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    Carry on

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    [Girls do crazy things things and these girls are the craziest of them all??]


    Priscilla’s POV:

    Walking into the room early Sunday morning, I met Lucy and Gloria eating a fish barbeque and cold stone Ice-cream on the floor.

    ” Look who just came in,” Lucy smiled waving at me. ” You just missed breakfast.”

    ” Cold stone Ice-cream and fish barbeque? Isn’t it too early to be taking those?” I asked, stepping towards my bed.

    ” Not to me,” Gloria said, picking her teeth with a toothpick. ” A guy in my department named, Chuks took me out and bought me dinner last night.”

    I noticed someone snoring loudly on the bed opposite me. It was Bella and she was still in her last nights dress and high heels. She stank of alcohol and cigarette.

    ” Don’t bother waking her up,” Lucy warned me, seeing I was staring at Bella. ” She just came in like thirty minutes ago. She’s kinda drunk and worn out.”

    ” What about Cynthia?”

    ” Church,” Gloria said, typing on her phone. ” Trust that girl, she never misses any Sunday service.”

    Falling on my bed, I stared absent mindedly at the ceiling. I was still in two minds wether to decline in giving Rollins the money I promised him or not. #200,000 is not a small amount. It’d be difficult for me to recover the money back after I must’ve given it to Rollins. One thing was certain, I wasn’t going to back down on my words. The last thing you’d want to do to Rollins was to disappoint him. I can’t disappoint him, not after raising his hopes soo high.

    ” Yes!” Gloria exclaimed, rising to her feet.

    Both Lucy and I turned to her. ” What is it?”

    Gloria rushed to her wardrobe and began throwing all her clothes to the floor. ” I have a dinner date tonight.”

    ” Another dinner date?” Lucy was startled. ” With who this time?”

    ” Mr Adeola,” Gloria was excited. ” He’s a business tycoon. He met me last night and asked for my number while I was having dinner with Chuks. We’ve been chatting on WhatsApp throughout last night. He’s buying me dinner tonight.”

    ” Wait,” I said, half starting to my feet. ” You gave your number to a business tycoon? While on a date with another man?”

    ” Come on,” Gloria rolled her eyes. ” It’s not as if we’re even going out. Chuks just bought me dinner. Besides, how could I refuse such an opportunity going out with a wealthy business man.”

    ” But I’m sure this man must be elderly,” I pointed out. ” And married too. Don’t you think it sounds kinda odd going out with a man you just met yesterday?”

    ” Who cares if he’s married or not,” Gloria snapped. ” Who cares if he’s a stranger or not? All men are strangers. Even your boyfriend was a stranger before you met him. I hang out with men so it doesn’t bother me if they’re married or single. So long as I have a good time, I’m good.”

    Lucy began putting the empty Ice-cream cups away. ” You’re taking too many risks, Gloria. I mean I gotta agree with Priscilla on this one. You barely know this man. You don’t even know the source of his wealth or if he has a dangerous jealous wife.”

    Gloria walked up to me and showed me a bank credit alert on her phone. ” How much do you see here?”

    I peered at her phone. ” #80,000.”

    Gloria moved away from me and showed it that Lucy. ” How much?”

    Lucy stared at it then shoved it away. ” So what are you trying to say?”

    ” This man just sent me #50,000 right now to go buy myself a dress and look good for our date tonight. Something a regular guy won’t do but this man did a transfer instantly the moment I told him I was broke and have nothing to wear. A split second. He didn’t even waste time. And now you’re telling me not to go out with him? I don’t care what his source of wealth is and I don’t care if he has a wife or not. This is a chance in a lifetime. I cannot let it pass me by.”

    Lucy smirked. ” Does that means you’re going to sleep with him after tonight’s dinner?”

    Gloria shooked her head. ” Nah, I’m careful about who I sleep with. I’m not that stupid to give out my body to some stranger like that. Before a man has his way with me, he must’ve spent a reasonable amount of money on me first. This man is rich. I’m making sure I enjoyed half of his wealth before anything else happens.”

    I regarded Gloria, a little envious of her. Gloria and Bella may act like sluts but they’re never lacking in the good things of life. Gloria hangs out with lots of men which makes her life easy going and fun. Unlike me who works a part-time job as a sales girl, Gloria and Bella does literally nothing. They just apply make ups, wear really good clothes, put on their high heels shoes, grab their bags and hang around at a classic bar or club and at the end of the day, returns home with lots of money and goodies. Their male friends really do take good care of them whereas my boyfriend, Rollins barely have time for me like he used to.

    Gloria and Bella change their hair wigs every week and get new shoes every month. Sometimes they both go out on a shopping spree and returned back home with fancy new clothes. Me on the other hand, I had to depend on my parents and my little job to meet up ends means.

    These two girls could afford to squander a hundred thousand in a sitting and go broke without worrying about it but if I squander a mere ten thousand and go broke, I’d be bitting my nails with worries.

    ” Why don’t you dump this Rollins of yours and get yourself a real man who can settle all your needs. For a young beautiful girl like yourself, you deserve a man who can take good care of you, buy you nice things and make you happy. This Rollins of yours is simply taking advantage of you. Look at your hair, look at your clothes, does he even care if you look good or not?” Gloria had advised me sometime ago.

    But the truth is that I really do loved Rollins a lot. He may be a little mean and cold but I just can’t afford to lose him to another girl. We’ve been dating for two years now and I’ve never caught him with another woman. I couldn’t cheat on him nor go out with another man for the sake of money. Unlike Bella and Gloria, I believed in a one man one woman relationship. Still, just like Gloria had once mentioned, I do deserve a man who can take good care of me, buy me nice things and make me happy. Rollins just wasn’t that man anymore. He used to be but he’d changed.

    The only person who has been a lot of help to me was my bestie, Frank.

    Suddenly my phone ranged. Grabbing it I stared at the number. It was Rollins. I answered immediately.

    ” Hello, darling. Happy Sunday.”

    His voice came in impatiently. ” When are you bringing me the money?”

    ” Oh, that? I’m bringing it to you tonight,” I answered nervously, I haven’t yet decided on giving him. Yet he’s calling now to demand for it.

    ” Why can’t you get it for me this morning?” He asked, his voice restraining a yell. ” My landlord just came in and started embarrassing me. Just a while ago, one of the guys I’m owe money came in and took away my television. Isn’t there any way you can get the money now? I need it instantly.”

    I became alarmed. ” Oh darling, I’m soo sorry about that. Look it’s too early to go to the bank and besides the bank don’t open on Sundays. To withdraw that amount of money early this morning from the ATM machine is impossible Because of long queues. But I assure you, by evening I’ll bring the money to you. I promise you.”

    ” Didn’t you hear what I said earlier?” His voice broke into a bark. ” I said I need the money right now. Can’t you do me a bank transfer?”

    ” Rollins, you know as well as I do that I hate doing bank transfer. I’d prefer it if I bring you the money. Please bear with me, darling.”

    ” Don’t you darling me,” he snapped. ” Stop rising my hopes when you know you wouldn’t be able to deliver. How long does it takes you to do a simple bank transfer?”

    ” Rollins,” I placed my hand on my forehead. ” Please I’m tired. Don’t let us quarrel this Sunday morning. Be a little patient with me. I’ll give you the money, I promise you.”

    He hung up his line.

    ” Hello? Hello!” I stared at my phone. Great he hanged up on me. Meaning I made him mad.

    Realizing something, I turned to face my roommates. They were staring at me as if I was a maniac.

    ” Was that Rollins?” Lucy asked.

    I nodded, dialing his line again.

    ” What money is he talking about?” Gloria asked, watching me closely with a frown on her face.

    One thing I wouldn’t want my roommates to know was that I was giving out my school fees to my boyfriend to settle his depts. They’d not only laugh at me but discouraged me from giving him the money.

    So I lied. ” It’s some amount of money that I borrowed from him. It’s nothing you both should worry about. I got this.”

    ” Wait, wait,” Gloria waved her hands in the air. ” Your boyfriend lend you some money. How much?”

    I knew I had to lie about that one too. ” Like ten thousand.”

    She nearly ran mad. ” Ten thousand? And he’s disturbing you to pay him back this early in the morning? What sort of boyfriend is he anyway? Left to me, he shouldn’t ask for the money back. Doesn’t he have a job?”

    But I wasn’t listening to her. My phone buzzed many times but Rollins didn’t answer. I called him again and again and again. Still no answer. The last time I tried his line again, it was switched off.

    I became worried. He’s really mad at me. I have to do something. Without glancing at my roommates, I dialed my bank transaction code and did a transfer of #200,000 immediately.


    I nearly cried. That was my second semester school fees. All gone. Gone to Rollins account. I tried his line again. To my surprise and relief, it rang but he still didn’t pick it.

    I turned to my roommates. They were still staring at me, wondering what was the matter with me. It was with an effort I tried not to start crying in their presence.


    Cynthia’s POV:

    Sunday service was awesome, just as always.

    Tommy was proud of us as we sang heavenly to the Lord most high. Being the one with the most beautiful voice, I applied more effort to make the choir presentation melodious and spiritual.

    While this was going on, a new comer walked into church. I noticed him immediately and so did many single ladies in service today. His presence alone caused a distraction and that distraction affected our presentation. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

    He was pretty tall. You can never imagine how tall with strong features that accelerated his looks. What caught my attention the most was his dazzling tailored outfit. Well trimmed and sewn in the right places to match his muscles and shape.

    One thing I was sure about is this; I’ve never seen him anywhere before but I can’t help but be amused by his presence. The next thing I knew, I was going off course in what I was singing. The distraction was too much and I couldn’t tell why.

    Tommy noticed what caused the commotion and this enraged him but he didn’t say anything until our choir presentation was over.

    I sat down on my seat, feeling embarrassed and yet surprised at myself for acting the way I just did some couple of minutes ago. I’ve never googled over a guy aside from Tommy. Who is this new comer and why was his presence causing me Soo much distraction and uneasiness.

    During sermon, I wasn’t Concentrating. I kept stealing glances at the new boy. He seemed absorbed in what Pastor Sam was preaching but then he looked my way and caught me staring at him. It took me an effort to look away and I couldn’t help but wonder how it is I’ve lost myself over this stranger.

    It didn’t take long even though it was only two hours and service was finally over. We shared the grace and everyone Departed. New comers were welcomed and given a slip of paper to fill and I waited alongside other choiresters for a brief meeting.

    Suddenly I heard my name. It was Pastor Sam. He was calling me into his office. Excusing myself from Tommy who only grunt at me, I went to answer my call.

    In the office was Pastor Sam and his wife. Sitting before them was the good-looking new comer.

    I began having cold feet. It seemed unnatural for me to be standing here before my pastor, looking eye to eye with the one guy that had kept me distracted throughout today.

    ” Cynthia,” Pastor Sam pointed to a seat beside me. ” Please have a seat. We’d like to have a word with you.”

    I sat down next to the good-looking stranger, waiting for what Pastor Sam had to say.

    Pastor Sam cleared his throat and began, waving his hands over to the young man. ” You must’ve noticed my son, Paul.”

    I turned to the stranger. Paul? His name is Paul? Son to Pastor Sam? How come, I thought Pastor Sam only had three grown up kids. Two married girls and one young boy just in his final year. I never knew he had a second son.

    ” Nice to meet you,” I said to him and he smiled back at me.

    Pastor Sam continued. ” Alright, I know what you’re thinking but Paul here isn’t really my biological son. We adopted him when he was just a boy. He’s a brilliant kid and when we found out how good he was in his academics, we sent him abroad to do his studies. The thing is he’s finished his studies and has landed an incredible job as a civil engineer contractor. He’s come to seek for a wife.”

    I knew where this conversation was going. The mention of a wife rose my temperature. I was shaking my legs furiously on the ground, not sure if what he was saying was going to be referred to me.

    ” That is why we called you here,” Mrs Sam chipped in. ” You see, Cynthia. You’re such a beautiful and good girl and your spiritual lifestyle is awesome. Ever since we began sponsoring you through school, we’ve been watching your behavior and we’ve been encouraged by it. After much prayers and fasting, we had a revelation and that revelation shows that you will be the wife of our adopted son, Paul.”

    Well, there it is. Finally out. My ears rang out as her words came to me but I couldn’t say anything. It was as if I was running short of breath.

    ” Cynthia,” Pastor Sam called out to me. ” Why are you Soo quiet?”

    I snapped my head out of my thoughts. ” Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting this. Are you saying the Lord showed you a revelation of me marrying your foster son?”

    ” Indeed, my dear. All that is left is for you to decide.”

    I took a glance at Paul from the corner of my eyes. He wasn’t looking at my direction but I knew he knew I was watching him.

    Ever since I was young, my late mom had always drummed to my ears that she had visions of me marrying a man of God and all that. My parents are no more but their visions and dreams about me stuck to my head.

    Pastor Sam and his wife had been kind to me. They had offered me a scholarship from my secondary school to my University days presently. I felt like I owe them a lot even though my grandma is the one taking care of me. This son of theirs was handsome, quiet, perfect and intriguing. What’s more interesting was that he was the son of a Pastor even though he was adopted.

    I liked him instantly.

    Yes I liked him but I wasn’t going to give Pastor Sam an immediate response.

    So instead I replied, ” give me time, sir. I can’t make any decision now without first praying about it.”

    Pastor Sam smiled. ” Take all the time you need, my dear.”

    I turned to look at my future husband to be. His face was as expressionless as a piece of paper and there was that alarming look in his eyes that blew a red light at the back of mind. Something tells me there was more to this man than I should know.

    I’ll pray about it first and if I received a good answer from the Lord, then I’ll give a good answer.


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    The things girls do….interesting

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    Wao let see what ur answer will be and as for ur friend they should continue time is coming that they will pay for there life style

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    Baby you better pray well o and listen well Kwa cos me i didn’t dey o.

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    Reuben Ose
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    Fear women… I say again, fear dis gender called women.
    If to say na me,, i go collect my money 4rm u sharply

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