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    Wow very interesting

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    Go on

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    Episode 3

    The bell rang again , indicating the time for dismissal. She hurriedly began to pack her books in her bags but Daniel gently held her wrist stopping her abruptly.
    She stared murderously at his hand and then back to his face.
    “What’s with the hurry?..
    At least let me take you home today ?…
    He said smirking lustfully at her.
    He couldn’t stop imagining what she would be like clothe less…
    Under his mercy begging to be f*cked.
    His eyes trailed from her oceanic blue eyes to her well shaped nose …
    And then down to her babyish pink lips..
    He swallowed hard as he couldn’t stop imagining how it would feel like to have a taste of her succulent lips .
    His eyes followed suits and landed on her boobs …
    Father lawd!!!
    Everything about this creature is perfect ..
    Why can’t he just be allowed to have a taste of her???
    “Are you done?”
    An angry voice of chidinma brought him back to reality.
    Her angry voice sounded like a music to his ears
    “No my Queen..
    Just this once ,
    Allow me to…ehm..ehm..”
    He swallowed hard not knowing how best to put his words but to his consternation , she yanked his hands off her wrist.
    “Stay away from me…
    If you don’t want problems in your miserable life..
    Sinful soul ”
    She said , zipped her bag and walked away .
    He stood speechless, staring at her till she disappeared from his sight with that miserable girl that always follows her everywhere.
    He grited his teeth and tightened his fist.
    No matter what happens, he’s going to get her.
    That he promise , with his mother’s grave
    And she will pay for all the troubles he has caused him so far.

    On their way home, they stopped at the parish house to see father Anthony concerning the “sinful dream” she had last night .
    And luckily enough,..
    He’s around .
    They knocked and entered to see the young priest sitting comfortably on the couch meditating on the word of God .
    He was all smiles when he saw them .
    “Have a seat my daughters…
    How may I help you?”
    Nma was the first the speak .
    She narrated the dreams to him without omission.
    ” father…
    What could be the interpretation to this horrible dream and worse is that the guy in question resumed today and I have never met him before.
    What do I do?”
    She asked in a worried tone
    “It’s okay my daughter.
    There’s nothing impossible before God.
    He called
    ” yes father ”
    “Can you give us some privacy please.
    I mean you can wait for her outside”
    He said with an innocent smile and she foolishly went away .
    As soon onyinye left, he stood up and locked the door . he adjusted his position and sat beside her smiling lustfully at her.
    ” so…
    Your dream means that you’re matured enough to begin your sex life..”
    He said peering into her face to see her reaction but it was expressionless.
    “What do you mean father?”
    She asked innocently.
    “Just look at you Nma…
    You’re too beautiful for any man to resist. I have not been myself from the day I set my eyes on you..
    Am in love with you”
    He said moving closer till their body touched but she quickly moved away as his words sank to her soul.
    No!.. This is not right .
    She shouldn’t allow this to happen.
    “But you’re a priest..
    You shouldn’t be saying this to me.
    Its not right”
    ” am a human and I have feelings.
    I love you Nma allow me to make you feel like a woman . I promise to always be there for you .”
    He said staring into her eyes but she looked away standing up uncomfortably .
    ” I will take my leave now…
    My mother must be worried now .”
    She said and tried to leave but he blocked her way .
    ” not too fast baby …
    Please just this once and I won’t bother you again”
    He licked his lips lustfully and pinched her boobs making her to flinch in fear.
    “Stay away from me…
    I will shout if you come near me.”
    She threatened in fear
    “Shout all you can sweetheart..
    Nobody can disturb our love making.
    The Holy spirit has signed it already ”
    He laughed in victory
    She ran to the door and to her utmost dismay, it was already locked.
    How’s she going to escape from the lion’s den???…
    Who’s going to save her now.
    She couldn’t believe that a priest of God could do something like this.
    “God in heaven…
    If you still answer prayers, save me today and I will forever be grateful ”
    She prayed silently as tears threatened their way out of her lovely eyes.
    ” do you want it in peace or in pieces?”
    His voice came again , this time around harsh and demanding .
    “Please don’t do this …
    Am begging you …
    Please don’t ..”
    A blinding slap shut her up instantly.
    “Now strip ..”
    He commanded with hostility.
    “Please ..”
    She cried
    Another slap followed.
    “Help me …
    Somebody help ..”
    She cried
    “I can see that you don’t want it in peace . now let’s do it roughly.”
    He grabbed her and threw her on the couch .
    He unbuckled his belt and began to whip her mercilessly as her cries intensified .
    He pulled his trouser off and grabbed her again tearing off her shirt thereby revealing her boobs and she’s not wearing any singlet. That intensified his sexual urges and forcefully he began to s--k her boobs , hurting her in the process.
    She pushed him off with all her strength, as fate would have it .
    She sighted a bottle of wine lying carelessly on the floor and hit it on his head .
    He slumped down and fainted .
    She got the keys from him , opened the and ran away with her bag .
    “Nma wait ”
    Onyinye called after her but she has already gone far.
    What happened today has taught her a great lesson.
    She just hoped that the priest is not dead

    Episode 4

    She ran home in tears followed by onyinye who went after her yelling and shouting her name for her to stop and tell her the reason for her suddenly hastiness but all fell on deaf ears . all she wanted is to reach home and if possible borrow wings from the birds in the sky and flew home to her mother . her heart ached and she sobbed bitterly , luckily for her , her mother was at the backyard spreading the already washed clothes and singing joyfully to her Creator…
    ” mama…
    Mama ooo ”
    Mma cried towards her making her drop the clothes she’s spreading instantly in alarm.
    She’s already scared .
    ” chidinma …”
    She called as she walked towards the direction of the voice.
    She cried again and ran into her arms sobbing bitterly. Her body shook with sobs and the mother was touched .
    “Calm down and tell me what happened.
    Who hit you like this?”
    She asked as she sighted the red lumps on her head and bruises on her hands .
    Her yellow face has swollen cos of several blinding slaps she received earlier.
    ” mama.
    Its father Anthony…
    He …he …he..”
    She cried
    What did he do to you ?..
    Tell me Nwa m…”
    She urged impatiently
    ” he tried to rape me this afternoon and he did this to me .
    Take a look at my body ”
    She said showing the lumps on her hands and cheeks…
    ” holy Mary !!!…
    Did he succeed? ”
    She asked scrutching her chest in fear.
    “No mama…
    In an attempt to save myself, I hit him with a bottle.
    Mama I think he’s dead .
    I have murdered someone, a priest of God for that matter.
    What do I do ma ?”
    She cried but the mother hugged her instead.
    “You did nothing wrong .
    I believe he’s not dead .
    Don’t think much about it , God has saved you from lion’s den.
    You’re truly a lucky child.
    What if he has succeeded in having his way with you ?..
    What will I tell my Creator…
    People will condemn me for failing my duty as a mother .
    Don’t worry , everything will be fine.
    Just go and bathe .
    Am taking you to hospital”

    ” which hospital? ”
    Onyinye asked out of breathe.
    She’s been running to catch up with Nma but it seems she’s a little bit late .
    Her eyes widened as she stared at the lumps and bruises on Nma’s body .
    Talk to me …
    What happened to her?”
    She asked again
    ” onyinye..
    I should be asking you that ..
    She’s your friend, you should know better..”

    “Jesus …
    Don’t tell me that father Anthony did this to you chidinma?”
    She exclaimed in horror and Nma nodded in tears 😭
    No questions.
    Wait here, let me lock the doors .
    Let’s take her to hospital.
    As for that priest, my God will judge him ”
    She said as she used the edge of her wrapper to wipe the tears that has already rolled down her chubby cheeks.
    She Angrily marched inside to lock the doors.
    Is only God that will fight this battle for them.
    Who knows what might have happened, if God had not intervened.

    Father Anthony later woke up in the hospital the next day .
    News circulated that arm robbers invaded the parish house and nearly took his life . he couldn’t bring himself to reveal the truth .
    At first, he had feared that the girl he molested will reveal the truth but he doubts if fear will allow her to actually spill the beans but what he seems to forget is that nothing is hidden from God Almighty.
    And no matter how victorious it may appear , the wages of sin is death

    To be continued

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    Priest of God

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    dim man is to be condemned

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    Hmm A Priest Of God Indeed Trying To Rape

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