The Will Of God

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    Episode 1


    The rain was pouring so hard. Its sounds was like that of a great stampede as it hit against the roof of the house were I was praying.

    My heart was heavy with burden that night. I can’t continue to struggle with the confusion I’ve been carrying for long.

    “Lord, you have to settle this matter ooo” I cried out with passion. “I’m in my final year, and I’m not getting any younger. Let me know your will for my life, Oh God” I continued pressing more and more in prayers.

    In fact, that night, I had 7 sisters in mind. Their closeness to me was really making me more confused.

    “Lord….is it sister Shade…..I know she’s very spiritual and zealous in the fellowship….how about sister Deborah….that sister sings with passion. I used to love her voice when she sings…..or is it sister Abiodun….that fair and beautiful sister that used to help me to sweep my office and make everywhere clean….. Oh God….what about Sister Chiamaka….or sister Faithfulness….sister Blessing….. sister Mary….. Lord, please… me not to be confused…. show me your will for my life in marriage….” I prayed with passion.

    Actually, it wasn’t as if these sisters were idols in my heart. I just wanted to be free with God mentioning their names. They were the ones disturbing my heart and affecting me emotionally.

    I prayed until I didn’t know when I slept off that night.

    I had a dream that night. It was so real.

    I was in my office, when a man I’ve never seen before walked in. He had a list of paper which had something written on it.

    He dropped the list on my table and left without saying a word.

    I quickly took the list. On it was the heading “MARRIAGE LIST”.

    It had all the names of the 7 sisters I had earlier mentioned while praying. All their names were marked ❌❌❌ with a red ink.

    I woke up.

    “But…..Lord, who then is she?” I asked as I stirred into the empty room, but got no answer.

    My name is BRO. David Ogochukwu, a 400L final year student of the department of Biochemistry under the Faculty of Life Sciences in one of the Universities located in Southern Nigeria.

    I became the General Coordinator of one the most populous campus fellowship in my school during the fall of my 300L second semester

    As the student pastor of a prestigious and populous fellowship on campus, I had different sisters flocking my office either for counseling or to help do one thing or the other, etc.

    That day, while In the office at the fellowship Secretariat, somebody walked in…..

    Watch out for the next episode…

    © Ebosa Monday


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    *Episode 2*


    Sister Shade walked into the office.

    “Sister Shade….you should have knocked on the door before coming in ..” I told her, though playfully.

    “GC (that’s what the fellowship members always call me. It means General Coordinator), sorry ooo….let me go back and knock on the door of my pastor” she said playfully as she went out, closed the door and knocked.

    I kept quiet for sometime and then answered and ask her to come in.

    “Now, that’s official” I said and we both laughed.

    “So, what brought you here this afternoon?” I asked her.

    “GC, wait….. did you go for lectures today?” She asked with a serious face.

    “Ehm…. actually…ehm” I tried to speak when she cut in.

    “Ah…GC, not again!….it seems you’ve forgotten that you are in your final year and you need to concentrate on your studies. I know you have a lot of work to do in the fellowship, but you must not forget you are still a student ooo…..” She said with much concern.

    “I don’t know why God always gives me sisters that would do nothing but see me succeed. I’m very grateful, my sister. You have spoken well. I will take heed to your advice” I said trying to calm her down and make her feel relaxed.

    “See ehn, GC, I am ready to do anything for you. I am ready to spend and be spent for your comfort and satisfaction. I am not like those other sisters that won’t even bother to know how you are faring” she said as she looked at me quite seductively.

    I guess I didn’t really understand that code, but her words made me uncomfortable.

    “Anyway, have you eaten today?” She asked looking into my eyes.

    That question startled me. Not as if it was bad, but the way she said it made me to be suspicious of her motives.

    “I’m actually on a personal fasting and prayer program” I said trying to hide my uneasiness.

    “Ah….GCCC….you need to eat…we don’t want you to collapse one day on the pulpit while preaching. So, when are you going to break the fast? I can get something for you to eat after the service” She said.

    This sister’s presence is already making me uneasy. How do I get her out? I was already getting tired of her presence.

    Then a knock on the door. It was my AGC, (Assistant General Coordinator), bro James.

    He greeted me as well as sister Shade.

    “Ehm..GC, please, there is an issue I believe you alone can handle inside the church. One of the security officers of the school demands to see the president of the fellowship, before he can allow us to prepare the venue for the Revival Service today” he said with urgency.

    “Thank God. I can be free finally from this sister” I said within me as I stood up to attend to the issue on ground.

    The issue was a minor one and the service was held. I was to preach and lead the people in prayers.

    The prayers that day was hot and powerful. All the members of the fellowship were praying passionately. I could here the voice of those sisters I mentioned earlier. They were screaming on top their voice. I don’t know whether it was because of how hot the prayers were or they were just trying to get my attention.

    As I ran my eyes through the congregation during the prayers, I saw a lady at the back role. She sat quietly, but was praying and from the way she was praying, she was really serious, though not shouting like the rest.

    I actually wasn’t distracted by what I saw. When I was through, I closed the service attended to some that needed extra prayers and counselling and then try to get my to house quickly before any of those sisters will start another session of counselling.

    In fact, I ran home to avoid them trying to walk home with me, because we do go through the same route.

    That night while trying to reflect on the program. My eyes were open, but like a vision I saw something…..

    What was that….

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    bring it on

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    right on time

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    Will of God. Man, I can’t wait to read the whole episodes

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