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    waiting for new episodes

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    Episode 20

    Ford knew this was a big offer and he couldn’t afford to miss this but it will be selfish if he didn’t ask his executive about the proposal he already hoped they agree
    “Don’t worry I will think about it and contact you when the decision has been made”Ford said after a long silence between them
    “Okay I hope you agree to this as well will bother benefits from this offer”Mr Chan-jul assured

    Ford got in the the car and drove to the airport with two bodyguards from Mr Chan-jul as they arrived at the airport Ford was worried as he ask one of the men
    “How can we take this weapons on the plane without been caught”he asked worriedly
    The man laughed and said”we might have loss much dominations to the chinks but we still dominate so e places, don’t worry the won’t search your bag”the man assured

    They got to where their bags and cases would be placed for scan but the man removed before the scanner could finish it job and he said they were clean
    The bodyguards smile and handed him an envelope he suggested contains money

    Ford arrived at muritala Mohammed airport and he saw his boys hanging around ,they recongnized him at once three of them came and took the big case from him while others are still hanging around in case of any attacks from other cult members

    Ford stood at the entrance of the airport a venza car parked In front of him, he didn’t waste time to know who it was he get in immediately
    “Welcome back capon”Korg greeted happily
    “Oh how are you doing”
    “Im fine boss”
    “Ok what about rough and the frat affairs”Ford asked with great interest
    “Rough is coming today have stationed so e guys at the airport to welcome her,but something happened when you are not around

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    Sly Man Sly
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    My g where u go since na bt no p thank god say u don c-m back. Make we knw weytin happen when ford no de around

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    Tell us

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    Episode 21

    Ford was curious to know what’s going on so he ask with anxiety “wetin happen”
    “The buccaneers attacked busty family house at akure,they killed all the family members”Korg said looking through the mirror
    Ford was very shocked about the news
    “Why dem attack her family house na”Ford asked angrily
    “We no know but they left a note saying they are coming for her”
    “This means busty life is in danger,so where is she now?Ford asked
    “She’s at the mansion waiting for you to come back”Korg replied as he enter into a deserted street

    ford arrived at the mansion he saw a lot of guys around the house he had also observed this when coming as he saw some boys around the street
    He entered the mansion with Korg
    “Where she dey”Ford asked in a commanding tone
    “Second room by the right”Korg replied

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    This episode short oh

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    Hmmm.nxt pls

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    Episode 22

    Ford entered the room and saw busty on the bed,her eyes were swollen as a result of tears Ford didn’t know what to say as busty wasn’t aware of his presence
    “hmmmmmmmmm(cleared throat)”
    Busty looed up and saw him so she sat upright and began shedding tears
    “They killed all my family Ford I will make sure they pay(in tears)”
    “Don’t worry I will avenge their death for you dem don push us to the edge it is now to strike the hard”Ford said angrily and storm out of the room

    He got to the big sitting room and meet all the executive sailors
    “fear I want you to prepare some elite boys for me I have a mission tonight”
    “Ok baba”fear said and walk out
    “Cindy how far with the info u asked of you”ford said without looking at her
    “Na one guy wet dem dey call clip carry out the assassination to gain promotion “Cindy informed
    “Give me his address make we run hin matter”
    “12 denrele street panseke road”Ford said knowing that the guy his doomed
    “What his status now”Ford asked again getting irritated by her slow replies
    “I have some girl watching him and he’s at home celebrating with some buca”Cindy quickly said do as not to get ford angry at her
    Ford wanted to say something but fear interrupted him
    “Capon the boy are ready to move at night”fear said thinking Ford was satisfied
    “What!,I want dem ready now we are going this afternoon”Ford commanded angrily as fear ran out immediately making calls

    Rough was just shaking his head with pity knowing that the guy death will be the talk of the Town in the next two months
    Ford stood up and walked to his room he opened his drawer and take only a butcher knife, he took a cross bag and a tramadol tablet into his mouth then moved out to the compound without answering the guys hailing him
    He met fear with five guys he knew them vey well they are Pepsi,mouse,biggy,worrior and afose he smiled to himself as liked the guys fear had arranged he knew they where the best elite sailors
    They moved into a siena and drove out in speed
    (In the car)
    Ford deeped his hand Into the cross bag and brought out a packet of imported tramadol giving it too Biggy who was confused
    “Share it among yourself so you won’t vomit because of the massacre I’m about to do”
    TBC 🔒

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