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    What has happened to this story?

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    @ciarajessy, trust you are good.

    What has kept this story with no update?

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    🔱Same Story 🔱

    I wanna start from here. To be frank I never had plans of rewriting my stories, till I found out about a whole lot of things. Things I needed to make perfect for my readers. And one morning, I woke up to a whole new idea, envisioning a new story line; same characters, but quite different. Like you’d notice, I removed a whole lot of things, which I did for some reasons. So I hope you’ll enjoy it better now. Love you

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    🧛‍♂️🕷The 🕯 Terrors 🕯 On H🕸uston Street 🧛‍♂️🕷

    ⚜By Jessica Duru ⚜

    🌪When the biting north wind blows,
    🌋The earth trembles;
    🌴🍃Swaying trees at its command
    🌬The smell of chaos ruling the night;
    🌊💧Innocent blood flowing like a river
    🔥Birthing agony at death’s rampaging feast

    Where the dark mistress dwells, a son of Adam and a daughter of Eve come matching in 😱. Will they ever make it out alive? Or dead?! 😈😵
    -Houston 🕎🕎🕎🕎

    “Mommy, where are you? I’m scared.” Little Tommy cried, getting from his warm bed.

    The sound of clattering pans came jolting him. “Who’s there?!” He shrieked. “Aunt Kiki?”.

    “Thomas? Darling, you there?Oh child.” A female’s voice rang.

    “Aunt Kiki….”

    “Oh, Thomas. I’m so glad you’re all right.” The sack clothed lady said, her figure silhouetted in the dark.

    “Where is my mommy, aunt? I want to see her.” He panicked, jerking out of bed.

    “Your Mom won’t be coming with us, Thomas,”

    “What do you mean she won’t be coming with us? We can’t leave, Mommy.”

    “Oh dear. Come on, now. We must hurry.” The woman urged, grabbing his arm.

    “I’m not going anywhere with you! You’re not my Mommy.” He cried, running out the door, downstairs.

    “Thomas! Thomas!!”

    “Mommy? Mommy! Wake up, Mommy!!” He cried in terror, shaking the lifeless body of his mother.

    He rolled his eyes around, seeing the bloody carpet. “What did you do to my Mommy? Why isn’t she moving?!” He gaped, horrified, as tears rolled down his cheeks.

    “Oh, she won’t wake up. Your precious Mommy is long gone, now!” A sinister smile broke across her lips. “Awe. Such a sweet boy. Too bad you’re one of them.”She chuckled louder, taking out a bloodstained sickle from under her sack.

    “Aunt Kiki?!” Gasped the little lad, his tiny legs rooted to the ground.

    “There’s no escape now, Thomas Huffington!!!”

    🌬🕯A Ciara’s Horror 🌬🕯

    I’ll be posting this story here along with my other one. So I’ll need all the support I can get from you guys. And your remarks. And if you love the new story line, you can help me share and invite anyone you wish to read alongside. I’ll really appreciate that…🌬🌬🌬


    “Are we there yet?” Jade Hadley asked. “It’s taking really long, now.” She grumbled testily.

    Jade was a rebellious, almond eyes teenager: A tenth grader with such shiny blonde hair. Yay high and pretty slender at age sixteen, making her really gorgeous.

    “Yeah, Dad.” Daniel cut in. “My butt’s starting to ache real bad.” He said.

    Daniel, the exact replica of his father had shady gray eyes, with a Harry Potter glasses fitted around it. He was smallish, no doubt, and pretty smart, despite the fact he was only eight.

    “Won’t be long now,” Mr Hadley said to them.

    “Oh, Jade, quit pushing!” Daniel shouted.

    “Me?!” She gasped. “You’re the one occupying everywhere with your smelly backside. I wonder if it ever stops growing,” She mocked.

    “At least it’s way better than yours….FLAT ASS!” Daniel stressed, sticking out his tongue.

    “You scum…..!”


    “Nothing, Father.” Jade laughed.

    “Oh, it better be or else….”

    “I’m gonna be double grounded. So last season.” Jade scoffed.

    “Or worse.” Mr Hadley replied.

    “Yeah, yeah. Tell me about it.” Jade shrugged.

    “You doing okay there, boy?”

    “Doing okay?! Dad it’s f-----g hot in here.”

    “Words, son. Words!” Mr Hadley cautioned.

    “Oops. Sorry.” Daniel giggled.

    “Will deal with ya later,” Jade whispered to him, acting normal again.

    “Dad, do you think Mum’s gonna be coming home for Christmas?” asked Daniel.

    “No, son. Don’t really think so.” Mr Hadley replied.

    “Like she’s ever free?” Jade scoffed.

    “Jade, you know your mum’s always busy at work, but don’t worry, I know she’ll come around.” He said, taking a peek at the mirror.

    Reading the expression on their faces, a faint smile broke across his lips. “You two okay there?” He added, “I know you guys miss your mum so much, and I know she does, but you gotta….”

    “Dad, look out!” Jade cried, seeing an haggard old lady appear suddenly.

    “Whoa!” Mr Hadley exclaimed, jerking the car to a stop. “Baby, why’d you scream so loud?

    “Yes, J! Are you crazy?! You almost got us killed” Daniel scolded.

    “I…I thought I saw something,” She shivered. “I…Gosh! I’m so sorry, Dad. I-I shouldn’t have screamed like that. I just….”

    “Well, you keep your silly thoughts to yourself!” Daniel broke in, eyeing her. “Imagine if dad had no control of the brake?”

    “Be quiet, Danny.” Mr Hadley hushed.

    “But dad….”

    “I said be quiet!” He glared, as Daniel huffed, averting his gaze. “Good. Now baby, why don’t you just listen to some music and take your mind off whatever thing you said you saw? It’s just your mind playing tricks on you. So there’s nothing to be worried about. ” He assured.

    “Yeah. Sure.” She said, a reluctant smile eluding her dry lips.

    She searched for her headphone in one of the bags that laid by the corner, quickly getting it out, as she made to listen to one of her favorite songs; sitting out the rest of the journey in silence, as they drove past swaying trees and fogged houses in the cold, lonely street – Houston ⚜.

    🕯JADE’S P.O.V 🕯

    Our new house was nothing like the old one. Even our rez was a lot more different from Sully, and I hated the fact we had to move from such scenery to one creepy, old house having nothing but weird picture frames and drawings, alongside hovering cobwebs standing on every corner. I’d have sworn no one had lived here for a century if not the previous owner came telling Dad about it.

    “Psst, over here,” Daniel beckoned to me as I averted my gaze from the dark room.

    I’d thought I heard whispering voices come from inside, but it couldn’t have been real, could it now?

    I made towards him, shoulders partly shrugged and arms crossed. “What’s that?”

    “Man, you gotta see this.” He grinned, pulling me with him.

    “See what!? Danny, I swear, if you play your silly pranks on me one more time, I will -” I stopped, mouth agape. “What the hell!?” I exclaimed, staring at the scattered tools lined up on the musty rug.

    “You ain’t seen nothing, dude.” He chuckled, motioning to his left.

    There, on the faded, dirty-beaten wall, stood a red marking; the writing, nothing I’ve ever seen. “My God!”

    “What does it say?” Daniel asked.

    “I don’t know, maybe -” I stopped, hearing footsteps on the hard, bare ground right out the door.

    “Ah, jeez! We’re so in,” Daniel panicked. “Dad can’t know we went this far. He’ll kill us!” He vibrated.

    “Shush. Come with me.” I tugged at his sleeves, biting my lower lip.

    I groaned slightly, rolling my eyes around, as I scanned for the perfect hiding spot. Almost giving up, I prayed silently, scanning the room one more time, as I caught a glimpse of a door that I’m sure wasn’t there before.

    That door, I wondered, not so sure.

    “I see it! I see a door up ahead.” Danny’s voice came snapping me out of thought, as I felt his hand slip out of mine.

    “Danny! Danny, come here,” I whispered lowly, following him across the room.

    “Hurry, Jade! Dad will be here any minute.” He said to me, turning the handle, as the door jerked open, revealing an eye-opening secret.


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    🕯♨HAUNTED TWO 🕯♨

    Sirens wailed and men dressed in uniforms went about securing the perimeter of the Hadley’s residence.

    “Mr Harley, may I ask who found the bodies sprawled on the floor?” The man in uniform asked.

    “It’s Hadley, actually.” Mr Hadley corrected. “Charlie Hadley.” He added. “And yeah, my kids were the ones who found ’em. We just moved in, not quite long though.” His eyes twitched.

    “Uh. I see.” The Inspector said, eyes locked on him. “Well, that’ll do…for now.” He said, getting up. “But I’ll have to warn you, Mr. This rez is quite an ugly one for townies like you, so I reckon you best be careful. Don’t want them kids getting hurt or anything.” He warned, stepping out.

    “Thank you, Inspector. Have a nice day.” He said.

    Daniel crawled out from under the stairs. “Father, are we moving again?” He asked innocently.

    “Son?” Mr Hadley turned. “Have you been eavesdropping all this while?” He gaped at him.

    “Ouch!” A groan came from behind the sofa by the window, as Mr Hadley’s eyes popped in the direction.


    “Sorry, Daddy. Didn’t mean for that.” She spoke, crawling out.

    “Oh, you two got a lot of explanation to do.” He frowned, eyeing them both.

    “Don’t look at us.” Jade shrugged, slumping onto the sofa.

    “But Dad, are we really moving?”

    “Ugh! Please tell me this isn’t happening again,” Jade chimed in, getting up.


    “Seriously, Dad? All our lives we’ve been moving, and just because we saw two bloody bodies upstairs, would make us want to move…again!” She ranted. “I mean, don’t you ever get it!? We’re always moving and it upsets me so much. I don’t even get a chance to decide or even say how I feel about it, or even Danny. And besides, it’s not like Mum’s always with us.” She complained. “You know what, I’ve had quite a long day, so I’ll be going upstairs now, away from you two!” She sighed, making for the stairs.

    “Jade! Oh, don’t you dare walk out on me, Miss, or you’ll be grounded!!” Her father threatened.

    “Like I haven’t experienced worse!?” She scoffed, walking out on him.

    Mr Hadley stood speechless, watching as she went out of sight. He looked back at Daniel, who gave a pity stare and scurried upstairs.

    He knew his daughter hated the fact that they had to move, but he was left with no option. Oh, Selena. How I wish you were here, he hoped, a sigh eluding his lips.

    “Say, Jade. Why’d you talk that way to Dad? It wasn’t really his fault…”

    “Oh, everything that’s happening right now is his!” Jade blurted out.

    “You gotta take it easy on him, sis. Dad’s going through a lot, you know and we’re the only people he’s got, with Mum away.” Daniel spoke.

    “Oh, you mean Mum who’s in Ireland having the best time of her life?” She asked rhetorically. “Look, Danny, I just wanna be left alone and I certainly do not want you getting into my biz.”

    “You mean our business!?”

    She scowled, raising a brow at him. “You better get out. Get out, I say! Get out!!” She barked, grabbing his arm.

    “Ow, ow, ow!! Jaden….”

    “Just get out of my room. And don’t look back!” She yelled, slamming the door.

    Oh, God! She breathed, tossing herself on the bed, taking up her headphone, carefully placing them on the sides of her head, as she slowly drifted off to sleep.


    I awoke in the middle of nowhere, brush wood and bladed grasses crowding all around me. I rose up, looking down as my bosom stood in sight, surprising me. How am I bare? I asked, stunned.

    I tried to fathom out where I was, as I heard soft whispers in the wind. “Holy crap!”I shivered, goosebumps flushing over me.

    “Do not be afraid, Seed of Eve,” A pale blue eyes girl emerged from the bushes, her body clothed in white.

    I felt cold instantly, moving backwards.

    “Come. I won’t hurt you.” She said to me, stretching forth her hand.

    I swallowed hard, watching her move towards me, her hand clasping mine, as cold chills went up my spine. “Y-y-you’re bloody cold,” I shook.

    “You must come with me, Daughter of Eve,” She demanded.

    “Wh-why do you call me that?” I asked.

    “You’ll see,” She smiled. “We must hurry. Hurry,” Her voice rang in my ears.

    I had no choice, but to follow her, as she led me deeper into the woods until we came upon an open field: A cottage emerging out of nowhere as we approached.

    I gasped, staring agape. “Where are we?”

    “Your worst nightmare!!” A loud laughter broke out

    I screamed so loud, the roaring wind enclosing my piercing cry, as sharp claws dug into my skin, erupting more screams.

    I stood helplessly, watching fiery eyeballs roll by themselves, my legs covered in blood, as water dripped from her skin onto the bloody ground. I cried, but to no avail, feeling hot, salty sweat roll down my face, as I struggled to be free from her grasp; my lids giving up and lips quivering without pause.

    I breathed in, still wrestling with the demon, as sounds of forest birds hovered as though they were making mockery of me.

    “You belong to me, Daughter of Evelyn!” She laughed once more, vanishing into thin air.

    I breathed a sigh of relief, slumping to the ground, a word escaping my lips. “Help….”

    I muttered twice, panting for breath, as a hand gripped my neck so hard, eyes turning upwards as I gagged, finally accepting my fate…💨💨💨

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    I’m so sorry I took so long. But you should read this

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    @ciarajessy should the old episodes be removed?

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    Yes, Ma/ Sir

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