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    Wooow because of u? Dats really wonderful, let’s see what happens next!!!

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    *Episode 13*


    My Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), was a secondary school in a very remote village. In fact, I had to cross many deserts to get there.

    I almost rejected the place, but my passion for the souls there would not let me. I decided to accept the place. I settled down in my lodge. Fortunately for me, I had neighbors who were very kind and accommodating, just that their language wasn’t easy to learn, but I was already used to adapting with different languages, based on my experience with different people in my school days.

    “Thank God, I can at least make call here” I said when I discovered that there was network in that village.

    My stay in that village wasn’t easy. I felt quite isolated from civilization, but, calls from home and from sister Blessing always make me feel better.

    I and sister Blessing always talk on the phone. She calls almost every day to check on me. She asked about my quiet time, the students and the place I live.

    Sometimes, we laugh on the phone and other chit chat discussion.

    There are times she’ll ask me about Evangelism and my prayer life. In fact, her constant checking to know about my Spiritual welfare, really helped me in that village.

    With her encouragement, I started a school fellowship with the pupils as well as evangelism among the villagers.

    I developed a midnight prayer life. Sometimes, I do prayed till Dawn during weekends. Why? Because she will ask me about it, and because I have to give her a positive response, I just have to observe it.

    I was growing Spiritually by all these exercises, also, the villagers and my students were also happy and blessed by my action.

    One day, she called me.

    “Good afternoon, sister Blessing. How have you been?” I asked her on the phone.

    “I’m ok. How are you? And hope you observed your quiet time today?” She asked in a smooth and wonderful tone.

    “Why would I not observed it? I know my sister will always ask. I’m really grateful for your encouragement and constant checking on me. It has helped me to grow Spiritually and also relieved me of the boredom here” I said to her.

    “Thank God for everything. Ehm….. I was thinking if you and I can be having time to pray together every weekend. Let’s say, from 12am – 4am. What do you think?” She said softly.

    I felt it was a great idea.

    “Oh….that would be great. I would love it” I said excitedly.

    We ended the call.

    Something within me was telling me to call her back and reject the plan, but I was like “it will help me to pray more and build up Spiritually”.

    We actually held the prayers together on phone. She was always the one calling me when it was time.

    Sometimes, I always ask her why she’ll spend her money on airtime for such purpose. “4hrs on MTN calls…. that’s not small money ooo” I will exclaim whenever I raised the issue”

    She told me that her parents always send her airtime allowance every week of about #10, 000 so they can talk to her without any itch.

    I kept quiet.

    We continued the weekend prayers, but most of the Prayer points she released was always centered on marriage, family life, future children, future ambition etc codedly structured in such a way that I couldn’t even discern her intentions.

    “Let’s pray that God would make us good, godly, gracious and glorious spouse in the future. You will be a good husband to your wife. I will be a good wife to my husband” she will say during the prayers.

    Although, I’ve several times thought of ending the prayers with her, yet I couldn’t. I didn’t want to lose her like that.

    The more we pray together and call each other, the more I forget about Esther Michael.

    Sincerely, I literally forgot everything about Esther Michael. All my mind was now on sister Blessing.

    There was a time I fell ill, she was really disturbed as if she was the one who was sick. She will call me in the morning, afternoon, evening, even around the early hours of the day.

    “How do you feel now? Have you eaten? Ehm….what did you eat? How about your medication? Hope you are taking it?” She will asked anytime she calls.

    If I ever tell her that I don’t have appetite to eat, she will be crying on the phone.

    “Oh God… please, try to eat something, please. Even if it’s little, okay? You will get well soon.” She would say in tears.

    There was a time she called me, I was very weak to talk. I was talking in a whisper.

    “Jesus, have mercy… please, Lord, have mercy. I rebuke that sickness. I command healing upon your body. You will not die. You will be well” she said crying on the phone.

    “God…..this sister is caring. I’ve never been shown so much love by anyone like this, not even from my mum..” I have always said to myself.

    “But, why was she rejected by you. What else would a wife do that she’s not doing? Oh… how I wish there can be a change” I prayed.

    That night,

    “Do you want a change?” The same old man that had been with me during my campus days appeared in my room.

    “I’m just confused. This sister has made my stay in this village a wonderful one. She has helped me Spiritually and otherwise. She calls, we pray together, she checks on me. Even my mum don’t call me often like her.” I said defensively

    “Do you want a change?” He asked again.

    “I don’t know. I’ve not heard from Esther. I don’t even know where she is. But this sister, has really been a wonderful help to me. A bird at hand is better than a thousand in the trees” I said trying to convince him.

    “If you want a change, so be it” He said with a frown.

    “No… please… I’m very sorry… I guess I’ve allowed my feelings to overwhelm me about Blessing” I pleaded with him.

    It dawned on me that I was erring. I saw myself struggling with God. I was rejecting God’s Will. I was leaning on my own understanding.

    I pleaded passionately again. Thank God, he didn’t leave me. He just stood there looking at me.

    “Isaiah 55:8….read it” He said to me.

    I quickly picked up my small Bible (I forgot my ministerial Bible at Esther’s place), and I read it.

    “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord”

    “Read 1Samuel 16:7” He said again.

    “But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” I read it and it became clear to me that I was using the outward show of love by this sister to judge her.

    “Please, who is this Blessing?” I asked curiously. “What is her mission in my life?” I asked because He told me about sister Faithfulness, so, I wanted to know about Blessing too.

    “She was once my daughter. Very zealous, fervent and committed labourer, but she fell while on Campus” He said as he bowed his head in sadness.

    “But she was my Sister Welfare Coordinator, sir” I said

    “Yes, she was. She secretly committed fornication, got pregnant and aborted the precious seed” He said with even more sadness.

    “Ah…. Jesus Christ!” I shouted.

    “She’s seriously broken within, coupled with the pressure from her parents for her to get married. She do not want to make that mistake again, but she’s operating carnally. All the food that has been brought to you comes from her. She’s the Sister Ibukun that wrote that letter to you. “Ibukun” is the translation of her English name in Yoruba.” He said.

    I was surprised.

    “I still have a great plan for her life. I have been trying to get her attention, but she’s been carried away by her desires to get you. You have a mission to help her and not to be pinned down by her. I brought her close to you so you could direct her attention to back to me and not lust after her” He said and disappeared.

    I woke up. Everything looks real.

    I cried and seriously prayed for mercy that night as well as for sister Blessing.

    She called me as usual in the morning to asked for the location of where I’m serving.

    “Sister… can’t come here. You serve in the city which is almost a 6hr drive from here. Besides, the journey is not safe. You can’t come here and go back the same day” I told her trying to discourage her from coming.

    She insisted on getting the location. I tried once again to discourage her, but she still insist.

    “Oh….God, why will she want to come? Please, discourage her from coming” I prayed silently while still on the phone with her.

    I couldn’t resist her request again, so, I gave her the description.

    “I’m sure if she embark on the journey, she’ll go back because of the terrain and distance” I assured myself.

    The Friday of that day, I closed quite early from school, I decided to do some washing that afternoon. It was 3:30pm.

    I was so engrossed in the washing, my head bowed and I was singing cheerfully. As I raised my head….guess who I saw standing before me?

    Find out in the next episode.

    ©Ebosa Monday
    *Episode 14*


    “My God…. Sister Blessing!” I said with surprise.

    “I told you I would come.” She said smiling.

    She dropped her bag and wanted to wash the clothes I was washing.

    “Please, don’t do that. Please…Ha….but I told you not to come” I said looking confused as to what to do.

    She insisted on washing the clothes. I humbly refused, trying not to create any drama because my neighbors were all outside watching us.

    One of my neighbors, an advanced woman came to where we were and said…

    “Ah….Corper, your wife com from city. She con even wan wash your clothes. Make you allow am na. She be good wife ooo” she said in pidgin English, because she knew we can’t understand her dialect.

    I was not happy at that statement, but I tried to be cool and mature.

    “Our Corper wife, abeg make you nor mind Corper. He too dey form. Abeg, wash the clothes for am” she said and left us.

    I have to allow Blessing to wash the clothes.

    Sister Blessing was happy. She looked at me, but I wisely threw my eyes off her. I went inside the house to sit down.

    She washed the clothes, hanged them on the rope and came to meet me inside.

    “Why don’t you want me to wash your clothes?” She asked looking at me.

    “Blessing, you know that is not right. Besides, look at the way that woman was referring to you as my wife. I wasn’t comfortable with that” I said

    She didn’t say anything.

    She brought out the content from the bag she brought. I saw 2 big loaves of bread, Sardin, 6 tins of peak milk, Milo refill, 6 packs of Indomie Belle Full, some fruits like oranges, apples, bananas, water melon.

    In the other bag she carried, there was garri, rice, beans, and other foodstuffs.

    She even brought a flask. When she opened it, I saw 6 wraps of Eba and the soup was Egusi vegetable soup with enough fish and meat well prepared and appropriately served in the flask.

    I became confused.

    “Why is this sister sacrificing so much just because of me?” I said to myself.

    I remembered all those delicacies I have eaten unknowingly. I remembered the last one I threw away because of the letter.

    “Oh God, please, help this sister. She’s sacrificing so much for what is another’s” I prayed silently.

    Then I called her by her native name.

    “Sister Ibukun…..” I said very calmly.

    She was shocked, but pretended.

    “Who is sister Ibukun?” She asked feigning ignorance.

    “Blessing, I really want to appreciate you for everything. You have been the best thing that had ever happened to me” I said

    “I know you are surprised I called that name. I don’t want you to hide anymore” I continued.

    She was feeling quite uneasy now.

    “GC….I….I….I am very sorry” she said looking down.

    “I’m really sorry. Please, forgive me” she said again.

    I guess she remembered the letter she said and its contents.

    “I’m not angry, but I’m not happy about this disguise of yours. I see you as a dear sister. Your closeness to me has really helped me, both in school and here in this village” I said boldly.

    “GC….I can explain” she said pleading.

    “Ok….go ahead, I’m all ears” I said and sat down very well.

    “Sincerely, I don’t know how to explain how I feel about you. Like I said in the letter, my feelings for you is a strong one. Let me say, I love you.
    I actually have to relocate from the West to this State through my father’s influence because I wanted to be close to you. I’m really in love with you and I’m ready to go any length to prove that. My coming here, as you very well know, wasn’t easy. The bus I entered at first had an accident, I was unhurt. I took another bus, it broke down on the way. I took the third one, it stopped in the desert. It was the fourth one that brought me here.” She said and knelt down before me. I shifted backward.

    “GC, can’t you see the risk I have to take just because of my love for you. I can’t pretend anymore. I have always dreamt of us been together. That Prayer session we have been doing, was just for us to learn to pray together. I really don’t know what to say again. Please, GC, I really do love you. Please, let me complete you” she said crying.

    “Sister Blessing, please, sit down” I pleaded with her.

    She wanted to remain on her knees while I speak, but I insisted, so, she sat down.

    “Sincerely, I understand everything you have said. I have often wondered why you should gone this far in all your actions towards me.” I said

    “If I must be sincere, I have also developed this strong feeling for you right from our school days. I have feelings too, you know. Even during those times we prayed together, I have often imagined you been my wife. Your checking on me, care, affection, love….hmmmmm….I don’t know what to say” I paused, then continued.

    “But….the Lord did not permit my decision concerning you” I said.

    She began to cry even more.

    “Please, GC, please…I really love you. Please, just give me a chance, please…I promise you will never regret having me as your wife” She pleaded.

    I was surprised.

    “There’s something, we need to settle” I said in a gentle tone.

    “Whatever it is, I am ready. Please, I am ready. Just tell me what you want me to settle. GC….I am ready to do anything you asked me to do” she said falling on her knees.

    “Stand up, please, you’re creating a scene” I told her. This was because, my door was opened.

    “Tell me your true story” I said.

    “What do you mean, sir?” She asked trying to hide.

    “Blessing, don’t hide anything from me. Just be truthful to me” I said.

    “Okay….I will tell you everything” she said as she wiped the cloud of tears from her eyes.

    “Before I was made a sister Welfare, I had an affair with the follow up coordinator, bro. Philip. It resulted into pregnancy. Bro. Philip advised me to abort it. I initially rejected the plan, but in order to avoid the shame, I agreed. This was before the ordination. I didn’t tell anyone. Philip later began to avoid me. This left me broken and shattered. I struggled with that for a long time. It affected my studies.
    You remembered the time you called to your office to discuss about the sisters?” She asked me.

    “Yes, I remembered. You were looking really dejected. I tried to know why you appeared that way. You said your result was poor for the first semester and that you were afraid of spilling” I said

    “Yes sir. Actually, it was due to the challenge I was facing that resulted to that. I was encouraged by you and your closeness to me really helped me a lot. You were always calling to check on me, as well as to know about my studies. That was when I started to develop this strong feeling for you. I didn’t want you to know about it, so, I resorted to preparing those delicacies for you.” She said

    “Hmmmmmmm…” I sighed deeply.

    “When I and bro. James saw you lying down in the orchard with your suit on, we quickly rushed you to the hospital. After you were discharged, I cooked that food and wrote that letter in order to express my feelings for you.
    GC, I truly do love you. I don’t know how best to express it than through all these things I have done” she said crying.

    “Sister Blessing, did you tell pastor about your affair with Philip, your pregnancy and the abortion?” I asked her.

    She nodded her head in the negative.

    “So, you kept those sins and refused to confess them?” I said almost crying

    She bowed her head in shame and was crying.

    “I was afraid of the consequences. My parents will disown me if they had heard about it and my career would be ruined” she said still crying.

    “Hmmmmm…. Blessing, you need to repent and give your life to Jesus Christ afresh” I said frankly.

    She went down on her knees.

    “I can’t hide anymore. I have suffered so much because of this guilt. I want to be free. Please, help me” she said pleading on her knees.

    I became very compassionate. I led her to CHRIST Jesus that evening and told her to try and convey what had happened to her parents at home.

    She was heart-broken when I told her the Lord has fixed me up with another sister right from campus. I didn’t tell her the proposal story.

    She became very sober and quiet.

    It was getting late, so, I have to arrange my bed for her that night while I slept in one of my neighbors house.

    I know you are wondering what happened to the food she brought. Actually, I ate it very well, because, it’s was no longer a bait and I also accepted all that she bought.

    The next day she woke up. I had prepared breakfast, boiled water for her because of the cold. In fact, she was surprised, but she didn’t say anything.

    After everything, I followed her to where she took a bus to go to her PPA. She waved ‘goodbye’ with tears while the bus drove off.

    We kept talking, but the prayers didn’t hold again.

    During our Passing Out Parade, we were together. We snapped pictures together as well as with friends.

    We entered the same bus home that day. I stopped at Enugu, while she continued her journey to Lagos, where her parents lives.

    She got married a year after.

    I went home to meet my mum. It was a joyful moment.


    I had become a secondary school teacher. It was my passion to reach out to young souls that made me to become a teacher.

    I had forgotten everything about Esther Michael, and decided to move on with my life.

    Then one night, my mum came to my room and woke me up.

    “David, wake up” she said.

    “Oh mum…. it’s just 2:00am. It’s not morning devotion time yet. It’s still early. I want to sleep. Besides, I have to be in school before 8:00am today” I said as I yawned and fell back to sleep.

    “David, who is Esther Michael” she said and Immediately I jumped out of the bed….

    Watch out for the next episode…..

    ©Ebosa Monday
    #Fiction. ❤Nora❤
    *Episode 15*


    I jumped up from the bed when my mum asked that question. I was surprised how she knew.

    “Did she call you?” I asked her.

    “Nobody of such called me” she said

    “Ehm….did…did..did she come here?” I asked again stammering.

    “David, what’s your problem? Nobody came here bearing that name” she said.

    “Hmmmmm….how did you know her then?” I asked her curiously.

    “I was praying for you, especially concerning your future” she said

    “I heard a voice saying I should ask you who is Esther Michael” she said and kept quiet.

    I hesitated a little, but eventually told her everything that happened, from the vision to the failed proposal.

    She was very patient with me and allowed me to finish my explanation, after which she prayed for me.

    “I don’t know where she is now or how she’s faring” I said after her prayers.

    “My son, *when God wants to connect a man to his purpose or partner, He navigates the route of the man’s destiny to that path or junction by which he(the man) can meet his purpose or partner. Remember Joseph!*” She said and encouraged me to have faith.

    “I have this strong witness in my spirit that she’s not far from you right now. I don’t know, but something tells me she is very very close.” She said.

    I believed her. My mum is another kind of woman. Whenever she say a thing like that, you better believe her or you end in a mess. That was exactly what actually happened to my dad. He was warned by my mum not to travel on a particular day. He felt she’s been too fanatical.

    My mum begged him to postpone the journey but he refused. When he went out, she just called me and my younger sister. We knelt down to pray. She started to cry. We thought she was expressing her emotions towards God, but she told us that dad won’t make it home again.

    Indeed, it was true. He had a terrible accident. His body could not be traced as he was burnt beyond recognition in the accident.

    From that day, I used to respect her prophecies and decision. It was through her I entered the school where I met Esther. I had initially chosen a university in the East, but she said I have no destiny to fulfil there, and that I should pick a school in the Southern part of the country. That was what brought me to the South.

    So, when she told me that Esther was very close, I have no choice than to believe her.

    That morning, I went to work. After the assembly, the students went to their various classes.

    I was the form teacher of S.S. 2 (science) class as well their Chemistry teacher. I love my students and flow with them easily.

    Sometimes, I do visit them at home to check up on them, thus, I became quite a family friend to some of them.

    A new pupil was admitted into my class. Her name was Emily Michael. She was quite an intelligent student. Sometimes, we do discuss about different things ranging from Sciences to other subjects matters.

    She’ll asked me about life on Campus. I’ll tell her all she needs to know.

    There was a day she said, her sister always tells her about how people live on campus and others stuff about campus life. I didn’t bother to ask about who this her sister was.

    One day, while doing my normal roll call, I discovered Emily was not in school. I was very much bothered and concern.

    I was on my suit, tie and shoe (I know you won’t forget that it was the same attire I put on for that failed proposal). I decided to look quite official that day.

    So, when I discovered Emily was not in school, I asked and was told she took ill and couldn’t come to school because of the illness.

    “This girl has never missed school before. I must pay her a visit after school today” I said to myself.

    After school, I and a particular student went to visit Emily. I didn’t know her house, but the girl I carried alongside with me was able to help me with the location before she went to her own house.

    The place was a beautiful mansion with a wonderfully designed gate. I was awe-strickened by the site as I stood for some seconds in admiration.

    “Money is good oooo…… Chai….you mean this place belong to somebody” I exclaimed as I tried to press the door bell located at the entrance.

    A male voice answered me from inside.

    “Na who be that?” The man said with a deep voice in pidgin English.

    “It’s me, David. I’m Emily’s teacher. I came to see her. I was told she was sick” I said in a comfortable tone.

    “Ah…. na my madam sister ooo.” He said as he opened the smaller gate for me.

    “But….. she and her mama just comot now now go hospital. Them go soon come back, the hospital nor far” he said as I entered the compound.

    “Chineke…..” I exclaimed as I raised my hands on my head. “This is another paradise on Earth oooo” I said as I admire the beauty and glamour of the compound.

    I heard a lady’s voice from the house.

    “Akpos who are you talking to at the gate” she asked the gateman.

    “Na Emily teacher. He say he come see Emily say because he hear say she nor well” the gateman answered her.

    I kept quiet.

    “That voice…..” I said to myself.

    As she came to know the person the gateman was talking to,

    “Lord, have mercy!” I shouted……

    Who did I see????

    Find out in the next episode……

    ©Ebosa Monday

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    Esther Michael

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