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    @thecomely thanks for the call

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    Please o,who else is having problem commenting on this post,and also on other posts I made earlier?Please signify?

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    Thanks dearest.I really appreciate.

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    Thanks dearest.I really appreciate.

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    You like?
    Or it’s terrible?Please tell me the truth…??

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    “Dad,are we there yet?We’ve been going on for hours.”Jade,a young slender girl of about sixteen,yay high and with shiny blonde hair,grumbled endlessly from behind.

    “Yeah dad.Is Houston that far?I thought we would have reached by now.My butt’s starting to ache,”Danny,the youngest of all cut in,itching his butt.”Ohh quit pushing Jade.I can hardly feel my backside.”

    “Oh,you mean your backside that’s clearly occupying the whole seat?”

    “Uh-uh!At least it isn’t as flat as yours manny!”he mocked.

    “Oh,no you didn’t,”she snarled,making to spank him.

    “Haha!You don’t scare me.”he chuckled,sticking his tongue out on her.

    “Oh,you will crabby face….”

    “Daniel!”came Mr Hardley’s hoarse scold from the front.

    “Oh,stop you guys.We’re tryna sleep here”the twins cut in,rubbing their wearied eyes.

    “Baby go back to sleep,okay?”

    “Now look what you’ve done.You’ve woken Brie and Blair up”

    “Me?!Who’s the one complaining about his stupid cracked butt?I won’t be surprised if you can’t wiggle it anymore.”she teased.

    “Alright you two.No fighting in the car”

    “Well,he started it”

    “What?!No daddy.She did!”he growled,pointing at a bully Jade.

    “Oh,yes you did grandma”Jaden laughed,running her fingers in his red hair.

    “Dad!Jade’s bullying me again.”


    “Nothing daddy.We were only playing”she grinned.

    “Good!Cause you don’t want me grounding you for another week”

    “Yeah right.Let me guess,you’ll send me off to juvey,am I right?”


    “Ha!That’ll keep you down pig face!”

    “You too Danny.”

    “But dad,I’m not even a teen yet.I’m just seven,you know?”

    “Then act like one!”Mr Hardley added.

    “Heh!In your face!”


    “Oh,you two”Blair scoffed,getting up.”Daddy are we almost there?It’s starting to get hot in here.”she complained ,hanging her little arms around him.

    “Me too daddy.I can hardly breathe.”Brie cut in,getting up from the back seat.

    “Calm down babies.We’re almost there.”

    “Ha-ha!I can’t imagine the look on Ms Chang’s face when she finds out we’re gone…”

    “Yeah!Me too.That wrinkled neck was starting to get on my nerves.Humph!”


    “Nothing father”he chuckled slightly.

    “Is that…Dad watch out!”Jade screamed with terror as Mr Hardley applied the brakes,making them jerk forward with full force.

    “Whoa!Baby what’s that?”

    “Daddy,what’s happening?”the twins asked with fright.

    “Y-you guys didn’t see that?”she shook,pointing towards the window screen.

    “See what J?Gosh!You scared the hell out of me”Danny panted.

    “Hmm,I thought I saw something.Guess it’s just my mind playing tricks on me.”she sighed,winding the windows up swiftly.

    “Then get it under control,will you?!Imagine if dad didn’t have control of the wheel.We’d have ended up in a ditch or something,”Danny snapped.

    “Great!It’s my fault now?”

    “Guys!That’s enough…Baby just take it easy,okay?We’re almost there now.”Mr Hardley assured,getting the car in motion all again.

    “Jade…”Brie whispered lowly,clasping her hands.

    “Yeah!What’s that?”

    “D-did you really see something?I–I’m scared”she shook vigorously.

    “No baby.Don’t be,all right?We’ll soon be home.”she smiled,placing the little girl’s head on her laps gently.

    “I really wish mum was here,”Blair chipped in.”Daddy will mum be coming to see us in our new house?I miss her already.”she said,looking all sober.

    “Sure baby.Mommy will,all right”

    “Yeah right.I bet she’s busy with that Yankee boyfriend of hers.”

    “Jade not in front of the kids.”

    “Yeah,whatever.”she shrugged,averting her eyes on the tall rusty buildings that laid side by side on the street

    “Whoo!And…Here we are”came their dad’s ecstatic voice as he drove the hatch-back car up the drive way.”Welcome to Houston ladies”he chuckled,halting to a stop as he pushed the car door open.

    “Yay!Daddy come carry us out”

    “Sure,my queens”he smiled,getting out as he made towards the back.”Here you go,ladies.”he laughed out loud,carrying them out.”And oh,beware of the mud guys.It’s pretty slippy.”

    “Sure dad.”

    “Hey!Not cool!I’m still here,you know?”Danny cut in jealously.

    “What now?”

    “Seriously dad,I ain’t a lady.”he scoffed,holding his arms in one fold.

    “Oof!Sorry.”came Mr Hardley’s laconic voice as he gave him a pat.


    “Hah!Grandma!”Jade smirked,punching him playfully.

    “Shut up,spit face!”

    “Danny is a granny..Danny is a….”she sang rhythmically as they followed behind.


    “Coming dad!”they giggled,poking on each other’s ribs as they heard a creaking sound as Mr Hardley pushed the door open,revealing an old,dusty living room.

    “Whoo!Guess we’ve got tons of work cut out for us”

    “Hmm,creepy don’t you think?I wonder who lived here?”Jade shrugged,rolling her eyes around the room which had several portraits and weird-looking drawings hovering on all corners.

    “Oh,don’t be such a scaredy kitty J.I bet the cobwebs got plenty of room for ya…”

    “Ewwwww,”she said.”Why will I be?”

    “Oh,look who’s talking.If you aren’t so scared then,why don’t we go take a look around.I bet dad won’t mind,right daddy?”

    “Hmm,I don’t know.We just got here”

    “Please daddy,”the twins voice ran as they beckoned to him with pup-pitying eyes.

    “Yes,please!A little adventure won’t hurt,will it?”Danny added,making towards the stairs.

    “Guys,c’mon,we don’t even know this place.What if…”

    “Oh,don’t be such a twerp.Dad don’t listen to her!”

    “Hmm,your sister’s right,you know”he said,giving it a thought.”But uhm,I guess,I’ll let you guys off…Only for five minutes.Just five minutes and nothing more.”

    “Dad!”Jade snapped.”Since when did you start listening to Daniel?”

    “Well,since now,jelly ass”he grinned,throwing an annoying smirk at her as he scurried off fast.

    “And no fighting,you hear me.Run along now,so we can finish up with this.”Mr Hardley said.”And oh,Jaden,make sure you keep your eyes on Brie and Blair.I don’t want anything happening to them while I’m gone.”

    “Dad,”Danny spoke again.”What about me?”

    “Ha-oh!Danny’s not excluded.Have fun,you guys.”he smiled,turning the dusty handle

    “Got it!”

    I’m really sorry I took long bringing back this one?.I had to make some editing,and even add some stuffs to it.Hope you’ll like it?

    Guys this is ?HAUNTED ONE?.I totakky forgot to make that a subheading.So sorry.

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    It’s going to be an interesting story. Thanks for the invite @thecomely

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