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    episode 1&2

    The school boy EPISODE 1 by jukweseGod.

    Me.Good mourning ma am going

    mom. (Sluggish answered)
    ha jukwese where are you going?

    Me. Mommy don’t you know that today is my first day in that school and i don’t want to go late.

    Mom. And then today is your first day in school doesn’t mean that you can’t sweep your compound.

    Me. Oh no i forgot to do that mom but please i have already wore my school uniform please let me beg Susan to help me and sweep it.

    Mom. Beg who Susan to help you and sweep. You are insane before i will close my eyes make sure you have go and remove that cloth of yours and sweep your portion.

    Me. Mom it’s not fare ooh

    mom. What is not fare idiot . (She started murmuring) children of nowadays tufiaa!

    I don’t have any other option left than to go and sweep .
    I went and collect broom and swept all the compound by the time i finished. it was already 8:27 am and my school is very far then i went and drop the broom and dust my school uniform and rush to school by the time i reach my school gate it was already 9:33 am so as i wanted to enter i saw a guy infront of the gate.

    First senior. Heeeee? Come here

    me. What’s is that ?

    Second senior. What is what come here before i descend on you now.

    I sluggishly walk to him and they orde me to kneel down i want to prove stubborn but they gave me the slap of my life no be person tell me make i kneel down oooh they ask me why i came late i explain to them but that was not enough reason to prove me right so they gave me punishment and after doing that i went inside my class with my cloths dirty i was wondering (chai today na my first day ooh see as my school mate day shine ooh see as my own they dirty no wahala na my mama cause am but come to think of it no be her fault oooh because it’s my duty to sweep. Any way shaa what happen has happen . I was lust in thought when i had gbuaaa? GUESS WHAT HAPPENE .


    The school boy episode 2

    i jerked up and shout senior am no be me do am oooh!.

    Chijindu. Haahahaha which one be senior no be me oo

    me. Ha i don’t even know say na you .

    Chijindu. Oboy weth ooh! this one when your shirt be like a prodigal son abi you no sleep for house!

    *come see as every body turn their gaze on me even one girl like that when i know say she no they wash her under wear follow them they laughed at me i was like which kind wahala be this one but any way shaa i compose my self and put an angry face on them before i turn to the idiots*

    me. Yes i know sleep for house naa from farm i follow come here idiots .
    Ebe like say that thing when you Carry from primary school never leave you.

    Chijindu. So sorry but what really happen?

    Me. Na long story

    chijindu. Ok if you said so .

    Which time you start school?

    Me. Today and you?

    Chijindu. Last two weeks

    me. Ok ooh . (we were still discussing when our English teacher came in
    and lectures us for some minutes before she gave us assignment and left .
    I walk up to chijindu desk and it was like.

    Me. I don’t understand that assignment our English teacher gave us .

    Chijindu. Then i my your English teacher why can’t you ask her on time before she left.

    Me. I know but i over had her mention something like note which you people has already copied.

    Chijindu. Yes but i have not copied it yet.

    Me. So who can i borrow from .

    Chijindu. You see that girl seating beside you go and ask her
    I hope she may be of help.

    Me. How do you expect me to do that when you know that i don’t even know who she is .

    Chijindu. Then you stop disturbing me since you know that .

    *i left their with anger pumping on me.
    I went back to my seat and rest my head on Top of my locker .
    I was lost in thought again .
    How can i initiate a chat with her?.
    What if she says know ?

    What CaN i dO?


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    She won’t say no even with your dirty clothe, if she’s really matured in mind

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    The school boy episode 3

    i made up my mind to talk to her because i don’t have any other choice .
    So when i raise up my head i stole a glaze on her i discover that she is tall, fair in complexion undo she is busy chating with her friends they are three in number then my heart skip i was like.
    Is she the only one in this class
    Why can’t i borow from others but my other mind is telling me i my not a man . I gather some courage and said

    me. Hi

    They started laughing at me i was like am i stupid but i never give up i be (johncena) then i ask

    me. Why are you girls laughing at me i my funny?

    Girl 1. Who are referring to?

    I tap her but she gave me the greatest slap i have ever had to the extent that i continue hearing wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .
    I was ashamed of my self.

    Me. What did i do to deserve this?

    Girl 1. For your life don’t ever try to touch me again you dirty pig .

    I was totally humiliated . I wanted to curse my mom but in the other way round i was the one who cursed it in the first place because i suppose to sweep before going to school.
    I rest my head and started thinking about what happen when somebody tap me i raise up my head and i discover that it was a guy like that not fair not dark shaa but he is average height.

    Guy. Gud day

    me. Dsame to you

    guy. What happen? your face is swelling?

    Me. Nothing shaa said Nothing shaa when i saw this girl (pointing at her) dashing you some slap .

    Me. You saw her then why asking again

    guy. Sorry ooh i just wanted to know what really happen because i saw chijindu discussing with one guy like that immediately when that girl slapped you.

    Me. Really! I didn’t do any thing to her ooh is just that i wanted to borrow note from her that’s all.

    Guy. Don’t mind her she too they claim big girl.

    Me. Who is she?

    Guy. You don’t know her?

    Me. Yes na today is my first day here.

    Guy. I for say

    me.You never answered my question

    guy. Her dad is the principal of this school

    me. WhAT!!


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    Mtcheeew i even think say her father na president

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    Chidi David
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    and so?. is dere anything special being the principal daughter

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    And so wat
    Na are papa get d school

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    Let’s see how it goes

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