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    Episode 16
    Miebaka called me again, I pretended like I had not seen him before. He pushed his way through the crowd to where I had stood holding the man’s shirt.
    Miebaka: “Shiber, Oh my God where have you been? I have been looking for you. Oh my Shiber”
    I did not say a word to him, I frowned at the client owing me
    “Shiber please let go of his shirt, I will pay you double. The embarrassment is too much, and soon the police will arrive” he slowly freed my hands from him
    I followed him in his truck to the eatery few blocks away from where he had met me; he had stopped by the boutique to get me a decent outfit. I had not said a word to him, but I had a lot of questions to ask. After eating a plate of Semo and Ogbono soup, we decided to sit back and talk.
    Miebaka: “I know you are really hurt and I know that I really messed up. But I need you to know that whatever you saw that day was not registered in my head until after about twenty four hours. I don’t know what happened to me, but I was not in my right senses that day. I swear on my life. I have been looking for you since then, I even went to that Alhaji’s office but he said he had not seen you either”
    Me: “How do I believe you? Do you know what effect that had on me? Do you?”
    Miebaka: “Why would I be looking for you? Are there not thousands of women out there for me to date? Believe me, Shiber, if I haven’t been looking for you I wouldn’t have acted like I knew you, seeing the way you were dressed in public. What happened to you Shiber?”
    I narrated everything that had happened after we broke up to him and told him I would not be getting back with him. I knew I was going to succeed without him.
    Miebaka: “Please, I need you back into my life. I am incomplete without you, we could leave the country, start a new life elsewhere and forget about the past. Please Shiber.” He knelt down in the crowded eatery
    I was embarrassed, he had told me he met a generous man of God who introduced him into timber business; and slowly he made so much profit. So what was a man, his status looking for in a prostitute like me? I felt for him, I stood up, held his hands and asked him to stand up
    Me: “I have forgiven you” we hugged, and for the first time in a long while, I felt like I was with family
    Miebaka made me promise I was going to retire from the prostitution business. He said he would help me establish my own business immediately, but I had told him no, I wanted to have an NGO where girls like me would be enlightened about rape and the dangers of prostitution first.
    Me: I know that I don’t need much prayers or to go School to be successful in Life. For I am destined to be famous and wealthy in life. No one can change one’s destiny, it can only be delayed. She said to herself
    My company was financed with little amount of money, but pastors and philanthropists supported my movement; we took so many rape victims and prostitutes off the streets. Anytime we were able to successfully empower one of the girls and she kneels to thank me, my response would be “Glory be to God”.
    I had never thought I could be so established and comfortable, to the extent of helping so many people; many I could not even recognize after rehabilitation. Each day, I prayed that God blessed my Miebaka.
    “Baby, I need you to go to the pastor’s house and collect some files from his wife” Miebaka had told me one early morning
    Me: “Is this not too early?” I asked
    Miebaka: “No, I already called her and she will be waiting for you at home” he said, looking nervous
    He insisted I went to the pastor’s house by public transport; I noticed his strange behavior but did not tell him about it.
    “You know how hard it is to get a cab going to Apo” I said to him in a low voice
    I could see that he was not ready to listen to my complaints. I walked down the streets in search of a cab. There was no cab ready to go to that part of Abuja, I stood at the junction for over Forty Five minutes before I got a cab, who asked for double pay. I cursed the driver as I sat beside him in his dirty rickety taxi.
    The pastor’s house looked unusually quiet, I spoke to the gate man, he said they had moved out a day before, and that Miebaka was aware of their exit. I stood there, like a stranded stranger. What was he hiding from me? Did he discharge me so he could have his chance with another woman? I was furious. I took a cab and headed home, asking the driver to drive as fast as he could
    “I would teach that b---h a lesson” I told myself
    The driver was yelling as I did not allow him to properly park his car before opening the door. I flung the One Thousand Naira at him and ran into the compound, hoping to catch Miebaka with another woman. The door was left open, I knew there was someone else in the house, I could perceive a feminine fragrance. I sniffed in and then saw two little girls coming out with bunch of flowers and Miebaka standing behind them, all dressed like a groom
    Miebaka: “Be my wife, Shiber!” He knelt on both knees and asked me to marry him
    As I was about to say yes, I heard a group of people coming into the living room; the pastor and his wife, and Miebaka’s colleagues…all of them smiling at me
    Me: “Yes baby”
    The lunch party was the best; Miebaka had taken his time to organize it, he wanted a surprise for me, that was why he had sent me to the pastor’s house to get more time. Everyone giggled and joked about how nervous and restless Miebaka was before he proposed.
    That night, we made love for the very first time; I got to realize the difference between sleeping with someone who truly loves you, and who doesn’t.
    What we had that night wasn’t just sex, it was a connection on a deeper level. It was a great love making scenes like that of the Hollywood. The lighting was dimmed, the doors were locked and a sensual song of Barry White “Can’t get enough of your love babe” song was playing in the background. I learnt that night, an absolutely massive difference between making love to a man you truly love and just knocking boots. The missionary position was as perfect as both our bodies are in almost full contact with each other, I held his hands and interlocked our fingers. It was felt warmth and explosive.
    I learnt to speak up during sex, letting him how what I like and what feels good. As telling each other how you feel helps you understand and connect better. It was kinda easy for us to o----m at the same time which is not common. After we’ve orgasmed, we remain connected through cuddling, laughing in bed together then finally took some quick nap. Finally, I would say, there’s no greater way to connect with your partner than to make love.
    Later woke up, stood to take some drinks from the fridge when I heard the door bell ring. I did not want to wake Miebaka, he looked tired after organizing the proposal party all by himself, tiptoeing to the living room, I found an envelope beneath the door, opened it and read
    That proposal is just the beginning of your problems. I advice you to withdraw the proposal. If you dare go ahead with any marriage plans, you will become a widow!”
    I ran back to the bedroom to tell Miebaka what I had seen.
    Do you think Shiber is making a big mistake not been prayerful or attending schools despite she’s destined to be successful in Life? Who sent the anonymous letter? Is Miebaka hiding anything from Shiber? Will Shiber reconsider her acceptance of the marriage proposal?

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    Ireoluwa EmmanuelIreoluwa Emmanuel
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    i think d letter is from d guy dat got u into prostitution oooooo,,,,, don’t take it lightly, don’t let dem kill your man for you

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    Shiber why do trouble always follow u..??

    I hope you scale this one too

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    Episode 17
    When I got to the bedroom, Miebaka was already awake. He had not seen me beside him.
    Me:”Look what I saw” I handed him the letter, waiting for explanations.
    Miebaka:”Where did you find this” he asked, looking as shocked as I was
    Me:”Beneath the door. I heard a knock so i went to check but no one was there”
    Miebaka:”What were you thinking going there all by yourself? What if you were killed? Please don’t do that again, honey. If such occurs again just wake me up…”
    Me:”I am sorry. i felt u needed to rest. But who could have written this? Do you have anyone in mind? ”
    Miebaka:”Honestly I can’t guess” he said to me
    “Or could it be Ope?” He asked
    Me:”Who is Ope?”
    He had told me the story of his second girlfriend. After he left Hajiya Badmus’ apartment he had met Ope, a First Bank staff, about nine years older than him. According to him, Ope provided everything he needed, she made sure he was comfortable and showed him so much love. But each time they made love, she would cry bitterly because he only mentioned my name.
    Even though he would apologize afterwards, she would always threaten to destroy our relationship if it ever worked between us. He had called her to say it was over the day he found me.
    Miebaka:”She threatened to come and poison your mind after I told her I had found my love.i thought she would understand” he said After his explanations I told him what he had done was wrong; if I were the one who was treated that way, I would have made the same threats. “But can she really go this far?” I asked Miebaka
    Miebaka:”Human beings are unpredictable” he replied
    We were becoming very conscious of our environment and the people we let into our lives. The Marriage Counsellor had advised us not to involve the police; he had told us to pray about it and all will be fine. We let go by believing him
    Few days later, Miebaka got the same kind of letter on his desk at work. He had stopped by the police station to make a report on his way home. He assured me that everything would be fine as he had told the police everything about his ex girlfriend, Ope and the strange letters.
    Few weeks to our wedding, I had lost so much weight from the ups and downs; I never knew that preparing for a wedding was that demanding- maybe because I had no family. The Marriage Counsellor’s wife and the wives of Miebaka’s colleagues helped me out with few things. I had insisted I would rent the wedding gown instead of buying. ..everything fell in place just as I expected.
    Meanwhile Miebaka had informed the police about our doubts regarding the safety of lives during the wedding. I advised him to at least inform Mr.David, his father, that he was getting married but he warned me not to mention the name again and that Mr.David seized to be his father the day he raped me.
    The church looked so colourful, as I walked down the Isle, I remembered Papa and Mama, I cried like a baby. I was sad, who could have thought I would have had that kind of elaborate wedding? Miebaka was indeed a good person; almost everyone showed up for our wedding. The old couple in church acted as Miebaka’s parents while Pastor walked me down.
    At the end of the church wedding was the reception. I was the happiest woman on earth; my husband whispered so many romantic words into my ears as tears of joy rolled down my eyes while we danced. Wiping my tears, he encouraged me to be strong and that everything was going to be fine in the end. I was really tired, I told him to inform the MC to make the event quick but Miebaka begged for few more moments
    “This is our first slow dance you know” he whispered into my ears. I smiled as tears ruined my make up.
    We held each other so tight as the “Oruka” song kept playing repeatedly, it was my favorite since Sunny Neji released his album. Our slow and soft romantic moment was interrupted when the song abruptly went off.
    We both looked behind, and to our greatest surprise, a dark skinned young lady, in her late thirties or so, was with us on stage, holding the microphone. I saw my husband looking at her with his mouth wide open…I was confused too
    Lady:”Good afternoon everyone. My name is Ope and I am supposed to be wearing the gown this prostitute is wearing” she pointed at me, staggering with a bottle of alcohol in her left hand
    Miebaka:”Ope! Ope! What is wrong with you? What are you doing?” He left me to walk to her.
    I held him back, I was scared of what might happen
    Me:”Sweety, you might not know if she’s armed or if she has plans. Let’s get out of here. The security officials will handle it” I whispered to him
    Miebaka:”Did you hear what she just called you? I can’t take this!” He went to her and dragged the microphone from her hand
    Before we knew it, the stage was filled with young men, trying to take her out of the stage. I was embarrassed, the crowd was whispering; I knew they were gossiping about us. My husband too was furious
    Miebaka:”What is the essence of giving the police money when they won’t do their jobs? Nonsense! ” he cursed as he walked to me. “Imagine if she was armed, this is how she would have killed us, free of charge! ” he looked towards the direction where Ope was being carried out
    “I am so sorry for this embarrassment. This was supposed to be our happiest day. I am sorry my darling. I will make it up to you” he hugged me
    The MC went back on stage, apologised to the guests and announced that everything should go back to normal. I had not recovered from the embarrassment, didn’t want the crowd to know I was affected by it, so I pretended and danced like never before…the guests, impressed, stood up and applauded me. Then came another drama, Ope was back into the hall, this time running and holding a knife towards my husband, like an athlete about to throw the javelin, was this lady so invisible that no one saw her coming?
    The few guests who had seen her were finding their way out, I ran to her, my dress sweeping the floor, held her hand and began to give her the beating of her life. I made sure I pinned her to the ground. I could hear Miebaka and other men trying to drag me off her, I managed to take the knife out of her hand, and as they finally pulled me off her, she stood up to retaliate. ..then we heard several gun shots from nowhere.
    Standing directly opposite me, Ope had received two bullets on her head and fell like a log of wood. I went down immediately, Miebaka, on the floor, dragged me under one of the tables on the high table. I could feel the friction bruising my legs, but what mattered most was my life. I heard people running and screaming for help, the shots kept coming, and in one minute, the hall that was filled with people and voices went mute.
    We laid under the table in fear until we heard the police siren very close, we knew the police had arrived. Miebaka instructed me to remain under the table while he got out to see what was happening. I peeped, the whole hall was empty, with Ope’s body lying on the floor. The police had taken her body and asked us to accompany them to the station.
    With my dress looking very dirty and ripped, Miebaka led me into the station. We were asked so many questions and later allowed to leave after we explained in detail the occurrence of the events. On our way home, Miebaka cracked jokes about how he had seen the pastor running for his life when the shots were coming
    Me:”Oh because you believe he’s a man of God you expect him not to run when there’s danger?” I laughed
    Miebaka:”Yes now. A whole pastor running away” haha haha. “Naija pastors no dey carry last” he laughed more
    We got home and went back to our previous mood. We could not explain what had happened at our wedding, but we knew there was a mix up somewhere. I left my husband in the living room, and headed straight to my room to have a cold shower.
    “Honeymoon indeed” I said to myself
    Before the wedding, I had imagined our honeymoon.I had told him I didn’t want to go out of the city; I pictured a honeymoon where we would visit new places in town and still return same day.
    After having a long cold bath, I looked at my dressing table, in search of my weavon brush and then I saw a small note,
    “Shiber yogurt. That was a narrow escape. Next time, my boys won’t miss…”
    Me:”Alhaji!” I mentioned in shock
    Miebaka:”What about him?” He asked, standing by the door
    Me:”Nothing sweety. I just remembered something funny about him” I lied
    I quickly folded the piece of paper and put it in my drawer.
    To be continued!
    Will Alhaji succeed in destroying Shiber’s marriage? Will Miebaka find out that Alhaji is responsible for the threats? Why is Shiber not telling her husband that Alhaji is behind the threats?
    Are you guys enjoying the story?

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    You should have thought of Alhaji before now. Indeed it was a narrow Escape for you and you husband.

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    Alhaji again i think this is the high time chop him not his lips……..

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    Shiber hmmmmmm

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