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    Please do not share without talking to me personally and asking for permission, thank you for reading this story.
    Thanks for reading
    Life is full of words that I can’t speak, life is an expression I can’t express through words, signs and movement of my hands are the only way I can connect with other.
    My life is without complete joy and my soul suffers for it deeply, time increased the frustration within me and regret is all I feel.
    Numbers of times have I tried to understand why I can’t break free off my voiceless cry, number of things I’ve wished to be heard without the signs of hand language but it all ends up at nothing.
    My name is Jessica and the things I went through as a young lady who wasn’t shown love and was also denied love because of my ability not to voice out my true feelings, would make you see this world differently.
    I was born in the year 1995, after my birth my mum and dad died leaving only me in the world, my dad had died right after he heard that my mum died after giving birth to me –so I was told–.
    The hospital contacted my relatives but non of them wanted anything to with me because of what they heard that happened. They believed that I was a child of bad luck.
    The hospital couldn’t do anything about it, so they gave me to an orphanage home since I was rejected by my own family –You can imagine, the people you call family are the ones that will turn their backs against you–.
    –My pains and suffering started from when i was a little baby, who was so harmless and who knew nothing about the wickedness that moves and floats around the universe.–
    As time went on, I grew like others of the same age as I in the orphanage home, but unlike them I wasn’t able to say my first baby words, all I could do was to make sounds. The personnel in the orphanage home later came to the conclusion that I was dumb -can’t speak–, which led to another area of my life of pain.
    Kids of my age were being adopted by different rich people, but I wasn’t because of the error life injected in me. Some of the orphanage personnel didn’t like me so much because of my disability.
    Love for me when I was a kid, wasn’t so sweet and fun, each passing day was like a chain saw cutting deep into my life. Rejection was written all over my voice cords and face.
    When I became 7 years of age things became harder and love was a missing box in the land of no return. I was bullied around by both boys and girls in the orphanage home, just because no one could understand me.
    I had no friends not because I could not speak, but because the kids that where there heard what happened to my parent and how I was rejected by my relates, so they came to a conclusion that I was nothing but pure bad luck.
    Each time I tried associating with them, I get pushed aside like a piece of worthless used rag. Some of the orphan personnel tried creating bond between I and other kids, but it was completely hopeless because non of them liked me not even a bit.
    I was a rejected stone in the orphanage home to all the kids, things were very hard for me but I never allowed my inner pain to surface, I tried my best in fighting my way around the pain not to fall into the down-less fall of pain.
    I lived 9 years of my life thinking that I was the only person in the world with such disability until a day came. A man in his thirties came –he was also dumb–, he was brought by one of the orphanage personnel to teach me and other kids hand signs –I was the only dumb kid in the orphanage home–.
    I was happy when I heard it because it would be a good way for I and other kids in the orphanage home to connect.
    When the teaching started, at first I wasn’t so sure that I would understand, but as time moved on, I got to understand bit by bit.
    The man who taught I and other kids hand signs was more focused on me because he knew what it felt like not to have the ability of speech. He would regularly teach me separately after he was done with the general teaching which helped me improved alot.
    He would teach me things ahead of what he planned to teach that particular day.
    Some personnel in the orphanage home were happy to see changes in my lifestyle after each teaching by the man. Things also changed between I and other kids, they began to get closer to me because they understood little of what I was passing through.
    ……..SIX YEARS LATER…….
    Everything became different for me at the age of 15, but some old things never change no matter how hard you try.
    Each time I was put up for adoption, one thing or another would stop it. The reason why many of them didn’t choose me was because I was dumb, some of them didn’t pick me because of what they learnt about my past.
    What took away my happiness was my past and disability, they were the darkness drilled deep down my body and soul.
    Each time I got rejected, I feel a sharp pain right in my chest, but I hold the pain inside me not to show my weakness. Rejection became a regular thing for me and loneliness became my place of rest.
    Time after time, I would sit in a corner and just cry to let all my hidden pain out. It was the only way for me to get rid of the pain which was very very hurtful.
    The orphanage personnel didn’t notice for a moment that I suffered in pain due to rejection because I hid my pains so well that it was like a smile on my face.
    When I became 18years nothing changed, everything was still the same for me. Love and care was still far away from my presence and nothing but sorrow was all that cuddled me.
    I became one of the oldest orphan in the orphanage home. Every other older kid had been adopted leaving me behind, even younger and little kids that were brought to the orphanage home months ago had been adopted.
    I was like a forbidden fruit in the valley of sweet grapes. Some of the orphanage personnel felt sorry for me, while other said I was a witch and I was nothing but bad luck.
    At that age I felt no pain again because it became part of me, nothing I heard about me pained me or made me cry. I was so deeply hurt that there was nothing else to be hurt about, so each time I heard them say bad things about me, I would just ignore.
    Although nothing changed in my emotional life, but physically things changed about me. My looks, hair, sharp, size and most important of all my ability to do hand signs.
    I was very good at hand signs, I was so good that I started creating my own hand signs and drawing them down. Some of the orphanage personnel who liked me, told me that I shouldn’t stop, that this would take me somewhere.
    They encouraged me to continue, so I didn’t stop and kept on pushing.
    A competition come up for people who can’t talk, people like me. I was very happy to hear that, at least I would meet different people that has the same disability like me and I would show case what I have.
    When the day came for the competition, I got prepared very early and left to the venue –hey, I was 20years, so I was old enough to walk on my own–.
    When I got there I saw few people like me around, they used hand signs to communicate to themselves. I was not a social person so I stayed on my own and stood at a corner looking around.
    The competition was all about reading words and demonstrating what you read with your hands. The competition started and they started giving us numbers. I was picked as number 5.
    When time came for me to do my stuff, I did great but then words appeared on the screen which words were being displayed for us to read.
    The words were “Parent, relatives, friends, family and Death”. When I saw it I became weak, I was totally confused and didn’t know what to do. I broke down instantly making me loose the competition.
    When I gat back to the orphanage home, I said nothing to anyone, I gently and quietly walk in and went straight to my bed to relax my head.
    That day was a dark day for me because what I never imagined that would happen to me happened that very day, it almost made me cry but due to the pains and sorrow I had experienced I was able to hold down the tears.
    Five years had gone by since the competition took place and the pain of it made me hide my ability of hand signs. Things changed a little for me, I was the oldest person in the orphanage home and was helping out the personnel who worked there to do some little jobs.
    I was very attractive, so guys walked up to me time to time asking me for my name. Like a day when I was walking on my own, a cute handsome guy drove up to me and asked me where I was going to.
    At that moment I had wished he would disappear, but he didn’t and kept on asking me where I was going, so I tried speaking with hang signs.
    When he came to the reality that I was dumb, he said nothing to me and drove off, I watched his car as it drove forward then I continued walking.
    I never for once felt bad because it was not the first or second or third time it was happening to me, sometimes most guys would hiss or laugh at me, so it was a normal thing for me.
    In the orphanage home, no one wanted to adopt me again, they said i was too old and could not talk, so i was of no use to them. The things they said didn’t hurt me in any way because my heart had become more wounded than before.
    As time went on, I got a job in a cyber café which wasn’t too far from the orphanage home –I’m a computer literate–. The lady who employed me wasn’t always around but her son was.
    Her son was so handsome that my heart melted each time I saw him, his presence always lightened up my emotions and face without me even knowing it. I tried as much as possible to hide my emotions for him, but it always seemed to show each time he came around me, but the only thing was that he never knew nor understood.
    The things that kept me away from him was my disability and he had a girlfriend who he loved so much. I loved him so much that each time he picked a call from his girlfriend, I would feel really offended and sad inside.
    His girlfriend and my disability was a bridge that divided our two separate worlds, but deep down i knew that someday I would get the chance to express myself.
    I would have told him how much I really cared and love him but I was so afraid to get rejected by him.
    I was afraid that I might do something extremely terrible if he turned me down and I didn’t want to steal another lady’s man, it was not my way of life and I wasn’t planning on taking that path.
    There came a time when he went back to school to finish up his schooling because he was in his final year. When he left I felt to alone, like there was nothing for me to live for, I was totally incomplete.
    He came back looking more handsome and breathtaking than before, smiles came on my face when i saw him, the smile was so obvious that he looked at me strangely. When I saw that he was looking at me strangely, I quickly changed my facial expression.
    Although I changed my facial expression my heart was still beating very fast, making me loose control of everything I was doing at that particular moment. My heart beat so fast that it felt like it was going to burst out my chest.
    I can’t sit any more, so I excused myself and headed out side to a corner to relief my heart off the load.
    When I got to the corner, a smile came on my face and I placed both my hands on my chest relaxing my emotions.
    That day passed away and the joy I felt continued to remain in me because of my heart was super happy.
    …….A WEEK LATER…….
    Everything was normal until a day came and everything changed. It was a lovely friday and the morning smelled of great things to happen.
    I went to my working place that Friday with my face glowing like the clouds. As always, I excepted him to come 30mins after I had opened, but he didn’t which got me worried and sad.
    3 hours had got but yet he didn’t show up, I couldn’t call him because I was dumb so that was completely a bad idea because he won’t understand what I would say. The only way for me to reach him was to text him.
    I was about to text him when I came to my senses that I didn’t have his phone number. After I realised that, I became more and more sad.
    All day long I was so unhappy, i became stressed out because of the way I felt deep inside me. Evening came but yet there was no sign of him.
    When closing time came, I locked up slowly. After locking up, I then start walking back home.
    On my way going back home I saw someone right under a tree with both hands place on the head. When I looked properly I discovered that it was him.
    I was surprised and happy to see him, so I walked up to him to know why he didn’t come.
    When i got close to him, he raised his head upwards displaying the tears that came down his eyes. When I saw his watery eyes my heart instantly became greatly sad.
    Micheal: “Oh it’s you”, he said as he gently wiped of the tears off his face.
    I smiled and sat beside him.
    Micheal: “I know you are wondering why i didn’t show up today”, he said to me as fresh droplets of tears moved down his eyes.
    Micheal: “You won’t believe what happened to me”, he said as tears began to gather up more and more in his eyes.
    Micheal: “[In pain] My girlfriend broke up with me after all this years we have been together”, he said as tears flowed down his eyes like a water fall.
    Micheal: “She left me, she break my heart. I have nothing to live for, my life is over!”, he shouted expressing his inner pain.
    As I saw him crying, I became torn apart into pieces, I couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t stand to see him so heartbroken and sad. Tears started coming down my eyes as I saw him crying more and more.
    I wanted to tell him how much I loved him, I wanted to express my true feelings for him, I wanted to pour out all I feel deep inside for him, but it was not possible because of my disability.
    I cried like he did, but my reasons were because I couldn’t express myself to him and he was heartbroken.
    I knew I had to try and save him from his pain, so I quickly thought of the best way to reach him. I tapped him on his right shoulder making him to look at me with tears in his eyes.
    I then tried using simple hand signs to tell him that I love him. He looked at me confusingly with tears dropping from his eyes and said nothing because he did not understand what I was doing.
    When I saw that he wasn’t getting what I was doing, I then brought out a lollipop from my bag to try it maybe he would understand me.
    When I tried explaining my feelings with the lollipop he became very infuriated.
    Micheal: “I don’t understand what you’re doing!”, he yelled at me angrily.
    Micheal: “No one understands you”, he said angrily with tears in his eyes.
    Micheal: “[Angry] You don’t even know how it feels to be heartbroken, you can never understand the feeling”, he said standing up with eyes in his eyes.
    Micheal: “[Angry] What can you ever know? After all you are just a dumb girl”, he said as he left.
    After I heard his last words, I froze for up to 30mins. I was confused, shocked, paralyzed, very sad, and in deep pain.
    I wasn’t myself any more, I lost my soul that moment and everything became nothing. Life to me became worthless.
    When I got myself back after 30mins of sitting, tears ran down my eyes and i stood up with my bag in my hand.
    I began to walk like a robot with tears running down my eyes because I was still in shock of what i heard.
    When I got to the orphanage home, I went straight to my room not saying a word to nobody.
    After I opened the door to my room (with tears still coming down my eyes) and sat down on my bed, everything came down on me breaking me entirely and completely.
    My tears increased so much that it was like I had a dam of tears in my brain which had been stored for years. My mind felt like it had been smashed severely and my mind felt like it was going to explored with bitterness.
    All the pains, sorrows and sadness that had been hidden in me over the years came out that very moment destroying me both emotionally, physically, psychologically and mentally.
    …….THE NEXT DAY BY 5AM……
    Jessica: “Life has done it again to me”, she said in her mind as tears ran down her eyes.
    Jessica: “What have I done wrong to deserve all this”, she said in her mind crying more.
    Jessica: “From the beginning of my life it has been all rejection”, she said in her mind as she placed both hands on her hand.
    Jessica: “I was denied everything including love”, she said within herself crying out tears.
    Jessica: “What do I have to live for if the only person I find love in has pushed me away because of my disability”, she said in her mind as she opened up her bag and brought out a razorblade that was in her bag.
    Jessica: “I have nothing else to live for, if I can’t talk like others, then I’m totally worthless to life”, she said In her mind as she cut her left hand vein, causing her to collapse instantly.
    She DIED 20mins later when no one was able to help her because they had no idea of what happened.
    Hello fans, I wrote this story not because I want to entertain you or make you enjoy reading.
    I wrote it because I was inspired when I saw a dumb lady. I was sad at first when I saw that she couldn’t talk, it hurt me alot.
    In fact let me just say this story is for her, she might never read this story for a day, but at least I’m happy that it would be read by others like her and they would be happy reading it (kinda).
    I want people to really see the challenges they face time to time and the kind of hard life some of them experience and live.
    Having the ability not to talk ain’t easy, so when you see a dumb person, try and connect with them the best way you can, you never can tell what unbelievable ability he/she may have.
    Try to respect and love people with disabilities, don’t condemn them because everyone is special in their own way.
    Fans, I hope you guys learnt from this story And oh yea I’m really sorry for the delay on the stories I listed I was going to write. My head needs rest and I lost inspection to write, but don’t worry I got the inspiration to write back and I will still write the stories I listed. Although some would be this year while others next year.
    I won’t have written this story if not for that lady who can’t talk, she is really my inspiration for this story, God bless her and God bless all my Beautiful and loving fans out there.
    contact me on
    Whatsapp/Viber: 07087750433
    Email: Facebook: Ossy andy Nnamdi
    Skype: 07087750433
    Twitter: @nnamdiossy
    INSTAGRAM: @ossynnamdi

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    yea u are right
    can’t believe I was crying
    nice write up

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    Hmm soooo torching

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    Etz Froshberry
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    So touching.
    Thanks for tha beep @jummybabe

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    you got me
    my mum kept asking what’s wrong with me because of how tears was flowing
    I have never for once maltreated anyone with disabilities in fact they always have a special place in my heart and now this story has multiplied that feeling
    Tanks for the call @jummybabe
    thumbs up @dindy

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    9ice write up

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