” Peter asked really surprised
    “It’s simple, I think, and who wouldn’t know? Look at him” Joseph said as Peter looked at his informant and faced Joseph again
    “what’s there to look at?” Peter asked noddy
    “Every Info-guy or assistant always dress in suit businessly, their speck and appearance, you would know their identity one time” Joseph said giggling and I looked at my dressing and appearance (Good I think and I sighed)
    Peter stared at his informant

    “Remind later to get you a new costume” Peter said and his info guy nods.
    “They are demi- demons” A feminine voice said and we all faced her [LOL]…
    it’s the late King sister shuri. I mean Princess Shuri.
    “they are looking for kingdoms to enthrone” she said again.
    “And Who are you?” Peter asked harshly
    “The Princess, you dummy” Another feminine with no hair said coming to attack Peter
    “No need Okoye” Princess Shuri stopped her.
    “Okoye??” Peter asked
    “Black Panther trusted guard?” He said more like asked and gets no reply
    “where is W’kabi? My guy” Peter asked and Princess shuri looked towards a black muscular guy and Peter rushed to him, hugged him
    “W’kabi, my man! I’m one of your fans bro” Peter said amusedly
    “Really” W’kabi asked flattering
    “Look at him ask, come on man. The End Game war against Thanos” Peter reminds and W’kabi nods
    “Your fight was amazing apart from Black Widow” Peter said as he looks back and every eye in the room was looking at him. He became kuspiciou.

    «« The next day »»
    I saw Princess shuri talking to one white man and I walked up to them

    “Morning Princess” I greeted with a low bow
    “Morning Seth” she greets back
    “wow, isn’t this Everett K. Ross? ” I asked unexpectedly and he laughs lowly
    “How are you doing Seth?” He asked as I became shocked
    “You know my name?” I asked really
    “yeah, she just said it now, right? He replied
    “oh yeah right” I muttered and Joseph also showed up
    “Morning Princess” he greeted
    “Morning Red Panther” Princess Shuri teased
    “Oh! He is the new panther guy” Everett said giving out his hand for handshake and Joseph took it
    “Hi!” Joseph muttered
    “I and the late King was close and I look forward to it with you” Everett said
    “Me too” Joseph said with a short laugh

    “Sir, your dad is calling” I intersected, stretching the ringing phone to him
    “Sorry, I gotta take that” Joseph pleaded
    “Yeah, you should” Everett said in return as Joseph collects the phone
    “Hello dad, I’m fine… Seriously dad no need to worry…” Joseph was answering as he was fleet off
    “I think he is a great guy” Everett said, looking at Joseph passing off
    “And a great boss” I countered

    “What about the Vibranium source? Shuri” he asked concerned.
    “Yes, but still no positive news of it” she replied
    “that’s a major concern princess, we gotta act fast… cause what happened with Tchalla is no joke” he said solemnly
    “I will look into that” she said grinning
    “Princess Shuri” Okoye call from behind and we turned to her direction
    “what is the problem? Okoye” Princess Shuri asked
    “The river tribe Elder wants to see you” Okoye reports
    “Oh excuse me” she said looking at me and Everett
    “Yes Princess” we chorused as she walked away and they both went away

    “Hello Seth” Everett called knocking me out of my imagination
    “what are you looking at?” He asked wistfully
    “she is nice huh” I said comical
    “who?” He asked
    “Princess Shuri” I said softly
    “Hope you aren’t the only son in your family?” He asked and it’s kind of amusing and a confusing question to ask
    I am! Why did you ask?” I asked back
    “I’m just making sure your parents don’t Bury their only son” he said patting my shoulders and starts passing off as I cringed
    “Bury my foot” I muttered and goes the opposite way.

    PETER’S P. O. V
    I sighed looking at my new phone (if you have read my story you would know what happened to the old one. This is the link to my story

    … but don’t tell Joseph Campbell, I shared it to you 😉😋).
    I moved slowly to Timon who was busy with his laptop

    “don’t you think it’s high time we head back to the Clone?” I asked
    “EudeMon sir, I won’t recommend that” Timon said still focused on his Laptop thingy
    “why is that?” I asked
    “This demi-demons are really planning on their evil plans which they captured from this kingdom” he said etymologically
    “what is that?” I asked amusedly
    “Vibranium sir… and they are bringing out something big sir” he said
    “Oh I see” I muttered
    “I hope you brought your winter blanket and stuff sir … cause we are staying here for the whole winter” he said turning to his laptop again and I grinned to his flattering words ( I wonder where Leonard got him from)
    “So when are they making a move” I asked suddenly
    “Semi Attack is on sir, go get dressed” he said immediately his laptop starts beeping and I ran inside to change as I wore my costume
    “EU’ DAV’ ISA’ VOR” I called as I transformed to SPECIAL ANGEL MODE ( I know you won’t understand, just go read my story first)
    I ran out and met Joseph nodding off like an idiot.
    “Get up, Go get dressed Red kitten” I screamed out loudly and he reanimate sluggishly
    “I’m warning you, stop calling me red kitten, it’s Red Panther! You lunatic Angel”Joseph fires with red eyes and I swallowed deep
    “well go change, we have butts to kick” I said friendly
    “how many butts are we talking here?” Joseph asked going opening his closet
    “Enough for the day” Timon answered from behind and I turned to him
    “Be specific Timon” I requested
    “Thousands of em” he replied
    “well in that case, Seth! Go report to okoye and w’kabi to get the crew ready, we are kicking ass” Joseph said fully dressed in his panther costume and Seth left.
    We went out and saw Okoye and W’kabi all set with the crew
    “Where are we heading?” W’kabi asked
    “Towards south east ” Timon said and we all left and head to the battlefield, ( just like Civil war with the Avengers).

    As we marched towards south east. From a far, we saw large dust

    “Well guys, tighten your sit belts… here we go” Joseph said as we ran faster towards the dust direction.

    We got there really surprised to what we saw, each of us mouth was wide open with shock.

    “Which one of you, uploaded our attack on the internet?” Joseph asked dryly

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