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    U can never trust d heart of men

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    100% subscribing, ride on bro

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    Angela Ȋ̝̊̅§ cutin a tree dat will fall on her head,cari G̶̲̥̅Õ̳͡ pls

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    Azeirwe Emmanuel
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    Angella is wrong

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    Alase David
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    There is fire on the mountain

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    Angela was a lady that gets
    almost whatever she wanted
    without heeding to advice.Despite her parents
    advice to shun the idea of
    bringing in a maid,she paid
    deaf ears.
    “We are not trying to force you
    my dear.If you feel like getting a maid,if your husband
    approves of it,then go
    ahead.We only want what is
    best for you.You are our
    daughter.But my advice to you
    when you finally bring this maid is to watch her
    closely”Her father concluded.
    “shine bright like a diamond”
    “shine bright like a diamond”
    That’s Angela’s mobile phone ringing.She looked at the
    screen.It was Ebere,her
    “Helo b.b”She answered the
    “Angel,are you at home? I got the maid and she is right here
    with me”Ebere spoke from the
    other end.
    “Really? I just got back now.i’m
    home”Angela was excited.
    “We are coming over.Keep something for me o”Ebere
    cooed and hung up.
    Angela nodded.She was
    happy.Now,she can fully
    concentrate on her business
    like other women. The knock on the door an hour
    later,made Angela come out
    from the kitchen leaving the
    rice she was preparing.She
    knew it was Ebere and the
    most anticipated maid.When she opened the door,Ebere
    entered,leaving a beautiful young girl carrying a bag by
    the door for Angela to have a
    better view before
    she came in.
    “Good Evening ma”She greeted. Angela beheld her.She was
    indeed beautiful with her open
    teeth.Fair in complexion.
    Angela let her in with her bag.
    “What is your name?”She
    asked. “My name is sonia ma”She
    “How old are you?”
    “I am 22 years ma”She replied
    again with a smile.
    Angela introduced herself and showed her a room to move in.

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    The arrival of Sonia gladdened
    Angela heart. She was
    delighted. Sonia on her own part played not only the
    role of
    a maid. She felt much
    comfortable around her madam; she just took Angela as
    her elder sister.
    Sonia took charge of the household chores. She took
    charge of preparing the
    meals. She even offered to
    wash the clothes instead of taking them to the dry cleaner.
    She was in desperate need for money to support
    mother’s failing health. She was able to finish her
    school but couldn’t go further to higher institutions because
    of lack of finance. So, since then, she has been
    looking for
    money through any possible
    means inorder to keep living and support her mother
    who was always sick.
    David bumped into Sonia as he
    hurried out of his room with
    his briefcase. He was getting
    late for work.She fell down as
    his body brushed her. “Oh.i am sorry. get up, give me
    your hand” David reached for
    her hand to help get her up
    from the ground.
    “Good morning sir.I was
    actually coming to tell you that your breakfast is ready” She
    announced as she got up from the ground.
    “I don’t think i can still have
    breakfast. I have to attend an
    important meeting this
    morning and i am running out of time. Where is your
    madam?” David was in a hurry.
    “She is still sleeping” Sonia replied. She had a way of
    talking that made her
    outstanding. Talking slowly
    and pronouncing every word to the end. David made to Angela’s room to notice her of his
    leaving because of an
    important meeting.
    As David drove,he thought
    within himself how Sonia handles the house duties as if
    she was actually a member of
    the family. She was in good
    terms with both husband and
    wife. Angela had been right
    about bringing her in,he thought.

    To be continued

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    hmmmmm when u are getting closer to bee’s areana, u forget d hurt buh d sweet honey.

    thumbs up.

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