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    This white men are wicked

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    Wao am so happy at last….. Dont worry help will surely come

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    Wow! This is interesting, pls continue

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    The Slave!

    Episode 41.

    Season Finale!

    It’s been two years since the Africans settled in Freetown. Some of them had even gotten married and had children. Victory was already running around the Island and saying words like “mama, uncle, hungry……and many other words. Many of them had forgotten about going home for they had already settled in the island.

    But not Ukeh, he believed so much that one day he would go home even when it didn’t seem like it. They build wooden houses and places of worship and they’ve flourished so much than they had expected.

    Amara waited patiently for the day that Ukeh would asked her to marry him but Ukeh always told her that he was committed to someone else. He had someone whom he had promised to love and be would not break his promise to her. This made Amara admired him more but he knew his heart belonged to another.

    One faithful morning she was sitted by the sea shore when she saw six ships coming towards the island. It wasn’t the first time they’ve seen ships but this one was different, it was coming to the island. She quickly ran to Ukeh to inform him. And they mobilized some of the men and youths and they stood by the water and waited. Amara held Ukeh by the right and Nti held him by the left with Victory tied on her back.

    The ship stopped and two white men came down. Nti was first to recognise him. She jumped into his open arms.

    “Oh Kelvin, it’s you” she cried.

    Ukeh smiled as he recognised themselves too. It was little Tom and Kelvin with some other sailors.

    “Am so glad to see you my brothers” Ukeh said as he embraces them one after the other.

    “Wow, am so glad to see you all and to know that you now see us as brothers irrespective of our colour. Tommy said.

    “Oh my love, I am so sorry, I didn’t know how to find you. We found out what my father and the other sailors did to you but we didn’t know where you were brought to. For two years we’ve gone from one island to the other searching for you. Thank God today we’ve finally found you. Kelvin cried. He looked at Victory and Nti shook her head in affirmation that it was him. He lifted him up as Nti told Victory that this was his papa.

    It was a period of reunion. After which Kelvin told them that he was ready to take them home. Some were excited but some said they were tired of going from place to place. They have found a home here in Freetown and would love to return.

    Ukeh didn’t try to persuade them for he had grown to love the place too but then he knew where his heart lies.

    And so the next day, Ukeh, Amara, Nti and 1,236 more persons climbed on the ships and sailed back home. Some sailed to Ghana, some sailed to South Africa, some sailed to Togo and the others came home to Nigeria.

    When the villagers saw the ships had returned there was panick in the land. News ran fast that the white man had returned to pick up more slaves. And many of them went into hiding.

    Ukeh couldn’t believe he was back home after seven and half years. He ran straight to thier compound and saw that it was very beat and clean. Someone had been taking care of the place. Even Nti was shocked. He tried to look around and then he saw her. Nma she was sitting at the back of the compound peeling cassava.

    At first she didn’t recognise him, because he was dressed like the whites. But when he looked at the young lady standing beside him, she knew it was definitely Ukeh because she could never forget Nti. Tears flowed from her eyes as she runs straight into his arms.

    “Oh my love, I knew you would come back for me.” She runs into his waiting arms and wept bitterly. She offered them seats and she listened to all that Ukeh had to tell her. She couldn’t believe that it was Tobi who actually sold Ukeh out.

    “He came to marry me but something didn’t feel right. I felt it within me that something was wrong but I just couldn’t place my hand on it. I told him that even if you don’t come back to me I will remain single for I could never share the love I have for you with another.”

    At that moment, Amara got up and walked away for she knew that there was

    no hope left for her. But Little Tom chased her and held her.

    “Please don’t go please. I know you like Ukeh a lot but I tell you right now that I have loved you as well. I wanted to wait for the right time before I tell you and am sure that this is the right time. Please Agatha. Sorry, Amara please marry me. I love you and I will love to marry you right here amongst your people in your father’s land.

    Amara didn’t know if to cry or laugh. She had never dreamt that she would have anything to do with a white man. But she knew that Tommy was a good man.

    “How can you marry me? We are world apart. We can’t be together” she said.

    Before Kelvin and I left to find you, we already made up our minds. We will be with you here in Africa. We can go to the US. once in a while but Africa will be our new home. He said.

    “Are you sure? Amara asks

    He nodded and Amara hugs him tight.

    Ukeh, Kelvin,Nti and Nma interrupted them and they all burst out laughing.

    Ukeh: Where is Tobi now?

    “He is at his house. He went hunting in the forest and a snake spat into his eyes, he became blind. The girl he married ran away with another man because she couldn’t cope with his naggings. He is at his father’s compound causing at anyone that comes around due to his frustration.

    Ukeh demanded to see him. And when he finally got to the compound and saw his former friend, he shed tears. Tobi was looking old and wretched. Even they who had suffered slavery for years were far better than him. When Ukeh spoke and Tobi confirmed that it was truly Him and Nti that had returned, Tobi almost fainted.

    “Tobi, I know I promised to kill you whenever I see you again, but I won’t do that, because the love of Jesus has taken over every anger and hate I have in me. I forgive you brother, and I bessech you to accept Jesus as your Lord and savior so that you too can be saved.

    Tobi who couldn’t believe that Ukeh was still alive and free didn’t want to hear anything. And so despite all Ukeh had preached, he couldn’t care less. She. They were tired of talking, Ukeh and his people turned and left him. Tobi couldn’t believe what happened and so he picked up a small knife and buried it straight into his chest. He died on the spot.

    Ukeh married Nma, Kelvin re- married Nti according to the Nigerian tradition and law. Kelvin got married to Amara and together they kept building different churches and preaching Jesus to the people of the land. After hearing thier story, Many people burnt thier idols and gave their lives to God. And from time to time, they traveled to FREETOWN and the United states and other part of Africa preaching the gospel of JESUS CHRIST, who delivered them and brought them from captivity into a whole new world.

    THE END!

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    What a nice job @ writer

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    What a nice job and good story

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    To God be the glory

    God bless you @MummyE for this wonderful story

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