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    This is a story based on a guy whose name is AKINNUBI OLUWAMUYIWA BABATUNDE from d great Ondo state,a student of d best state poly in Nigeria(RUGIPO).He is called TALLEST by all and sundry coz of his extremely out-of-this-world-height(THATS ME!!!)…..the story goes thus………

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    I was born into a polygamous family of three wives and seven children.My father was a teacher so also are his three other wives.I was the 8th child and the last child although not the least.There were five boys and two girls before my arrival.Although I didnt have an idea of what was going around me the faithful day,it was later revealed that my parents and siblings were very excited and happy.It was said that words cannot portray how much Joy my mother felt the moment i came out of her,maybe it was because she guessed or know i will be the last but as fate brought it I was.
    “Iya Bunmi(bunmi’s mother),congratulation you gave birth to a bouncing bay boy” the doctor said and my mother met the proclaimation wit a smile.
    “E se doctor”(thank you doctor)she said with all her might.

    She was discharged two days after putting to bed.She was greeted with shouts of Joy and applause as my father’s car drove into the well spacious compound.
    I was named BABATUNDE(cos my granddad died during the period) Oluwamuyiwa and was later christened Mark.Love and care were showered on me since my arrival and this made me half-spoit and arrogant,even pround to the point that I do abuse my elders.
    I was enrolled into a private primary school at the age of 2 cos mum decided that giving a child the best foundation is the path to a successful life.
    Seconds turned into minutes,minutes into hours,hours into days,days into weeks,weeks into months,months into years and I was already in primary 5,my parents were convinced by my brothers to let me participate in the upcoming entrance exam into secondary school which they(my parents) later accepted cos of the intense pleading/persuasion.I did the examination and passed although not with the best result but anyway deemed fit for any secondary in the vicinity.I was admitted into a private secondary school far from home,though my parents were at first reluctant but with the fact that i wasnt ready for another school and the fact that my uncles and families were in support of it,I was allowed to go “but on a simple condition”my dad said,”what dad?”i sadly replied.”no cause for alarm,son”my mum chipped in when she saw the look on my young face,”just promise us you will show good behaviours and show the public that you were given moral education to the fullest” she continued.”I promise”,talking to no one in particular “thats my son!”mum proclaimed boastfully

    And my life never remain the same the moment i stepped into the so-called secondary school….

    Is it Good Or Bad?wait and see

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    Nah passport them deh call-wait & get!! Now the toritori be say-wait & see!!! Oya Fire on!!!! I’m waiting

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    Episode 2
    My dad drove me to school on the first day of resumption to know all necessary payment or so i thought.We were directed to the principal office which was in the centre of the school.I wasnt oppotuned to take a look around the school cos my dad was in a hurry and wouldnt let me.”you cant drag me to and from school everyday dad” i said to my self as I was half running so as to avoid falling.We finally got to a wooden door wit the inscription”THE PRINCIPAL”
    “come in” a deep voice said when my father knocked the door.
    My father opened the door and we both walked in.I expected something elaborate but was disappointed as I scan through the office. Although the office floor was clean,books were scattered on the shelf and the documents were also in disorder.
    “Mr Akinnubi” my father introduced himself,”this is my son,muyiwa” he said extending his hand for a handshake
    “Mr Gbadamosi” he said taking my father’s hands in his
    “I came for all necessary payments and also the list of books for the session” my father announced
    “Good” the principal said handing a list to my father “you can pay the fees to the bursar over there” he added pointing to the east of his office
    “Thank you sir” my father said shaking the principal’s hand for the second time that morning.
    The bursar’s office wasnt hard to find cos the place was full of parents that wanted to pay their child(ren)’s fees.
    The time was laready 7:30am and my father ought to be at work by 7:45am,he handed me over to a woman and begged her to please help me to pay the fees.
    The woman agreed and collected sum Naira notes from my father and he(my dad) left after giving me “food money” and promised to come and take me after school.
    The woman came with a boy of my age although not my height.
    “Tobi” he said
    “muyiwa” I answered him shyly
    “dont be shy bro”he said almost immediately
    “okay,tnx” I said trying not to look shy
    “good,nice meeting you”
    “same here”
    we both hugged ourselves and didnt notice his mum was watching us.
    “alright boys,we are good to go” she said and we both freed each other.
    We were directed to the head teacher who is responsible for alllocating classes to students and fortunately,Tobi and I were in the same class.Although it was said that uniforms will be ready the following day.
    We followed Tobi’s mum to her car after her discussion with the head teacher.”WOW!!” I almost said at the sight of the vehicle.not that i was seeing it for the first time but the fact that it is owned by a woman.We watched her drive out after giving both of us money to spend during break.
    We went to our allocated class and this was when i got to look at Tobi head to toe.Fair in complexion,average height(inches shorter than me),built muscles,and to round everything up a well created handsome face.
    “what?”he said when he noticed me
    “nothing sir”i said mockingly and we both laughed.
    “lets go outside” he said when we were through
    “okay” i said
    “this is why i asked mum to bring me to a mixed school” He announced as we saw some female students roaming about
    “I dont understand you Tobi”I said
    “you will soon understand Muyiwa” he replied..
    “I hope it isnt what am thinking” I said
    “what are you thinking?” he asked
    “nothing” i shook my head

    to be continued………

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    lol @khola46 you never cease to amuse me, you are hilarious dude..

    Oya @Tallest continue we are following… 🙂

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    Oya nao! Is it really wat u r thinking?

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    @Johnysky ..Lol… Nah you be mah David Mark for here ooo!!!!

    Muyiwa(Bring This Come:it sound pidgin bha?.nah so I think it means o), your thought would soon come to pass,since you make friend your first day in school,you will soon make L.O.V.E as times goes on!!! Tobi would be there to tutor you on some step to take!!!

    As Mah David Mark( Johnysky).lol. don say.. We Are Following the story(not you,because we are not on twitter right now)…lol…

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    oya naw………i dey ur back dey watch u, let d torry continue

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