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    The Unseen World
    By Gabriel Akilozi
    In the heart of the small Watford city lies a big lab, a lab with a conducive and captivating atmosphere. The houses surrounding the lab were neatly arranged in a way that the lab was in their centre. Although the lab looked quiet and peaceful but no one would comprehend what was going on inside it.
    ” Just hold on for some minutes, it will soon be done. ” a young man who was operating a laptop and wearing a white lab coat and a hand glove shouted to other group of men who were struggling hard to lock a struggling man into a transparent glass like cylinder. ” Holy shit ” another scientist whose right cheek had been scratched by the long nails of the struggling man cursed as blood gushed out from the spot. ” Hey James be fast ” the injured man shouted to the one who was operating the laptop. ” Am trying, am trying . ” he shouted back. ” This beast is going to kill us here ” the injured man shouted again as the struggling man pushed down another scientist. ” The virus is very active at this particular time” the man operating the laptop shouted again and almost immediately the whole light in the lab went off. ” Done ” the guy operating the laptop breathed out as everywhere became still, the struggling man had stop struggling and the scientists were relieved as they breathed out. The light soon came back on, and the scientists carried the man who was now lying helpless on the floor, they successfully put him in the opened, transparent cylinder which was connected to a source of energy. Almost immediately the man started struggling again as he pushed vigorously but he couldn’t come out as the cylinder prevented him. ” Behold Charles, the once best scientist of Watford city.” The man whose cheeks had been scratched earlier said pointing at the cylinder but looking at the other scientists who shakes their heads In pity.
    The man who had been operating the laptop earlier stood up as he walked to where to where the cylinder was kept, ” Indeed everything as they say is vanity.” He said looking at the man, ” who would believe this is our own Charles? ” he asked, he asked no one in particular.
    Episode 1
    The Prof walked quietly down the long hall way of Watford city’s most popular college, Mr. Green college of science and Technology, his high heeled shoe made the only noise that could be heard in the quiet hallway, he was looking handsome as always in his black suit, he was holding an iPhone in his left hand and a text book in the right. His eyeglass made him more handsome as it stood firmly across his face. Not only was he the most handsome prof in the college, he was also the youngest, about 28 years of age. He opened a door at the end of the hallway, that was his office, the largest of all office in the college. He fell into his chair and breathed out, a breathe due to fatigue. His name is professor Gabriel Hugine but as his student call him, prof Gabi. He dropped down his phone on the table and faced up the ceiling at the rotating fan, certainly there was something bothering him, something only him knows. This was the same thing that has been making his fiance, Joy, always having problems with him recently. ” What is it Gabi, you have been acting a bit strange this days, is there anything bothering you?” She had asked him on one occasion, two nights ago. ” Have told you times without number that am fine, just don’t bother yourself, maybe it just mood swing ” he replied her. ” Mood swing my foot, that has been the hymn you have been humming for the past two weeks now, anytime I ask you what is wrong with you, you tell me it is mood swing. Gabi you aren’t this way , you can talk to me , am your fiance, what is it?” She asked again while Gabriel simply took his coat which was hanging on the door and walked out, not minding if it was late in the night. ” Come back here Hugine, am still talking to you” she shouted after him, but she knew Gabi so well, he doesn’t take orders from her nor anyone. Joy Alex is the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Alex, she had been with Gabriel since their secondary school days, and they had loved each other so much since then, even now, they still love themselves. She owns a pharmacy, one of the biggest in Watford city. They had been inseparable since their secondary days and even till know. They had gone through lot of problems together and passed through it but with this latest development in Gabriel’s attitude, one can’t tell what she should be expecting next. Once she had caught him with a bottle of alcohol in his apartment, ” Gabriel, what is going on? What are you doing to yourself? When did you start drinking?” She had asked him but he wouldn’t tell her anything.
    He leaned more on the chair as he looked at the ceiling and the rotating white fan, he wasn’t actually looking at them, his mind was in a land far away, a land where only his mind could go to, a land beyond the galaxies and planet, an unseen land. His door suddenly creaked opened as a young beautiful girl walked into the office, she was putting on a pink show me your back top and a tight jean trouser, her name is Jane and she was part of those girls who got an eye for the professor, even if she was his student. ” Sir you didn’t answer to my knocking” she said as she walked into the well decorated and ventilated office. ” sir ” she called as the prof didn’t respond to what she had said earlier, he was still looking up the ceiling. She suddenly clapped her hand as she noticed he was probably thinking, the clap seemed to work as it brought the prof back to reality. ” Janie how are you?” He asked surprised on seeing her in his office. ” prof you were thinking, remember, excessive thinking can lead to high blood pressure, it brings about fatigue and weighs you down emotionally, it can also lead to death ” she said as the prof usually says when he sees any of his student thinking. ” what were you thinking about sir ? ” she asked smiling and revealing her complete sets of white teeth. ” Oh, I was just trying to plan my week, and moreover i had a stressful day dear. ” he said trying hard to smile, but guess what, Jane wasn’t a fool to believe that. ” prof I know something is definitely wrong, for some weeks now, your classes haven’t been breath taking as it used to be, sir you can confide in me, what is it?” She pressed forward. ” Nothing!!” The prof shouted as he stared angrily at her, Jane was taken aback as it was unusual of the prof to get angry. ” Oh am sorry for that, what brought you here ?” He asked, this time, a bit calm. ” prof I won’t let you be unless you tell me what is actually wrong with you ” Jane said again. ” Janie, the truth is that, I have been very sick ” the prof lied again but this time Jane believed him. ” Oh sorry about that prof, I actually came as a representative for my class, we all did not understand that DNA stuff you were trying to explain in class today ” she said while the prof suddenly turned to face the ceiling again, he had gone back to his unseen land. ” I think the prof is really sick ” Jane said to herself as she walked out of his office.
    “Mom, I dont understand Gabriel anymore, the Gabriel you know is not the Gabriel he is now ” Joy said to her mom as they both sat in the sitting room of their family house , they were watching a movie. ” I don’t get you dear ” Her mother Mrs Alex replied her as she adjusted her buttocks on the soft couch. ” Mom, he now drinks, talk to himself, he gets mad at me easily, he isn’t that cool guy I fell in love with any longer, there is something eating him up which he doesn’t wanna tell me about. ” she said bitterly while her mother smiled. ” My dear, you can’t expect men to always be the same way forever, there comes a time when they get troubled about work and so many other things, that is not a reason to raise an alarm ” she explained holding joy’s left hand. ” Mom, I have been with Gabriel right from secondary school, I know when he gets stressed up naturally, mom i have been with him for more than 12 years now, I know my guy, there is something..” She was saying but suddenly broke into tears. ” Joy, am telling you out of experience, it is just stress, don’t work up yourself over that dear ” her mom said again but Joy still kept on crying. ” Mom, what if he doesn’t love me anymore?” She asked her mom again and her mom smiled. ” Joy, you remember your secondary school days?” She asked while Joy nodded. ” You remember all what Gabriel went through just to get you for himself?” She asked again and joy still nodded. ” So tell me dear, do you think a guy who did all that will want to leave you for another lady even after twelve years?” She asked again while joy shook her head in disagreement, ” But mom, am confused. ” joy said again as she dried her tears. ” Trust me dear, it is just work. ” her mom consoled patting her on the back.
    Gabriel stood up from his chair, he looked up to the wall clock and it was already some minutes past 4pm. On a norm, he do leaves for home by 1pn but what was eating him up won’t make him go home, to him, the office was the best place to find peace, he doesn’t wanna go home to his nagging fiance who will always trouble him about his where about and problems. About some months ago, his fiance was the most peaceful, loving, and best girl he ever had but today she is troublesome and always nagging at him. He took his car keys from his drawer, and headed for the garage. Just in the middle of the hallway, his phone rang. The caller was Francis, his good friend turned enemy. ” This bastard ” he muttered silently to himself as he swiped the phone and answered the call. ” Francis,what is it this time?” He asked as he picked up the call. ” My prof,my prof, I am still waiting for you to leave joy for me if you dont want our little secret exposed ” the caller said from the other end. ” Francis,I have already told you to give me sometime, it is not easy letting my fiance go just like that, Joy is the only girl I love, please Francis, don’t take her from me ” the prof replied him. ” I know prof but Joy is all I want to keep our little secret, I am not asking you to rush it, am only reminding you, let Joy go. ” Francis said laughing as he put an end to the call. ” Bastard ” the Prof cursed as he continued his walk to the garage where his car was parked. He drove back home slowly in his car, he knew he was going home to face joy again ” why are you just coming back? will be the first question she will ask ” the prof thought to himself as he turned the steering and his car drove into his street. ” Beep, Beep, Beep” he horned at his gate and almost immediately the gate man opened the gate, to his surprise joy’s car wasn’t in the compound, ” Thank God ” he said silently as he opened the main door . He fell into a couch feeling very tired and hungry, he untied his tie and removed his shoe before lying on the couch to sleep, he didn’t even bother going to the room. He hadn’t slept for long when he felt a hand tap him, he opened his eyes slowly as he faintly saw Joy standing before him. ” Why didn’t you go inside? You didn’t even touched the food I prepared, what is wrong?” She started again, Gabriel knew it would always come this everyday as he turned to face the other side of the couch but joy turned him back. ” Am still talking to you dear ” she said raising her voice. ” But joy please, won’t you just let me rest, please, let me have rest of mind. ” he shouted at her while Joy simply smiled. ” No Hugine, you won’t rest until you tell me the cause of this your sudden change in attitude. ” she also shouted back at him. Gabriel getting tired of everything stood up to go out but joy blocked the door, ” you won’t go anywhere today until we sort this out right here and right now. ” she barked pushing him back. ” Joy are you being possessed? ” Gabriel asked her angrily. ” No Hugine, I am not possessed, you are the one being possessed, idiot ” she shouted again while Gabriel rose his hand to slap her but stopped it mid way as joy tried to duck. ” Oh, so now you are now a woman beater, beat me, please beat me ” Joy said again as she pressed her breast on Gabriel’s chest. ” Don’t make me do what we will both regret” Gabriel said, this the a bit calm. ” I know you so much Hugine, you are full of empty threat” joy said to him and hissed. ” But Gabi, why are you doing this?” She suddenly asked and broke into tears, Gabriel was also moved to tears, not that he does not love his fiance, he loves his fiancé so much and he his ready to do anything for her, but now its like he was between the big red sea and the devil. He didn’t want to get exposed, to him, Joy might not understand him if he tries explaining things to her, she might lose all feelings she had for him, but one the other hand, Francis is asking for what he cherish most for him to keep the secret. ” Gabi, do you still love me?” Joy asked as she rested her head on his chest. ” Yeah Joy, I do love you ” the prof replied as he stared at joy’s long hairs. ” Then tell me, what is wrong?” She asked again. ” Joy am fine.” He replied her while joy rose her head away from his chest. ” Okay ” she said as she went to seat on a couch and faced the TV screen. ” Joy, please, don’t get me wrong…” Gabriel tried talking but joy shut him down. ” Don’t talk to me until you are ready to tell me what is wrong ” she said and changed the channel, ” Fine ” He replied as he walked away from the sitting room to the bedroom.
    The truth of the whole matter was that Gabriel himself never knew how it all happened , he didn’t deliberately commit the crime he was being threatened with, ,he knew someone had blackmailed him that night by exchanging the injection he had kept for Charles to a syringe containing virus. Yes, someone had exchange it and the CCTV he had In his lab had captured him. Francis had been good enough that night to have to helped him destroy the CCTV cameras. That was five years ago, Francis now has changed, he wasn’t ready to keep the secret any more, he now wants to blackmail him with the video tape. Gabriel never knew how Francis was able to still get the tape after all this years, he thought everything pertaining to that incident had been destroyed. The reason Francis was doing this was because he got an eye for Gabriel’s fiance, who won’t want a girl like Joy? Francis change in attitude had started since when joy started living with Gabi as his fiance, he had seen her on one occasion when he visited Gabriel, and ever since then, he always wanted her. He himself did not know who kept the video recorder in Gabriel’s lab, he had secretly taken it after the CCTV cameras had been destroyed that night, the recorder must have been planted by the door by some body.
    Gabriel sat on his bed as he reminisced over how it all started. It all started the day Charles walked up to him during his 22nd birthday party, that was when he just graduated. ” Gabriel, I don’t know what is wrong with me these days, I always feel this kind of strange movement all over my body, sometimes I won’t be able to walk for some minute, it is like this movement around my body is preventing me from walking at times, like am having temporary stroke ” Charles had said to Gabriel that night outside the hall where the birthday was being held. ” Hmm, let’s see, maybe I will have to examine you, come to the lab tomorrow, at night as the place will be filled up during the day” Gabriel had replied him. Charles came in the night of the next day, around 11:32pm, by this time all of Gabriel employees had closed, even the gate man had gone home , it was Gabriel who opened the gate with the spare key he had.He was being examined by Gabriel, they had both grown up to become fond of themselves, Gabriel happens to be a good scientist just like his father, Charles also happens to be a scientist, but a lower one compared to that of Gabriel. “I know what is wrong with you, am going to give you some sleeping injection now so as to make you unconscious and also enable the effective working of the solution am going to inject into you. ” Gabriel had told Charles and Charles agreed, this wasn’t the first time Gabriel was working on him. Gabriel prepared the solution and kept it in the sterilizer, he then went ahead and gave him the sleeping injection, not up to a minute later, Charles was already deep in his sleep. Gabriel carried him to the bed and held him with a belt, he then went to check the solution which he had prepared. ” I think its too early to give it to him ” he thought to himself, ” Let me go get something for myself to eat ” he said again and thus, went out of the lab. Fortunately for him, he met his good old friend, Francis, another scientist,they knew themselves since the days of their NYSC . ” Francis you now a big man ” he had said to Francis that fateful night. ” No, Gabi you are the bigger boss. ” Francis had also said as they hugged themselves . ” What are you doing outside by this time of the night? The Gabriel I know doesn’t keep late nights. ” Francis said to him. ” Actually, my lab is nearby, I came to get something to eat, I have a patient am attending to. ” Gabriel explained. ” I came to see a friend of mine but unfortunately I misplaced the address and am on by way back to Lagos” Francis said, ” Wait, you are going back this night? You can come stay in my house for the night.” Gabriel told him and thus Francis followed him to the lab so he could finish what he was to do before heading home. They walked back to the lab, Charles was still on the bed. Gabriel went to where he kept the solution to be injected into Charles blood stream, only if he knew that the solution had been changed. He searched for a visible vein and the injected the solution into Charles’s blood stream. Almost immediately, Charles opened his eyes wide. ” This isn’t meant to happen, the sleeping injection I gave him is still suppose to be active, its meant to be for up to 12 hours. ” Gabriel thought to himself, Just then the belt which had been holding Charles broke off and Charles Jumped off from the bed. ” what is happening?” Francis who had been standing in a corner asked as he saw Charles jumped off the bed. ” I dont know ” Gabriel shouted as he was trying to hold Charles but was unsuccessful. Francis ran to where he was to also help but he was too late, Charles ran out through the door before Francis could get there. ” What did you inject into him?” Francis asked breathing heavily. ” It is the solution I prepared, the solution was containing the harmless antigen of the bacteria which had been disturbing him” he explained and at the same time, walked towards the micro scope at the corner of the lab, ” Oh my God, this isn’t what I prepared ” he shouted as he turned to face Francis who was already destroying the CCTV cameras. ” we have to get rid of all this, they can implicate you ” Francis said to him as he walked towards another CCTV camera. Just by the edge of the door, as Francis was walking towards it, he saw a tiny video recorder, ” someone might be blackmailing my friend ” he said to himself as he dipped the video recorder in his pocket. ” somebody want to black mail me ” Gabi said to himself placing his hands on his head. Yes truly he was being blackmailed but the question is by Who?
    The Unseen world
    Episode 2
    By Gabriel Akilozi

    ” Francis please believe me, I didn’t know how this..” He tried explaining things to Francis that night. ” Hey bro, you don’t expect me to believe you could do that, I trust you, there is someone that want to implicate you” Francis replied him but Gabriel still had a doubtful look on his face. ” Gabriel trust me, what happened today will remain a secret between myself and you” Francis said again as he patted Gabriel’s shoulder and smiled. Gabriel nodded his head and bent down in a corner of his lab, even if this was to happen, it shouldn’t happen to his best friend Charles. ” Francis, let’s go to my house” he finally said as he walked slowly to the door. ” Let me drive Gabriel, you aren’t in the right frame of mind.” Francis said to him and Gabriel threw the keys to him . Francis drove to Gabi’s apartment, before they got home, Gabriel had slept off in the car and Francis had to wake him up to go in. Francis had brought out the video tape again that night from his pocket and watched it again, ” Maybe I should just delete this ” Francis said to himself but on a second thought, he decided against it. Gabriel woke up late the next morning feeling weak, he walked to the sitting room and meant Francis sleeping on a couch, ” He should have used the guest room ” Gabriel said to himself as he switched on the screen TV, he was right in time to meet the morning news. ” News just getting to us, Government scientist working for the Info’s lab Charles Oluwafemi, has been confirmed mad and he is running round
    the street of Benin city , his colleagues are still trying their best to get him, as they say, he is very dangerous and violent. This seemed to be unbelievable as the young man was very okay during the early hours of yesterday when he was with his friend the famous Scientist Gabriel Hugine of Watford city, no one can tell what really happened. ” The news caster said as a scene of some group of men trying to hold down Charles was being displayed on the screen. Tears fell from Gabriel’s eyes as he beheld his best friend man. ” Hey Gabi, you dont need to this, it wasn’t your fault. ” Francis said, he was just waking up. ” Francis, that is my best friend ” He said while Francis patted him, ” It happens. ” he said while Gabriel nodded. ” I think we should go back to your lab and arrange things, you should also get new CCTV cameras so as to avoid suspicion ” Francis told him again, and Gabriel saw sense in it. Thank God it was weekend so his workers won’t be at work. He went and freshened up, he went first to get the new CCTV cameras, and with the help of Francis it was fixed in his lab. He also cleaned up the lab and within the twinkle of an eye, the lab was back to normal.
    “Thanks Francis ” Gabriel said as they were done with the arranging, ” Anytime bro, I think I have to start going back to Lagos.” Francis replied him backing his bag, he had already kept the video tape in his bag. ” Thanks Francis, I really appreciate ” Gabriel said to him, ” please keep this secret , I…” He was saying again but Francis interrupted him. ” your secret is safe with me, I won’t spill it out. ” Francis replied him and then hugged him before finally leaving for Lagos. Later that day in Gabriel’s house, people from the press came to his lab to interrogate him. ” Hy Dr. Gabriel, you heard the news about what happened to your friend? According to what people said, he was with you on the early hours of yesterday. ” One if them said. ” Yes, myself and Charles spoke yesterday,and he was fine. He was very fine when I left him, I only woke up this morning to be confronted by the news that Charles is mad.” Gabriel replied calmly. ” Did you suspect anything wrong with him?” Another press man asked. ” Yeah, Charles had once told me that he do fells this kind of strange movement in his body.” Gabriel said again, they asked many more questions but Gabi answered all calmly.
    That was what happened five years ago, Gabriel had handed over the lab to someone else and has decided to become a lecturer although he still get his money from the lab. The charles incidence seem to have died down through the years, then all of a sudden Francis showed up with the video tape. He had threatened to make duplicate of the tape and make it viral. Only if Gabriel leaves joy for him, then he would destroy the tape. ” Gabriel!! So you mean you ain’t gonna tell me what’s wrong with you?” Joy asked as she walked into the room after Gabriel had ignored her in the parlour, he shout brought him back to reality. ” please joy, its night, am tired and weak, don’t let us start this again, I thought we have ended it some minutes ago ” he told her calmly as she stood arm akimbo. ” just hear yourself talk, you thought we have ended it some minutes ago, don’t make me say I regret ever knowing you, what have I done to deserve all this? You are just being heartless ” she said as she forced herself not to cry. ” OK ” he replied as he lied facing the other side of the bed. ” You are ignoring me again?” She asked angrily as she walked slowly to the bed, she targeted his face and landed him a hot slap. The slap made Gabriel turn to her in shock. ” Wait, you just slapped me?” Gabriel asked holding his cheeks, “poooo” another slap landed in his face again, this time it was the second cheek. ” And I will give you more if you don’t tell me what is bothering you. “She shouted as she rose her hand to land him another slap, but this time he caught her hand in the air. ” so you haven’t stopped this your secondary school attitude of slapping people around?” He asked calmly, ” Oh shut up, that isn’t the point, what is wrong with you?” She asked again. ” Nothing ” Gabriel replied and turned to sleep but another slap caught his cheek. He simply smiled and got up from the bed, he walked to the guest room and locked the door as he knew Joy might come to disturb. ” open this door ” she shouted as she hit hand on the door, ” Gabi, open the door ” she said again as she bang the door hard but Gabriel simply laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. “Gabriel you won’t like this o, let us sort this out now, for crying out loud, am your fiance.” She shouted again. Gabriel knew she won’t let him rest if he doesn’t open the door, he stood up from the bed and unlocked the door. Immediately he opened it, joy barged in and landed him another slap, he could not take it anymore as he returned the slap, it was a thunderous one. Joy held her cheek as she let out a faint smile, ” Gabriel, you have never slapped me before ” she said as she fell to the floor crying. ” Joy am sorry ” he said as he tried carrying her up ” Don’t dare touch me you beast ” she shouted as she beat off his hand from her body. ” Joy am sorry ” Gabriel said again as he bent beside her ” I said to tell me anything ” she said again and went off the room, Gabi followed her. ” Joy, listen to me” he said as they walked into his bedroom, ” Listen for what? You wanna keep your problem to yourself then so be it. ” she shouted . ” Joy, you are too hot, learn to calm your temper ” he shouted while joy turned to him. ” I have never been like this Gabi, it only started since you started keeping to yourself. What have I done to you? Oh I know why, is it because I told you to wait until we get married before you can have me? If that is the case then come have me now” she said as she started taking off her cloth. ” Joy, that isn’t it, waiting until marriage isn’t a big deal, my problem is beyond you, you can’t help me!” He shouted as he jumped angrily on the bed. ” You can’t tell if I can help, I might just be useful” she replied calmly but Gabriel didn’t reply her again, tears were now dropping from his eyes. ” Gabi, are you crying?” She asked as tears also dropped down her eyes, ever since their secondary school days, she had never seen him cry. She moved towards the bed and placed his head on her laps. ” Am sorry” she said as she wiped off his tears. About ten minutes later, the both of them could be seen fast asleep, Gabriel head was on joy’s lap and Joy’s head on his chest, dried tears could also be seen on their faces.

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