The Rich Girlfriend

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    *The Rich Girlfriend*??‍♀

    *_Chapter 1_*

    “She’s coming”, Lilian said to the workers at the lobby and they all hid.

    “She’s coming’ “ she said to the other workers in the main working area and they all found a place to hide.

    “She’s coming!!!” Lilian yelled to everyone she met and those in their offices and they also found a place to hide.

    Sasha walked in, looking glamorous as usual.

    As she walked in, she noticed that the receptionist wasn’t at her desk.

    “I’m so going to fire that girl!” She said to herself as she walked passed the reception.

    “She walked into the main working area and realized that no one was there”.

    “Am I too early or what?” she said, looking at her time.

    “Or am I dreaming?” She said to herself.

    “Lilian”, she yelled as she quickly ran to her office and she wasn’t there.

    “Oh my God!” She exclaimed and she ran to Alicia’s office and called out her name but she wasn’t there either.

    “Ralph!!” She said, walking to his office and he wasn’t there too.

    She quickly ran to her office and noticed that her personal assistant wasn’t there too.

    “Oh my God!!! Am I dreaming?” she said as she tried to catch her breath.

    “Surprise!!!” They all yelled as they came out of their hiding places and Lilian approached her with a cake.

    “Wait What? What is going on here?!” She asked and everyone’s smile suddenly disappeared.

    “Oops, she doesn’t like it”, Alicia whispered to Ralph.

    “We’re in deep trouble”, he said to her.

    “It’s your three weeks anniversary with Ben and we thought that we could celebrate it for you”, Lilian said, forcing a smile and Sasha glared at her.

    “I told them that it was a bad idea”, her personal assistant said to her as she tiptoed toward them

    “You got to be kidding me. I have an important meeting with the mayor in a few minutes time and you all decided to do this?! You got to be kidding me”.

    “She has a meeting with the mayor?” Lilian asked her personal assistant.

    “I tried to tell you but you didn’t listen”, her personal assistant, Jennifer said to her.

    “Jennifer, how could you let this happen. You know what, you’re fired!!!” she yelled and everyone’s face dropped.

    “Sasha, I tried to tell her but she was so excited about doing this”, Jennifer said to her, pleading.

    “I said what I said. Just leave!”

    “Sasha, please don’t put this on her. This is all my fault and…” Lilian started to say but was interrupted.

    “If not for the fact that you’re my friend and you’re valuable to this company, I would have fired you too!”

    “Sasha let’s talk about this in your office”, Lilian said to Sasha and walked away.

    “Sorry for that everyone. Please get back to work”, Alicia said to the workers and everyone dispersed.

    Alicia, Ralph, Lilian and Jennifer all went to Sasha’s office.

    “Sasha, please don’t do this to Jennifer”, Lilian said to her.

    “I don’t want to hear this. Why would you even think of doing this? What’s there to celebrate?!” Sasha asked.

    “Your relationship of course. We’re all happy that you’ve been able to stay in one relationship for three weeks and we decided to do something nice for you”, Alicia said to her.

    “Oh so this was your idea”, Sasha said to her.

    “Me? No!” She said, shaking her head.

    “Do you know what would have been nice? For Jennifer to prepare my documents and set up the conference room for my important meeting!!” She said, glaring at Jennifer.

    “I did all that. The conference room is ready and your documents and everything is also ready”, Jennifer said to her.

    “And so what if the mayor came in early to see the reception empty and every other place empty”.

    “I communicated with his secretary and they’ll be here in the next 10 minutes”, she said, looking at the clock.

    “Hmmm, fine. I need everyone out of the room, to clear my head”, Sasha said to them.

    “So are you going to take the cake?” Ralph asked.

    “Of course. Please drop it at the executive kitchen”, she said to him.

    “So you still want it after throwing tantrums”, Lilian said to her and Alicia chuckled.

    “We better go before she bites us”, Alicia said, pushing Lilian and Ralph out of the office.

    “I heard that!!” Sasha yelled as they left.

    “Am I still fired?” Jennifer asked, stuttering.

    “Just get me my tea. I need to relax myself before he comes”, she said to her and Jenny smiled.

    “Thank you”, she said, smiling and she left.


    Sasha was in her office wrapping up when Ben showed up with flowers in his hands.

    “Hey babe”, he said, grinning.

    “Ben!” She said, smiling and she hugged him

    “Happy anniversary babe”, he said, pecking her on her lip.

    “You too?! Since when did we start celebrating 3 weeks anniversary”.

    “Your friends told me that you’d want to celebrate it”.

    “I really need to make new set of friends”, she said, chuckling.

    “You don’t want to celebrate it?” He asked.

    “Oh no, I do”, she said, smiling.

    “Okay, I already made reservations at the Plumeric restaurant”, he said to her.

    “Plumeric? I’ve been there like twice already with my ex boyfriend”.

    “Okay but this time you’re going with me”.

    “No. I don’t want to go there. Find somewhere else or I’ll just go home”, she said, folding her arms.

    “Sasha, I got us the best table and I had to make a down payment for it”.

    “I don’t care Ben. I’m not going there. What if I meet my ex with a different lady?! I can’t stand that or are you planning to humiliate me?”

    “No no. I’m not. I promise you, you won’t meet him. Our table is at the top close to the poolside. It’ll be just us”.

    “Do you know why I broke up with my last boyfriend?”


    “Because he didn’t listen to me. I’ll need you to listen to me Ben. We’ve come so far and I’ll hate to end this too”.

    “Sasha, why do you always have to be like this? It’s just a restaurant and I’ve told you that it’s a special table and you’re still…”

    “I’m going home now”, she said, picking her bag and she walked out of her office.

    “Are you really going to do this?” He asked.

    “Jenny!” She exclaimed, ignoring him.

    “Yes Sasha”.

    “Is my car ready?”

    “Yeah. It’s right in front”, she said and Sasha walked out.

    Ben just stood there in shock and Ralph approaches him with a drink.

    “Here”, he said, giving it to him and Ben took the glass from him.

    “Is this the first time you’re seeing her like this?” Ralph asked him.

    “She’s been acting up on a regular but this is the first time she’s going extreme. I really don’t understand her”, He said.

    “It is well”, Ralph said, patting him on the back and he walked away.


    Sasha was in her kitchen, getting something to eat when her younger twin sisters walked in.

    “Have you seen Gwen?”, Samantha asked.

    “Maybe if you checked your own kitchen you’d find her”, Sasha said to her.

    “Well Genius. We checked and she’s not there and that’s why we are here”, Sally said to her.

    “Do I look like her keeper?! If you can’t find her, then you get something to eat yourself”.

    “Mmm, I smell something great”, her mother said,the walking in.

    “I really don’t get why you’re all in my kitchen”, Sasha said and Sally rolled her eyes.

    “Mum have you seen Gwen”, Samantha asked her.

    “She’s gone home, she and to attend to her sick son”, her mother, Ann said to her.

    “What?! And she decided to starve us to death?!” Sally exclaimed.

    “She left some food in the microwave, you can heat it and eat it”, Ann said to her.

    “Heat food? No, I want fresh food”, Sally exclaimed.

    “And you always call me the spoiled brat”, Sasha said, rolling her eyes.

    “Sasha, can we get some of your food please?” Samantha asked her.

    “For you, I’d do anything. For that one, she’ll have to eat the microwave food”, Sasha said, smiling.

    “That’s it! I’m going to dad’s house”, Sally said and she walked away.

    “Sally get back here”, Ann said, going after her. Samantha gave Sasha a look and they burst out laughing.


    Lilian and Sasha’s childhood friend, Rachel, walked into Sasha’s house, arguing.

    “You should have just let things be and now because of you, she might end up ending this relationship too”, Rachel said to her.

    “End what?” Ann asked them as she walked towards them.

    “Miss Ann!” Lilian said, smiling.

    “Are we back to Miss Ann?” Sasha’s mother asked.

    “Sorry, Ann. We were just talking about something”, Lilian said to her.

    “Something related to Sasha?”

    “Uhmm no”, she said and she and Rachel quickly ran off in the direction to Sasha’s room.

    When they got to her room, they saw her crying on her bed.

    “Sash!” Rachel said, sitting by her and wrapping her hands around her.

    “I miss him”, she said in tears.

    “I know”, she said, consoling her.

    “I just wish God could bring him back”, she said in tears.

    “We all do”Lilian said as she looked at Philips picture on the wall and thought about him. He was Sasha’s boyfriend and a best friend to her. He was the only one who could calm her down and talk some sense into her and it was quite unfortunate that he kicked the bucket a year ago due to a car accident.

    Rachel consoles Sasha for a while and finally spoke up.

    “I know how this hurts you but you really have to move on and accept other people into your life without stressing them”, Rachel said.

    “They’re not Philip. Philip understood me and knew when to listen to me or keep quiet and he knew the right things to say to me. All these other men just want to flaunt me around and show off their money”, Sasha said.

    “But I’m sure Ben is better than them. So far you’ve been a bit happy around him”, Lilian said to her.

    “I know but he doesn’t listen”.

    “Hmm, with time, he will. It’s your three weeks anniversary Sasha. I think you should be with him”.

    “I don’t want to go to the restaurant. You know Manny and I have been there twice. I don’t want any jugged up memories about it”.

    “I know you liked him a lot but now you have Ben. So go and create new memories with him”, Rachel said to her.

    “Hmm, okay”.

    “So please pick up your phone and text him”, Lilian said and Sasha picked up her phone and her face dropped.

    “What is it?” Rachel asked.

    “He just sent a text. He’s breaking up with me”, Sasha said to them.


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    *The rich girlfriend*??‍♀

    *_Chapter 2_*

    “I need some air”, Sasha said to her friends with a sad look on her face and she quickly rushed to her balcony to think.

    “Hmm, you can tell that she really likes him”, Lilian said to Rachel , as she laid on the bed making herself comfortable.

    “You always say that about every guy she’s dated. And the only time you were right was her last relationship with Manny and it didn’t even last for two weeks”, Rachel said, rolling her eyes.

    “You’ve not been around the office a lot that’s why you can’t see that she really likes him. Can’t you see how unhappy she looks?”

    “Hmm yeah, you may be right this time. I really can’t wait for her to settle down finally. This Philip’s death was a blow to all of us”.

    “Yeah, she was much more tolerable when he was alive”.

    “Wow, is that the blow it caused you”?

    “It wasn’t for you?”

    “It’s true that she was better when he was alive but it’s a blow to me because she’s been so sad and she can’t seem to move on or keep a man”.

    “Hmm. It hurts me that’s she sad too that’s why I decided to celebrate the three weeks anniversary”.

    “Wait. Maybe we could get Ben to change his mind and come around and we can all celebrate it tonight”.

    “Hmm, I don’t think he’ll listen to me after how Sasha acted with this whole celebration thing”.

    “Hmm, maybe we could get Ralph to talk to him. He’s a man so I’m sure he’ll know how to get to him”.

    “If we inform Ralph, he’ll have to show up here”, Lilian said, frowning.

    “Is there a problem with that? Are you two fighting again?”

    “No, I just didn’t… you know what, just call him and inform him about it yourself and get Alicia to come too”.

    “Hmm, we’ll talk about this later. So do we make it a pool hangout or a movie night or do we just step out?”

    “I think the pool hangout will be best for Ben and Sasha. Being in the pool makes you relaxed and maybe she might loosen up and have a good time with him”.

    “As long as she gets into the pool”.

    “We’ll all get in and that’ll get her to also get in. And after playing some few games, we can all get out and leave the two of them”.

    “You’re a genius. I’ll get to it then. Go and keep her company while I do this”.

    “Oh no, I’m not ready for her to lash out on me”.

    “Or do you want to make the call yourself?”

    “No. I’ll do the former”, she said, getting off the bed and she went to the balcony. Rachel took her phone and got down to business.


    Sasha and the girls were on her bed with their eyes buried on their phones.

    “You got to be kidding me”, Lilian exclaimed.

    “Why? What happened?”

    “Phoebe just got the latest Range Rover as a birthday gift from her boyfriend”.

    “And so? My dad was going to get me one. But I rejected it”.

    “You rejected it?!”

    “Can you stop acting like a pauper. You know you can afford one or get one from your dad”.

    “From my dad? Hell no. I don’t want anything from him”.

    “I didn’t say that you were going to….”

    “Surprise!!” Ralph yelled and he walked in with Alicia and Ben.

    “Ben!” Sasha called out in surprise.

    “Hi”, he said, smiling and he walked towards her bed and gave her a new bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine.

    Lilian and Rachel quickly got off the bed to give them more space.

    “Did you all do this?” She asked and they all shook their head.

    “Thank you, I appreciate it”, she said, smiling.

    “Oh she knows how to be appreciative”, Ralph whispered.

    “I heard that”, she said and they all laughed.

    “So are we going to get this party started or not?!” Rachel asked.

    “Party?” Sasha asked.


    “I’m sorry but I’ll like to spend my time with just Ben”, she said and Rachel grinned.

    “Then it sucks to be you. Cos we all are going to have a pool hangout. Ladies let’s go!”

    “Ladies?!” Ralph asked and they all laughed.

    “Sorry, Ladies and gentle man!” Rachel said, emphasizing on the word man.

    “Are we using the pool at the top or the one the back?” Alicia asked.

    “The one at the top”! Lilian exclaimed.

    “Great, let’s go and leave these two love birds”, Rachel said as they were leaving, Ralph interrupted them with a question.

    “Can I invite my girlfriend?!”

    “No!!!” They all yelled and they left.

    “Your friends are something else”, Ben said, laughing as he sat on the bed by her.

    “Yeah, they are!”, she said, also laughing.

    “And uhm, I’m sorry for just breaking it off and for doing that through the phone”.

    “It’s fine Ben. I deserved it for acting out”.

    “No, I should have just listened to you and…”

    “Do we still have the reservation?”

    “I called to cancel and even if we still had it, I doubt that they’ll be open at this time?”

    “It’s just 10, they close at 11pm”, Sasha said, smiling.

    “Are you sure you want this?”

    “Yeah. Just call them and let’s go”.

    “Okay, I’ll call them and give you some space to dress up”, he said and then he walked to the balcony to make the call and wait for her.

    “Sasha please don’t keep too long”, he said and she chuckled.

    “I won’t”, she said and he nodded.


    The girls and Ann were at their movie room watching a movie when Sally yelled.

    “Shut it. It’s getting to the best part!” Sasha yelled.

    “Justin is dating Victoria. How can he do that to me?” She said.

    “Aren’t you dating someone else?” Sasha asked.

    “And so? He can’t just move on like that. I wanted him to keep trying to get me back”!

    “You see your beloved child?!” Sasha said to her mum as she paused the movie.

    “Why would you want to do that to a person?” Ann asked.

    “If he moves on, how will I make my boyfriend feel insecured? I can’t let this happen!” She said and she stormed out.

    “Christ!! What kind of human being is this?” Ann yelled.

    “You did that to her. You spoilt her so much”.

    “I didn’t do that. Your dad did”.

    “Speaking about dad, Sammy did you get to speak with dad concerning your internship?” Sasha asked her.

    “Yeah, I’ll be starting as soon as school breaks”.

    “You’re going to work for your dad?” Ann asked in shock.

    “Yeah, I thought I told you about it”, Sammy said to her.

    “I don’t remember. Why won’t you work with me?”

    “You already have Sally, mum. Let her be where she wants to be”.

    “But I thought you preferred cosmetics to cars”, Ann said to her.

    “You’ve got the wrong twin mum. Sammy has always loved cars since she was little”.

    “I don’t think she’d remember that since she spent all her time on Sally”, Samantha said, rolling her eyes.

    “Don’t say that Sally. I know you like cars. I just thought that you would grow out of it”.

    “I didn’t. I’m still a car person”.

    “Alright then. I’m sure your dad would be so happy”.

    “Thank you. And uhh Sash, could you make room for an intern?”

    “Don’t tell me it’s that male friend of yours”, Sasha said to her.

    “He wants to start his own real estate company when he’s done with school and so he was hoping that he could work with you to see how’s it’s like”.

    “The answer is no. I don’t like his sister. She took Manny away from me!”

    “No, you left Manny and he moved on”, Sammy said to her.

    “I’m still not taking him in”.


    “I’ll think about it”.

    “Thank you”.


    Lilian and Alicia were out shopping when they spotted Ben and a lady in the supermarket.

    “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Alicia asked.

    “Oh, I’m sure it’s his sister or maybe a female friend”, Lilian said.

    “No, that doesn’t look like a sister to me. They seem too comfortable and cozy”.

    “No they… where are you going to?” Lilian asked as she ran after Alicia who was approaching Ben.

    “Hi”, Alicia said, smiling.

    “Hi”, Ben said forcing a smile and fidgeting with his fingers.

    “Daddy, can I get this too?!” a little girl who looked between the ages of 4 and 6 asked.

    Lilian and Alicia had their jaws drop.


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    Did i just see daddy, don’t tell me Ben is married

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    Nice start. What a family that Sasha was born into. Nearly everyone is bossy.

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    Am wondering how Sasha’s gonna handle the news about Ben

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    No na, he can’t be married…next

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    hmmm this Ben nah wow

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