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    [Girls do crazy things things and these girls are the craziest of them all??]

    Note: Not for readers under the age of 18.

    1. Prologue

    Cynthia’s POV:

    ” Amazing Grace, how sweet thy sound,” I sang melodiously, watching Tommy with a fluttering heart.

    Today was Saturday and it was choir practice. Tommy was the choir leader. He was tall and handsome and with a spiritual aura that appealed to me. He was loved by everyone in church. The elders loved him, my pastor loved him, the choirs loved him, everyone in church loved him. Aside from his cuteness, he had an amazing soprano voice. That kind of voice won him many admiration from different girls.

    Me especially.

    ” That would be all for today,” Tommy said, concluding our choir practice. ” You guys are going to lit service up tomorrow with your amazing voices.”

    Everyone agreed it was definitely a satisfactory practice for tomorrow’s Sunday practice.

    ” Cynthia,” Tommy called, waving me back as I was heading out the door.

    I turned back and peered at him through my spectacles. ” Umm…yeah?”

    Tommy approached me, showing those perfect we’ll arranged teeth. ” I forgot to mention but you look amazing today.”

    I smiled. He loves using the word “amazing” all the time. ” Thank you for the compliment.”

    ” So, I was wondering, how about your friends, Gloria and Bella?”

    He was always asking about those two girls. I couldn’t figure out why.

    ” Gloria and Bella are fine.”

    ” I didn’t see them in church last week.”

    I shrugged. ” I have no idea what’s wrong with those two girls. Bella and Gloria are just my roommates. They’re not really taken with church activities and stuffs.”

    ” Well, I’m not surprised,” he became serious. ” I saw Gloria with a guy this evening.”

    ” She’s always going out with men, Tommy,” I said. ” It’s nothing new really.”

    ” That’s my point. You see, I’m not comfortable with your roommates. Ever since I saw those two girls, I’ve been thinking about you. Look, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. I wouldn’t want you to get influenced by them.”

    This was new, coming from Tommy and he wasn’t even the first person to be telling me this. My roommates were always viewed by people with mixed thoughts. After service last two Sundays ago, my pastor, Pastor Sam, approached me and asked me about them because he’d saw me talking to them. When I told him they were my roommates, he immediately disapproved of them and warned me not to get influenced by them.

    Bella and Gloria weren’t bad in anyway but the things they do makes people thinks they were bad dirty girls.

    Gloria’s POV:

    Chuks grinned like a fool at me, hoping after tonight’s dinner, I was going to go to bed with him.

    ” So what would it be, Gloria?” He asked as the waiter arrived. ” Order whatever you like.”

    I didn’t waste time. ” Umm, I’d like two Cold stone Ice-cream, a nice hot fish barbeque, chicken and chips, orange cocktail, a good delicious pepper soup and salad.”

    I saw Chucks stiffened but I didn’t care a hoot.

    I continued. ” The cold stone Ice-cream Should be packaged along with the fish barbeque. I’ll take those home. As for my pepper soup and chicken and chips, I’ll eat have them right here and oh please, don’t forget to add my salad. I hate it when the salad is too slippery. Make it thick and nice, okay?”

    The waiter stared at me and then turned back to Chucks to check if it was alright or not to get my orders. Chuks nodded and waved him away.

    The moment he left, Chucks turned to me with his voice at edge. ” What do you want to do with all those things you ordered? We came here for dinner not to throw a party.”

    I glared at him. ” Yes, you’re absolutely right. We came here for dinner and if I’m not mistaking, you asked me to order whatever I want didn’t you?”

    ” Yes I did but I never asked you to order the whole restaurant. Who do you think is going to foot the bill at the end?”

    ” You ofcourse,” I retorted. ” You were the one who came to me during lectures and asked me out for dinner. If you know you won’t be able to foot the bills then let me know. I have better things to do at home.”

    Chuks took a deep breath and calmed down. He must’ve sensed I wasn’t going to give him a chance. ” It’s alright, Gloria. Don’t let us argue Because of food.”

    I rolled my eyes, shaking my legs impatiently. This guy was wasting my time and he was as boring as hell. If I’d known he’d be this wacky, I’d have turned him down when he approached me this afternoon during lectures. Unfortunately I was hungry and broke. I wasn’t sure Cynthia would cook tonight because she would be at church for her long choir practice. So when Chucks arrived with a dinner offer, I jumped at the opportunity.

    This was my meal ticket and I was going to take it whatever comes with it.

    ” So tell me more about yourself, Gloria,” Chuks began as the waiter brought my chicken and chips covered with salad and tomato sauce. My cocktail arrived as well.

    My eyes took Into view of the incredible dinner and I smiled inwardly. I was Soo hungry I would have rushed the meal but I was a lady and good tabe manners was something that comes in mind first especially when in front of a man.

    So to my annoyance, I began forming.

    I didn’t touch the chicken. Instead, I leaned forward placed my hand lovingly on my cheeks. He’d asked another boring question but I was used to that anyway.

    ” There’s nothing special about me. I’m a student like you are.”

    He didn’t seemed to like the way I wasn’t taking his conversation seriously. But he was desperate to have me hooked. I could read through him. By buying me dinner and engaging me in a long interesting talk, the next step was to have me underneath him in the other room. Well that wasn’t going to work because Chuks didn’t seemed like my type. He wasn’t that rich and I could tell he must’ve hustled the little money he was using to buy me dinner tonight.

    ” Well, I heard you were the most beautiful girl in school?” He said, his eyes trying to leave my dangling boobs exposed at the v neck of my dress.

    Another boring talk. I hate nonesense. You know what, let me just eat dinner.

    ” Is that all you heard about me?” I asked, holding my cutlery and slicing through a flesh of the chicken before me.

    ” Well I also heard you’re into many things,” he said, licking his lips.

    I smiled cause I knew exactly where he was heading to. ” Things like what?”

    ” Like, you love hanging out with men and all those stuffs. Someone tipped me off you’re a….umm…..”

    He was looking for the right words to outlay his message so I helped him. ” That I’m a call girl, right?”

    He wasn’t comfortable with the way I admitted it. ” Yes, that’s what they said.”

    I tasted the chicken. Mm, it was delicious. ” Yes I’m a call girl, so what?”

    He shifted uneasily. ” I’m just surprised that’s all.”

    ” Let me ask you, why had you asked me out? To start asking me some silly questions?” I asked, deciding this was the time to let him know I wasn’t taking this conversation lightly anymore. ” Are you planning to sleep with me after dinner just because you heard I’m a call girl?”

    He gulped and I saw his eyes narrowed. ” Not at all. I just wanted us to hang out with each other—”

    ” And then have fun in your bedroom, right?” I cut him short.

    Chuks shooked his head. ” Don’t say things like that, Gloria. Listen I like you and I—”

    ” Excuse me,” a man said, stepping into our talk. ” I am Mr Adeola I don’t mean to intrude on your dinner but are you two together?”

    I regarded him with interest. He was a matured man probably in his early forties, wearing a flowing traditional wear that was well tailored and ironed. I took details of his expensive wrist watch, the phone he held in his other hand and his classic shoes. He stank of money. I could smell it.

    If he wasn’t too black and ugly with a big rounded pot belly, I’d have called him handsome.

    ” Yes,” Chuks said, not liking him on first sight. ” We’re together.”

    ” Oh, my apologies,” he said and tried to turn away. ” I saw you two arguing and I thought—”

    ” It doesn’t matter what you thought,” Chuks snapped. ” We’re busy, can’t you see that? Now you can leave.”

    I glared at Chuks. How dare he talk to an elderly man like that. So it’s a bad thing for a man as rich and wealthier than him to pick interest in a girl like me? What does Chuks have anyway? As a matter of fact, what I’m I doing out here with Chuks when a rich man is trying to seek for my attention?

    ” Chuks,” I called. ” That’s soo rude of you.”

    Chuks turned to me with hardened eyes. ” What do you mean? I brought you here. He can’t just barged in and start asking stupid questions.”

    ” It’s alright,” Adeola spoke, seeing he was about to cause a scene. ” It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have interrupted your dinner. I’ll take my leave now.”

    But I wasn’t that stupid to let this man slip through my fingers Because of a guy like Chuks.

    I took out a slip of paper and a pen and wrote my name and phone number on it. Chuks and Adeola watched me as I scribble on the paper. Then folding it into two, I gave it to him.

    ” Here’s my number,” I smile, batting my eye lashes at him. ” Call me anytime.”

    Adeola collected the paper and glanced at Chuks. ” What about your—”

    ” He’s not my boyfriend,” I laughed, teasing Chuks. ” We’re classmates. We just came to have dinner.”

    ” Gloria?!” Chuks started, shocked.

    ” Shhhh,” I shushed him up.

    Adeola smiled. ” Well in that case, I’ll call you later. You’re Gloria right?”

    My lip curved into a sexy smile. ” Call me whatever you like, dear. But Gloria is fine. That’s my name, Gloria.”


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    Cynthia’s POV:

    Heading back home, I decided I wasn’t going to cook tonight. Of all my roommates, I was the only one along with Priscilla who could cook. Nothing beats my imaginations than living with four young pretty girls that depends on me to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    ” Cynthia, where have you been?” Lucy asked the moment I walked into our apartment. ” There’s nothing to eat. I’m starving.”

    Lucy was a student of mass communication. She was petite with an attractiveness that drew attention from the boys at school. She was sweet, kind and generous when she wants to. Of all my roommates, Lucy was my favorite. However, despite her prettiness, she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

    ” Too bad,” I said, keeping my Bible on my bed. ” I’m not cooking tonight. I guess everyone would have to go to bed hungry.”

    Lucy groaned. ” Come on, it’s not late yet. Alright, let’s fry yam and egg sauce. I’ll help you break the eggs. God damnit I’m hungry.”

    Stretching out on the bed, I tried to clear my head. ” Where are the girls?”

    ” Bella went for a night club party, Priscilla is staying the night at her boyfriend’s house and Gloria is on a dinner date with some dude like that.”

    ” Does this means we get to spend the night together alone?” I asked.

    ” Possibly,” Lucy said, eyeing me. ” Bella might not returned back and as for Gloria, well, let’s keep our fingers crossed. You never know when any of them might show up.”

    It was soo cold in the room. I grabbed Priscilla’s blanket and wrapped myself in it. Tomorrow was Sunday and I needed a nice, peaceful warm sleep that’d keep me awake for tomorrow’s service. But Lucy wouldn’t let me.

    She jumped on my bed and stared down at me as I laid in bed. ” Since we won’t be making dinner, could we at least chat? I’ve got some juicy gossip about one of our course mate.”

    ” I’m not in the mood.”

    She curled my hair around her fingers. ” Maybe if I told you, Helen is getting married next week Saturday, it’d get you in the mood.”

    I nearly threw my blanket away. I sat up with wide eyes. ” Are you serious? Helen is getting married?”

    ” Hush,” Lucy placed her finger on my lips. ” Don’t say I told you. It’s something secret. No one was supposed to know why she is getting married all of a sudden.”

    I gazed at her in shock. ” I won’t tell anyone. What happened?”

    Lucy leaned closer to me. ” Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

    ” I promise,” I said impatiently. ” What happened?”

    ” It’s because she is pregnant,” Lucy whispered.

    This surprised me. ” Pregnant for who? Her rich fiance?”

    Lucy shooked her head. ” Not him. She’s pregnant for our lecturer, Mr Patrick.”

    ” Jesus Christ,” I exclaimed. ” It’s a lie.”

    ” I tell you the truth, I swear,” Lucy raised her hands in the air. ” The pregnancy results came immediately after her fiance announced the day of their wedding. Helen was scared of getting rid of the pregnancy. So instead, she proceeded to sleep with her fiance and after some days, claimed that the baby was his. You should’ve seen the joyful looks on her fiance face. He doesn’t know he would be marrying a woman bearing another man’s child.”

    This was unbelievable. I folded my hands and shooked my head. ” Wonders shall never end. This world is Soo cruel.”

    ” Indeed my dear,” Lucy agreed, stroking my hair again. ” Not everyone knows about this. Only Helen’s best friends are aware but we wer toe all told to keep it a secret. I just wanted to let you know what’s going on. But don’t say I told you. As a matter of fact, don’t tell anyone about it, okay?”

    I was still left in shock but I shrugged anyway. ” I won’t say anything. I don’t talk that much.”

    ” I know you don’t,” Lucy smiled. ” The wedding is Saturday next week. It’s going to be hot, everyone is invited. I’ll like you to be there.”

    Attending a wedding that was soiled with dark dirty secret wasn’t my idea of fun. I don’t suppose I’d be comfortable watching an innocent man say “yes I do ” to a woman who’s carrying another man’s child.

    ” Let’s see how things turn up. I can’t tell till Friday next week.”

    Lucy let go off my hair and slipped beside me. ” It’s very cold Tonight. Can I sleep beside you?”

    I didn’t mind because Lucy was the baby of the house. She hates sleeping alone. She claims she always have nightmares. Most at times, she shares the bed with Priscilla but now that Priscilla was spending the night at her boyfriend’s house, it was understandable that she shared my bed with me.

    ” Why not,” I created space for her and waited as she switched off the lights and laid beside me with her own blanket and Barbie doll.

    It amuses me that a girl as matured as Lucy was still obsessed with Barbie dolls. Gloria had always ridiculed her to grow up and become more lady-like. Bella just ignores her. But Priscilla and I were fond of her. We called her baby doll which was a nickname she accepted with pride.

    As we laid together in bed, Lucy curled herself like a cat and laid her head on my arm for a pillow. ” Well goodnight, Cynthia. Sweet dreams.”

    ” Yeah, you too baby doll,” I said her nickname.

    I heard her giggled.


    Priscilla’s POV:

    Bestie: where are you now?

    Me: I’m at my boyfriend’s house. What about you, dear?

    Bestie: I’m chilling with the guys at the club.

    Me: I can tell. Keep enjoying life. Just don’t get drunk, okay?

    Bestie: I won’t. So how about your boyfriend? Have you two….you know? ?

    Me: lolz Yeye boy. You have spoilt.

    Bestie: ( typing)

    I stopped typing as Rollins walked into the bedroom. Minimizing my WhatsApp app, I rose to my feet to hug him.

    He brushed past me with a scowl on his face, moving undeterred to the bed. One look at him and I could tell he was in a depressing mood and Rollins isn’t the type of guy you’d like to stay all night with so long as he’s depressed.

    ” Rollins, darling, what’s the problem?” I asked, climbing on the bed beside him. I tried to kiss his neck inorder to put him in the mood but he shoved me away as if I disgust him.

    ” Stay away from me, Priscilla,” he snapped. ” I’m not in the mood tonight.”

    I hate it when he’s like this. It always makes me feel like I’m the cause of all his problems. ” What’s wrong?”

    He didn’t say anything.

    ” But, darling, you don’t have to sit silent all evening, do you? Something’s bothering you. It’s no good keeping quiet about it when I’m here for you. I know the signs.”

    He glared at me from the corner of his eyes. ” What signs?”

    ” Well, you scowl at me for no reasons and you pushed me away whenever I’m trying to make you happy. I do wish you wouldn’t push me away. It makes me feel like I’m bothering you.”

    ” And indeed, you’re bothering me. All these talk and nagging. Can’t you see sometimes a man needs some quiet time?”

    ” I wasn’t nagging you, darling.”

    ” Spare me that talk. Women nag it’s in you people’s blood.”

    ” You don’t have to sound that way, Rollins. I don’t know what’s the matter with you these days. You haven’t been a bit kind to me. You snapped me up rudely whenever I made a remark. You don’t do things for me as you used to. I love you so much, darling. You know that, don’t you?”

    ” So you don’t know what’s the matter with me? You’re smart enough to know I’m worried, but you’re not smart enough to know why I’m unkind and harsh?”

    I moved away from him, feeling nervous and worried. ” Don’t let us quarrel, Rollins. We’re always quarreling these days. All right, I’m sorry.”

    Rollins raised his hands in the air. ” There you go again. Sorry for what this time? What did you do that makes you feel sorry?”

    ” I thought maybe It’s my fault you’re worried and unhappy.”

    ” You’re Soo annoying, you know that,” Rollins said. ” Everything is not your fault so stop saying sorry all the time over nothing.”

    ” Then what’s the problem?”

    ” I’m broke again,” he said sitting up to face me fully in the face. I only have #500 here with me. I haven’t paid the rent bills, the electricity bills, and some depts I owe from people.”

    ” Is that why you’re moody?”

    ” That is exactly why I’m moody. I need more money. If I’m not able to settle my depts before next week runs out, I’d be visitied by the police and forced to provide the money.”

    The mention of police made me nervous and uneasy again. It wouldn’t thrill me to watch my boyfriend being dragged away by police officers over some little amount of money.

    ” How much is this money?”

    He gazed at me with quizzing eyes. ” #200,000 for the depts plus an extra #50,000 for rent bills and electricity bills.”

    #200,000? That was exactly the amount mom and dad had given me to pay my school fees for my second semester. There was no other money I have left after this. I loved Rollins and if it means anything, even if it was to sacrifice what I have to get him out of his depts, I’d do it.

    I touched him lovingly on the shoulder. ” Don’t bother yourself about your depts anymore, okay? I’ll help you out.”

    His eyes grew and he turned to meet my face. ” Help me? How? Do you have any money to spare?”

    ” I’m going to withdraw two hundred thousand cash tomorrow. The moment I get it, I’d bring it to you. Use it to settle your depts and established yourself my love.”

    Rollins regarded me. ” Priscilla, are you for real?”

    ” I’m serious, I’m sorry it isn’t much but It’s all I have. I wish I could do more for you, darling.”

    Drawing me close, he hugged me tighter in his warm arms and grinned at me, cheerfully. ” Thanks a lot, baby. You’re the best girlfriend any man can ever ask for.”

    I was glad he was happy but then I became worried. If I gave him this money, I’d be unable to pay my second semester fees.

    Mom and dad is going to kill me if they out I gave out my fees to pay my boyfriend’s depts and bills. Somehow, at the back of my mind, I regretted my actions.

    Gloria’s POV:

    Chuks stormed out of the restaurant leaving a trial of smoke behind. I walked behind him, wondering why he was soo pissed off about what happened between Adeola and I. I’ll admit we came together to have dinner but how could I refuse a wealthy man that suddenly approached me for my number?

    Well, at least Chuks didn’t deprived me of all the goodies I ordered for. My cold stone Ice-cream was still intact as well as my fish barbeque. I had a wonderful dinner and I didn’t even paid a penny for it. A nice payment for a job well done. Now to think of a way to ditch Chuks.

    I was sure by now, he was definitely going to ask me to sleep with him. I didn’t want to sleep with him but I also don’t want him applying pressure on me as well.

    Chuks stopped a taxi and waited for me inside, still burning in rage. Holding my goodies well packaged in a white nylon, I approached the taxi cab and smiled down at him.

    ” Thanks for dinner, Chuks,” I said, not attempting to enter the taxi. ” I had such a wonderful time.”

    He turned to me and shooked his head. ” Don’t mention it. Get in the taxi.”

    ” Where are we going to?” I asked, knowing fully well he was taking me to a hotel.

    He shrugged. ” Does it matter? Hop in, I’m taking you somewhere.”

    ” Sorry Chuks,” I grinned at him. ” But I’m not going anywhere with you.”

    ” Don’t you dare even start,” Chuks voice rose a trifle higher. ” The taxi driver is waiting. Hop in, I’m taking you somewhere.”

    ” And I’m still asking,” I said firmly. ” Where are you taking me to?”

    He passed his tongue across his lips. He was a novice. I knew what he wanted but he was too naive to go about his next move. ” I want us to check out—”

    ” Don’t say it,” I interrupted him. ” You’re taking me to a hotel aren’t you?”

    He didn’t like the way I had figured him out and his tone told me so. ” Yes.”

    I smiled. ” And what reasons do you have in mind for taking me to a hotel by this time of the night?”

    He became angry and the rage in his voice blew through my ears. ” Listen to me now, Gloria. You of all people should know that after buying you a nice dinner, I expected payment.”

    I crossed my arms. ” So because you took me out and bought me dinner it means I get to open my legs for you. Is that what this dinner is all about?”

    ” As a matter of fact yes,” he barked. ” If you’d behaved yourself and shown me some respect I might’ve not been Soo demanding of sex. I can’t believe you gave that old pot bellied man your number in my presence. And after all that, you think I would buy you dinner, your ice cream, your barbeque, chicken and chips for free without some form of payment? If you think you’re going to gyp me out of my investment this evening, you have another thought coming. Now get in the taxi let’s get out of here.”

    Well he’d scored a point there but unknown to him, I wasn’t the type of call girl he imagined I was. I was going to prove to him that I was a different specie of the many women he knew and if he knew any better, I could be a b*tch when I have to.

    Standing before him, I threw the white nylon of my fish barbeque and cold stone Ice-cream at him.

    Startled, he glanced up at me, wondering why I had thrown them.

    I opened my purse. ” How much did you paid for the chicken and chips?”

    ” What is this? What are you—”

    ” I asked, how much did you paid for the chicken and chips? I’ll refund back your money instantly for what I ate. How much is it? Two thousand? Five thousand? Ten thousand? How much?”

    He gaped at me like someone who’d just met with a lunatic. ” Gloria, I don’t understand.”

    ” Oh you don’t understand,” I laughed, shutting my empty purse. ” Well, I’ll make you understand. For your information Chuks, I’m not your regular kind of girl who just goes out with any guy and then sleep with him because he bought me an expensive dinner. I’ve got money of my own, you know. It doesn’t take me anything to spend twenty thousand in a sitting to enjoy myself and have a good time. I never asked you to buy me dinner did I? I was minding my own business when you came to ask me out to dinner. As a gentleman, the first dinner date with a lady Should be all about getting the lady to open up her life to you and all that stuff. Courtesy demands that you respect the lady which implies keeping sex out of the first date. But you failed in doing so which makes you zero in the things of women. No woman would want a man who sees her as nothing but a sex toy. I’m not that cheap, okay. I have taste. If I want to sleep with you, then I’ll sleep with you. So stop getting your dickies on the boil and become more of a gentleman.”

    It was a long speech. Even the taxi driver was impressed. I saw him hiding a grin.

    Chuks licked his dried lips again. He seemed shaken and embarrassed.

    I opened my empty wallet. ” So how much did you spend on me tonight, I’ll refund you right here, right now.”

    He frowned and I hid a smile. He knew if he collected the money back from me, he’d be more embarrassed. It would mean I’d beaten him and no man likes a woman beating him in anything.

    So instead, he apologized. ” I’m sorry for what I said. Trust me, I didn’t mean any of those things I said.”

    I shut my empty purse, relieved that I’d handled this situation perfectly. ” I’ll be on my way home now.”

    He came out of the taxi and stopped me. ” Hey, are you still mad at me? Come on, I’ll drop you home. It’s a long way from here to your apartment.”

    I rolled my eyes. ” I can pay for my own taxi, thank you.”

    ” I insist,” he held my arm. ” It’s the least I could do to apologise for acting like a jerk.”

    I stared at him, then at the taxi. ” Are you sure you’re not taking me to a hotel?”

    He shooked his head. ” No, I’m dropping you home. And you can have the Ice-cream and fish barbeque. I don’t see what I could do with those.”

    Well what do you know, it worked. Tonight just turned out to be my luckiest night.

    Walking towards the taxi cab, my phone rang. I picked the call.

    ” Hello?”

    ” Hello, I’m I speaking with Gloria?”

    I glanced at Chuks who was waiting for me with the taxi door opened.

    ” Yes, this is Gloria. Who is this?”

    ” Yeah, this is Mr Adeola. The man whom you gave your number to.”

    Chuks was staring at me as I tuned my voice into a more musical low pitched tone. ” Oh hi, Mr Adeola. I wasn’t expecting your call.”

    He laughed from the other side of the line. ” Yeah, so I was wondering. Are you free tomorrow? I’d like us to meet. You know, take you out for dinner, get to know you better and all that stuff. Are you free tomorrow night?”

    Chuks was still staring at me and my red lipstick curved into a smile. ” Sure. I’m free tomorrow night.”


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    Nice story go on

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    Eagerly waiting

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    seated, wait oo Priscilla are u sure that guy love you?

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    Chuks that be babe din chop you Mugu

    Ride on.

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