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    Clip u are going to be butchered like cow meat

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    It’s gonna be bloody…

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    Episode 23

    They got to the street and decided to walk to the house,it was a face me I face you house so he had to ask some guys playing whot game at the entrance by their look they were jewmen(jjc)
    “Abeg we dey look for clip”Ford asked politely,one of the guy try form ruggedy
    “So na why una con dey disturb us for here you no see sey we dey play something for here?the guy said angrily shocking biggy and the other guys but Ford was not moved a bit as his adrenaline was pushing him to chop of his head due to the drugs
    “We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience we might have caused you sir but pls we need to know his room it is really important”Ford said pleading
    “First room buy the left “the guy said arrogantly Ford just smiled inwardly as he walk to clip’s room as he was about to knock Biggy interrupted him
    “Capon why u leave that guy na we for don run hin matter na”
    “I didn’t leave him I reserved him,after dis business is done I will cut him to pieces”Ford said assuring himself

    They entered the room without knocking and met them sleeping different can of alcohol were around also three yellow berets were on the table as they were three guys in the room
    Ford woked them up one after the other with a slap
    “Na who be clip for here”Ford said angrily as he put on his orange beret,this frightened them as the start to shake in fear
    “Na me be clip sir “a lanky guy raised his hands up
    “Because you have identify yourself we won’t kill you”Ford said smiling also suprising the guys
    “Thank you very much sir”clip said thankfully as tear were already gathered in his eyes
    “But one alapata call me just now he said he needs human meats so I volunteered you FORGIVENESS IS A SIN, BLOOD FOR BLOOD NO LAUGHING ON BOARD as you don kill all her family na hin I go take kill you now”Ford said as his boys were hailing him
    “Biggy tune up the music”Ford commanded as he brought out his butcher knife
    “Pls forgive me it was the devil’s wo”clip plead while his guy were crying
    But before he could complete hi statement Ford gave him a big cut on his chest as he began butchering him with great force and unpity face the other guys were vomiting around the room as the sight was very irritating
    Blood everywhere,clip is loosing his life rapidly as he and his guys could do nothing Ford wanted to finish him then a knock came on the door
    “Na who be dat Jewman”biggy asked angrily as FORD paused was he was doing
    “Abeg make una low the music na”the arrogant guy said from outside
    “Let him in”Ford said happily as he turn to complete his work
    “Sheybi mama tell you sey make you no join cultism this is the consequence”Ford said slicing his head
    They guy wanted to run away but one of biggy boys caught him and made him kneel down in front of Ford
    “Sheybi na me you dey yarn arrogantly for outside abi”Ford asked checking his butcher knife
    “Daddy no vex oooo na play Abe”he couldn’t complete his words when Ford dive the knife in the middle of his head
    The guy drop dead, Ford took off his clothes as he was stained with blood he entered the clip bathroom and have his bath while clip boys were just crying profusely

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    Very bloody

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    Episode 24

    Ford returned from the bathroom after a long shower he met his boys beating up the clip guys,he didn’t care as went to clip bedroom he took out a black top and a short knicker which would be around his size
    As he stepped out of the room the beating stopped as the men were waiting for his instructions “capon sheyake we run their matter ni”one of them asked
    Ford looked at the guys face as they were already beating to stupor also to his satisfaction “make una leave them dem go tell their frats members sey the sailors dey boil”he said with a smile
    “Na God save una ooo ajeh if capon talk sey make I run una matter eeh”biggy said threateningly as the guys shook in fear of the huge man in front of them

    “Make we commot for here before the neighbors go suspect anything “Ford said as he made toward the door
    “These dead bodies nko”biggy asked Ford
    “The ones alive will know what to do with it when we are gone so let move out”Ford said

    *Sailors mansion*
    The exceutives were seen sitting around a round table with map on it every one head their beret on signifying their ranks and levels
    “We already inspect the buccaneers area and we discovered that the estimation of 10 boys were always around at the gate,we have no idea how many were inside but based on their daily entry I think they should be around 25 buca making 35 around the house also some guys are always roaming around the street 3boys at each junction so I think they should all be around the sum of 45 men”Cindy said as she was looking at the device in her hands

    Other exceutives smiled at the information and but Ford was still curious
    “How do our snipers get in he asked her anxiously
    Cindy was already expecting the question”we knew smoke won’t get in the compot during the attack and he will always be Inside the house and that suggested to be the living room where the would be busy planning on how to defend his turf,Also we spotted a tall government whuch was still in construction that us were the snipers would come in”

    “Hmm ok so how the we go about the men on ground Ford asked again and Korg answered him immediately”biggy and I would attack their base with some elite sailors while rough and the girls would take care of the guys around each junction”

    Something came on fears mind as he asked immiediately “the police station is not far from the buccaneers base how do we go about them” he asked curiously

    “You will take some men to the police station and stop them from coming “Ford said after thinking

    “What about me”busty who have been silent the whole while voiced out

    “Okay if you want to join the fight I think you would aid our escape with some vehicles while Cindy stay here and delete the CCTV footage also I would be handling the sniper and it would take tomorrow night which is Monday”Ford said In a note of finality

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    Episode 25

    Date: Monday 26th


    I knew our plan was perfectly laid and it would be easy to bring the buccaneers down but I have a feeling there will be a loophole somewhere but I’m not sure when so I decided to make a planB with rough alone because she’s the most trusted in the frats.
    (Takes phone and dailed roughs number which she pick after the second ring)
    FORD?rough where you dey now
    ROUGH?I’m with the girls briefing them on the mission and I think they are ready for action
    FORD?ok good but I want make you show for here ASAP
    ROUGH?ok give me 10mins
    (Cuts the call)
    Rough arrived exactly 10mins that why I like her she always keep to time. I told her we need plan B incase anything goes wrong in which she agrees to provide eight sailor for a backup mission and they would be on standby for any emergencies. The plan was good and i was a little bit relieved.

    The sailors were proceeding as plan all sailors were at their given point fear at the police station,rough and girls are at the junction ready for action busty and some guys were in a bus not to far from the buccaneers area FORD is setting the sniper in the government building which was still in construction while Cindy was at the sailors mansion busy with computers as she would be their eyes from there
    At exactly 8:00 Cindy send the coded message nto everyone that the mission can begin.
    Imediately gunshots were heard at the streets as it got frequently and heavy ford knew rough and her girls have started their part
    Executing a mission with the almighty Korg was like an honor to him as Korg drove a truck to pull down the gate of the buccaneers the truck was filled
    with the elite sailors.
    Imediately the the gate was pulled down forcefully killing 3men standing at the gate in the process and also alerting other men in the compound the sailors has get already get down from the truck as it came to an halt and at the same time shooting at the buccaneers unprepared.Korg and i were taking cover at a Camry car in the compound as they were 5cars there.
    Under 5mins close to 8bucannners where killed in cold blood Korg seeing this knew at once that it na. Opportunity to strike the living room so he quickly took 6boys and procede inside with speed while biggy and the other guys cover them though one was killed on the run.

    Rough and her girls were losing thr battle as 5 girls were already killed in the gun fight this is as a result of the vigilante intervention supporting the bucanners and it seems bullet were not having any effect on the vigilante allowing them to lose the battle. The bucanners Boys raced back to their base to defend their turf leaving the vigilante to face rofiat and her girls.
    I’m sorry for the late delivery been having some problem ok

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