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    mmm next pls

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    Elsie, this your smile will soon turn to your sad moment ever in your life! Just wait and see.

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    bad girl

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    she truly deserves to be called a witch!

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    lets see how it all plays out

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    fire on

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    Episode seventeen
    He took me to his house and showed me
    his underground house.
    I was very happy because things are falling
    into place.
    “give me your hand” he said bringing me
    out from my thought
    I gave him my hand and he treated my
    “thanks for everything” I smiled weakly.
    “it’s my duty” he replied.
    It’s been a week now, me and Kellys
    friendship blossomed more.
    “follow me, I want to show you
    something” he said stretching his hand for
    me to hold it.
    I held his hand and followed him without
    questioning him.
    When we got to a pretty lake, he stopped.
    “how is it?” he asked
    “it’s more than beautiful” I said running
    towards it.
    We played inside the water like babied and
    it was fun.
    He wrapped his hand around me making
    me surprised.
    “aren’t you cold?” he asked.
    “am not” I removed his hands and started
    running to another direction.
    I was surprised to see him In front of me.
    “am faster than you think” he winked at
    me and my heart nearly sank.
    We stayed there for a while, just then a
    hunter walked pass us without seeing us.
    “should we scare him? ” Kelly ask.
    “why not, let’s have fun” I replied laughing.
    Kelly changed to a cheetah,when the man
    saw him, he started running for his life.
    I used my powers to hang him. He was
    running buy wasn’t moving he was just
    stock one place.
    After some time, I let go and the poor man
    “this feeling is awesome” Kelly said turning
    me around.
    “thanks for coming into my life” he stroked
    my hair.
    “you welcome” I replied.
    …….a month later…….
    I’ve tried everything possible to get Lilly
    back but nothing worked out so I gave up.
    Elsie has always been there for me and
    having her by my side makes me happy
    and fulfilled.
    “let’s go somewhere” she said
    “what place” she didn’t answer instead she
    just dragged me yo come with her.
    She teleported to a place where I would
    never forget.
    “Elsie are you insane” I asked removing my
    hand from hers
    “am not just wanted to remind you of who
    you are” she replied with a sad face.
    I stared at the entrance of my kingdom, it
    was the same as before Just that it wasn’t
    beautiful again.
    “I can’t go in except the spell is broken” I
    said sadly.
    “you can’t go in but can take a look at it
    just once” she lifted my face up and what I
    saw made me sad.
    The atmosphere was thick and dark all the
    beautiful tress and flowers were dead and
    were now coloring brown.
    “let’s leave” I said in tears because I could
    hear the cry of people.
    “but… ”
    “Now” I cut her off and she teleported us
    back home.
    I sat by my pool that was inside my house
    as tears dropped down my cheeks.
    “am sorry if what I did made you sad , if
    you want me to leave I would do….. ” I
    drew her closer to me as I stared at my
    lovely eyes.
    “please don’t leave me, and beside am sad
    because my people are sad” I said.
    “okay, I would get you something to eat”
    she wanted to stand up but I didn’t let her.
    “I want you” I said kissing her.
    “Kelly this…. ”
    “please do it not because you are my
    subject but because of you care for me” I
    “okay I would le…..” I didn’t let her
    complete it, I started kissing her hungrily.
    …….Elsie’s pov…….
    Finally it’s happening, after Kelly gets
    intimate with me, he would love me like
    never before.
    He kissed my ankle,my feet till he got to
    my thigh.
    The feeling was more than awesome and I
    wanted more.
    I felt his lips at my entrance and it made
    my leg coil.
    My head was closer to the pool and I felt
    my hair enter the water.
    My moaning feel the air and I didn’t reduce
    my voice either.
    After some time, I gave him a mouth job.
    “f--k! Where did you learn that from” Kelly
    said stroking my hair.
    “I would give you the best” I said in my
    Soon he was inside of me, I felt expanded
    because I was tight down there.
    He was so fast but thank goodness that I
    could carry him.
    After plenty rounds, we released as he
    collapsed near me.
    …..Kellys pov…..
    This was the best sex ever.
    I’ve hard sex countless times including
    with Lilly but it can’t be compared to this.
    I was able to express the way I felt (the
    I took my bath wore my pajamas then
    went to look for Elsie because I couldn’t
    find her.
    She was in the kitchen but it seems that
    she was crying.
    “Elsie” I called, when she heard my voice,
    she dried her tears faking a smile.
    “did you miss me? ” she asked.
    “yeah but why were you crying?” I asked.
    “I wasn’t crying, I came to take water she
    “stop lying please” I drew her closer and
    this time she let them tears flow.
    “I’ve betrayed my friend Lilly” she said
    “you didn’t, she pushed me away and said
    she doesn’t have anything to do with me
    so please don’t think about it” I said wiping
    her tears.
    I kissed her making her smile.
    “Elsie I ehm I… ” I couldn’t say it so I just
    discarded it.
    “let’s go to bed” she said.
    “I don’t want to sleep now” I replied
    “why?” she asked
    “I want you” I replied shyly.
    “geez are you a machine or what? ” she
    “you are just too tempting” I replied
    carrying her up and dropping her on the
    dinning table.
    “Kelly it’s the dining” she laughed.
    “it doesn’t matter all that matters is your
    presence” we kissed deeply and……….
    Lilly’s pov
    Me and my girlfriend made a bet that if she
    could clean my tattoo then I would attend
    the pool party
    “where is Kelly” I asked immediately the
    tattoo went off.
    “you guys separated a long time ago” she
    replied and my phone fell of my hand.
    “this can’t be happening” I shouted.
    Lilly is back and Kelly is in love.

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