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    ??‍♀Where the dark mistress dwells,a son of Adam and a daughter of Eve,come matching in?.Will they ever make it out alive?Or dead?!?
    Well,we’ll see about that.Welcome To Houston Street,My Lovelies???

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    “Mommy where are you?I’m scared.”little Thomas cried out as he got up from his warm bed at the sound of the noise,coming right from outside his bedroom.”Who’s there?he shuddered,staring at the silhouette figure in the dark.”Aunt Kiki?”.

    “Thomas….Oh child.”She breathed,embracing him.”I’m so glad you’re okay.Come,we must hurry.”

    “But Aunt Kiki where is my mommy?I want my mommy.”he panicked.

    “Mommy’s not coming with us Tommy,”

    “Leave me alone.I’m not going anywhere with you”he said stubbornly,racing downstairs.

    “Mommy!Mommy please wake up…Wake up mommy!”he cried,shaking his Ms Claire’s lifeless body as she laid firm,moving not a single muscle.

    “She won’t wake up darling.Your precious mommy is long gone now”came his aunt’s sinister chuckled from behind.

    “Aunt Kiki why isn’t she moving?What did you do to my mommy?”he asked with his tiny voice ringing bitterly in the air.

    “You were always such a brilliant child Thomas.Awe!Too bad you have to die too munchkin.”she chuckled,bringing out the blood stained sickle from under her skirt.


    “Aunt Kiki!”he shuddered,running as fast as his tiny legs could carry him.

    “Run all you want little boy.You’re no match for me”she chuckled,running alongside as the little boy made towards the kitchen table.If only he knew what was waiting for him.

    “Thomas…Thomas!Come out,come out wherever you are…”she chuckled devilishly as she circled around the kitchen table that stood in the middle.”Ah-hah!Found you!”she chuckled,hitting the table with the sickle as the sharp tip cut across the middle.”You were always too bad at hide and seek!Send my regards to your parents in hell”she chuckled louder,raising her hands in the air.”Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!
    G-O-O-D-B-Y-E T-H-O-M-A-S M-I-L-K-I-S-I-N!!!!!


    My first time,writing a story not based on romance or anything.It’s gonna be really hard getting ideas though I’m one big horror fan.But I’ll hell as try…For my fans sake,and for those that’ll be reading alongside.And also I’m gonna make it intense.Well,will try.So at least no one will get bored along the way?…Oh,I’m talking too much.Ha!Sorry.I’ll leave you guys,now.Have fun reading…???


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    “Dad,are we there yet?We’ve been going on for hours.”Jade,a young slender girl of about sixteen,yay high and with shiny blonde hair,grumbled endlessly from behind.

    “Yeah dad.Is Houston that far?I thought we would have reached by now.My butt’s starting to ache,”Danny,the youngest of all cut in,itching his butt.”Ohh quit pushing Jade.I can hardly feel my backside.”

    “Oh,you mean your backside that’s clearly occupying the whole seat?”

    “Uh-uh!At least it isn’t as flat as yours manny!”he mocked.

    “Oh,no you didn’t,”she snarled,making to spank him.

    “Haha!You don’t scare me.”he chuckled,sticking his tongue out on her.

    “Oh,you will crabby face….”

    “Daniel!”came Mr Hardley’s hoarse scold from the front.

    “Oh,stop you guys.We’re tryna sleep here”the twins cut in,rubbing their wearied eyes.

    “Baby go back to sleep,okay?”

    “Now look what you’ve done.You’ve woken Brie and Blair up”

    “Me?!Who’s the one complaining about his stupid cracked butt?I won’t be surprised if you can’t wiggle it anymore.”she teased.

    “Alright you two.No fighting in the car”

    “Well,he started it”

    “What?!No daddy.She did!”he growled,pointing at a bully Jade.

    “Oh,yes you did grandma”Jaden laughed,running her fingers in his red hair.

    “Dad!Jade’s bullying me again.”


    “Nothing daddy.We were only playing”she grinned.

    “Good!Cause you don’t want me grounding you for another week”

    “Yeah right.Let me guess,you’ll send me off to juvey,am I right?”


    “Ha!That’ll keep you down pig face!”

    “You too Danny.”

    “But dad,I’m not even a teen yet.I’m just seven,you know?”

    “Then act like one!”Mr Hardley added.

    “Heh!In your face!”


    “Oh,you two”Blair scoffed,getting up.”Daddy are we almost there?It’s starting to get hot in here.”she complained ,hanging her little arms around him.

    “Me too daddy.I can hardly breathe.”Brie cut in,getting up from the back seat.

    “Calm down babies.We’re almost there.”

    “Ha-ha!I can’t imagine the look on Ms Chang’s face when she finds out we’re gone…”

    “Yeah!Me too.That wrinkled neck was starting to get on my nerves.Humph!”


    “Nothing father”he chuckled slightly.

    “Is that…Dad watch out!”Jade screamed with terror as Mr Hardley applied the brakes,making them jerk forward with full force.

    “Whoa!Baby what’s that?”

    “Daddy,what’s happening?”the twins asked with fright.

    “Y-you guys didn’t see that?”she shook,pointing towards the window screen.

    “See what J?Gosh!You scared the hell out of me”Danny panted.

    “Hmm,I thought I saw something.Guess it’s just my mind playing tricks on me.”she sighed,winding the windows up swiftly.

    “Then get it under control,will you?!Imagine if dad didn’t have control of the wheel.We’d have ended up in a ditch or something,”Danny snapped.

    “Great!It’s my fault now?”

    “Guys!That’s enough…Baby just take it easy,okay?We’re almost there now.”Mr Hardley assured,getting the car in motion all again.

    “Jade…”Brie whispered lowly,clasping her hands.

    “Yeah!What’s that?”

    “D-did you really see something?I–I’m scared”she shook vigorously.

    “No baby.Don’t be,all right?We’ll soon be home.”she smiled,placing the little girl’s head on her laps gently.

    “I really wish mum was here,”Blair chipped in.”Daddy will mum be coming to see us in our new house?I miss her already.”she said,looking all sober.

    “Sure baby.Mommy will,all right”

    “Yeah right.I bet she’s busy with that Yankee boyfriend of hers.”

    “Jade not in front of the kids.”

    “Yeah,whatever.”she shrugged,averting her eyes on the tall rusty buildings that laid side by side on the street

    “Whoo!And…Here we are”came their dad’s ecstatic voice as he drove the hatch-back car up the drive way.”Welcome to Houston ladies”he chuckled,halting to a stop as he pushed the car door open.

    “Yay!Daddy come carry us out”

    “Sure,my queens”he smiled,getting out as he made towards the back.”Here you go,ladies.”he laughed out loud,carrying them out.”And oh,beware of the mud guys.It’s pretty slippy.”

    “Sure dad.”

    “Hey!Not cool!I’m still here,you know?”Danny cut in jealously.

    “What now?”

    “Seriously dad,I ain’t a lady.”he scoffed,holding his arms in one fold.

    “Oof!Sorry.”came Mr Hardley’s laconic voice as he gave him a pat.


    “Hah!Grandma!”Jade smirked,punching him playfully.

    “Shut up,spit face!”

    “Danny is a granny..Danny is a….”she sang rhythmically as they followed behind.


    “Coming dad!”they giggled,poking on each other’s ribs as they heard a creaking sound as Mr Hardley pushed the door open,revealing an old,dusty living room.

    “Whoo!Guess we’ve got tons of work cut out for us”

    “Hmm,creepy don’t you think?I wonder who lived here?”Jade shrugged,rolling her eyes around the room which had several portraits and weird-looking drawings hovering on all corners.

    “Oh,don’t be such a scaredy kitty J.I bet the cobwebs got plenty of room for ya…”

    “Ewwwww,”she said.”Why will I be?”

    “Oh,look who’s talking.If you aren’t so scared then,why don’t we go take a look around.I bet dad won’t mind,right daddy?”

    “Hmm,I don’t know.We just got here”

    “Please daddy,”the twins voice ran as they beckoned to him with pup-pitying eyes.

    “Yes,please!A little adventure won’t hurt,will it?”Danny added,making towards the stairs.

    “Guys,c’mon,we don’t even know this place.What if…”

    “Oh,don’t be such a twerp.Dad don’t listen to her!”

    “Hmm,your sister’s right,you know”he said,giving it a thought.”But uhm,I guess,I’ll let you guys off…Only for five minutes.Just five minutes and nothing more.”

    “Dad!”Jade snapped.”Since when did you start listening to Daniel?”

    “Well,since now,jelly ass”he grinned,throwing an annoying smirk at her as he scurried off fast.

    “And no fighting,you hear me.Run along now,so we can finish up with this.”Mr Hardley said.”And oh,Jaden,make sure you keep your eyes on Brie and Blair.I don’t want anything happening to them while I’m gone.”

    “Dad,”Danny spoke again.”What about me?”

    “Ha-oh!Danny’s not excluded.Have fun,you guys.”he smiled,turning the dusty handle

    “Got it!”

    I’m really sorry I took long bringing back this one?.I had to make some editing,and even add some stuffs to it.Hope you’ll like it?

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    “Jade,over here,”Daniel whispers came.

    He motioned to Jaden but still,she stood firm,staring blankly into the empty dark room as her eyes snapped open with cold chills moving up her spine,getting her horrified.For a minute there,she would have sworn she’d heard strange noises come from inside but it was gone.She blinked for a second,snapping out of her thoughts as she heard Daniel’s floppy footwear rubbing against the carpet covered hallway.

    That noise….She thought,averting her eyes from the mysterious room.

    “Jade?You okay?”Daniel asked,watching her closely.

    “Y–yes,”she stammered.

    “Yes?But-Oh,well.Just hurry,”he said to her,tugging at her sleeves.”We have something to show you.”he stopped,watching her expression.

    Jaden’s countenance fell and she got scared all again.She had no idea what brought about that but all she knew was that her legs trembled unendingly and she couldn’t carry them along-she was stuck!

    “Jade,calm down.It’s just your mind playing tricks on you.”she muttered breathlessly,letting out a deep sigh.

    “Hmm.Well,is something really big,Jaden,”Daniel continued,describing with his hands.

    “Are you serious?”Jade asked.

    “Oh,you’re certainly not going to believe until you see for yourself.”he grinned,pulling her with him.


    “Shaluga….Shaluga!”a woman dressed in a gray sack cloth with a serpent staff and a large python curled around her wrinkled neck called.

    Her name was Naziya.The mistress of the dark.Leader of all darkness and the mother of all evil.She had the twelve councils at her feet and to each one,was given a bowl…No ordinary bowl but one to see the outside world and monitor every inhabitants in it.And on their forehead,laid embedded,a crystal to keep them alerted at always.

    They were Nazzis.Naziya’s minions and she had each of them do her biddings while she laid in wait for the blood of innocent souls to be shed at her feet,where she would drink and quench her never ending taste.

    To them,pure blood was a symbol of strength and fierceness and so it did to them,making them immune to any form of harm.They were the strongest and deadliest creatures the world had ever known.

    “Shaluga!”Naziya thundered aloud.

    “Yes,Mistress,”Shaluga replied,bowing her head.

    “Shaluga!!!”she thundered the third time,striking her staff against the hard ground.

    “Yes,Queen Mother”Shaluga responded,kissing the ground before her.

    Shaluga was Naziya’s trusted agent and the youngest of all.But nonetheless,her power was greater,compared to the other messengers in the world of the occult.She could compel any man into doing things they’d never imagined and in he end,slaughter every one of them.No wonder why they referred to her as the ‘Mistress’ favourite pet’.For as long as she was in power,she’d do anything for her mistress…Anything at all!

    “Shaluga,what am I hearing?”the dark mistress asked.”Is it true what they say?The son of Adam has finally come to dwell in our abode?”Naziya face beamed with eagerness.

    “I’m afraid so,my queen.”Shaluga affirmed.

    “Then,you must stop him!”came Naziya’s voice like thunder.

    “B–but my queen,he’s too strong.”Kadrin broke in.

    Naziya averted her red eyes on him,and boiled with fury flaring inside of her”Too strong?!Too strong,you say?!”she chuckled loudly as her minions followed.

    “Silence!”she ordered,restoring stillness once more

    Naziya eyed him thoroughly and with her staff moving against the ground,made towards him as she ran a thunderous slap across his face,making him tremble.

    “Get up!”she commanded.”Get up,I say!”

    “But my queen…”Shaluga stopped at the sight of the deadly look on her mistress face.


    “Forgive me,Mistress.”came her apology as she maintained thereafter.

    “Good!Now,listen,”Naziya continued.”I heard the son of Adam has a young maiden with him.He’s daughter,per say.A daughter of Eve,if I’m not mistaken.”she grinned,rubbing her chin with thoughts.”She goes by the name Jaden.And she’s got such a kind loving heart”she gave a loud chuckle.

    “A daughter of Eve born of the son of Adam?”murmurs enveloped in their midst.

    “Silence,my kitties.”Naziya muted them,returning order once again.

    “What do you want me to do,my queen?”Karin asked eagerly as a mischievous smile broke across his lips.

    “My!So eager,are we?”Naziya chuckled,walking gracefully.”Well,it’s quite simple.Would you be able to do it?”

    “Yes,Queen Mother,”he affirmed joyfully.”I’ll do anything for you.”

    “Good!”she smiled.”Now,I shall have you lure the foolish girl into sleeping with you,”she added.”And when she does,you shall take out her heart,and shall serve it to me on a fine silver platter….!!!”

    “Hey,what are you two up to?”Jaden asked,drawing closer with hands akimbo.

    “Jade,come see.”Brie beckoned to her.

    Jade walked slowly towards them,trying not to trip on the sickles and other farm tools that laid in their way.

    What’s with the tools piled up on all corners?She wondered,taking her sisters hands gently.

    “This’ gonna blow your mind,Jaden.”Daniel smirked,rubbing his palms as the foursome made towards the wall.

    They urged Jaden to squat as they followed put,with their hands motioning to the red markings that stood boldly engraved on it.None of them could interpret the writing,and this goes the flustered more.

    “Sweet,am I right?”Daniel spoke up.

    “Or creepy?”Jade shuddered,moving her hands on it.”I wonder who wrote this,”she thought out loud.

    “Heh!Such a scary kitty,you are.”Daniel joked.

    “Cut it out,D!”Blair rebuked with her tiny voice.

    “Yeah,Danny.Cut it out!Now’s not the time to go about that”Jaden chipped in,shrugging her shoulders.

    “What do you think,Jaden?Is it Arabic?”Brie asked inquisitively,looking up at her.

    “I…I don’t know Brie.”

    “Maybe dad will.He knows everything.”Daniel opined.

    “Kids!”Mr Hardley’s voice came,startling them.”Guys,where are you?”his voice drew nearer.


    “Dad isn’t so far off now.”Daniel alerted.”What are we going to do?”he panicked.

    “Here.Quick!”Jaden beckoned to them,and they swiftly moved the dusty wobbly table against the wall,covering it perfectly.

    “Think we should tell him?”Daniel whispered,rolling his eyes.

    “No…No,not yet,”Jaden replied.

    “Oh,thank goodness!”Mr Hardley exclaimed,walking in.”Kids,what are you doing at this wing?I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”he sighed,eyeing them suspiciously.

    “Uh,we were just looking around,dad,”Jaden spoke up.”We promise,we didn’t touch anything.”she faked a smile.

    “Yeah,right,dad.We didn’t this time.”the threesome added,playing along.


    “Uhm,come on kids.Let’s go play downstairs.”Jaden said to them,motioning with her head.

    Daniel and the twins quickly scurried out the door and Jaden made to follow.

    “Jade,hold on for a sec,”Mr Hardley said.”Baby,are you really sure you’re all right?”he asked concerned,staring at her.

    “Yeah,dad,”Jade replied.”Don’t worry about me.”she smiled,wriggling her hand out.

    “Well,if you say so.”he breathed a sigh.”Come on now.Let’s go eat…”

    Please guys,don’t forget to like and comment,and also share.Alongside add to your reading list,if you wish to.I’ll need all the support I can get.Love y’all??

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    The sky turned gray,and the earth roared with thunder,erupting the grounds,and thus leaving a crack on the surface of the earth.Green fumes oozed out from the ground beneath and a masked figure seen,silhouetted in the dark,followed by another.They turned,facing each other,and with their claws,ripped their masks off and their robes alongside.

    “And this is where we part ways…Sister.”One of the creatures said.

    “You can not say that,brother.You know I cannot leave you be.”his companion responded

    “But you must,sister.Queen mother needs you here.”he said.

    “You are right.I will miss you,brother.”came her throaty voice as she locked her forehead on his.

    “As will I,my Shalu,”

    It was morning and the sky looked crystal clear and bright.Jaden yawned,and with a weary,stress-beaten body,got out of bed.The church bell chimed at a distance,and it persisted for a minute before the sound died down,bringing back silence all again.

    The markings of the previous day,came crowding Jaden’s young mind as she thought about what message it was trying to pass.She thought about telling her dad what they’d had seen,but she couldn’t bring herself to.Not like he’s going to listen.She thought,running her fingers in her brunette.

    “Can’t believe he’s having me start all over.”she scoffed,letting out a faint sigh as she headed for the bathroom.

    Half of the west wing were yet to be cleaned,and the whole day cleaning and scrubbing were starting to wear her out.

    “Ohh.”Jaden muttered.If only dad would just listen,she wished.

    She continued sluggishly,feeling nostalgic on how she was going to start anew.”New house!”she shrugged.”New school!”she gulped.New friends,she thought.




    All their lives,they’ve been moving.When will it stop?When?!She questioned herself,remembering her perfect little life back at SlickVille.

    Now I’m forced to let go of every memories oncemore.I mean,how will Lori be fairing now?And Gloria…And gosh,even Hance…And of course,everyone!She wallowed in her thoughts.

    …It’s just like pre-school all again…

    “Ohh!”she let a low moan out,turning the handle of the bathroom door as it came loose.”Great!Even the door hates me.”she hissed,tossing the handle aside.

    She swung the door open,and with a creaking sound,came Jaden’s frustrated moans.The not-so big shower room(as she called it),that had a tiny window carved out on one side,came in sight,making her groan even more.”Ugh,dad!”she grumbled irritably.

    A thought crossed her mind,and she couldn’t help but match right in,whilst still clothed.She fixed her eyes on the shower head that stood above the side-scraped tub,and a crooked smile broke across her partly drooled lips.

    …Ooh,it’s got a shower.Me,like it…

    Jaden smiled,hopping into the bathtub,and with her hands,slipped out of her kitten shorts and matching sleep top,throwing them out the door.She got the shower running,moving under it as the warm water trickled down,soaking her hair,with the rest of her slender body.It felt really good having the water trickle down her skin,and she let it do it’s work on every part of her body as soft moans eluded her lips.

    Jaden hummed and scrubbed for about fifteen minutes,and then a tap came upon the wooden door-


    Accompanied by sharp footsteps upon the carpet outside.”Dany?”she shrieked.

    For a minute,she’d have sworn it wasn’t real,but then it came again.”D?”she whispered lowly.”D-Dany,is that you?”she shuddered with a sense of deja vu,pushing the cotton nylon aside.”Daniel!”she called louder,but no answer came.

    Okay.That’s weird,she thought inwardly,turning the shower off.

    Her heart skipped a bit,and she  twitched her ears in the direction of the sound,wanting to know who it was.”Uh,who is there?”she gathered up the courage to ask.”Anyone?”

    …Relax,Jaden.It’s just your mind playing tricks on you.There’s nothing out there.N-nothing!She breathed,turning the shower on again.

    She repositioned herself,and with her head lifted in an upward direction,let the water brush against her face sweetly,inhaling the lovely fragrance of her White rosé soap as the lather came off her skin,onto the slippery ground.She slowly opened her eyes,and to her amazement,her legs were covered up in-


    “Bloody hell!”Jaden gasped,gaping at the red fluid,horrified.

    “How….how…”she spoke breathlessly,making to climb out but felt-


    “Oh,no,no,no,”she panicked.”D-Dad….Daddy,where are you?”she cried.”Daddy…Daddy where are you?!”she screamed louder,struggling to free herself.”Daddy….”

    “Baby…”Mr Hardley rushed in.

    “Daddy,I can’t move.I can’t move,daddy.I can’t move.”Jaden alerted.

    Mr Hardley stood transfixed,staring at her.”What do you mean you can’t move,Jade?”he asked.

    “Daddy,I swear.I…can’t…move!”she stammered,shivering intensely.”The water’s r–red.”

    “Red?No,baby.The water’s perfectly normal.Here,take my hand.”he offered.

    Jaden quickly grabbed his hand,and followed at his command as a mischievous smile broke across his lips.”You seriously thought I was going to help you,Jaden Hardleyson?!”



    “Ha-ha-ha!Silly girl!”

    He chuckled louder,letting go as a loud crash came,and so darkness did…


    Okay!I really do s--k at writing horror stories…Haha!I’m sorry it’s not as intense as you guys assumed it to be…I’m still getting a hang of the not-so romance writing…???

    And oh,I do apologize for not updating earlier like I planned.My schedules have been way too tight,but I promise to try my best,all right?Have a wonderful night.And a fantastic new morn,too.Love ya…???

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    Links To Available Episodes
    Episode 4

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    @thecomely, thanks for the call

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