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    episode 1

    Being the only son in the family, I was treasured by my parents and was given everything which I needed. My 2 sisters used to complain a lot about that fact but as far as I was concerned, they had all they wanted.

    It was fan being the only son and I used to spend money without been scolded for it. We were a happy family and had each others back always. Dad always encouraged us to be each other’s keeper.

    When I was in grade 10, mum fell ill. She spent 2 weeks in hospital and we were told that she had malaria. I didn’t believe it but dad kept on telling me that she only had malaria.

    After 2 weeks she was discharged from the hospital and came back home but there was no improvement. One day she called me and my sisters Mirriam, and Recious to her room.

    “My children,u know that I love u ryt”, she started.

    “Yes mum”, we all answered

    “I love u all very much and I know u love me too. I want u to continue loving & supporting each other like u have always bn doing”, she said as she pulled Miriam the youngest closer to her.

    “But mum y are u saying all this? Wat is wrong”, Recious asked emotionally

    “Nothing is wrong dear,it’s just that we might not always be with u. And Recious u are the eldest so please stop bn too emotional over everything, learn to control yo feelings”, she continued talking. ” Make sure Ken is more responsible “,she added

    “U know how this yo son is,he is stubborn and won’t listen to me”, Recious replied. ” u just hv to discipline him yourself “,she added

    “He has to listen to u”.

    “Yes mum I will listen to her”, I responded with a smile.

    Mum talked for some time then she said she needed to rest before dad came back. We went out and left her to rest.

    Recious was upset and had tears in her eyes .” y is mum not getting better? This can’t be malaria, dad is lying to us all”,she said as she rushed to her room and locked the door.

    I couldn’t cry in front of Miriam but I was hurting inside.

    To Be Continued

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    I could see that even Miriam was about to cry so I pulled her close then hugged her. “Don’t worry dear, everything will be fine. Mum will be alright soon”, I told her as I tried to convince myself the same.

    It was long week and we were all there watching mum slowly loosing weight and getting more sick each passing minute. I was helpless and heartbroken cause I didn’t think a day like this was going to come soon.

    On the unfortunate Saturday when dad was out,mum started vomiting blood clots. We were all scared and didn’t know wat to do so Recious quickly called dad and told him but before he could even reach home,mum stopped breathing???.

    Recious was the first to realise that mum had stopped breathing but she couldn’t tell the 2 of us.

    “Please take Miriam outside and stay with her as I clean the vomits?”, she said while trying to hide her sad face with teary eyes

    “Ok let me go and buy her something at the road side”, I responded

    ” do that please “.

    My heart was bothered and I was certain that something was wrong. Dad got home before I retained with Miriam and as I retained home, I saw an ambulance and some police men coming out of the house with mum’s body fully covered.

    I felt powerless and confused, nothing seemed real at that point. Recious was in tears,she was bitterly crying???.

    Life changed after mum’s departure from us. I realized that life was not a fantasy even though dad continued spoiling us but from time to time we all needed a mother’s love but mum was not with us so we had to learn to survive without her.

    I was now in grade 12 and doing well will Recious was in college studying law. Dad seemed lonely most of the times.

    ” My son, I want to talk to u about something”,dad started a conversation one night after work

    “Yes dad,wat is it? U can talk to me”.

    “I know we loved yo mum very much……but I think I can’t continue staying alone like this,I need a partner”,he said

    To Be Continued

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    So sad for the man without a partner.

    Waiting anxiously for more posting but lmk please….

    Episode 3-4

    Episode 5-6

    Episode 7-8

    Episode 9-10

    Episode 11-12

    Episode 13-END.

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    Hopefully He choose wisely to love the family as it was in the family.

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    Bring it on

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    Off course you need a partner sir.

    Ride on.

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    Okay that is when the story start

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    New wife is coming to disrupt everything

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