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    THE TENANT (Fugitive )
    Written by Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo
    Copy right: 2018/2019
    This project is fiction and any resemblance to anyone (whether dead or living), situations, events and venues is purely coincidental. It is a work from pure inspiration and perspiration therefore do NOT copy this without my prior knowledge.
    The tenant is basically a story aimed at curbing a very common social ill in our society, RAPE which both male and female can of course be a VICTIM.
    Vanessa resolved to leaving home following the death of her mum, she had also been a victim of rape from her step-brother, Francis. In the course of trying to run from Francis she ran into another Francis who appears to be cool but can she trust him considering they bear the same name?….
    She is now a tenant in the old Prof’s house who is a widower but how would she handle the riff between her and the neighbors was she actually sick in the head like they said-
    Niks has been the best part of her life but a waging war is just in sight when they seem to love the same guy- would they end quite well?…
    She doesn’t want to admit that GOD loves her or does HE really do?
    Sharon went through a lot than one could comprehend at such a tender age, would she overcome this considering she just surrendered her life to Christ?- but this God is demanding something she is not ready to give, FORGIVENESS.
    All these questions will be answered in the story…
    RAPE is a bad act which a victim might never heal from the effects- psychologically, physically and spiritually. Rape in male is an arguable case but it happens.
    A research shows that six out of every female child is a victim of sexual assault and five out of them have been raped… it also shows that three out of every male child is a victim of sexual assault and one is a victim of rape.
    But…can we blame the rapist all the time because there is a saying that ‘HOT people HURT people’.

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    Episode 1
    Vanessa closed the booth of the red colored Toyota Camry with a bang after depositing her luggage into it. Then she turned to face her friend, Adenike who just looked on dazed with her mouth dropping in surprise.
    “Hop into the car, if you are still on my side”, Vanessa threw at her friend Nike not minding the look of shock, pity, surprise and compassion written all over the people’s faces. The people all came to sympathize with her family as she just lost her mother two weeks ago and was buried yesterday at a private cemetery has her dad vehemently refused her to be buried in his compound. Chief Williams was a very pompous and mean man in his mid-fifties who would do anything thing to get what he wants.
    Vanessa took a good look round the compound for the last time feeling weepy, not that she would miss her father and only brother but because she would miss her friends, the housemaid Bike and the gateman, Ahmed. They have always been her confidant, adviser and had also given her a shoulder to lean and cry on even before she lost her mum.
    Vanessa opened the door of the driver’s side and hopped in. she started the car and honked the horn when she realized Nike was still standing there in the sun.
    Vanessa was a very beautiful but slim young lady. She was tall and dark in complexion with big doll eyes encaged in an almond shaped eyelids, the color of her eyes were brown. Her face was oblong with shapely pointed nose and beautiful thin lips and she had on her, a nice hair cut. Vanessa could pass for a beauty queen if she contested for one but she wasn’t up to it as Nike and her mum had advised times without number. She was in her early twenties and a graduate from the prestigious university of Ibadan, she studied accountancy and worked in a bank . She had an early education
    Nike jolted back to life at the sound of the horn and quickly slipped into the car seat beside her friend. Nike attended the same high school with Vanessa and they got admission into the same university but Nike was a lawyer. Nike was the only friend Vanessa had as she hardly kept friends and through the years their friendship got stronger, an unbreakable bond probably because they both shared the same opinion that “it is better to be alone than keep bad company”.
    ‘Vanessa, are you sure you can drive? Nike asked in almost in a whisper with a tinge of fear seeing that her friend’s face is already twisted in rage as she wiped off tears of anger.

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    episode 2&3

    Episode 2
    Nike was also very beautiful, to be candid, she had the same qualities and features as Vanessa. Nike rested her head on the headrest resignedly.
    Vanessa ignited the engine and looked ahead to see if the gateman was around and really the gateman, Ahmed had already opened the gate ever since he saw her depositing her luggage into the booth of the car and he stood by the gate sobbing. She looked through the rear mirror and saw the housemaid standing there weeping. She felt sorry for the two but she couldn’t stay back in this hell called a home.
    She drove past him, waving as she did, ‘I will come check you guys from time to time’, she said to him wiping her face the second time.
    ‘Okay Auntie’, he replied with lot of emotions. With the reply, Vanessa drove past him out of the compound and swayed unto the street.
    ‘Where are we going?’, Nike queried.
    ‘Keep your cool girl’, Van replied..‘Okay o’.
    Van started thinking about everything that transpired between her and her family that led to her packing her loads. She remembered how she had been coping with her father and only elder but wicked brother these past years. She remembered her mum, her only helpmate, prayer mate, partner in battle. She remembered her ever glowing face even in death she looked more beautiful like an angel, she was her carbon copy. She remembered her father’s always blazing eyes and deep voice then her brother-the wicked one, she remembered the first time he forced his masculine frame on her thin body, she remembered herself letting out a painful low scream-no one heard. Her mum was away at her shop and she just returned from school, she was in senior school 1` and her brother was home on holiday- he schooled then at Fire rocks University.
    ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!, she heard Niks shout.
    ‘Oh my God’, Van said pressing hard on the break pad and the car stopped. She was already off the road and driving towards a Jeep parked by the roadside and obviously the driver of the car was not in. She was already in tears.
    Nike opened the door of the car and Vanessa did the same breathing heavily as though she just escaped from a lion’s den, Nike was also tensed up.
    ‘You know you almost got us killed now, Niks finally said breaking the ice as people stared at them, and I asked if you could drive’, she added looking at Van.
    ‘She is probably going insane! Akpor’, a short and robust woman obviously from the Igbo tribe spat out irritably and the two other people sitting with her agreed.

    episode 3

    Episode 3
    She should have allowed the other lady drive the car now’, another woman who saw the scene said coming towards the Igbo woman’s shop.
    ‘ Na so we see am o,’ the Igbo woman said again spreading her two palms at the other woman.
    ‘I am so sorry’, she managed to apologize before a middle aged man walked up to them.
    ‘Are you guys okay? That was sort of crazy earlier’, the man said, his eyes perusing them one after the other as though trying to find if there was an itch on their body.
    ‘Oh-yeah’, Van mumbled rubbing her hair.
    ‘Yes sir, thank you. Are you the owner of the Jeep?’, Nike managed to ask pointing at the black Jeep.
    ‘No, actually that is my car over there. I was the one driving behind you earlier before I noticed the reckless driving’, the man said pointing at a black colored Porsche with tinted glasses and both ladies turned to look at the sleek car mouth dropping in awe.
    ‘Hey! What is going on here?’ a very handsome and tall guy said and the trio turned back to the direction of the voice.
    ‘Wow! The owner of the Jeep, I guess’, Niks whispered into Van’s ear ‘He is d--n cute’.
    ‘Er-actually, we almost ran into your car’, Niks explained with looks uncertain of what the guy would say.
    ‘Oh! Is that right?’, the guy asked with raised eyebrows- he had an American accent, and the man quickly cut in.
    ‘It wasn’t intentional Mr., I guess she wasn’t in her right frame of mind earlier’, the middle aged man explained covering up for Van.
    ‘That is fine- really’, the guy replied them with assurance smiling as though he was enjoying the conversation.
    ‘Wow! He is really cute’, Niks repeated in the same quiet tone and Van gently squeezed her arm to bring her back to reality.
    ‘I am Francis by name’, the cute guy said offering the middle aged man his hand for a shake.
    Taking the hand with warmth, the middle aged man replied, ‘I am Adewale’.
    ‘Francis? I hate that name! I hate every Francis on this earth planet!’, Van suddenly spat out with rage evident in her eyes and tone leaving the two guys dumbfounded and making Francis more embarrassed- it was no joke. Van ran to the owner’s seat, Niks previous position fuming, she knew her friend would apologize to the guys, she waited patiently for her so she could drive because she couldn’t risk her life the second time, though she wanted very much to commit suicide but not anymore- she had to see her enemies go down first.
    Niks looked at two guys apologetically seeing the shock on their faces. ‘I am really sorry for her outburst, she had been going through a lot recently- I am really sorry.’
    ‘That’s fine’, Adewale responded first feeling a little sympathy. Nike nodded in acknowledgement and looked at Francis with raised eye balls expecting him to say something since he was the one embarrassed here.
    ‘Well, I think I am interested in her’, Francis finally spoke grinning. Niks and Adewale cast a questioning glance at him.
    ‘Er- I mean in her case’, he quickly added smiling sensing their mischief.
    ‘Okay, I am Adenike;, giving out her hand to both guys for a shake. They exchanged phone numbers.
    The trio later went back to their various cars.
    Van sat down in the car, ‘Francis? All the Francis are bad’, she muttered, ‘Yes they are and I hate them’.
    She looked out through the wounded glasses with the car keys in her hand, ’what was he grinning at? She asked herself and hissed.
    Niks entered the car not long after smiling all over and this irritated Van the more.
    ‘And what is so funny?’ Van managed to ask.
    ‘What do you think about that guy, Francis?’ Niks asked ignoring her question.
    ‘Hey! Don’t even go there, I told you I don’t like him, he is Francis, Van replied feeling more irritated.
    ‘Well- to me, he is a very cute guy and he seems humble too’, Niks said grinning from ear to ear.
    Van didn’t reply but pursed her lips. ‘Look here, because your brother Francis, is mean does not mean all the Francis on earth planet like you said are also wicked’, Niks continued with lots of seriousness.
    ‘Are you taking sides with him?’, Van asked with pained voice.
    ‘No darling! I am not taking sides with him- all I am telling you is to free your mind, let out all your bottled up emotions’, Niks explained calmly.
    ;’Turn left! The house is the fourth on the street’, Van said ignoring Nike again.
    ‘I know you won’t listen to me’, Niks said and shrugged. In another five minutes, Nike found herself hooting in front of a giant black gate with a high fence painted lemon with flowers planted round the house. The gate swung open almost immediately and Niks drove past the light complexioned young gateman into the compound. The compound was a very big and beautiful one. The landlord probably has a good job or has successful children who built him the house. But whichever it was- the house was beautiful, There were four flats in the compound and all was painted Lemon. The floor was interlocks with flowers planted round the fence where fluorescent lights hung and the gardener was pruning the flowers with the secateurs
    Niks parked the car at the designated place and both alighted and Van led the way to a duplex, the biggest building in the compound- obviously the landlord was the occupant of the apartment. Niks followed suit after waving at the gateman who bowed in greeting. Van rang the doorbell and a young lady of about 17 years opened the door. The girl was light complexioned and chubby- a perfect description of a well fed child.
    ‘Hi’, Van said smiling at the young girl
    ‘Hello Ma’am, please come in’, the young girl said with courtesy.
    Thank you ma dear, is Prof. Bello in?’, Van asked.
    ‘That’s my dad and he is in, please have your seats while I call him’. The young girl replied.
    ‘Thank you my dear’. Van said and the girl ran up the stairs to call her dad.
    Few minutes later, an elderly man appeared walking down the stairs. He was tall with little grey hairs on his head and beard and he smiled immediately he saw Van.
    All this while, Niks was worried because she was still in the dark- Van had refused telling her what they were doing here.
    ‘Good day Sir! Both ladies chorused as they stood on their feet to greet the Prof.
    ‘Oh- Vanessa! How have you been?’, the man asked really pleased to see the young lady.
    ‘Have been good sir and I hope the apartment is still available’, Van asked with hopes high.
    ‘Of course my dear, I reserved it for you seeing you will need it soon and when you called this morning, I called someone to clean up the place ’. Are you ready to move in?’.
    ‘Oh thank you sir, I will move in right away’. Van replied elated.
    ‘Alright then, let me get the keys. Prof. Bello said and went back up stairs.
    ‘Let us go’, he said as he re-entered the living room,
    The two girls stood up and Niks carried her fuchsia pink handbag which matched her deep blue gown with fuchsia pink blazer and her sandals matched the handbag, while Van straightened the black top she wore on a black jean trousers and on her feet were black snickers.
    The old Prof. led the way and stopped in front of another lemon colored building, then he inserted the key and the door opened, then the three stepped into the spacious but empty room-it was very neat.
    The man gave her the keys and left but not after Van showed gratitude.
    ‘Really- You got this place and I have no idea about this?’, Niks finally blurted out after the man left.
    ‘I am sorry love but I know you would kick against idea’, Van explained apologetically.
    ‘Okay o, so what are you going to fix into this house?’,Niks asked.
    ‘well- I gave a company to handle the furniture and they would be here anytime from now and I also brought some important equipment and utensils I bought a week ago at the mall’, Van said beaming and Niks only nodded feeling sad that her friend had done a lot of the things without her knowledge.
    The ladies later went out to unpack Van’s luggage. They arranged what is needed to be arranged. She hung the pictures and picture quote frames on the wall and after about two hours of arrangement, the furniture company arrived. The brought in they brought in the sofas, centre table and low stools and the mattress she brought the previous day fit into the bed perfectly. At 6pm, the room has been given a new and tasteful look.
    Niks finally left at 8pm.
    Later in the night, Van laid on her bed replaying all her experiences, she ended up soaking her pillow with bitter tears. Tomorrow was Sunday and Niks had told her to go to Church- she hasn’t been there for quite sometime now and she can bet she can’t remember how to pray anymore. She finally resolved not to attend mass.
    She remembered Francis too- Igbo people are just bad and the Francis too but he is kinda cute. She thought and slapped herself to bring her back to reality. She shouldn’t love him- here she was at 23, she had no man to call hers not that no guy liked her but she just hate them. Now, what does she hate- she hates men, all the Francis on the earth planet and the Igbo people. Goddamn!. She finally drifted into a fretful sleep as she had nightmares.

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    aunty calm down and take it easy
    do not conclude that a basket of oranges is bad after tasting only one
    Link to Available Episodes
    Scroll down for episode 4

    Episode 5

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    Episode 8-10

    Episode 11-12

    Episode 13

    Episode 14-15

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    Last Episode

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    Continue please

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    Director Michaels
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    Go on….I’m with you 100%

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    nice start

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    Episode 4
    Francis’s POV
    ****Episode 4
    Francis drove on smiling in such a way that revealed his dentition. He was happy he had contact with the beautiful ladies. And he meant it when he said he was interested in her case- or was it truly in her? He couldn’t answer that just yet, time will tell.
    Francis was a very cute and tall guy, he had the exact features of a model. He turned 25 last month and he just returned from America to visit his 17 year old sister who is sick and he would not return soon but even if he wanted to leave he won’t because of who he just met. He was however grateful that Niks gave him her number, he would call her tomorrow after church service. He grinned again with self satisfaction revealing his white set of teeth and he had a gap between his incisors. He was the dream man of any lady.
    Francis was taken to study in the US at the age of 16 and this is the second time he would come home ever since, the first time was when he lost his dad two years ago- he went back to the States with his mum leaving his sister behind with an uncle so she would finish her secondary education.
    Francis went to Michigan University and studied Psychology. He graduated three years ago, finished his masters last year and he is presently working in an hospital at New York. He was engaged to Jane, a black American lady
    He had a strong feeling that there was a reason behind Vanessa hating al the Francis on this earth planet and come to think of it, Nike made a comment of her going through a lot recently. He was determined to help her when he said he was interested in her. He would get her out of the trauma at least he was able to help his sister.
    ‘D--n!’, he suddenly exclaimed stamping his fist on the steering wheel. He had forgot to get the drugs prescribed by the doctor from the pharmacy. He had to turn back.
    He got the drugs and some food for his sister and some for himself. He was on the road leading to the estate where he lived in another two hours- he was stuck in traffic.
    He maneuvered the car into the estate’s gates, he drove past different streets and accessed the whole building he saw as though he was seeing them for the very first time, he saw a truck carrying furniture trying to enter a big building painted lemon, obviously moving into the compound.
    He reached his house number and opened the gate with the remote control, he parked t he car in the parking lot and stepped out holding the medicine bag in his left and the cellophane containing the food in his right.
    He rang the door bell of the flush door and a plump woman in her early forties opened the door. He went inside the house.
    ‘Oh dear!’, the woman exclaimed as he hugged her and she collected the cellophane from him seeing how tired he was.
    ‘Ma’am, Lagos traffic is something else. I should have arrived earlier.
    ‘Sorry dear, you will have to get used to it since you will be around for some time.
    Francis sighed and shook his head.
    ‘Where is Sharon?’, he asked.
    ‘She is upstairs in her room’. The woman replied as she followed Francis to the kitchen.
    Alright ma, you can have the second pack of food, I will just give her this so she can take her medicine.
    ‘No! you should eat that, I am leaving soon’, the woman objected shaking her head, watching
    ‘No way, I am the man, you should eat that- I will find something else to eat’, Francis quickly said and ran upstairs with a tray containing the food, cutlery, a bottle of water, a cup and the medicine bag- avoiding the woman’s protest.
    The woman walked back to the sitting room smiling. ‘the boy is just humble and kind’, the woman said shaking her head the smile still visible on her face.
    The woman’s name was Mrs. Chioma Winifred, Francis’s aunt- his mum’s younger sister. She was the closest to her elder sister and ever since she heard of Sharon’s illness and Francis’s arrival, she has been helpful. She is a business woman and owns one of the largest boutiques in town. She held up a fashion magazine to read when her phone rang, the caller’s ID was my sister and she picked it up really excited.
    Francis turned the knob and pushed the door open with his right leg after knocking briefly. He saw Sharon reading her Bible on the bed.
    ‘ Hey bro! she exclaimed happily’
    ‘Hi Sharon, how are you feeling today?, he asked very delighted to see her sister happy. Its been long since he last saw the big smile he is seeing now.
    ‘I am feeling great bro- and how was your day?, she asked sitting up the Bible still in her hand.
    ‘It wasn’t bad, Francis replied and you have to tell me how it went, he quickly chipped in.
    ‘oh-well, she laughed and continued, I received a couple of phone calls from my friend and the I got one from uncle Richard.
    ‘he called you’, Francis asked with a tinge of anger
    Sharon simply nodded and added,’ he called to ask for my forgiveness but-I cut the line because I was too upset.
    ‘That’s fine, don’t bother about that’, Francis said patting her shoulder.
    She shrugged and Francis brought the food closer on a stool. Sharon prayed and started eating and after wards took her medicine. Francis made to pack the plates but she stopped him. ‘I can do that now bro’, she said smiling.
    ‘wow! Francis said as he watched her with admiration. He opened the door for her and they both left the room.
    Sharon greeted Mrs. Winifred and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes while his brother chatted away with the woman.
    Sharon was a very beautiful and adorable seventeen year old girl. She graduated from high school early this year. She lived with her aunt, another sibling to her mum throughout her final year in high school. She was a victim of sexual assault and rape. And as she washed the dishes, her mind went back to her bitter experiences
    It wasn’t up to two weeks after she moved in with her aunt that her husband, Mr. Adebiyi, the general manager of David and Sisters, started throwing advances at her. Her aunt was a banker and returned no sooner than 10 pm everyday except on Sundays and sometimes Saturdays when she stayed at home.
    Mr. Adebiyi finally raped her and she cried from that night till day break, she tried telling her aunt a couple of times. She remembered one of those occasions she tried telling her. It was around 10:30 pm.
    ‘Aunty!?’, she began, ‘I need to tell you something’
    ‘Oh my God Sharon, can’t you see I am tired, I just got back from work’, she said half yelling.
    ‘Okay dear, tell daddy everything you want to tell me when he returns from work tomorrow’, she said cutting her short and stood immediately and left for her matrimonial room before she starts protesting again.
    Sharon broke down uncontrollably in tears as soon as her aunt exited the room.
    She punched the brown leather seat in despair and quickly got up when she saw her husband’s aunt come into the living room, she eyed him badly and she could see a sign of relief written all over him-he was probably scared Sharon would successfully tell his wife about them-or him actually.. It wasn’t the poor girl’s wish or desire. But he can’t just bring himself to stop as his wife was always busy with work.
    Sharon eyed him and left for her own room and slamming the door with full force obviously trying to show Mr. Adebiyi how mad she was at him.
    They have been taught in school how sexual assault and rape could have negative effects on the victim and such person should not keep quiet but since she had tried many times she decided to keep to herself.

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