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    No part of this work should be reproduced in any
    format or shared on any other platform without
    express written permission of the writer.
    Disclaimer : This work is a complete work of
    fiction. Resemblance to any persons whether
    dead or alive, place or thing is not intended and
    should not be inferred.
    Copyright 2017 © Alabede Jude Oluwabamise
    WhatsApp contact: +2348135330151

    About the story
    The Voice
    Detective Cole is an anti crime fighter who was
    specifically trained in hand combat and a
    professional in the use of guns.
    he rose through the ranks rapidly and became
    the hitman of the CIB.
    he lived a carefree life and was happily married
    to a young beautiful woman who triggered his
    success in the force but his success were cut
    his travails started with an unsolved crime. The
    cataclysm of the crime enhanced a voice to
    surface terrorizing the state.
    it was an anonymous voice which couldn’t be
    traced to its source.
    through the voice, many lives were lost and there
    are still many more to be lost.
    detective Cole who was bent on getting to the
    root of the case was injected with an amnesia
    virus which wiped his memory off the case.
    it became a mystery to unravel, an arduous task
    to the whole of the CIB department.
    who could be behind all these?
    find out in this intriguing story.
    The voice.
    To be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and

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    Episode 1

    it was a monday morning, in the city of calabar.
    People could be seen walking to and fro. Every
    young and old folk were walking briskly to their
    The city of calabar is always a beehive of
    activities. People going to their various
    workplace could be seen rushing to avoid getting
    late to work.
    Some stood on the road flagging down vehicles
    that would convey them to their destination.
    There was a sonorous noise in the whole city
    which was incessant &clamorous.
    The noise which came from the fast moving
    vehicles was accumulated with the noise of the
    hawkers, who were displaying their wares.
    All moving vehicles suddenly came to an halt. It
    seemed as though, there was a gigantic traffic
    withhelding them from moving.
    All drivers peered outside through their window
    with a puzzled look on their face, wondering
    what was happening.
    All the cars queued up within a short while
    causing a heavy traffic jam.
    Different car horns blared loudly as the drivers
    tried to create a way but all efforts was futile.
    The hawkers were elated and gratified at the
    traffic jam. As they saw it as an opportunity to
    sell their wares. They moved from vehicle to
    vehicle propelling passengers to patronize them.
    Detective cole sat in his BMW car and was on
    the wheel.
    He was extremely infuriated at the traffic jam as
    he checked his golden wristwatch persistently,
    which his wife Nora bought for him as his
    birthday’s gift.
    He was running out of time and he disdain
    getting late to work.
    He angrily banged the horns of his car with a
    clenched fist.
    “holy shit!” he cursed under his breath and
    removed his seatbelt.
    He decided to go have a look of what caused the
    He adjusted his tie properly and alighted from
    the car.
    He hadn’t taken more than three steps when he
    heard an explosion which came far away from
    where he stood.
    Before he could comprehend what was
    happening another sounded and swept everyone
    away from their feet.
    The second explosion reverberated and flung him
    far away.
    Just like flash, everything happened within a
    The cloud of debris and pieces of scattered flesh
    and car’s fragment with a huge puff of smoke
    was all one could see.
    In no minutes, the police came rushing to the
    scene with their sirens blaring loudly
    accompanied with tons of Ambulance vehicles.
    Three officers jumped down from the van and
    walked closer to the victims. While the other
    officers cleared the way for other Ambulance
    They rushed out an carried the remainant of the
    dead bodies on stretchers into the waiting vans
    and immediately sped off.
    The light stung her eyes as she opened them,
    Nelson Nora shielded her eyes with her right
    hand and pulled herself up from the sofa with
    her left.
    She rubbed her forehead, they banged in a way
    she had never experienced before.
    She had just dismissed Cole her heartthrob for
    work an hour ago before she slumped on the
    chair and slept off.
    It was the headache that woke her up and the
    pain she felt at the moment was unbearable,
    they threatened to split her head.
    She reached for the television remote control
    which was laid on a low stool in front of her and
    turned on the t.v set.
    She never wanted to do so, but something she
    couldn’t attest to, propelled her to do so.
    The sound coming from the television was going
    straight into her head and she decided to switch
    it off but something caught her attention.
    It was the news flash. She restrained and squint
    her blurry eyes to read the headline.
    ‘A Nuclear bomb blast in calabar city.’ was the
    breaking news headline and a video footage of
    the explosion was shown afterwards.
    She readjusted her sitting position to have a
    clear view of the footage.
    She saw dead bodies and fleshy pieces being
    carried away into the vans in haste, then the
    reporter was shown.
    It was a female reporter which one could guess
    was in her mid-twenties.
    “this is the first Nuclear bomb blast of this kind
    that this city has seen and experienced.
    Five hundred and three (503) people were
    confirmed dead who were victims of the
    unfortunate incident and twelve (12) were found
    injured including our beloved detective Cole who
    was trapped in the traffic jam before the
    Nora suddenly sprung up as though, she was
    being poured hot water.
    She was aghasted and petrified that Cole was
    also a victim.
    Beads of sweat immediately formed on her
    forehead and her legs started vibrating.
    The bangs on her head doubled from worse to
    She tried to catch up with the last details as she
    concentrated on the t.v screen.
    “the police are yet to comment on the bomb
    blast, we will be back with an official police
    statement. its lance Kayle reporting. thanks for
    watching, stay with us.”
    the reporter said and her pretty face gave way
    for a bank advertisement.
    She switched off the television and paced up and
    down with worriment.
    She touched her forehead and the pain was
    severe, she became dizzy & her legs twitch. She
    couldn’t hold on any longer, it gave way and she
    slumped to the ground.
    To be continued….

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    Geez! Cole must survive the explosion.

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