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    Wow bad boys do love good girl while good girls trip 4 bad boyz life vice versa the higher d price the higher d income lay of supply

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    I beg bring it up….. I cant wait soooo letzzz keep it rrrooolllinnngggg

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    Already seated

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    Oga fast I can’t Wait

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    Chapter 2

    🐍 The Vipers Girl 🐍
    (😒You mess with the wrong person

    Posted by Blessing Kelly
    Korean Series)

    #Chapter 2

    What a human being
    He is supposed to be a responsible gentleman
    But he’s not
    He’s so stupid and heartless
    It’s because of him I’m crippled anyway

    I tried to sit up then grabbed by two crutches by my side
    I held them firmly then used all my energy to lift myself up

    I succeeded a little by going a bit higher but then I stumbled and fell again
    I groaned angrily

    I sat down to see if one of the maids will pass by but I got impatient
    And the leg began to hurt me

    The way I was sitting wasn’t really appropriate
    I turned and managed to sit well
    I leaned my crutches over the wall and waited for someone to come and help me

    Unfortunately, my crutches slid and fell on my leg
    I screamed and began to cry
    The crutches really hit it and I feel so miserable

    I began to wipe my tears repeatedly
    I’m this type of person that my tears flows like a waterfall when I start crying and I usually find a hard time wiping them away

    Then I heard someone sigh

    I looked up to see him leaning on the wall with his hands crossed

    I frowned at him
    Then I muttered ‘devil’ and looked away

    #Bad Boy : I heard you

    #Me: I don’t care
    He chuckled and walked closer then took my arm

    #Me: what are you doing?
    He didn’t answer, he just pulled me up

    I placed my feet on the floor and my thigh immediately got a feeling as if it was electrocuted.
    I yelped and took my feet up

    #Bad Boy : hurts right?
    I frowned at him again

    #Me: do you care?
    Then I hissed
    I’m getting guts now
    I wonder where I got this from
    And I just overcame my fear over Bad Boy

    #Bad Boy : if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t be standing here holding you right now

    I looked away and grabbed my crutches then balanced on them

    #Me: thank you
    Then I began to walk away angrily

    It seems the devil is against me today because a few steps from him, I fell again
    I screamed and I lay face down
    He began to laugh evilly

    I even became scared because I thought he was punishing me
    I don’t even know what this guy is
    Maybe he even has sorcery

    Immediately, all my guts vanished
    My fear rushed in again
    I felt him squat beside me
    My heart began to beat faster

    #Bad Boy : should I leave you here or just go?

    I couldn’t reply or even look at his face

    #Bad Boy : thank your God I’m in a good mood

    He lifted me up and instead of giving me my crutches, he swerved me off my feet
    I gave out a yell of fright

    He carried me to a room and dropped me on the bed

    #Bad Boy :don’t bother coming out yet until I say so

    He turned and got to the door then stopped and turned back again

    #Bad Boy : I hope this is your room?

    I shook my head nervously

    He placed his hands on his waist and stared at me
    I immediately looked down and played with my fingers frightenedly

    #Bad Boy : you know what? Just stay here until I tell you to come out

    #Me: but… but… What… Wha…

    Then he said harshly
    #Bad Boy : don’t waste my time. Do you think I’m as idle as you?

    I swallowed a lump

    #Me: I’m sorry. I was going to ask about my crutches

    He hissed and left after banging the door in my face
    I shuddered and stared blankly at the door

    ^•^•^•^•Bad Boy^•^•^•^•
    That girl must be an illiterate
    I wonder why I even brought her here
    Was I that drunk?

    I hate liabilities
    That’s why I separated from my family
    I don’t want to have anyone with me

    It’s so exhausting

    I hate people
    They disturb a lot

    And I think this girl is worst
    I better show her the real me instead of being soft on her

    I walked to the living room and met a maid cleaning
    All the workers hate me so much
    Is it even hatred?
    I think it’s fear
    They’re afraid of me

    This maid hasn’t seen me yet that’s why she’s still humming and cleaning

    #Me: hey!
    I barked

    She looked back abruptly and saw that it was me
    Her body shook and she staggered back and hit a flower vase
    It stumbled and fell down, shattering.

    Her eyes widened

    #Me : say goodbye to your family and friends then say hi to your greatest grandfather

    I pulled out my gun from behind
    She screamed loudly and fainted

    I began to laugh
    I laughed and sat on the cushion with my gun on my leg

    I brought my phone out and decided to order a wheelchair ♿ for that girl so she won’t kill herself with the crutches
    Then I’d probably send her away afterwards

    A maid rushed in as if she was trying to catch a flight she was already late for

    She rushed towards the maid who fainted and gasped

    She bent down and checked her out
    She didn’t see me on the cushion

    Well the cushion is black and I’m wearing black

    I decided to scare her too
    I lifted my gun and fired a shot through the ceiling

    She screamed and fainted immediately even without looking at me

    #Me: I hate girls. They are too weak for my liking. Always fainting..

    I ordered the wheelchair and waited for it to arrive
    I checked the time and it was almost 8am

    Breakfast should be ready by now
    I’m really starving due to the alcohol I consumed last night

    I heard a gunshot

    Oh no!
    Is Bad Boy having a fight in his house
    Or maybe the Red Light finally tracked him down and shot him here

    This is not good
    This is so not good
    What if they decide to check the whole house and kill everyone in it?
    Then I’ll die

    I clasped my hands together 🙏
    #Me: oh God, oh God please save me. Please save my life

    I was in fear for over ten minutes
    Then I heard a knock
    I began to shiver
    The door opened and a maid walked in
    I breathed in

    #Maid: good morning Miss. It’s time for your breakfast

    #Me: where is Bad Boy?

    #Me: he’s already at the table. He asked us to bring you down with this…

    She rolled in a wheelchair

    #Me: huh?

    She rolled it to me
    #Maid: let me help you up

    She aided me and I stood up and sat down on the chair
    It was very comfy

    #Maid: are you okay?

    #Me: yes, thank you so much
    She smiled and rolled me out to the hallway then we went through the elevator and got downstairs

    I secretly prayed that Bad Boy wouldn’t be at the dinning table again

    ^•^•^•^•Bad Boy^•^•^•^•
    I poked a toothpick in my mouth as I walked to the pool side.
    I don’t have a gym here and I don’t have a hideout here

    What a stupid house
    I wonder if I was drunk when I bought it

    Right now I seriously need to do my workout
    I think the only arm I’ve got here is my gun 🔫

    But the house is still safe because no one knows it’s for me, except the workers
    And since I hardly come here, eyes are not on it

    I ordered a Maid to get me some towels and cigarettes
    I did to open my brain
    I also ordered her to get me some champagne

    I sat by the pool and waited for the maid
    Calls have been coming in since but I’ve been rejecting them

    It’s just my men who want to say one thing or the other
    If it’s a serious issue, they would call my secret number

    The maid brought my stuff and gave them to me
    She turned to go but I stopped her

    #Me : stand here
    She looked puzzled as she stood there

    #Me : are you safe?
    I was looking at my phone
    She didn’t answer
    I looked up

    #Me : are you deaf or dumb?

    #Maid : I… I’m.. I’m safe..

    #Me: good, now strip and enter the pool

    #Maid: but…

    #Me: strip NOW!
    She began to strip and I smirked

    I took a cigarette and lighted it
    I watched her as she took her uniform off

    When she got to her undies, I used my leg and pushed her into the pool
    She screamed as she splashed into the water

    I dropped my cigarette and took my shirt off then dived in and grabbed her

    She gasped as I squeezed her b**bs roughly
    I wasn’t smiling
    I was going straight to business

    I removed her pantie by myself and immediately entered into her

    I pushed her to the edge and rocked her body hard
    She held me firmly as she moaned roughly

    I rocked her for thirty minutes and finally ejaculated
    I pulled out but she was still holding on to me
    We were both breathing heavily

    I pulled her head close, as if I was going to kiss her

    But I whispered into her ear
    #Me: you’re fired

    She looked shocked as I got out of the pool and wore my clothes

    #Me: give me your bank details and I’ll send you enough money to vanish from my face now and forever

    She couldn’t come out cause she was naked and I smirked evilly
    I just ruined her self esteem

    I turned and frowned when I saw someone on a wheelchair gawking at me

    I decided to go round the house checking different places
    The wheelchair is really fast and smooth
    I love it
    But I still prefer my legs

    I wheeled to the sixth room I was going to enter

    The door was half opened
    I heard sounds of a lady, as if she was gasping for air
    I quickly wheeled in and it was the pool room

    Two people were in the pool
    And they were doing the filthy

    I gasped and covered my mouth
    I couldn’t believe they were so stupid enough to do it publicly

    I looked at the face that lifted up and it was Bad Boy
    I decided to wheel away quietly before he shoots me dead

    It was then he came out of the pool
    The first thing my eyes caught was his tattoo

    A viper 🐍
    A terrifying one

    He wore his shirt and I sat gawking
    I quickly tried to turn but he saw me

    #Me: oh no!

    I turned immediately and began to wheel away

    #Bad Boy : come back here
    He began to come after me

    I began to wheel faster but he caught up with me and pulled the back of the wheelchair.
    He turned me around and held my hair in a way that it was hurting so bad

    #Bad Boy : how dare you stalk me?

    He was looking angry

    #Bad Boy : I didn’t bring you here to start watching my every move. In fact, leave my house now before I murder you in cold blood

    He pulled my hair and I began to cry
    Everything in my life replayed itself
    I was reminded that I was a nobody and that no one wants me

    Hearing those words weren’t my first time but it actually poked a hole in my heart because I thought I would be allowed to live in here
    But like the trash I am, I’m being thrown out again

    I was crying profusely
    He gently released my hair

    My sobs were increasing
    I turned the wheelchair and began to move away while crying
    I couldn’t say a word because my mouth was busy

    I wanted to go upstairs and take my things but I remembered that I didn’t come to the house with anything but my crutches

    I then wheeled to the facade
    It led to the floor with a flight of stairs

    I couldn’t go down
    I was contemplating whether to ride down the stairs even though I knew I might fall

    I began to cry again

    #Bad Boy : why do you cry with pain written in your eyes?

    I looked up to see Bad Boy

    ^•^•^•^•^•Bad Boy^•^•^•^•
    There must be something that this girl has gone through
    Why is she crying this way?

    I know her mother is died while she was at the hospital and I know they’re very poor
    That’s why I paid all her bills

    Maybe she has suffered a lot
    I don’t know what it feels like to feel pain and I don’t care if people are feeling pain, but I’m still human

    I bent down to her
    The breeze was blowing gently and her long hair was being tossed about

    I took a strand of hair that entered her mouth

    #Me : let’s go inside. You might get a fever

    I wheeled her inside and locked the door
    I changed the room temperature with the thermostat and got her a glass of warm milk

    She took it and began to drink
    I sat opposite her and watched her
    I checked the time, almost 10am
    I need to go out

    #Me: I’m sorry for yelling at you. Won’t happen again

    She looked up surprisingly

    #Me: and you can keep staying her till whenever you want to leave. This is your home now

    She was still staring at me as if I was speaking Latin

    #Me: we can also be friends
    Then I smiled

    Her eyes widened

    #Girl: what??

    #Me: you heard me right

    I stood up and lifted her hand and gave her a handshake

    #Me: I’m going out. I’ll be back in the night

    Then I began to walk away
    I stopped and turned
    She was still having this face of unbelief

    #Me: what’s your name?

    Don’t mind me, I don’t know her name

    #Girl: Ros… Rosa

    I nodded

    #Me: nice meeting you Rosa

    I winked at her and went upstairs

    I was taking my shower when everything I did played in my mind like a television

    I was surprised and I froze
    Where did all those words come from?

    It sounded too nice

    I threw my soap against the wall and yelled…
    #Me: dammit, Bad Boy isn’t that nice!!!
    To be continued
    What do you think is controlling Bad Boy?
    Do you think it’s pity or he has a good side?
    And too bad for the maid who got fired in a pool

    Watch out for the next chapter

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    Nna ehi bad boy na rosa b ur new leaf ooo

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    He Has A Good Side, Not Every Bad Person Is Bad

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