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    The trial

    Episode 1

    Dennis and i have been together since we were 3 year old , they moved into our neighbourhood , he asked for my hand in friendship and since then we became inseparable

    We attend the same primary school ,up to secondary school , it was when we finished secondary school hoping to get admitted to the same university that i realised we won’t be together forever

    He got admitted because he was more smart and clever , i was depressed , he consoled me and admonished me to try again the following year

    I finally agreed after he promised not to ever leave me for anybody , he said he will be waiting for me in the school

    I was excited to hear this , i prepared really well the following year and i sat for jamb again , yet again i was denied admission

    I cried when i saw the final list and i didn’t make the list , Dennis came home to check on me and i broke the sad news to him , he looked at me blankly and told me the bitter truth

    Ruth , you have to try another school

    Even though i didn’t want to hear this , but it is the solution to my problem

    I was really sad and worried ,my parents knew this and comforted me

    I just want to be with Dennis , i cried to my mum’s shoulder

    She will sigh and pat my back gently

    It okay darling , you will be with him.

    Dennis always call to cheer me up

    It took me two weeks before i got up on my feet ,i was now determined to achieve my goals

    After much efforts and energy in my preparation, i retook the examination the following year and i got admitted to study political science in Dennis’ school

    I jumped up in jubilation when i saw my name on the second list

    When i called Dennis to tell him, he didn’t seem happy at first , i had to spell it to him on the phone before he managed a stammer

    Oooooo oook , that’s a good news

    Well,.without any delay , i started making arrangements for my admission , i expected Dennis to come home for the celebration but he didn’t show up

    I wasn’t bothered since we will meet

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    The trial

    Episode 2

    I wasn’t bothered since we will meet in school , he never dim it fit to call me after the announcement i made to him but he never ignored my calls

    I love him a lot and i feared something was amiss ,his recent behaviour was uncalled for

    The months passed very slowly as i was eager to see him in the school , my parents won’t allow me to visit him alone , asking them to accompany me to visit my boyfriend seems displeasing to me so i just keep anticipating the D-day , i should have used my admission procedures as an excuse to visit him but my dad was aware it is online process , as all possibilities of seeing him was closed ,i resorted to do the calling instead.

    The day i entered the school was memorable one for me , i was looking for Dennis at the place he mentioned for me on the phone

    I was actually looking for a lone guy probably in a polo , i didn’t know he has company too until he tapped me from the back

    Hell,,,, i stopped the flow of my greetings when i noticed his company is a female

    Hi ,Ruth, hope you don’t have problem getting here , he smiled

    I was apparently shocked ,i had expected a hug and a peck

    I was perplexed , i wanted to demand an explanation on who the stranger was but i somehow restrained myself

    Dennis collected a file i was holding , he checked through

    I kept looking at me but he was avoiding my stare

    i want to believe his company is not a fast learner because she should have noticed the awkwardness and excused herself but she stood with Dennis holding her left hand tightly

    Dennis , you never told me you have a sister coming to your school , she finally spoke

    I was dumbfounded hearing the word sister

    I just couldn’t contain the anger anymore

    Hello miss , im his girlfriend , if anyone has to be sister here ,it should be you

    Hellooo , she grinned loudly , she looked at Dennis probably expecting an explanation but he just stood there helplessly

    When he gave me his look ,

    Final loading

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    Abdullah Iyiola MuhammedAbdullah Iyiola Muhammed
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    Hummm wahala be like bicycle
    It no dey hard to start
    Love it have come to bus stop

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    The trial


    When Dennis gave me his look , the twitching of his eyes signal something , it is a sign we both knew from infant.

    No ! no!! no!!! you really need to stop this play right now , i know this is staged right ? I pierce my eyes and fixed him a long gaze , tears have started clouding my eyes.

    Eunice ehn Ruth he began stuttering, i have wanted to tell you this a long time but you have never gave me the opportunity to do so , your love is pure to me that i don’t want to break

    Wait wait , what is happening here ,Eunice clapped her hands
    What is the meaning of this ,oh! I can now understand why you have been trying to break up with me , so it is because of…

    Shut up , you s--t ,i interrupted her

    “Please Ruth , calm down “, dennis begged “i tried stopping her not to follow me here” , she refused

    Dennnissss , Eunice shouted , what kind of embarrassment is this , you are not going to humiliate me here right ? She folded her hands and rolled her eyes on me.

    OK OK OK i have calm down , so this is it , OK no problem

    You just have to choose now Dennis , me or she

    He watched me utterly flabbergasted , i guess he has never seen me that angry , he never knew i can do anything to be with him

    Ruth ,please don’t do this , you are both friends

    Friend ???? Whoa , a whole me , a whole Eunice is subject to this ridicule ,no, never , i can’t stand this

    She walked away

    Ruth , he light up his mood , smiling

    Why are you calling my name , so you…

    You passed the test , you passed the trial , you are the best darling , you are right , it was staged ,i won the bet , if you have slapped me , then i lost

    i love you Ruth

    He hugged me

    I kept looking at him shockingly

    Trial indeed

    Handsomeness dey drive me craze , no be your fault

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    Is that all???

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    I don’t understand, too short na

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    haha is this all. Me i dont understand o @ladyg come nd explain o

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    @thecomely if you ask me na who i go ask ?

    Me mah no grab am waliha.

    Boss hope this’s not your work @valentine ?

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