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    Story by @metalgear11
    The wrestling match


    Olaitan and I had this crazy cat-and-mouse friendship going on. We were both 300-level students of the Department of Animal Nutrition and Bio-Technology at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology in Ogbomoso. Ever since we were partners during our farm practice courses during our 200 level, we had grown so close.

    Olaitan was that kind of girl that I would call an extrovert, an “I-don’t-give-a-d--n-what-you-think-about-me” kind of girl. She is generally friendly with everyone, but one had to be careful not to cross her. She was the kinda person who would give you a lot to think about once she blasted or insulted you for something you did wrong. Everyone was careful not to cross her.

    I can’t recall how we got so close (probably because I was the class rep and she had this crazy habit of always annoying the hell out of me), but everyone seemed to agree that I was the only person in the entire department that was able to handle her bullshit. There was a day she accorded me the same treatment, but rather than get into a shouting match with her, everyone (including her) was quite surprised when after her rant, I calmly said a few words that cut real deep. Those few words I spoke to her made her look like a big fool in front of everyone and for the first time, she actually apologized for her reaction. Since then, there was a mutual agreement that I was the only one who could cool her head down and put her in her place, something that others couldn’t do. Anyone who had issues with her always talked to me, and I tried as best as possible to be a mediator and iron their issues out (which was quite often, knowing the girl she was).

    I think that incident when I didn’t allow her intimidate me like she intimidated others made her have a new found respect for me. We hung out anytime we were in school, and once in a while we read together. Every now and then she would cook food for me and bring it to my room, where my roommate and I would devour the food with gusto. Sometimes she would invite me to her church, and afterwards we’ll head to her place where we would talk for hours. We got so close that one late evening when I had stopped by her room to pick up a book I had borrowed her earlier in the week, she had had no qualms standing there in only her sports bra and underpants without even covering up or being ashamed of her near nakedness while I was right there in her room. That was the day I realized she had a pretty nice body – nice shoulders, moderately-sized boobs, a smooth belly, wide hips that flowed into shapely legs, and a very round heart of a bottom. She bent over briefly to pick something up and I couldn’t help but gaze at her butt. Till date I don’t know why she never thought of wearing something or just covering up.

    A week before our final exams, just as I stepped into class, Olaitan cornered me. She whispered she wanted to talk to me afterwards. After the lecturer left, she asked if it wouldn’t be a burden if we could read together for the entire period. I told her that wouldn’t be an issue. She suggested we use her room in Stadium area. Her roommate who was a nursing student had gone to Oshogbo for her clinical exams and would from there head home, so she had the whole place to herself. I thought nothing of it and agreed.

    For the entire three weeks of the exam, I would leave my room in the morning and head to her place. We would spend quite a while studying, and when it was evening, I’d head home. I had no fear of going hungry as she always cooked, and when we got tired of reading, we would either watch a movie together or talk.

    The exams went fast and before we knew it, it was time for the last paper. On Sunday, after a wonderful, late lunch of eba and efo riro, Olaitan was finishing up some last-minute stuff for the exam the next day. I was watching TV, sprawled on her bed and flipping through channels with the remote. I stopped for an inordinately long time on a wrestling channel and watched for a minute as the ring girl paraded around, scantily dressed of course, carrying the number of the round. Olaitan, having finished what she was doing, looked at the TV, and then at me.

    “Finally found something you like to watch after all,” she said with a snide huff, knowing fully well what had made me pause.

    Well, I couldn’t easily deny the pause in the channel surfing, and so I admitted my guilt.

    “She does look good actually,” I added, trying to defend myself. That strategy didn’t work well, and she gave me “the look” for a moment, accompanied by the “head shake”. A very bad combination in any guy’s book.

    I tried to change the subject and talk about something else, but she kept at it. She kept accusing, or rather, attacking me for the “look” I had on my face as I stared at the girl on the screen.

    “Just like the way you were staring at me the other day,” she concluded.

    I looked at her sharply for a second as she stared back at me angrily. “What day was I looking at you?” I asked.

    “Ma bi mi ni be. You think I didn’t see you? you think I didn’t notice the look on your face? Your eye like rat own.”

    “Olaitan ki lo n so? What day are you talking about?”

    “The day you came to collect your book from me! Egbe oshi.”

    The day she wore only her sports bra and panties. I lump formed in my throat and I turned my gaze away.

    “Oho, you now remember abi?” she retorted.

    “Igba ti iwo na wa mura ni ihoho nko? I’m a man now.”

    “I’m in my house and I can dress as I want. That doesn’t give you the right to stare at me like you want to eat me.” a smirk appeared in the corners of her mouth.

    “O da, ma binu, I will not stare again.”

    Our attention returned to the wrestling match on the TV. The sight of those steroid-induced muscles quipped her interest, and soon she was telling me how she liked the sight of the muscled men in tights grappling and clenching. She said it got her juices flowing.

    “Unlike you that you have tiny muscles and no energy. Those are real men. You one-minute man are not man enough.”

    “Ha! Don’t try me oh. I’m very strong oh! I can fling you around without stress.”

    “Iwo bawo? You that cannot stand the sight of scantily dressed women. You cannot do jack-shit!”

    “You want to try me? Mi o ki n shey eran riro oh.”

    “Iwo wo. Shebi iwo re? Oya now. Shishi, yo cannot do!”

    Hmmm…this could be interesting, I thought to myself. If I played my cards right, I could turn this into a very interesting afternoon after all.

    “Oya then. Let us wrestle like them and see who wins.”


    Good. Some wrestling with this pompous girl. I was ready to teach her a lesson, or so I hoped.

    “One minute rounds. The loser removes a piece of clothing. The winner chooses the start position for next round. No cheating, biting, and other things you girls use to get an advantage,” I laid out.

    Olaitan laughed. “Oya. Let me see what you have to offer. Egbe.”

    On to round 1…

    We flipped a coin and Olaitan was to go first.

    “Oya, kneel down,” she commanded with an air of authority.

    I quietly complied, and she knelt behind me. She grabbed my arms with one hand and wrapped the other around my neck in a chock-hold. Her body pressed firmly into my back as she leaned close to stop me from getting any leverage. Pretty strong move.

    “Ready? Three…two…one…”

    I tried to shake her off, but to my surprise she held on quite tight. Those arms of hers didn’t do justice to show her strength, and I found it quite difficult to get out of her hold. I started to struggle a bit, getting sort of worried that this may not be as easy as I thought. She was a pretty strong girl. I was beginning to think I underestimated her resolve too. I should have known she would be determined not to lose. Before I knew it, one minute had clicked off and I hadn’t extricated myself.

    “Oya ogbeni, your shirt,” she said with obvious triumph in her voice.

    I pulled my shirt over my head. I didn’t wear a singlet and I watched her gaze as my upper body exposed inch by inch – stomach, my chest, and then my shoulders. I dropped my shirt into her outstretched hand.

    “Hmmm,” she murmured, licking her chops as she eyed me, “not bad, looks good to me. O te ni ige di e. Think your small muscles can put up a fight?”

    “O kan l’enu lasan jare. Let’s just try again. So, what’s the position for round 2?”

    “Winner chooses, abi?” I could see a smile in her eyes that signaled she had some crazy idea up her sleeve.

    “Yes. How do you want it this time?”

    “Ma rush mi man yi. Just wait a minute. I’m thinking.”

    A few moments passed and I see her mind reeling with a wicked plan.

    “OK. Lie down on your stomach. I want both your hands behind your back.”

    “Come on now! Iyen le die now. I’m not sure that’s fair.”

    “Oh sure it is. O fe fair pa ni? You would have thought of something more difficult if you had won. Oya da mi l’ohun!!”

    Shait. This was more challenging than I thought. I complied, laying down on my stomach, and I slowly relinquish both hands to her. She sat on my back and grabbed my hands. Feeling her body on mine was a little bit stimulating. I shifted a little to get ready, and to give my surprisingly growing rod some room.

    “Ready?” She asked.

    “Ready. You’re going to lose this time, I promise.”

    “Thanks for that reminder.”

    Her legs braced on either side of me, and I couldn’t get any leverage whatsoever. I twisted and turned, trying to throw her off my back. I tried to pull my arms free, but her grasp was tight and their position was not easy. D--n! I was going to lose again. I keep struggling, feeling her breath close on the back of my neck. Rolling, twisting harder didn’t’ dislodge her strong grip. One minute is not long. I just couldn’t get any position. She chose the start wisely. Time’s up.

    “That’s it! HA! One minute is up. I beat you again!!! Ntoor!!!!! Ole iranu!”

    “Just try and hide your glee a little madam. Give a defeated guy a little room. You are quite strong, girl.”

    “Bo shokoto e jare!!! This is more fun than I thought!!” she laughed in triumph.

    “Shokoto mi ke?”

    “Yes!” she said, matching my look. “What else do you have to give me?”

    I meekly untied the rope on the sweatpants I had on and slid them off. I had to pull the waistband out first, off and away from my surprisingly hard rod now. Her eyes widened a bit when she saw the size of the bulge in my boxers, and she coughed and cleared her throat a bit. I handed her the sweatpants and she grabbed them and flung them aside.

    “Your boxers too,” she demanded.

    “Olaitan, ki lo mean? That wasn’t the rule. Kolewerk.”

    “The rule stated that each round, the winner makes the rule for the next round, right?”

    “Yes, but…”

    “So, my rule says you give me the boxers too.”

    My rod was pretty much throbbing slightly at this point, so I gingerly pulled the boxers down my legs and handed them to her. She eyed my body like a hungry lioness as I stood in front of her with my hardness nodding between my legs.

    To be continued

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    Wow!!! Pls nxt o, interesting


    Episode 2

    Episode 3

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    from one innocent game(perhaps) to a dangerous one

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    this wont end well
    take it from me

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    yeah it won’t @Jehliohn

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    Hahahahahahahaha!!!! She’ll definitely get what she’ve always wanted

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    What you mean you are naked…….i won’t see this alone let me call my dude @fb-danieledem make you na call the register……………

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