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    The Vipers Girl
    (you mess with the wrong person)

    Blessing Kelly
    (Korean Series)

    #Chapter 1


    I’m a loser
    That’s what I am

    No body wants me

    I’m I that of a bad luck

    I’m I that cursed

    My life sucks

    I sat down under a shade and bent my head to cry

    I’ve just been kicked out of the school I manage to attend

    The fee isn’t much but I still can’t pay because I don’t have anything doing

    I live with my step mother who’s really poor
    She doesn’t have a child so I’m her only family

    She loves me a lot and I’m grateful she’s not like other step mothers

    And now she’s sick, how I’m I going to take her to the hospital

    A dime isn’t even on me

    I’m so useless 😢

    Let me introduce myself

    I’m Rosalyn
    Mostly called Rosa

    I’m nineteen years old
    Long hair which I don’t take care of

    And I’m ugly

    Well I’m not really ugly
    I’m beautiful but because of my condition, I’m looking really tattered

    The sky turned dark
    It’s going to rain

    I got up and began to walk down the street

    I began to hear shouts and people running towards my direction

    Then I began to hear gun shots

    Are they having a fight again?

    In this part of Seoul, they are two main terrorist gang

    The vipers and the red light

    These two gangs hate each other so much

    Always fighting and killing each other’s men

    Though the vipers are more dangerous, especially their leader Bad Boy

    He’s a terror
    Everyone is afraid of him

    Just the mention of his name can make the youngest child cry endlessly

    In fact, the stories I’ve heard about him are terrible

    I don’t even want to meet him in my entire life

    Girl: Rosa run, the vipers are coming

    That was my neighbor who ran past me

    I came back to my senses and tried to run

    Unfortunately, a stray bullet met my thigh

    I winced in pain and fell down

    Other people began to run faster after they sighted me on the ground

    I looked at my leg and I was bleeding terribly

    I began to cry

    I looked ahead and saw their convoy coming

    Oh no, I’m in big trouble

    This is the end

    Me: Good bye mom. I’m sorry I can’t take you to the hospital. I’m sorry I won’t be there for you anymore. I’m sorry

    I was crying profusely
    Their convoy parked beside me

    It opened and I saw two legs climbing down

    I looked up and saw him

    Bad Boy

    (Next Day)

    I woke up in a hospital

    My eyes opened and I found out that I was still alive

    I looked at my leg

    It was bandaged up

    I sighed

    Thank God I’m alive

    I’ll see mom again

    I wonder how long I’ve been here

    Luckily a nurse came in

    Nurse: you’re awake

    Me: yes

    Nurse: does your leg hurt?

    She moved to me and examined my leg

    Me: yes

    Nurse: don’t worry. It will soon come back to normal. Just a month or so

    Me: how long have I been here?

    Nurse: two days

    Me: who brought me here?

    Nurse: Bad Boy

    My eyes widened

    Me: Bad Boy???

    She smiled

    Nurse : you should rest

    She patted my shoulder and left

    Bad Boy brought me here?

    Why I’m I so unfortunate?

    Well at least he didn’t let me die
    Maybe I’m just lucky

    I can’t wait to see mom

    She’d be worried sick now

    (Next day)

    Isn’t my life the worst?

    My step mom is dead
    She died that same day

    I couldn’t even get to say goodbye

    My mom is dead

    Life is so unfair

    First it didn’t allow me to know my real mom because she died when I was born

    Then it took my dad away on my fifteen year old birthday

    Now the woman I have come to love as my mom is also dead

    She’s in the morgue

    I don’t even have the money to pay for the morgue fee

    I would have gone to borrow some money but this crutches make me feel like a human turtle 🐢

    And this house makes me feel so lonely

    I dropped my crutches and sat on the couch

    My landlord entered without even knocking

    Me: good afternoon sir

    I bowed

    LL : Rosa, after your mom’s funeral, you’ll have to leave here. You guys are owing too much. I can’t let you stay because you won’t be able to pay

    Me: sir …ill try to pay. I’ll work

    LL : work? How long will you work? You won’t be able to cover all the debts. I’m sorry Rosa, but after tomorrow you won’t be staying here anymore.

    He then left

    I began to cry

    It’s true, I won’t be able to pay the debts

    I wanna die

    (The cemetery)

    I watched as my beloved mom was fixed into the wall that was built for fixing in coffins

    The opening was covered and her picture placed in a glass beside it

    My face was already soaked and swollen

    I quickly turned back and wanted to leave

    I began to walk on my crutches as I made my way out

    I wouldn’t have even been able to pay for anything here but a good Samaritan helped me

    I don’t even know the person

    Maybe he or she heard about my predicament

    But I guess the person forgot to pay my house rent

    I walked to the house and saw that it was already locked with my things outside

    I sighed and walked further
    It was already getting late

    I just felt like going around to relief myself instead of sitting in one place and mourning

    The sky was already dark and I was still walking around with my crutches

    I came to a place and sat down beside the road

    I actually fell asleep

    When I woke up, the road was already empty

    No cars were passing and everywhere was quiet

    I began to feel afraid

    I’m all alone in the dark
    What if something terrible happens to me

    I better find refuge somewhere

    I took my crutches and began to walk slowly down the street

    I saw headlights from afar

    The car was coming really fast

    I left the road to the pedestrian way

    The car was black

    It got really close and it was really fast

    Me: what a rugged driver

    I muttered as I stood still for it to pass

    It drove past me but suddenly stopped

    I became scared

    I began to walk at fast as I could with the crutches

    The car began to reverse

    My heart was beating loud

    The car stopped in front of me

    I swallowed a lump in my throat

    It opened and someone with dark shades stepped out. I wonder who wears shades at night

    I moved back and bowed

    I looked up and he removed his shades

    My jaw dropped

    Me: Bad Boy???

    Bad Boy : hi

    He smiled

    Or maybe this isn’t him

    I don’t think he smiles

    Bad Boy : why are you outside by this time?

    I looked down

    Bad Boy : should I tell you why I’m outside?

    I didn’t talk because I was terrified

    Maybe I would even faint now

    Bad Boy : I just came back from my club. Those bitches all most drained me out

    I looked up


    Was he with girls?

    He saw the look on my face and began to laugh

    I moved back again

    Bad Boy : sorry about your mom and your leg

    He looked at my crutches and back to my face

    Me: thank you

    Bad Boy : you need somewhere to sleep tonight. I’ll give you a place

    Me: what?? No, I’m okay. I’ll just ………

    Bad Boy : get into the car

    It was more like an order

    I shuddered

    I’m so scared

    What if he does something bad with me?

    I can’t trust this guy

    He moved towards me and took my crutches

    I screamed and almost fell but he held my waist with one hand and the crutches with the other

    I blinked repeatedly

    He helped me to the car
    Opened the back door and dropped the crutches

    Me: please, leave me alone. Please I’m begging you

    He smirked and opened the other door

    He carried me up and sat me down then closed it

    He sat on the drivers seat and drove off

    I didn’t say anything anymore neither did he

    I couldn’t even turn to look at his face

    I looked at the glove box and saw weapons of mass destruction

    I gasped and he frowned at me

    Bad Boy : don’t touch anything

    He looked away

    I swallowed and sat still

    We reached a mansion and he parked

    He got out and carried me out

    He gave me my crutches

    Bad Boy : let’s go

    He walked ahead of me and was walking fast

    He stopped and looked back

    I was far behind

    He sighed and came back

    He carried me up and left the crutches outside

    We entered the house and I gasped

    Where is this place?

    We entered the elevator and went upstairs

    He opened a door and it was a bedroom

    Bad Boy : you’re staying here

    He dropped me on the bed and looked around

    Bad Boy : a Maid will bring your crutches for you. She’ll also help you with some things

    He made for the door

    Me: Bad Boy…

    He looked back

    Me: thank you

    He smirked and opened the door and left

    I fell on the bed


    Bad Boy lives here?

    To be continued
    Blessing Kelly

    So guys how is it?
    Would it be interesting or not?

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    Links To Available Chapters.

    Chapter 2

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    It’s gonna be interesting…ride on

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    It gonna be superb

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    I don already carry zobo nd buns sit down @daniel wire fire down we got ur back

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    Go on

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