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    *Episode 3*


    In all my years as a leader of a fellowship, from being a youth leader, school fellowship visitor to being a campus fellowship pastor, I’ve never encounter a vision so strange as the one I had after the revival service that night.

    I wasn’t sleeping. I was in my full senses and conscious mind. I was only trying to reflect on how the service. Suddenly, as if a screen was placed before me, I saw as it were the congregation praying.

    I saw all those sisters praying too. Then I saw that same man I saw in my dream. He was walking through the congregation from one roll to another. He came to the sister I saw that was praying fervently though quietly. When the man got to where the sister was, he stop, turned and looked at me.

    I had never imagined watching a TV show where the actor seems to be communicating with the person watching the Tv. This one was strange.

    The man looked at me and pointed at the lady. I could here him say “She is the one”. Immediately he said so, the screen disappeared.

    I rushed to wash my face with water. I was scared.

    “God, what just happened? Hope I’m okay?” I questioned myself.

    “But…..who is that lady? I don’t know her? What does ‘she is the one’ mean?”

    All these questions were running through my head that night. I prayed about it and slept. When I woke up the next morning, it was time already for my morning lectures. I quickly observed my quiet time, prayed and prepared myself for lectures.

    After the lectures that day, I went to the Secretariat. I tried to concentrate but the vision kept disturbing me.

    “But, Lord, I don’t know the lady. I don’t even know her name. I understand she’s a member of the fellowship, but who is she?” I was thinking deeply when I was brought back to my consciousness by somebody. It was sister Abiodun.

    “GC….. what’s the matter? I’ve been standing here for over 10minutes now and you have said nothing. Is there anything bothering you? You can always share it with me, you know.” She said meekly and gently.

    “Don’t worry about it. How are you doing? And hope all is well?” I said eventually.

    “I’m fine. I came to clean up your office. It’s looking so scattered and unkempt. GC…..why do you always allow everywhere to look rough and scattered when you have a sister like me to call” Abiodun said as she prepared to clean up the office.

    Sincerely, this sister was very beautiful. Her beauty alone can make one lust after her. In fact, that afternoon, I was almost been seduced by her.

    It was just both of us alone in the Secretariat. I was feeling really weak emotionally. I had to quickly excuse myself from the Secretariat as she cleaned up the place.

    After she was through, she sat down and was waiting for me.

    “Oh God, what does this sister want? Please, Lord, I can’t stand her beauty. Help me out today over this temptation” I prayed silently where I was sitting outside the Secretariat. I took some time outside expecting her to live.

    Fortunately, for me, I saw sister Chiamaka walked into the Secretariat. She carried something in a black cellophane bag.

    As she entered, it seems there was exchanged of words coming from within the building. So, I decided to draw near a little to hear what they were saying.

    What I heard surprised me…

    What did I hear…..?

    The next episode will tell you…….

    © Ebosa Monday


    *Episode 4*


    “Hmmmmmmm…why are always jumping around this brother. Won’t you leave him alone” Chiamaka said as she saw Abiodun in my office.

    “And who is talking here? Holy Mary, mother of Jesus. You think I don’t know your plans. You have brought food for the GC. Caring sister…..” Abiodun replied her and hissed heavily.

    “Come, Abi, don’t over step your boundaries, please. You know that GC is mine. You know that. Okay, tell me, which of the sisters in the fellowship does he call ‘Chi, chi’. Think how he calls that name with respect and love and…..” Chiamaka wanted to continue but was cut short by Abiodun.

    “Hey….stop that trash. Come, take a good look at yourself. Beauty, you don’t have. Manners, you don’t have. Do you think GC will leave such a beautiful, well packaged and cool sister like me for a thing like you?” Abiodun said looking at Chiamaka disdainfully.

    “What…..! Abiodun, you called me a thing….” Chiamaka spoke out with fury and slapped Abiodun.

    “Chiamaka, you slapped me….. today, I will show you also that I am stronger and more qualified than you for GC” Abiodun said as she rushed Chiamaka for a fight .

    I quickly jumped out from my hiding to try to separate them. It was an embarrassing sight.

    “Ah….. sister Abiodun and Chiamaka….. what is it? Why are you fighting in the secretariat? This is not good at all.” I said trying to feign ignorance of the cause of the fight.

    “It was Chiamaka that slapped me first, before I decided to rush her in a fight” Abiodun said while trying to clean up her tears.

    Chiamaka picked up her things and left the secretariat.

    I too, I humbly, took my bag and left the place.

    As I was going home, I met sister Deborah on the way.

    This sister can talk. Although, I like her for being sincere even when she talks endlessly. She always take away dullness from me whenever she’s around.

    “GCCCCCCC……How are you doing? How’s class today? Hope lectures was okay? Hope you are preparing for your final exams? Remember, you will soon live this school. Oh, I’m going to really miss you. I don’t know who will cheer me up when you are gone. I don’t know who will be calling to ask of me when you are gone…” She said and was about to continue when I stopped her….

    “Sister Debby, God will take care of you when I’m gone. See, I need to run along to my house now before night falls. Besides, I have a prayer vigil this night, so, I need to rest for it. I’ll see you later” I said as I tried to hurry up and get home.

    I was able to break free from her that evening using those activities as an excuse to avoid any long discussion. I actually had the vigil that night.

    Watch out for the next episode.

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    Dis lady de Lord has chosen,who is she???
    I guess de other sisters r just wasting their time den!!!

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    Still following

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    © Ebosa Monday

    *Episode 5*


    I went to my office one particular Thursday afternoon to prepare for the Revival hour.

    When I got to the office, I saw food on my table with a tag “FOR MY GC”. I was actually confused as to who would have thought it very generous and kind to prepare such food. I must confess, the aroma was zealously tempting. In fact, I was very hungry that day as it was only jollof garri (garri fried with onions and pepper) I had taken in the morning.

    I ask my AGC who was around. He said it was a sister who decided to remain anonymous that brought it. He said the sister told him that she was led to bring that food.

    Then I took a good look at the food….

    “My God….!” I exclaimed. “Ewedu and amala with all necessary animals fully answering their names inside the plate.” I shouted but with care not to attract attention.

    I know it was written, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from all evil, but this food didn’t look like temptation to me that day.

    A thought came to my mind “how about Nebuchadnezzar delicacies? Was it not more than this? And Daniel still stood his ground against it”….

    Another voice said…
    “Ah..but this one is different. She even said she was led to bring it”

    Sincerely, I was very hungry that day.

    Let me say I fell into the temptation because I couldn’t resist the food. I and my AGC did proper justice to every content of the plate. Not even a bone was left behind.

    After eating the food, I relaxed on my chair while the AGC cleared the table and went out to wash the plate.

    “God….who must have been the sister behind this delicacy? I ate it with a pure conscience oooo” I said trying to justify myself.


    Some days after, I became sick. Not because of the food I ate from the office. It was a serious malaria fever.

    I had to stay back at my lodge for some days to heal up. I didn’t attend services for that week as I was very weak and incapable of doing anything.

    My AGC assisted me with the administration of the fellowship while I was recovering.

    I had some people who came to visit me. Even my Associate Pastor, who was the Adult pastor in charge of my location came to pay me a visit. He came with sister Blessing, the Sister Welfare Coordinator of the fellowship.

    That day, sister Blessing brought with her some food spiced with assorted meat, fishes and in fact, at the sight of the food, my appetite that was very weak some days before, came up like an hungry lion that had been looking for a prey for days who eventually saw one and would not want to lose it.

    My pastor and my SWC have to stay around to ensure I eat the food, they felt I would not eat it because of my weak appetite.

    I had to pretend not allow my appetite betray my sense of decorum, so I was eating a little at a time. You know, as a GC, I have to eat as a minister, besides, my SWC was even watching me. I can’t betray my reputation while eating, not when she’s around. So, I endured until they left.

    When I confirmed that they had gone, I settled down very well. In fact, I sat on the floor and devoured everything like a ferocious tiger that just caught an antelope. I even forgot I was sick.

    “Wait…who would because of one malaria avoid this kind of food?” I spoke aloud to myself.

    The next day, I was at home in the evening when I heard two ladies shouting and quarrelling outside my hostel lodge. It seems it was very close to my apartment.

    When I came out, I was shocked at what I saw and heard.

    What did I see?
    Who were those fighting outside?

    Watch out for the next episode….

    © Ebosa Monday ❤Nora❤

    *Episode 6*


    “What are you doing here” Sister Mary asked sister Shade

    “Why are you asking me such stupid questions. What does it look like I came here to do?” Shade replied her quite rudely.

    “See, the GC is not interested in you, madam. Wait…. Why on Earth do you think he will bring himself so low as to pick interest in somebody like you?” Shade asked Mary hissing.

    “Heyyyyyyy…. don’t insult me, please. Who do you think you are, ehn? Tell me? See, the GC loves me. I know very well based on the way he looks specially at me during our meetings. I know he loves me.” Mary said as she tries to carry the basket of food in her hands to pass Shade.

    Shade drew her back.

    “Where do you think you are going to? You will not dare it, Mary. You will not dare it…” Shade said with anger.

    “This brother is the will of God for me and nobody, I repeat, nobody, not even sister Blessing, the sister Welfare Coordinator, can take him from me” Shade spoke with assurance.

    Mary dropped her basket of food and started laughing while clapping her hands.

    “Ah…Shade….” She called with mockery

    “Anyway, let me tell you something. This GC is mine. I have been having strong revelation. I mean strong revelations about me being his wife. I’ve seen it and claimed it by fire and by force” Mary said trying to move forward again with her food.

    Shade got angry and pulled her back with force. This made the food in the basket to pour out.

    Mary got angry and hit Shade on her face. The duo began a strong fight.

    I ran out of my house to settle them, but unfortunately, a hot slapped landed on my jaw. I guess it was a mistake by Shade, but I saw stars. I fell on the floor. That ended the fight.

    They tried to apologise, but I told them to leave me alone as I was ready to report them both to the pastor, which I did and they were both placed on disciplined by him.

    That night I was fed up of all that was happening, especially these sisters fighting because of me.

    I was already strong from the sickness and decided to spend the night in prayer before God. I wanted full details about the particular sister He had revealed and how to go about approaching her.

    After my prayers, I slept and had a dream. In the dream, I saw that same man who showed me the sister. I asked him for a detailed description of the sister.

    Sincerely, I don’t know the sister. I lead a congregation of more that 300 students. I’m only familiar with my ExCo members and a few of the workers and some members who were closed to me, but this sister, I don’t know her.

    “Her name is Esther Michael. She’s in her final year in the department of Banking and Finance and she’s a dedicated child of God. You don’t know her because she is not among those sisters that always seek your attention in everything concerning their lives. She’s a reserve and disciplined lady” the man said to me and left.

    I woke up and wrote down everything the man said.

    I was prepared to see my pastor and settle this matter.

    What happened next?

    Find out in the next episode….


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    Sisters in the Lord throwing punches over their pastor… hmmmmm

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