The Wedding Contract

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    Anthony tried to calm himself down as he paced about his room…he was very mad at his father..getting married in three weeks..??…what was he thing..he
    sighs….his mind went back to when he heard his wedding
    announcement that he wasn’t aware of during an interview his father had…he coulda stopped him if he was with the father..he saw the
    interview on tv
    *few mins ago*
    interviewer::mr clifford smith…we heard that your competition or should i say business rival
    has gotten a private jet recently…considering the fact that you don’t have one…isn’t it a blow to you..?”
    mr clifford:: hmmm…i don’t see it that way….i
    mean..who would he leave them for…the money…the cars…the fame…what’s the point of having those when he doesn’t have a
    son…not even a child that would keep up his legacy..” he replied
    interviewer::even at that..he is getting more attention than you are…it would affect your
    productivity and profit.wouldn’t it..??”
    mr clifford thought hard before he
    replied…he knew the interviewer was right…he needed to
    come up with something that would get the attention of the public to him…he smiled
    mr clifford:::well…i don’t think it would because i have bigger news…something i know the public have always wanted to hear….” tell sir..”
    mr clifford:::my son anthony is getting married in three weeks time” interviewer:::really…finally
    …you heard it ladies…mr anthony is off the market..”……
    what was his father thinking….how did he
    expect him to get a girl and plan a wedding in just three weeks…wait…that’s not the
    problem…after the marriage then
    what..he rubbed his hands together then placed his
    right palm on his head…he had no choice…he had to do it else their business will crash
    mr fernardo put off the t.v angrily…how
    dare he…mr clifford humiliated him publicly…his childlessness was not his fault…his wife
    died without baring a child and he couldn’t marry another wife seeing that he was…he
    sighed….he has said he would not let the doctor’s report weigh him down…mr clifford…he won’t get away with this…since he brags so much about his son and makes fun of his childlessness…he would render him childless too…lets see how he deals with that…then he turns and saw the picture
    of his late wife..
    “oh cynthia…i miss you so…why did you leave me…you were my drug…” he felt guilty
    planning such evil against clifford…he had promised his wife he would not let this competition between them go this far but clifford was pushing him and he has to
    retaliate…..he ignored the warning voice in his
    head and went ahead to plan…he’d attack when he least expect it…

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    Seated with my hollandia yogurt

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    seated close to my queen @denciegirl

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    this story gonna be waw

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