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    .Episode 1

    March 26th,, 2008.
    It was a very dark and cold evening. The
    sky had
    just finished reminding the residents of
    benin city
    that it has lost it’s child with a heavy
    The sun had set so quickly,,like it was in a
    hurry to
    attend the funeral and the moon was no
    where to
    be found either.
    Down in the streets of ekosodin,,it was as
    quiet as
    a grave yard. You could hear your
    breathe in the next house. The town of
    ekosodin is
    known to be one of the most dangerous
    dreaded towns in the city of benin.
    Nobody dare walk along the street in the
    except you are a MACH. This was also the
    of one of the most feared confraternity in
    City “The Cobras”
    In newton street,, two groups of men
    were coming
    towards each other. One from the left
    made up of
    two men and the other from the right
    consisting of
    four men. They were both walking
    steadily and at
    alert. In case of any move to attack from
    opposite direction.
    Slowly and steadily they walked until they
    met in
    front of the Newton hostel. Newton
    Hostel is one
    of the many lodges that students stay off
    The bright light from the fluorescent
    shone on both
    groups and they could see each others
    Nobody was smiling….
    “So you get the liver to carry your two
    legs reach
    this cabal abi? You nor dey fear again?”
    Asked Zick. With a dangerous smile on his
    Zick was the capon of “The cobras”. He
    tall,,well built and dark. The upper part of
    his lip
    was slightly deformed which made it look
    like he
    always smiled. The deformity of his lip
    comes with
    a story though.
    Zick was well feared amongst the
    members of his
    confraternity and he was also well known
    in the
    confraternity world. He really worked and
    hard to earn that respect for himself. This
    because when he joined “The cobras”
    they were at
    war with a rival group called “The lynxx”.
    It was a
    very big war and “The cobras” were at the
    side. They had lost 19 members and
    many others
    had to flee for safety. Zick was brave
    enough to
    organise and lay an ambush with 7 other
    mach men against the top members of
    It was in the heat of a gun fight with the
    capon of
    the rival group that he sustained the
    injury which
    has come to stay forever.
    “Capo make I sample them sharp sharp.
    No time to
    waste time. Body dey hot”
    Said Jack,,Zick’s most trusted wing man.
    As he
    c---s his gun and points it at the two
    The capon signalled him to be quiet with
    a stop
    sign from his hand.
    The two men from the other group
    belonged to
    another confraternity known as “The
    Wolves”. They
    were Obaz and Alberto;also known as
    Alberto was a very short and stout guy.
    He hailed
    from the north and he was very good
    with knives.
    There is a story that he single handedly
    fought and
    killed two men who were with guns when
    attacked him at his house. He also had a
    sharp reflex and could throw a knife
    before one
    could pull out his gun. Scar face kills
    ruthlessly and
    makes sure that an internal organ comes
    out of his
    opponent’s body whenever he fights at
    close range.
    That was how good and devilish he was.
    He got his nickname “scar face” after a
    fight with
    another knife wielding fighter back in the
    north. He
    ran to benin city after killing the
    opponent for fear
    of being killed by his followers. His name
    was “tom
    As usual,,he was wielding two daggers in
    his hands
    ready to strike at anyone who makes a
    move. He
    also had with him four pocket knives
    hidden at
    different positions on his body where he
    easily access.
    Obaz who had been calm and quiet all
    these while
    with his left hand inside his
    jacket,,caressing his
    shot gun opened his mouth to speak.
    ” I came here with a message”
    “And that message is for you alone zick.”
    “But anyone of these fools who wants to
    go down
    with you can as well join you”
    Obaz spoke calmly as he points to the
    other three
    men standing behind zick.
    “Don’t make me laugh obaz”
    Zick replied; smiling.
    “You are still the little boy I know”
    “You have always been like a younger
    brother to
    me,,but now i’ve seen that you have
    grown wings. I
    laugh at your stúpidity.”
    Zick had always known obaz from their
    days. He was the friend of obaz’s elder
    Daniel osato or Osas. But things went
    very sour
    when they all got into the university and
    Daniel lost
    his life in a fight between the rival
    zick belonged to. Obaz believed zick was
    responsible for it.
    “Those wings which I have grown will
    make me fly
    and i’ll triumph over you”
    Obaz replied.
    Jack again pointed his gun in a bid to
    shoot at
    obaz but alberto was quick to stand in
    obaz’s way
    raising his knife in a swift second at jack’s

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    .Episode 2

    10:20 pm.
    “Gbim! Gbim!! Gbim!!! Gbim!!!!”
    “Tracy please open up quickly”
    Obaz shouted in a very shaky voice as he
    very hard on the steel door of his
    girlfriend’s room.
    It was as if something was chasing him.
    quickly jumped up from the bed and
    towards the door quickly as her large
    breasts were
    hitting against each other as if they were
    fighting to welcome obaz first. She was
    only on a
    grey transparent panties with her well
    bóoty saying “Hi” from behind.
    Tracy had known obaz from their
    secondary school
    days in University Demonstration
    Secondary School
    (UDSS). They were just friends then
    because obaz
    was too shy to let her know of his
    intentions. It
    was clear that he loved her and they both
    what they felt for each other.
    Obaz had many female admirers because
    of his
    very handsome look. He had this shy way
    smiling that could melt any girl’s heart
    quickly. He
    dated grace for a while and then things
    went sour.
    In the university,,he decided to take the
    bull by the
    horn and asked Tracy out once and for
    all;this was
    after some encouragement and
    persuasion from his
    elder brother osas. And they had been
    together for
    3years and counting.
    “Jesus Jeff!!! What happened?”
    Tracy screamed in fear as she opened the
    while obaz rushed in.
    She was the only one who still called him
    jeff. His
    full name was Jeffery obazele but when
    he was
    initiated into the confraternity he
    himself “obaz” because it sounded more
    That was how many of them did in the
    His white long sleeve was soaked in
    blood and he
    was limping badly.
    “They’ve killed osas!”
    “They shot him”
    “They’ve taken my brother away from
    Obaz replied amidst tears as he fell
    weakly on the
    rug beside the bed.
    Around 8:00pm obaz and his brother
    were returning
    from the campus to their hostel in BDPA
    estate,,opposite the school. They were
    laughing loud and gisting as they walked
    19th street. It was just a left turn to get to
    lodge when they noticed a car coming
    fast behind
    them. It was a black honda.
    The two brothers didn’t pay attention as
    they were
    both engrossed in their discussion. The
    car drove
    fast and overtook them then it quickly
    made a fast
    reverse and blocked their way.
    There was silence for a few seconds…
    Osas sensed danger immediately and he
    commanded his brother to run as he
    made an
    attempt to pull out his gun from his small
    Obaz was confused and he stood there
    refusing to
    move. Two men came out of the car and
    began to
    shoot at both of them sporadically. The
    first bullet
    hit Osas on his right shoulder and his
    splashed on obaz’s shirt. Obaz dived to
    hide behind
    a shop.
    “Jeff!!! Please run!” shouted osas.
    As he ran into the bush nearby.
    The two shooters followed quickly while
    passed the shop obaz hid. It was clearly
    Osas they
    came for and so they had nothing to do
    with his
    He shot at the attackers but he missed as
    his right
    shoulder was already weak due to the
    wound. He was writhing in pains.
    The sound of the shot gave him away.
    attackers followed the direction of the
    gunshot and
    kept shooting randomly in that direction.
    They met obaz lying on the grass. He was
    hit. Two bullets had got to him on the
    right chest
    and another on his stomach. They had
    come to
    finish him off.
    “Make I quickly waste this guy” said one
    of them
    as he points his gun at him. It was jack.
    The other one called “Fabdedon” or “Fab”
    for short
    quickly stopped him.
    “Remember capo say make we bring am
    alive if
    possible,,the guy still dey alive so make
    we leave
    am for capo.”
    “Mehn fab forget that thing any fuçk up
    wey capo
    get na my fuçk up too”
    Osas was still writhing in pain and agony.
    He knew
    it was the end of the road. He just hoped
    brother was safe.
    “Make una no kill my brother abeg”
    He managed to speak.
    “No need to worry osas,,it is you we
    came for”
    A voice from behind spoke out. He walked
    the bush with a flash light in his left hand
    and his
    shot gun in his right hand. It was zick. His
    “Today is the day you pay for your
    Forgiveness is a sin”
    Zick spoke as he came closer to where
    they were.
    “Isaac…y-y-you be-tr-trayed me as a
    “So-so y-you planned d-d-this?”
    “I thought we-we settled?”
    Osas managed to speak out again. He
    was dying
    “No time for long talks man. You fuçked
    up. And I
    told you I would get you.”
    “Say ‘hi’ to the Devil for me when you get
    to hell”
    POW! POW!!

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    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5-6

    Episode 7

    Last Episode

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    Mehn!!! Heads will roll.. #Fingers crossed.

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    hmmmmm nice start gonna enjoy this ….

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    This is one is tough.

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